Winner Takes All Chapter 1051-1052

Chapter 1051

This night, Chen Dong did not sleep soundly.

Even in his sleep, that solid silhouette never disappeared from his mind.

The playful and teasing laughter and the phrase “big fool” kept echoing in his dream world.

This caused Chen Dong to wake up not refreshed but extraordinarily tired.

Slowly opening his eyes, Chen Dong found himself still lying on the bed of Xixing.

It was warm and comfortable, and the air was lingering with a refreshing and exotic fragrance.

The headache was splitting.

Chen Dong slowly propped himself up and sat up, raising his hand to feel the gauze wrapped around his head.

“You’re awake?”

Behind him, a tired and feeble voice rang out.

Chen Dong turned his head, but he saw Xixing with a tired face, with dark circles under her eyes, leaning indifferently on the chair next to the bed, with a white fleece blanket in front of her.

Chen Dong could not help but freeze for a moment.

Compared to yesterday’s stargazer, he felt an unprecedented sense of indifference and distance when he was confronted again.

Thinking of what happened yesterday, Chen Dong hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, yesterday ……”

“Big fool, who is it?”

Xixing slowly faded the white fluffy blanket onto her thighs, wrapped her hands around her chest, and stared at Chen Dong with a cold gaze, “All this time you were asleep, your mouth kept dreaming of these three words.”

Big fool?!

Chen Dong’s expression was stunned, his eyes became drifting, and the silhouette that was only an outline once again appeared in his mind.

A blurred silhouette, but with an unprecedented strong sense of familiarity.

A very absurd feeling that just happened to be real.


Xixing looked indifferent, her face as cold as frost, as if at this moment, the ten thousand charm disappeared and was replaced only by that biting and piercing like an iceberg.

“I… I don’t know.”

Chen Dong shook his head blankly, raised his finger and pointed to his temple, saying, “It just feels like there’s something in my head, last night I was actually ready, but there’s just a very strong feeling of resistance in my consciousness.”

As he spoke, Chen Dong’s brow gradually tightened up in thought.

This scene fell into Xixing’s eyes, and her cold eyes finally changed.

She busily said, “Don’t reminisce, I don’t want you to get hurt again because of your memories, it’s your misfortune and mine that you get hurt.”

Saying that, Xixing slowly sat up straight, as if she was a lazy kitten, stretched her back and yawned.

This lazy stretching motion outlined the figure to the fullest.

Chen Dong looked a little lost in thought, and after he returned to his senses, his gaze fell on Xixing’s tired face with dark circles under his eyes, he couldn’t help but say guiltily and heartily, “I’m sorry for making you guard me all night last night.”

“You and I are husband and wife, there’s no need to be like this.”

Xixing shook her head, a gentle smile finally squeezing out of her tired face as she slowly got up and settled onto the bed, facing Chen Dong: “But I will one day make you pay me back for what you owe me this time, completely and utterly!”

The words were forceful and reeked of stubbornness.

Chen Dong opened his arms and gently hugged Xixing, “There will be that day, I will try to overcome those things in my head.”

“Mmm, I want to rest for a while, do you want to join me?”

Xixing wooed and asked, “But I spoke to Father, now that you have the Triple Crown Supreme Glory in your possession, you can continue to enlighten the seventy-two Martial Dao Bodies of the Heavenly Wolf Academy.”

“Then I will go and enlighten the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies right now.”

Chen Dong politely declined Xixing’s request, having slept through the night, although he was tired, he could hardly sleep again for a while.

The solid silhouette in his mind was like a shackle, and after yesterday’s splitting headache, it made him somewhat resist Xixing even at this moment.

To be precise, he was worried that even if he slept with his clothes, it would still cause a splitting headache.

Looking at Chen Dong leaving, the glow on Xie Xing’s face gradually disappeared, reverting to the coldness of a moment ago, her face as cold as frost, only the light of her eyes was as deep as if a black hole swirled.

“What exactly are you …… resisting? Who is the big fool …… again?”

Xixing’s red lips were mouthing, and she murmured, “How, exactly, should I take complete control of you?”

Just now she had done it on purpose, deliberately making Chen Dong stop remembering and deliberately showing a forgiving look.

It was because she dared not gamble that now it was a situation where the arrow was on the string and if she really let this man recall something, then all her plans would be lost.

Time was too short.

It was too late for her to make up enough memories of what had gone before for this man, and too late to get this man for good.

This left Shying’s heart, always empty and hanging.

Two successive attempts to offer herself ended in failure, and Chen Dong’s reaction was as if it was a thorn in Xixing’s heart.

As proud as she was, she had been pushed into such a humiliating situation twice in a row by Chen Dong, so how could she easily be forgiven with a “sorry”?

