Winner Takes All Chapter 1053-1054

Chapter 1053

Uncle doesn’t know how to love his body at all.”

Barbara was a little worried, and there were a few moments of anger on her little pink face.

“Yes, so auntie and Barbara will be relieved to go and see uncle together, ah.”

Xixing said as she walked, only the coolness on her face did not disappear, instead, her eyes narrowed slightly.

She was indeed a little worried about Chen Dong.

A memory had kept Chen Dong in a dreamy state last night.

The enlightenment of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body itself was extremely mind-consuming, requiring full concentration and extremely rapid rotation of the mind, which was obviously strenuous for Chen Dong, who had only suffered a lot yesterday.

Of course, such a concern is only somewhat.

What’s more important is ……

“Could he have actually regained a bit of his memory? The pain shown by resisting me time and again is just a disguised act?”

This was what Xixing was most worried about in her heart!

After Chen Dong left just now, she wanted to rest for a while, but lying on the bed, she tossed and turned, but could not sleep.

Her mind was cluttered with thoughts, and her thoughts were all over the place.

Ever since she was a child, her looks had brought her countless superiority, and a little had spawned her confidence in her looks.

Even now, in the Order of the Hundred Clans, although the Hundred Clans have joined hands to rely on the prestige of the Hun King, which one of the leaders of the Hundred Clans has not welcomed her with a smile because of her looks?

She asked herself, “There is no one in the snowy plains who would not fall under her skirt!

This was her confidence and her pride!

But when she faced Chen Dong, she was defeated over and over again, shattering her confidence and stripping away her pride!

This is simply not reasonable!

Even if she had resisted the first time, that man and her were indeed a bit rusty at that time, and even she herself felt distant.

But what happened yesterday, Shying really couldn’t understand.

It was clear that she had agreed to it, that it had gone well.

Yet just at the threshold, it resisted.

This bizarre thing was even more difficult to understand than the last time.

Unless …… the man had recalled something in that short time and then resisted of his own accord.

In Xie Xing’s opinion, the world is as black as a crow, what man is not lustful?

The fat meat sent to the door, if not in the heart to belong, in the case of memory loss, will resist again and again?

She was now bringing Barbara to the Wolf House, just to secretly find out what Chen Dong was all about!

Only after seeing and hearing clearly could she completely let go of that palpitating, wary feeling she had in her heart towards Chen Dong.

Wind and snow drifting.

Xixing worriedly took Barbara with her and quickly walked towards the secret room of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Body.


“Come here, come here, let me, let me see, you, who are you really?”

Chen Dong was hissing and growling in his mind.

His features were twisted to an almost hideous and terrifying state.

The body curled and twitched.

Teeth were on the verge of gnashing.

Consciousness was also blurring and receding so rapidly that even the extreme method of biting his teeth through the tip of his tongue could not clear him up again.

He was unaware that outside, Shying and Barbara were rapidly approaching.

He was in pain.

He was also dizzy.

But more than anything else, he wanted to see the true face of the silhouette that had come across the void in his mind’s eye!

This was the key!

It was the key to unlocking the crux of his ongoing resistance to the cherished star!

In a trance.

Chen Dong’s blurred consciousness seemed to hear that playful, teasing laughter in his mind again.

“Big fool ……”

“Big fool ……”

“Big fool ……”

It was repeated over and over again.

As the silhouette became clearer and clearer, the playful, teasing laughter became louder.

At this moment.

Chen Dong was already blurred in consciousness not knowing the environment he was in.

What was left of his consciousness and attention was on that sinister figure in his mind.

From far and near, it came across the void.

Finally, the sinister shadow reached the same level as the last time before Chen Dong fell unconscious.

It was so close!

It was so close!

Chen Dong was like a madman at this moment, and in order to maintain his last shred of lucidity, he opened his mouth like a beast, and in an almost creepy gesture, he stretched out his tongue and his teeth fell down viciously.


Blood splashed out from the middle of his tongue.

The huge pain coming from his tongue even made Chen Dong’s scalp feel like it was going to explode instantly.

But, consciousness did clear up for a minute.

Outside the chamber.

The two guards did not know what was happening inside the chamber.

However, the two guards saw Xixing and Barbara who were walking down the pa*sage.

Without hesitation.

The two guards knelt down respectfully at the same time.

“Greetings, Princess!”

“Get up!”

Xixing led Barbara to slow down her steps, her expression now stretched out, leaving only a faint coldness: “How is Greedy Wolf’s enlightenment inside?”

She had come to relieve the doubts and stigmas in her heart, so she did not like to reveal too many changes in her expression to too many people.

