Winner Takes All Chapter 1071-1072

Chapter 1071

When Chen Dong entered the room.

It was just in time to see Xixing hugging Barbara, an extraordinarily peaceful and warm scene.

Looking at Chen Dong, his eyes drifted a little, but he still subconsciously raised his hand to signal the female escort to keep quiet.

However, the change in his eyes only lasted for a second before he became firm again.

Everything had changed after an opening had been opened in his memory.

His identity, as well as the girl in his mind’s eye, would not allow him to stay in the Huns.

Gu Qingying …… was still waiting for him to come home!


Ah Man saw Chen Dong and called out.

This shout instantly pulled Chen Dong’s thoughts back to reality.

Barbara broke free from Xixing’s arms and ran to Chen Dong, hugging his thighs, “Are you accompanying Barbara tonight?”

Inquiring, Ah Barbara’s big clear eyes were filled with longing and anticipation.

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed Barbara’s hair, smiling gently, “Of course.”

“Hee hee …… Then Barbara wants to listen to Uncle tell a story tonight.”

A rare smile appeared on Barbara’s pink puffy little face.

This smile not only caused Chen Dong to freeze.

Even Xixing and the female escort froze.

Barbara rarely smiled!

Not only in Chen Dong’s memory, but also in the eyes of Xie Xing and the female escort, Barbara had almost never smiled before.

And at this moment, the scarred child, facing Chen Dong, finally revealed a childish smile that should have belonged to her at this age.

“You’re back, how was your enlightenment?”

Xixing got up and changed the subject, her gaze soft and comforting as she looked at Barbara, who still had a smile left on her small face.

Chen Dong looked up and smiled, “It went quite well, I have already enlightened the first and second seat, and tomorrow I will be able to start enlightening the third seat.”

When he first enlightened the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, Chen Dong had concealed the inside story because he was too shocked to have the martial heritage of the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in his memory.

Now, it seemed that the thoughtless act at that time was the correct one!

Even so.

When Chen Dong’s words fell, Xie Xing and the female guard at the side also revealed a shocked look at the same time.

“Two, two blocks? This, so fast?”

The female guard raised her hand in defiance of her image and covered the front of her mouth, as if she wanted to scream and was forcing herself to hold it back.

Xixing’s gaze also flickered.

After the shock, ecstatic excitement surged out abruptly.

The next second.

Xixing stepped forward, wrapped her hands around Chen Dong’s neck, stood on tiptoe, and her red lips fiercely printed towards Chen Dong’s lips.

Chen Dong, who was caught off guard, did not even have time to dodge before he felt a soft and silky warmth on his lips, and a tantalizing fragrance rushed into his nostrils.

It was like an electric tingle that swept through his body along his lips.

Even, with this sudden kiss from Xixing.

It made Chen Dong’s heart feel as if it had been hit by a hammer, and suddenly stopped beating for a few beats.

The mind, too, went blank in this instant.

“Yah yah yah ……”

Barbara’s little face changed and she hurriedly raised her hand to cover her eyes, but between her fingers, there were still slits left, revealing two dripping eyes, staring at Chen Dong and Xixing with thievery.

The female guard, on the other hand, turned her pretty face away and hurriedly turned her back.

Luckily, this kiss from Xixing did not last long.

When the red lips left Chen Dong’s lips.

Xixing’s red lips were mouthing, and she exhaled like an orchid, “Worthy of being my Xixing’s man, worthy of being the strongest man in our Great Snowy Plain!”

At this moment, Chen Dong stood frozen in place.

His mind was blank, and he somewhat did not hear these words of Xie Xing.

It was just that when Xie Xing’s lips left him, an extremely strong sense of loss inexplicably appeared in his heart.


Not waiting for him to come back from the loss yet.


Xixing’s eyes suddenly changed and hesitated for a moment before she once again stood on her tiptoes, her red lips slowly approaching Chen Dong’s lips.

At this moment, Xixing could even hear her own heartbeat.

Her eyes were rounded and all her attention was on Chen Dong’s face.

She could even clearly catch the bewilderment and loss in Chen Dong’s eyes.


Red lips fell on Chen Dong’s lips once again.

Chen Dong’s body could not help but tremble a little.

The feeling of loss that filled his heart disappeared instantly with the warmth coming from his lips, as if his heart was being filled.

Warm, lubricated, with an exotic fragrance that refreshes the heart.

A tingling like an electric shock that once again swept through the whole body.

From the beginning to the end, Xixing’s eyes remained wide open, gazing at Chen Dong.

As her lips met, the pupils of her beautiful eyes tightened rapidly, filled with surprise and horror.

She hurriedly drew back a step and asked Chen Dong with some disbelief, “You, you ……”

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong returned to his senses, still having that strong feeling of loss in his heart, but Xixing’s voice was what made him force that feeling down and look at Xixing in confusion.

Xixing’s expression changed, seemingly shocked and happy.

