Winner Takes All Chapter 1061-1062

Chapter 1061

A cold, stern voice suddenly echoed in the closed alleyway.

Zhang Chao and the others turned back at the same time, and when they saw the scene in the darkness, they all palpitated in shock.

Where did the young master …… appear from?

At this moment, Chen Dong, with one hand confined to his beast robe, covered Wang Yu’s head, while the other hand was holding a long knife, crossing it above Wang Yu’s neck.

If there was the slightest movement, he would be able to kill Wang Yu in his arms with a single slash.

Wang Yu, too, seemed to feel the chill of death on his neck and did not dare to move in the slightest.

It was too fast!

It was all as fast as lightning, even Wang Yu could not react in time.

In the alleyway, it was pitch black, greatly obstructing vision.

The colour of the beast’s robe, and the close proximity to the drab walls, created a situation where even Wang Yu, the leader of the secret guards, only noticed that something was wrong when he was only half a metre away.

To Chen Dong and Wang Yu, this half-metre distance was already close enough!

Even Chen Dong was at the end of his rope and decided to take a gamble before making this move.

Running away, even if he continued to climb over the wall in this closed alleyway, was not the answer to these killers, let alone the fact that it was no longer as easy to climb over the wall in this closed alleyway as it was before.

“Let me go, or he dies!”

Facing the dark guards who were blocking the alleyway, Chen Dong did not retreat, and while he spat out the words coldly, he wrapped Wang Yu in his arms and walked forward.

The brave man who meets the narrow road wins!

Even with his memory loss, this courage and boldness is engraved in Chen Dong’s bloodline.


Just as Chen Dong took two steps forward.

Zhang Chao, who was in shock, was the first to come back to his senses.

“Young Master!”


Chen Dong’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt, and even the sound of his footsteps landing on the ground was extraordinarily heavy, clearly echoing in the alleyway.

A split second later.

Zhang Chao’s shout exploded like thunder in Chen Dong’s ears, and it was as if it was a heavy hammer that ruthlessly blasted him in the heart.


In the darkness, Chen Dong’s heartbeat was banging, if not hidden by the darkness, the look on his face at this moment could be described as wonderful, and his eyes were even confused and surprised to the extreme.

Dangling ……

The sound of metal crashing to the ground echoed through the alleyway.

At the same time.

Zhang Chao led a group of secret guards and knelt down one after another.

“Greetings to the …… young master!”


This suppressed volume of a unison salute.

However, it was like a loud thunderclap, causing Chen Dong to instantly fall into a daze, and his mind was even blank.

Even his left hand, which was confining Wang Yu, could not help but loosen, and the long knife he was holding tightly in his right hand slowly dropped.

Having lost his confinement, Wang Yu lifted his beastly robe with a clatter and, just like Zhang Chao and the others, immediately knelt down: “Wang Yu, the leader of the Secret Guards, pays respects to the Young Master!”

Young master?

The head of the secret guards?

Wang Yu?

At this moment, Chen Dong’s gaze fluttered and his heart tumbled.

An unfamiliar name burst into his mind, an extremely strong sense of strangeness that made him instinctively want to recall.

Only the instant the thought started, he was fiercely gritting his teeth to stop it from spreading.

He …… was afraid of pain!

He was really not willing to face the huge headache of the memory if it was not a necessary moment.

Even if he already knew that after suffering that huge pain, he would be able to tear apart the memory seal a little bit.

But at this moment, he was not willing to bear it!

This back-and-forth transformation gave Chen Dong a sense of unrealness that was like a dream.

Who would have thought that the killers who were still full of killing intent and hugely pursued in the first foot would, in the blink of an eye, be directly dropping their blades and kneeling down to him?

Chen Dong did not make a sound.

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others on the ground did not get up either.

It was just the silence that Chen Dong showed at this moment, but it caused Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the rest of the secret guards, to drum in their hearts.

Young master …… what is going on?

The first thing that happened was that Chen Dong said something that struck everyone in the room like a thunderbolt.

Chen Dong staggered back a step, suppressed his voice, and with a bewildered tone, asked three words.

“Who am I?”


Three simple words, but they instantly left Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others dumbfounded.

Wang Yu was the first to react and raised his head abruptly, gazing at the blurred outline of Chen Dong’s figure in the darkness in astonishment, “Young master, you have lost your memory?”

Facing a group of secret guards, Chen Dong was the first to ask a question like “who am I”.


Chen Dong nodded, “My memory started after I was rescued by the slave caravan and woke up, but before that, I couldn’t remember anything.”

After a pause, Chen Dong raised his hand and patted his head, adding, “However, one thing that recently occurred to me was that …… my wife, I think her name was Gu Qingying!”