In her opinion, as long as she could release that mustache and worry in her heart, even if this time, she interrupted the timing of Greedy Wolf’s enlightenment of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, she would not hesitate to do so.

Even if …… gave Greedy Wolf not too much time to enlighten his Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.

Time was urgent and every second was extremely valuable.

But Xie Xing felt that it was very necessary!

“Greedy Wolf has just entered not long ago, but after what happened last time, he should not have penetrated the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body yet.”

The two guards rose and one of them responded respectfully, “I think he has already entered the state of enlightenment of the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body at this moment, does Princess need us to call on Covetous Wolf?”

“No need, you guys move back.”

Xixing instructed, “Just go and stand guard at the end of the pa*sage.”

With that, she squatted down and scratched the bridge of Barbara’s nose, smiling gently, “Barbara will also follow the two uncles and wait for Auntie outside, okay? Auntie will see how Uncle is doing first.”


Barbara followed the two guards towards the outside.

Xixing’s expression, however, quickly turned cold and stern.

She took a breath, and with a cold and stern face, she turned around, took a step, and walked towards the door of the secret room.

Her footsteps were slow, and even when she landed on her feet, she was extraordinarily careful, afraid to make a sound.

For she knew that one is most comfortable and relaxed in a confined, quiet and unoccupied space!

Sneak a peek!

Just that one glance might be enough to see through her worries, whether they exist or not!

crunch …… crunch ……

There was snow on the ground, and even though Xixing had tried her best to contain the sound of her footsteps, stepping on the snow still inevitably made a sound.

But the sound was exceptionally soft.

However, the sound echoed in Xixing’s ears, but it made the atmosphere outside the chamber become heavy and tense.

She was looking at the closed door of the chamber with a cold and stern expression, but her heart was beating faster as she approached.

Finally, she stood in front of the door of the chamber.

Her white, crystalline jade hand quietly, carefully, landed on the door of the chamber.

Then she leaned down, bent over, searched for a crack in the door and looked inside the chamber ……

Chapter 1054

Time seems to have slowed down.

Inside and outside the secret room, two scenes of light.

But it was with Chen Dong’s strong pain and silence, and with Xixing’s caution and mitigation of the rattling.

Let the atmosphere, become frozen, tense.

Inside the secret room.

“Come on!”

Chen Dong let out a roar in his heart.

The body that was curled into a ball violently unfolded, and his tightly closed eyes, moreover, instantly opened in anger, his eyes filled with blood.

Almost simultaneously.


A mouthful of fresh blood, directly spurted out from his mouth.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had pain on his face, but at this moment, the corners of his mouth curled upwards in a bizarre manner.

He saw it!

That silhouette, he finally saw it the moment his consciousness was about to fade.

The stunningly beautiful face, the fair skin, and the familiarity that was so strong that it was indescribable.

In his mind, that silhouette was smiling at him, eyes like stars, and with this smile, everything in the world seemed to be eclipsed.

“Gu Qing Ying …… wife ……”

The corners of the blood-stained mouth softly noisily murmured.

An unprecedented clarity appeared in the blood-filled eyes.

It was only with this weak to near inaudible murmur that followed.

Chen Dong’s consciousness could no longer hold on and he directly pa*sed out.

On the other side.

Xixing finally carefully crouched down on the door of the chamber, found a gap, and cast his eyes along it, into the chamber.

Only what met his eyes was Chen Dong, who was lying on the floor, motionless and already pa*sed out.

With this glance, the pupils of Xixing dilated.

Her torso trembled and fear suddenly grew.

“Greedy Wolf!”

Shying struggled to push open the door of the secret room.

Hearing the shout, the two guards and Barbara at the end of the pa*sage, also quickly ran towards this way.

Shying rushed into the secret room, and after seeing the blood spurting out from Chen Dong’s chest and soaking into his robe, she immediately lost her face.

“Greedy Wolf, Greedy Wolf ……”

She hurriedly squatted on the ground and swept Chen Dong into her arms.

At this moment, where was there any semblance of suspicion or palpitation.

The situation of Chen Dong in front of her eyes left Shying with only fear and disorientation, as well as anxiety and worry.

“Uncle ……”

When Barbara saw the fainted Chen Dong, her little face instantly changed greatly.

The two guards also had a frozen expression.

How could it be this kind of thing again?

The people who guarded the secret chambers that housed the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were not fixed, but in the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, it was hard to hide from everyone after what happened last time, and almost very quickly, the entire Heavenly Wolf Courtyard was known to everyone.

It was absurd that it happened once last time, but this time it was still the same.

