Winner Takes All Chapter 1063-1064

Chapter 1063

Chen Dong froze at once.

When he had stood up to protect Xixing in the face of the stragglers, he had said these words based on a man’s protection of a woman.

But to his surprise, in Xixing’s ears, it contained another layer of meaning.

Facing Xixing in front of him, Chen Dong’s mind was complicated to the extreme.

Xixing was very beautiful, especially when she was in such a shy posture before him, her beauty was even more exaggerated to the extreme.

It is most of all the tenderness of that bowed head, the shyness of the unbearable cool breeze.

This is a star that has fallen to the snowy plain and turned into a woman.

But it is still as bright-eyed as in the night sky.

It was only when the floodgates of memory had opened the gaping hole.

Everything in Chen Dong’s outlook had shifted.

He thanked Shying because he knew clearly that when he was intended to be sold into slavery by the slave caravan, if it was not for Shying’s secret rescue, he, and Barbara and her brother, and all the children in the three cages, would have become slaves, and their lives would have been completely sealed, with no future.

But it was Xing who gave him and Barbara the chance to be reborn!

It was also Shying who took advantage of him to the extreme.

He was the triple crowned supreme glorious one who made a name for himself in the history of the Huns, and the one who would be the future of the Hundred Clans going south to personally fight against Huo Zhenxiao, the master of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

And he …… was also a man of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

The real wife is the one in memory, Gu Qingying, not the one in front of him, Xixing.

Because of a memory loss, the entanglements involved are deep and wide.

Now that he had clarified the general story, Chen Dong’s feelings towards Xixing were complicated.

Thankfulness and antipathy, two feelings that should not have appeared in the same person, were at this moment the truest reflection of Chen Dong’s heart when facing Xixing.

In a trance.

Chen Dong did not respond to Xixing’s words, but changed the subject: “Have those killers been found?”

Xie Xing’s eyes fluttered for a moment, and with Chen Dong’s words, she suddenly felt as if something had been taken out of her chest, and it was empty.

Why did he digress from this topic?

Shying was a little confused, but did not look deeper, instead she responded to Chen Dong, “We haven’t found them yet, those killers seemed to be prepared, after they were surprised by our disappearance in the alleyway, they disappeared without a trace as if they were mud and oxen.”

Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but frowned, “Have we offended someone?”

He had to help Wang Yu and the others as much as possible to muddy up the water.

The more muddy the water was, the less chance Wang Yu and the others would have of being discovered.

Otherwise, according to the extent of the Hun royal court’s current search, following a line and digging three feet into the ground, it was possible to dig up a hint about Wang Yu and the others after all.

“A lot!”

Xixing did not hesitate and shrugged helplessly, “Although the Xiongnu royal court is my father’s one-word court, the factions are inevitable, and this time you got the triple crown, an unparalleled glory in Xiongnu’s history, which not only made the people discontent, but also moved many people’s cake.”

“Hehe ……”

Chen Dong pretended to laugh helplessly, “Then, won’t the matter tonight be investigated and not be resolved?”

Xixing changed her expression for a moment and said with some guilt, “If the follow-up really can’t be investigated, or if we find out some people who can’t be moved for the time being, maybe it will really be left untouched, this is my fault, you can blame me for that.”


Thank you for that!

What I want is for it to go away!

Chen Dong thought in his heart, but on the surface he said with a smile, “It’s alright, this matter is too deep and intertwined, there is really nothing that can be done about it, moreover, even you can bear this anger even though you are a Hun princess, how can I not swallow this anger?”

“Thank you.”

Xixing gratefully said to Chen Dong, “In order to bring about the joining of the Hundred Clans to the south, there are indeed many things that need to be tolerated among them before going south, otherwise it would be difficult to bring about the joining of the Hundred Clans.”

“How far have the Hundred Clans joined forces?”

Chen Dong looked outside, “The polar night is the best time to attack, if we miss it, it will be another year when the next polar night comes.”

“It’s mainly a few big clans, there are still two big clans in a wavering state right now, but projecting the time, this Polar Night should be enough for the hundred clans to join forces and go south to level Zhenjiang City.”

Xixing said thoughtfully, looking at Chen Dong with eyes that gradually became smug, “At that time, it will be my man’s time to shake the hundred clans!”

It was thick with complacency, thick with bragging.

As far as Xixing was concerned, the man in front of her was the most suitable person to resist Huo Zhenxiao!

The myth of the God of War, Huo Zhenxiao, one man, one gun and one horse destroying a city, was like a great hand that pressed across the Great Snowy Plain, bending the spine of everyone in the Hundred Clans.

The man in front of him will make the backbone of all the people of the Hundred Clans straight again with his own hands in a mighty manner!

Then …… will not only be the glory of this man!

It will be the glory of the Huns!