Her red lips were noisy, and for a moment she was unable to express herself.

Instead, she raised her finger and pointed at her head, asking in astonishment, “You, your head doesn’t hurt anymore?”


Chen Dong was stunned at once, his eyes drifting in confusion.

He indeed did not have a headache!

Compared to the first two times when his head hurt like hell, this time was simply bizarre!

Not only did he not have that kind of resistance, but he even lost and resigned himself when Xixing’s red lips left!

“Doesn’t it hurt anymore?”

Shying Xing forced down the ecstasy and excitement in her heart and asked in a voice once again.

The scene just now was like a dream in a trance.

A kiss is the result of love. ……

That’s why it gave Shying a feeling of unreality at this moment.

The first two times, she gave up all her dignity and pride and willingly gave herself to Chen Dong.

But the other party’s reaction was to trample her dignity and pride on the ground and into the mud.

And just now …… finally gave Shying a glimpse of hope!

Feeling Shying’s burning gaze, Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered terribly.

His brow was furrowed, and he was also puzzled.

The two kisses just now, what was going on?

But it was happening right before his eyes, and concealing it was no longer possible.

Chen Dong nodded, “I don’t know either, but my head really doesn’t hurt.”

“Hahahaha ……”

At this moment, Xie Xing jumped up in ecstasy, his laughter echoing through the room.

The female guard on the side, on the other hand, was a little pale with fear.


How could the princess be so careless of her manners?

Or was it a matter of male and female pleasure, not knowing shame?

At that moment, a small hand grabbed the guard’s hand.

The female guard looked down and saw that it was Barbara.

At this moment, Barbara’s little face was full of seriousness, and she seriously said to the female escort, “Shame, shame, auntie, we have to take back.”

Female escort: “……”

These milky but extra serious words also fell clearly into Chen Dong and Xixing’s ears.

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

Xixing also hurriedly stopped and restrained herself, her absolutely beautiful face flushed with redness as she quickly walked up to Barbarian and raised her hand to gently pinch Barbarian’s nose.

“You little human, you know so much, don’t you?”

Barbara wrinkled her nose, but shyly buried her head directly into the female escort’s body.

Following closely.

Xixing slowly turned her head towards Chen Dong: “Little Barbara knows all the things, hubby ……”

Chapter 1072

The tone of voice is delicate and ambiguous.

With the slow turn of Xixing’s head, in a flash, ten thousand kinds of charm, charming and stunning.

Even the light of the eyes, also in this moment …… soft like water!

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

Chen Dong’s whole body is a little stiff, all tense, heartbeat thumping.

The four eyes are facing each other.

But they had different thoughts.

I have to say, once a stunning beauty like Xie Xing gets charming, she can definitely be called the best in the world!

She is so charming and enchanting, her bones are so natural!

A smile can easily strike a man’s heartstrings and make his heart flutter.

Without any pretence, it is the kind of woman that makes people fall into its charm and charm without even realising it.

However, in Chen Dong’s mind, Gu Qingying’s appearance emerged at this moment.

And, it was incomparably clear!

It was at the same time that Gu Qingying’s face appeared in his mind.

Chen Dong instantly had the feeling of having a pot of cold water poured over his head, and his entire body was shaken and his consciousness cleared up.

When he looked at him again, he was no longer infatuated with him.

Instead, it was a feeling of unspeakable guilt.

It originated from …… the woman who was waiting for him to come home.

Taking a deep breath.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “The future is long, we have promised Barbara.”

A word that was shrugged off without fail.

He had agreed with Xixing to accompany Barbara tonight, so putting the matter off on Barbara would not cause Xixing to find out the end.

Before the memory gap had been opened.

Chen Dong was also convinced that he was Shisheng’s husband.

As a husband, he should have fulfilled his duties, and for this reason he still felt guilty towards Xixing.

Only now …… everything has changed!

If you refuse outright at this point, without a headache to spare, perhaps a seed of doubt will have to be planted in Xie Xing’s heart.

Shy Star’s eyes flickered for a moment, and there was clearly some loss and resignation on her charming and enchanting face.

After hesitating for a moment, in the end, Xixing still collected her ten thousand charm and nodded with a smile, “Alright, I can’t dominate you for too long, otherwise Little Barbara would have to be disappointed.”

As she said that, she was looking tenderly at Barbara in front of the female guards.

She sympathised with Barbara’s plight, she pitied her, and she could not bear it.

Chen Dong might not be aware of the state that Barbara was living in solitude in these days, but Xixing was.

Nowadays, only this man in front of her could make this little girl, reveal her heart.

“Thank you, Auntie Xie Xing.”

It was also at the same time that Xie Xing looked at Barbara, who was also looking at Xie Xing, and said gratefully.

Shying smiled gently, dotingly pinched Barbara’s nose and joked, “But Barbara has to promise Auntie that when Uncle accompanies Barbara for a few days, Barbara has to return Uncle to Auntie for a few days, yo.”