“That’s your wife!”

Wang Yu was dry without hesitation.

Chen Dong gazed at the kneeling Wang Yu, the scene in front of him, if not the “young master” identity, a group of killers will definitely not change so quickly.

With Wang Yu’s recognition, the last trace of uncertainty he had about the girl he remembered was gone.

He hesitated for a couple of seconds.

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his nose, “Can you talk about, what happened to me?”

“About the young master’s matter, a long story cannot be shortened, the young master’s name is Chen Dong, originally a person in the Great Snow Dragon Rider’s army, because of an accident so it resulted in his disappearance.”

Wang Yu knew that time was urgent, so he did not say more than a few words, and after picking out a few key points, he said bluntly, “We, the Dark Guards, were precisely ordered by the lord to come and search for the young master at all costs, and bring him back to the domain.”

“I am a member of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

Chen Dong was completely frozen, Wang Yu’s words seemed like a magic voice filling his ears, sending his entire being into a state of panic and confusion.

His triple crown of supreme glory was added to his body, and he was able to obtain the cherished star because in the near future, he would go south with the army of the Hundred Clans, and would then resist Huo Zhenxiao, the lord of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

But now …… Wang Yu, who was in front of him, was telling him that he was the man of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

“There is no time to lose, young master, come with us quickly, if you miss the opportunity, it will be too late!”

As he spoke, Wang Yu was the closest to Chen Dong, and immediately got up and reached Chen Dong, raising his hand, he was ready to pull Chen Dong along with him to leave.


“Hurry! Quickly! Kill them all, kill them all!”

In the distant alleyway, the sound of footsteps suddenly sounded out, raging with killing intent.

This sudden noise instantly caused Wang Yu’s heart to sink to the bottom.

Is it too late?

“Young master ……”

Seeing that Chen Dong was still hesitating, Wang Yu gritted his teeth and urged.

On the contrary, at this moment, Chen Dong raised his hand to break away from Wang Yu’s hand and said in a deep voice, “You guys go first, I can’t go yet.”


With a single word, it instantly made Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the rest of the secret guards, all dumbfounded.


Chapter 1062

Can’t leave just yet?!

A single sentence instantly made all the people present dumbfounded. |

Is the young master crazy?

The young master is not going to leave when he has such a good opportunity in heaven?

Or …… does he think that we, a group of people, are colluding to deceive him?

Bang Bang Bang ……

In the distant darkness, the sound of footsteps was dense.

It was raging.

Even if they were far apart, they could feel the vast killing intent, sweeping along with the wind and snow.

“Young master ……”

Wang Yu’s jaw was splitting, at this moment he felt like his head was about to explode.

What was in the young master’s mind?

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was just a step away from the door, but the young master got himself stuck.

This F**king ……

Chen Dong raised his hand to interrupt Wang Yu’s words, “I believe you guys, in three days, I will find a way to leave the palace, you guys meet me at the palace gate, the little memory I recovered makes me a bit unfamiliar with everything here, I can probably surmise something, but in the palace, there are still people I have to guard!”


Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others were completely confused.

What the hell had the young master gone through when he ran away to the Huns?

“You guys run first, otherwise you won’t have a chance.”

Chen Dong raised his finger and pointed at the wall, “Hurry up, the last ones, I’ll take care of sending them up the wall.”


Wang Yu’s gaze flickered for a few moments, the rattling behind him was like the sound of a life-threatening Brahma, he fiercely gritted his teeth and made a split-second decision, “In three days’ time, Young Master must find a way to leave the royal palace, we promised His Lordship that even if all the Dark Guards were wiped out, we would still bring Young Master back unharmed!”


Chen Dong nodded, at this moment, hiding in the darkness with a look that no one could see clearly.

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others no longer hesitated, cooperating with each other and leaping directly onto the wall.

The wall in front of them was far too high compared to the wall of the alleyway just now, and it would have been impossible for an ordinary person to get up there by himself.

In the end, only Wang Yu and Zhang Chao were left.

Chen Dong quickly went under the corner of the wall, leaning his back against the wall, his body slightly crouched.

The moment Wang Yu rushed over and stepped on the palms of Chen Dong’s hands, Chen Dong lifted his hands up with a fierce lift, directly lifting Wang Yu up the wall.

Following closely behind, Zhang Chao followed suit.

In the blink of an eye, only Chen Dong was left alone in the alleyway.

Chen Dong stopped walking in the middle of the alleyway and silently picked up the long knife left behind by Wang Yu on the ground, before glancing profoundly at the dark alleyway in the distance.