With her status as the husband of Xixing, it would be enough to catapult Xiongnu’s prestige among the Hundred Tribes to an extremely high level!

“Which two?”

Chen Dong asked.

Xixing smiled, “Don’t ask this, Father and I and the rest of the tribal chiefs who are interested in joining forces will supervise this matter to be completed as soon as possible, it is enough for you to recuperate your wounds and train obediently!”


Chen Dong nodded his head and did not break the sand pot to the end.

Since he already knew some things about his identity, it was extremely normal for Xixing to be evasive towards him.

Continuing to ask questions would, on the contrary, appear deliberate and easily arouse suspicion.

Stretching his back, Chen Dong said, “I want to go to the Heavenly Wolf Academy to continue my enlightenment of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.”


The sudden decision caught Shying Xing a little off guard.

Shying Xing looked Chen Dong up and down, old wounds had not yet healed and new ones had been added, already leaving Chen Dong with many more scars all over his body, the battle in the alleyway had just been bandaged up on his front foot!

“Rest a little more, your body is important.” Xixing discouraged.

Chen Dong shook his head, “It’s fine, it’s idle anyway, the big deal is to just meditate and not actually do anything when you are comprehending the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.”

Xixing hesitated for a moment, but eventually nodded and agreed.

There really wasn’t much time left for Hun and the man in front of him.

Scrambling for time and expanding the winning margin was the most important thing at hand.

Since Chen Dong had a mind to do so, then Xixing was naturally happy to see it.

However, Xixing still admonished, “Live within your means, I don’t want you to continue to get hurt because of the pressure.”

Chen Dong nodded and suddenly said, “Oh yes, I want to take advantage of these few days to keep Barbara company, let me sleep in Barbara’s room, right?”

Xixing’s delicate eyebrows twisted slightly, her red lips mouthing, she was about to ask.

I am worried that if she lives alone, she will think about things, and at this age, if she falls into a dead end, it will be a lifetime.”

A straightforward words, but the shy star pretty face burning, and did not continue to pursue the question, but directly answered.

“Then I will order you to go to Barbara’s place to keep her company for a few days.”

Shying’s tone dripped with worry: “At Barbara’s age, what she has experienced is indeed too profound and tragic, and she only recognises you in her world now.”

“Since you are going to accompany Barbara, I won’t hide it from you, these few days, the servant accompanying Barbara has been trying to open up to Barbara, but all Barbara has shown is a strong resistance to everyone, it’s like she is a cocoon, wrapping herself up, only when she sees you will she open this cocoon and reveal herself.”


Chapter 1064

Listening to Xixing’s narration.

Chen Dong’s heart contracted fiercely.

He said in a deep voice, “I’ll go and see Barbara first, then go to the Heavenly Wolf Institute.”

The injuries on his body, bleeding quite a lot, looked miserable, but in reality, when he made the cuts, Chen Dong had all grasped the force just right, so it did not affect his body much.

As he spoke.

He is slowly getting up and walking towards the outside.

Barbarian …… may be his only tie in this vast snowy plain!

This is also the reason why he refused to follow Wang Yu and the others when he could have just left!

Even if he left, he wanted to take Barbara with him.

This was what Barbara’s brother had entrusted him with before he died in that dark alleyway, and that piece of broken cake, stained red with Barbara’s brother’s blood, was something that Chen Dong kept even now.

That was his vow!

Without Barbara and Barbara’s brother, he would not have been able to last in captivity, all the way to the thirteen cities in the Huns’ royal court.

Perhaps …… he would have died early in the cage, and then been dumped by the slave caravan men, as if they were rubbish, on the snowy plains, soon to be covered by the snow.

It was Barbara, who had insisted on saving him in the first place, who had kept him alive and allowed him to be where he was.

If his world was dark at that time.

Barbara, then, was the only ray of light that appeared in the darkness of the world.

It shone on him.

Although it was not warm, it gave hope to live.

Chen Dong could not allow himself to ignore his vow and flee, leaving Barbara alone in the darkness where the wind and snow cried.

Barbara had given him light, but he had given Barbara darkness, something only an animal could do.

Not to mention, if he escaped and left Barbara alone in the Hun king’s palace, because of his relationship with Barbara, what would be the end of Barbara ……?

Chen Dong did not dare to think about it, nor did he want to think about it.

He will take Barbara with him!

Xixing’s words were even more like a burning red sharp knife that plunged into Chen Dong’s heart.

It also solidified Chen Dong’s determination to take Barbara with him.

Looking at Chen Dong who was leaving, Xixing’s face was full of despair, but she did not doubt it.

She knew clearly the relationship between Chen Dong and Barbara, and she also felt sorry for Barbara’s suffering.

She was also aware of how Barbara had woken up crying from nightmares time and again in the past few days, accompanied by her servants.

When Chen Dong wanted to comfort Barbara, she would not stop him, and even felt that this was how it should be.