“Good! Hook up!”

Barbara smiled and lifted her right hand, making a hook with Xixing.

As Chen Dong watched this scene, he was calm on the surface, but in reality, his heart had already tipped over a five-flavoured bottle – a mixture of flavours.

Should I tell Barbara in advance about escaping the Huns in three days …… or not?

On the great snowy plain, after the extreme night enveloped.

The dividing line between day and night is not so clear anymore.

But the hundreds of tribes have been multiplying for thousands of years and have long since gotten used to this.

In order not to interfere with survival and work, the day and night are also strictly separated.

“It was getting late in the night.

In the room, it was warm.

Chen Dong and Barbara were lying on the big, warm, comfortable bed, and Barbara, as if she were a daughter, was nestled in Chen Dong’s arms, her small, thin body curled into a ball.

To Barbara, this might have added to her sense of security.

The two of them were like father and daughter, snuggling together.

Chen Dong, however, gazed deep into the ceiling, his heart always hesitating.

Shying also respected the agreement she had made with him, so after pulling the hook with Barbara earlier, she left with the female escort.

With Chen Dong’s knowledge of this corner of the palace where Barbara was located, at this late night, there should not be any patrols around.

“Uncle ……”

Barbara suddenly shouted softly.

“What’s wrong? Barbara.”

Chen Dong was still staring at the ceiling.

“Does Uncle have something on his mind?”

Barbara asked in a low voice.


Chen Dong directly admitted that he did not have too much defensiveness towards Barbara.

Even though, the two of them were in two separate worlds and different races of people.

But the Barbarian in his arms was the only person who had given her light, who had given her hope when he was at his most desolate and miserable after his memory loss!

In Chen Dong’s heart, he was already treating the innocent Barbara as a sister, or a daughter.

“Can you talk to Barbara about it?”

Barbara lifted her head and flashed her big eyes as she looked at Chen Dong curiously.

Chen Dong was stunned.

After a moment’s hesitation, he raised his hand and gently scraped the bridge of Barbara’s high nose, “Barbara don’t listen, uncle doesn’t want to share his bad feelings with you.”

“If you don’t share it, uncle won’t be happy, Ah Barbara doesn’t want uncle to be unhappy.”

Barbara said seriously.

In the end, Chen Dong did not intend to tell Barbara directly, at least, not now!

He looked at the ceiling and murmured, “Barbara, do you want to see the starry sky of another world?”

“Another world?”

Barbara blinked her eyes and asked in a somewhat confused manner, “That world, is there an Abba and an elder brother?”

Chen Dong was silent for a while.

They are in the sky, turning into stars to watch over you, and no matter where you are under the stars, they are always protecting Barbara.”

Barbara nodded: “Then as long as Uncle is under whichever star, Barbara will follow under whichever star.”


The latter two days were spent.

All of Chen Dong’s energy was immersed in the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Paths in the Heavenly Wolf Academy.

Time was too tight, and he could only strive to use this short time to memorise more of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body inheritance!

The Hun King was even more excited and overjoyed after learning from Xixing’s mouth that Chen Dong’s speed in comprehending the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.

Although Chen Dong had already entered the secret chamber twice before this to enlighten himself, both times were extremely short and there were changes that occurred.

This also compressed the real time for enlightenment into a very short period.

To be able to comprehend two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies in quick succession for the third time, this talent was a step up from Kui Gang’s!

No, it was far worse than Kui Gang!

Excited and overjoyed, the Hun King no longer imposed a strict limit on Chen Dong’s time in the chamber.

For him, and for Xixing, he naturally hoped that Chen Dong would be able to comprehend more of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in just two months’ time!

The more he comprehended, the more his strength would improve, and the more certainty he would have in countering Huo Zhenxiao when the Hundred Clans came south!

It was only that this unintentional interruption had led to Chen Dong’s plans.

King Xiongnu City.

Inside the tavern.

Sound and lust, charming lights.

The music echoed heavily, turning this “small space” into another world of drunkenness.

As the night falls, some work becomes impossible and the taverns in the thirteen cities of the King’s Court are crowded with customers.

What people can do, and what they like to do most, is to enter the tavern and exchange a drink with their friends.

And at this moment.

In the corner of the tavern, it was a different scene.

A table for one, full of bottles of wine.

A very different atmosphere from the lively and cheerful one inside the tavern.

“Why? Why?”

Kui Gang’s face was red and his drunken eyes were lost, and as he questioned in a low voice, a fierce anger steeped up on his face.

“Why the F**k would it be him? Why the F**k not me?”


He viciously smashed the bottle in his hand on the table, splattering the shards in all directions, and his right hand was even drenched in blood as it was cut with many cuts from the shards.

At the same time.

At the entrance of the tavern, two figures walked in.

“Are you sure he’s here?”

“Don’t worry, chief, we’ve been poking around for days, and that warrior is now dishevelled to the core!”