The rattling became clearer and clearer.

There was even the sound of iron armour clashing against each other.

In the darkness, surging forward, it was clearly the regular army of the Huns!

But with the scene just now, Chen Dong’s memory, even if not completely restored, was probably clear about the pulse of his identity.

This world shrouded in blackness and howling with wind and snow did not belong to him!

“Phew ……”

Slowly exhaling a breath, Chen Dong raised his long knife, placed it diagonally in front of his chest, and then ……


A knife cut down, dripping with blood.

Chen Dong instantly sucked in a cold breath in pain.

He was not stupid, much less stupid.

Facing a group of killers alone and running to a dead end, it would be too false to say anything at all if he didn’t add a few scars to his body.

As smart as Shy Star and the Hun King would have seen the flaw at a glance.

Wounded …… is something that makes sense and should be there!

The only way to conceal some unwanted clues is to use the injury.

After cutting several more wounds on his body in succession, Chen Dong had fallen to his knees, gasping for breath.

The sharp pain that pierced his bones, the blood that flowed freely.

The rich smell of blood filled the air.

All of them were showing to people that a vicious battle had just been fought in this closed and blocked alleyway.

“Greedy Wolf!”

A scream suddenly sounded out.

Chen Dong raised his head and looked at the vaguely visible crowds of people in the alleyway.

Killing intent stirred in the crowd.

One of them, a silhouette, crossed out of the crowd and ran towards him.

It was Shying.

Facing the terrified and worried Xixing, Chen Dong smiled sadly, “Luckily you came just in time, it was close.”

The strong smell of blood that filled her nose made her blush and her heart beat wildly.

“It’s a good thing it was in this alleyway, I’m not so bad as to be surrounded by a group of them.”

Chen Dong spoke again, a statement that just about filled in the last of the holes.

With so many a*sa*sins, swarming all at once, it was unlikely that even the strongest person would be able to handle it much easier.

The only way to blame it on the terrain was to take so many wounds in a weakened position that it all made sense.

“It’s all right, it’s all right, I’ll take you back to the palace and you’ll be healed in no time.”

Shying’s voice was tinged with tears as she hurriedly called for soldiers to carry Chen Dong on her back and hurriedly headed towards the royal palace.

At the same time, Xixing also ordered the army to scatter in all directions, searching for the fleeing killers.

She was able to order a clearing of the area because a group of stragglers had injured Chen Dong.

Now, there was even less weakness in dealing with a group of killers.

If she hadn’t arrived just now in time, in Shying Xing’s opinion, perhaps …… would have faced a different situation.

Because the a*sa*sination.

Under this night, the wind and snow cries.

The king city of the Huns, quietly, as if it had exploded.

Patrols poured out into the streets, searching.

The intensity was such that the level of security in the city was brought to the top.

The noise was huge!

Public opinion also spread quietly among the people under the night as the patrols searched.

However, as the trip of Xixing and Chen Dong was a secret one, the people’s opinion was confined to the large number of patrols themselves, and they were curious as to what the patrols were looking for.


The royal palace, in Xixing’s palace.

Inside the room.

The lights were charming.

Chen Dong was lying on the bed, the wounds on his body had been treated by the great doctor and all bandaged up.

Everything could not have seemed more normal.

Xixing was in a state of worry and tension the whole time, not even the slightest suspicion about the whole thing.

Chen Dong said softly, “Don’t tell Barbara about this.”

“I know.”

Xixing nodded, and then slowly leaned down, like a docile kitten, and rested her head on Chen Dong’s chest, “Why are you so stupid, when you could have escaped with me, why did you put yourself at risk to distract those killers?”

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted off for a moment.

Feeling the pressure on his chest, he sucked in a breath of cold air in mock pain.

Xixing’s delicate body trembled and she hurriedly got up.

Only then did she react to the fact that one of Chen Dong’s injuries was on the upper side of his chest.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Xixing hurriedly apologised.

Chen Dong shook his head, but said seriously, “The situation just now, the two of us can indeed continue to escape, but we can’t see any chance of survival, using me to distract the killers in exchange for your safety, at least you can still rush the army over and completely resolve this crisis, otherwise we will just be exhausted.”

Shying naturally knew.

On her absolutely beautiful face, she was gentle to the extreme at this time.

In her eyes, there were even ripples.

She looked at Chen Dong tenderly, “The words you said earlier, were they serious?”


Chen Dong asked in confusion.

Xixing was stunned for a moment, her shell teeth bit her red lips, hesitated for a few seconds, plucked up her courage, lowered her head and let out a voice as low as a text chant full of shyness.

“I am …… your woman.”