The other side.

In the inn.

The secret guards had spread out.

This would greatly preserve their strength and avoid a situation where they would be wiped out.

Wang Yu and Zhang Chao were in the same room.

The warmth of the room still made the two of them feel a bit chilly.

Outside the window, there was the sound of a patrol searching the area.

Only a few minutes ago, the patrol had left the inn they were in.

The good news was that there were few, if any, clues left behind, so it was easy to hide them from the patrolling soldiers under the cover of a merchant’s identity.

However, the two men were still being searched with such fanfare.

Gradually, the sounds of movement outside diminished and eventually disappeared.

Wang Yu and Zhang Chao let out a long breath at the same time.

“D*mn, I was scared to death!”

Zhang Chao patted his chest and lamented, “I was really worried that I would be killed.”

Wang Yu gave Zhang Chao a blank look, “If something happens to Princess Xiongnu tonight, do you believe that all the people in this Xiongnu kingdom will be killed by the sword?”

Zhang Chao’s pupils constricted for a moment, and was suddenly a little scared by Wang Yu’s words.

Wang Yu rubbed his face and continued, “Even the Xiongnu people, but anyone who is somewhat involved will probably have to be killed!”

“Alright, just don’t scare me, I know I was impulsive before.”

Zhang Chao shrugged his shoulders and was busy changing the subject, “Hurry up and report to the family head, we have to prepare in advance for what will happen in three days, I don’t know what the young master is thinking, he can obviously escape without any problems, but he wants to enter the tiger’s den again, why has he even changed his thinking after losing his memory?”

“The young master must have his reasons for deciding this way.”

Wang Yu said in a deep voice, then it was to get up and make sure no one was around before contacting Chen Daolin.


The Chen family.

Situated between the mountains, it shone brightly under the night.

Day and night, the Chen family is never short of visitors.

But this time, Chen Daolin has closed his doors to guests.

No matter who the visitors were, they were all left to others.

The weather in the domain was not as extreme and cruel as that of the Great Snowy Plain outside the domain.

But now, the weather is also cool.

The wind was bitterly cold.

Chen Daolin sat in front of his study, looking at the thick information on affairs in front of him, but he did not move.


A strong fatigue that came from within.

The torment in his heart was so intense that he could not be bothered with anything else.

What exactly was Chen Dong experiencing in Hun, and why was there such a horrible glory added to him?

Once he was really found guilty of “collaborating with the enemy and betraying his country”, that would be a real disaster!

At that time, even if Huo Zhenxiao discarded the iron law and wanted to join hands with him to protect Chen Dong, it is estimated that there is little hope.

The most crucial thing is that this big hat is enough to rob Chen Dong of everything in the Chen family.

Even if Chen Dong eventually returned at his birthday banquet and handed over a perfect answer to the Chen family in front of the world’s giants, it would not be enough to make the winner the king!

The implications were so great that Chen Daolin never spoke of them to the public.

He even told Huo Zhenxiao about the incident when he learned that Chen Dong was still alive, but he only told him about it in order to remove any worries.

Since Wang Yu’s last communication, he hadn’t heard a word from Chen Dong in the past two days.

The anxious wait, every second, was the ultimate torment for Chen Daolin!


The silence in the study was broken by the ringing of a mobile phone.

Stunned and lost in thought, Chen Daolin’s body trembled and he hurriedly picked up his mobile phone, and when he saw that it was Wang Yu’s call, he was overwhelmed with joy.

He hurriedly picked up the phone.

“How is the situation?”

“In reply to the family head, the young master’s encounter in Xiongnu should be the result of memory loss unawareness.”


The key that Wang Yu was the first to report back was like a terrified thunderbolt that ruthlessly blasted Chen Daoling.

With these words, Chen Daolin’s eyes turned red with a swish, his old eyes filled with tears, and he excitedly slapped the table: “Good, good, good!”

At this moment, he did not even care about Chen Dong’s memory loss.

The only thing he cared about was Wang Yu’s words, and what had confused and tormented him was now clear.

As long as it wasn’t intentional, then there was room to manoeuvre for everything.

Things would not yet have developed in the worst direction he had anticipated.

“Family head, this matter will have to be arranged by asking you to manoeuvre from it. ,”

Over the phone, Wang Yu’s voice suddenly trailed off.


Chen Daolin raised his eyebrows and gave a startled eek.

Wang Yu slowly said, “Originally today appeared a heavenly opportunity, we were able to directly take the young master to escape, but on the contrary, the young master obstinately wanted to return to the Hun king’s palace, and we agreed to leave after three days, so …… three days later, I’m afraid the situation is very dangerous!”

Chen Daolin’s expression sank, somewhat irritated.

But his gaze flickered for a moment, he still said in a deep voice, “I understand, I will arrange this matter.”