After what happened yesterday.


“Maybe …… I was a little too hasty when I first took this step, right?”

Xixing rubbed her temples tiredly, jade hand slender fingers, gently sliding down the snow-white neck towards the bottom, her gaze deep, but depression emerged in her eyes: “What is it, that makes you resist even a youkai like me, time and time again?”


All the way.

Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance, as he struggled to remember.

Not recalling memories from before his amnesia, but recalling what had happened yesterday.

Guilt, embarra*sment, self-blame ……

All that happened yesterday was as if he was nailed to the pillar of shame, and when he recalled it, his body felt like it was on fire with shame.

Just …… that silhouette, in the end, whose is it?

This is the most confusing question Chen Dong has had all the way through.

He was clear.

The woman’s shadow, and the phrase “big fool” is the crux of his true instinct to resist Xixing.

He kept saying “I’m sorry” last night because of that silhouette and that phrase “big idiot”.

But even he could not understand this absurd scene.

It was clear that he and Xixing were husband and wife, but the knot in his head had drawn a gap between him and Xixing.

The relationship between husband and wife had become an absurd and bizarre one that could only be viewed from afar, but not profaned.

After walking into the Heavenly Wolf Academy, under the surveillance of a special escort, Chen Dong went straight into the secret room where the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were placed.

Only because of Wu Gang’s death, this time, no one followed Chen Dong into it, except that outside the door, there were still two guards.

Rumble ……

The door to the chamber behind him slowly closed, and with a “bang”, the entire chamber fell into absolute silence.

Even the wind and snow blowing in through the vents was silent.

The lights were bright.

Chen Dong stopped in front of the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao, gazing at the patterns on it, and that unprecedented sense of familiarity reappeared.

With a dazed expression, he suddenly recalled what had happened the last time he was in this secret room, in front of this Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body.

At that time, it was the lapse into memories that had led to Wu Gang’s tragic death.

But it was also the memories from last time that caused that silhouetted silhouette to appear in his mind.

That feeling of being far away and near, of being clear from a thousand miles away, was still fresh in Chen Dong’s mind.

This was a secret he kept in his heart, and he did not dare to tell it to Xixing.

It was just that last time, just as he was about to see the silhouette of the silhouette’s face, he fainted to death.

“Could it be that my memories can only reappear a little bit after suffering great pain again and again?”

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted, the light in his eyes brightening and flickering as he hesitantly murmured.

Gradually, his gaze began to become firm ……

Chapter 1052

A bold idea suddenly surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind.

Immediately afterwards, his gaze became firm.

Looking at the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in front of him, it was as if the familiar stances were engraved into his mind.

However, it didn’t matter anymore!

Casting a sidelong glance at the tightly closed chamber door, although it was his second visit.

However, Chen Dong had heard from Xixing that once someone entered the secret chamber of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, the guards on the outside would not come in easily.

The reason was that those who entered the chamber of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body were all enlightened about the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, and the slightest disturbance might be able to pull the person out of the state of enlightenment and ruin their previous work.

Unless, like last time, the guards outside would only break down the door when the situation was menacing with hoarse wailing.

“Whew ……”

Exhaling a heavy breath, Chen Dong sat directly on the ground in front of the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body.

With that, he slowly closed his eyes.

He wasn’t sure if his memories were only able to find their way back a little bit during the huge headache after headache.

When he was in the chamber of this Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body last time, it was also true that it was because of the memories and the splitting headache that the silhouette that was only an outline came to him.

Everything, was just a guess.

But Chen Dong decided to take a chance.

He could just have another headache and faint to death.

But if his guesses were correct, he would be able to recover his memories, which, in Chen Dong’s opinion, was what he needed most!

For some reason, the remnants in his mind had always made him feel that there was something wrong with the relationship between him and Xixing as a couple.

Not just this feeling, but also the things that had happened since entering the Hun king’s palace, as well as the occasional remarks that came out of the mouths of the people around him.

Everywhere …… there was something out of the ordinary.

Although Xixing had told him about some of the things that happened before he lost his memory, it was as if a trajectory had been traced out in his mind, but the things he had experienced in the past few days always failed to match up tightly with this trajectory.

It was as if it was a piece of twine, frazzled.

“Perhaps after really recovering my memories, my body will be able to accept Xixing smoothly, no longer resisting, and no longer failing her.”

Chen Dong murmured softly, and as the words fell, his brow gradually furrowed, and the eyelids of his closed eyes trembled slightly.


Thinking hard.

In this closed chamber, everything was silent and still, allowing one to be in an absolutely quiet environment.

This also contributed to the fact that Chen Dong’s recollection was extremely rapid, almost as soon as the thought came to him, he went straight into the “track” of recollection.