However, while the two guards frowned in amazement, they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief in their hearts.

It’s a good thing that …… no one else came in with them this time!

Otherwise, I’m afraid that they would have to repeat the same mistake as Military Division Wu!

“Summon the Great Physician, quickly summon the Great Physician!”

Xixing ordered in a stern voice to the two guards, and at this point, she didn’t care about the princess’s manners, she was completely terrified and screaming harshly.

One of the guards hurriedly ran outside.

The guard who was left behind, however, hurried forward and took the unconscious Chen Dong from Xixing’s arms, carried him by the waist and quickly headed out.

Xixing, on the other hand, hurriedly pulled Barbara and ran outside.

As she ran, the tears held in Xixing’s reddened eyes quietly flowed out, as if they were broken pearls and pearly rain.

“Fortunately, fortunately came to see, otherwise, otherwise ……”

Xixing kept consoling herself in her heart, she had come to spy on Chen Dong no less, but experiencing the scene in front of her, she was also secretly crying out for luck.

If she did not have the suspicion to see this glance.

With the rules of the secret room, where one would enquire about the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, it was estimated that the two guards would not have even noticed that Chen Dong had vomited blood and pa*sed out in the secret room.

Xixing did not know what exactly Chen Dong had just experienced in the secret chamber.

But it didn’t matter!

If it hadn’t been discovered, putting aside the fact that Chen Dong had vomited blood, the unconsciousness alone would have been absolutely fatal in this extremely cold night!

Not to mention unconsciousness, there was never a shortage of tragedies in the Great Snowy Plains where people were unable to open their eyes and fall asleep forever due to loss of temperature in their sleep.

In the Hall of Healing.

The guards of the Heavenly Wolf House placed Chen Dong on the operating table.

A group of great doctors rushed forward and started the consultation.

When she saw that the doctors had already started their treatment, the expression of the young and old man visibly eased.

But the consultation did not last too long.

Soon, the many great doctors had dispersed, leaving only one nurse to clean Chen Dong’s body.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with Greedy Wolf?”

A layer of gloom steeply covered Xixing’s stunningly beautiful face as she sternly scolded.

One of the great doctors quickly stepped forward and respectfully reported, “Your Highness, there is nothing serious wrong with the horse harnessed by the side of the harness, it is only that his anger has attacked his heart.”

“His anger has attacked his heart?”

Xixing was stunned, “But he has already vomited blood.”

The Great Doctor glanced at the guards of the Wolf House who stood in the Medical Hall and had not yet left.

Then, solemnly, he said to Xixing.

“The horse harnessed by the side of the harness has not fully recovered, not to mention the fact that a few days ago he also entered the beast cage and fought a life-and-death battle with a snowy lion, so his body has never been fully replenished, and with an ill body, if he is emotionally exhausted, and if he thinks deeply about things that consume his mind, it is inevitable that his anger will attack his heart. The blood vomiting of the horse’s son-in-law is also a result of his anger attacking his heart, bringing out the exhaustion and injury already present in his body.”

There was a pause.

Although there are only tired cows, there are no broken fields, but the fields are not broken, but they need time to recuperate after the planting damage.”

Shying was stunned.

Chen Dong’s injury was indeed clear to her.

However, the Great Doctor’s explanation reminded her of the painful scene Chen Dong had experienced yesterday.

He had not recovered from his own injuries, his body was weak, and he was exhausted from the painful headache he had experienced yesterday, and as soon as he woke up today, he immediately went to enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, something that was extremely depleting to his mind and soul, so it was only normal to have the scene before him.

For a moment, guilt raged in Xixing’s heart, “Blame me, blame me for not letting him rest properly.”

She had taken Barbara to the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard to spy on Chen Dong as the Lord, but she also had a few worries.

But to her surprise, these few moments of worry had evolved into reality so quickly!

Only, neither Xixing nor the great doctors had expected it.

The Great Physician’s explanation was the most perfect and reasonable explanation for Chen Dong.

Of course the unconscious Chen Dong was not aware of it at this time.

“Uncle ……”

A barbarian walked to Chen Dong’s side, looking at the unconscious Chen Dong with pity, mist welling up in his eyes.

When he came back to his senses, Xixing also followed behind Barbara and walked up to Chen Dong, settling down next to the operating table, Xixing looked guiltily and painfully at Chen Dong’s still painful face.

Perhaps because he had just vomited blood, Chen Dong’s face was a little pale.

With a trembling right hand, Xixing gently caressed Chen Dong’s face and said in a low voice, “I was too eager to get things done and didn’t take care of your body. When you wake up, I will let you recuperate and relax for a while.”