“Hum ……”

Chen Dong’s body shook, and while a muffled grunt came out of his mouth, his face turned red abruptly.

Immediately afterwards, the veins on his neck and the corners of his eyes also stood out and trembled.

Time seemed to have become extremely slow in this moment.

Compared to the speed of memories, it was like a second and ten thousand years.


A cone of pain that pierced the bones and went straight to the soul.

As Chen Dong recalled it, the pain in his mind was growing geometrically.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong fell to the ground, the huge pain unbearable, his body twitching uncontrollably.

His neck was thick and he was panting like an ox.

On his red face, beads of sweat dripped down at this time.

Even so, he clenched his teeth and forced himself not to utter a single shout.

Because he knew that after what had happened last time, this time perhaps as soon as he shouted out, the guards outside would immediately rush in.

“Who is it?”

“Who the hell is it?”

“Let me see clearly, see clearly ……”


The heart cries out over and over again, as if in this instant, forming an obsession.

On one side was a desperate attempt to remember.

On the other side was the increasingly intense and severe pain in the mind.

At this moment, the two states were intertwined, as if they were swords against swords, but all the evil spirits, fell to Chen Dong to bear only.


At the moment when Chen Dong’s pain was so intense that his consciousness was almost blurred.

In his mind, finally, like last time, the blurred figure appeared once again, as if it was far away from the sky.

“Come here, come here and let me see clearly!”

“You, who the hell are you? Who is it?”

“Come here, come here ……”

The silent cry of the heart.

In his mind, the blurred figure far away in the sky finally moved.

As if spanning across the void, with a feeling of being as fast as lightning, yet eerily slow, it quickly drew closer and became clear in Chen Dong’s mind.


It hurts!

Chen Dong’s body fell to the ground, curling up into a ball like a shrimp, his hands clutching his head to death, his fingers even tightening and bending, as if he wanted to snap his skull and dig into his brain.

Sweat was pouring down.

With the sound of ragged, sharp gasps coming out of his mouth and nose, Chen Dong’s painfully red face turned blue and red, and the veins on his neck and at the corners of his eyes became more and more pronounced, just like a climbing earthworm.

“Who is it? Faster, faster!”

As his consciousness gradually blurred, Chen Dong became more and more anxious.

Once his consciousness receded and he fell into a coma, all the pain he was enduring at the moment would be lost and meaningless.


In his anxiety, Chen Dong bit through the tip of his tongue viciously.

All of a sudden the fishy sweetness filled Chen Dong’s mouth, and his originally blurred consciousness cleared up a little at the same time.

“Hold on, hold on ……”

Chen Dong’s body tensed and curled into a ball, his heart kept shouting.

This moment was so wretched and miserable that it was even unbearable to look at.

But Chen Dong did not give up.

One could lose one’s memory, but one’s character and certain aspects of traits were something that had long since been incorporated into one’s bones and blood through years and months of perseverance.

Although Chen Dong had lost his memory, the resilience and tenacity he had developed since he was a child, walking step by step in the darkness and facing the light, had long since been fused into his bones and blood.

It also allowed him to show even more terrifying endurance and perseverance in the face of the indescribable pain he was experiencing at the moment!

It was also while Chen Dong was curled up in the chamber like a dead dog, suffering the pain and frantically remembering.

On the other side.

The entrance to the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

“Greetings, Princess!”

The two men guarding the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard saw Xixing and respectfully knelt down.

“Get up, I’ll go into the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard to see the sidekick.”

Xixing held Barbara and swept a clear, cold glance at the two Skywolf Courtyard men.

The people in the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard were destined to become the future pillars and foundation stones of the country of Xiongnu as soon as they set foot in the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

But they were as different as heaven and earth in the eyes of Xixing as they were in the eyes of ordinary people.

“In reply to the princess, the horse harnessed by the side of the horse has just entered the secret room of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, so I think he has already entered the state of enlightenment.”

A large bearded man responded.

Beyond words, he was also reminding Xixing that going to see Chen Dong at this moment would affect his enlightenment.

“It’s alright, I’ll just take the child for a look.”

Xixing shook his head and took Barbara into the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

As soon as he entered the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, Barbara was attracted by the special decoration inside the Courtyard.

Blinking her big eyes for a moment, Barbara asked, “Auntie Xixing, what are we going to find Uncle for?”

“Uncle had a splitting headache last night, and now he just woke up and ran to enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body again, it’s too taxing on his mind, so Auntie is a little relieved.”

Xixing held Barbara and quickly walked towards the secret room of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, only responding to Barbara while the clear coldness on her face was getting thicker and thicker.