Winner Takes All Chapter 1047-1048

Chapter 1047

The voice was cold and stern, domineering.

In the silence, it overpowered the sound of the wind and snow and fell on the ears of every Hun.

At this moment.

Countless gazes were fixed on Chen Dong and the Snow Lion.

One man and one beast, but in all their domineering majesty.

At this moment, they had become the focus of the entire audience.


The majesty of the Snowy Lion swept over the whole crowd at this moment, causing all the Huns to feel as small as a mole looking at the sky.

An invisible fear enveloped everyone, and the fear from within was even more intense than the coldness brought by the snow and wind in the sky.

The snowy lion’s leap into the air just now, landing brazenly on the ground, was engraved into everyone’s heart as if it were a brand.

At the same time, Chen Dong’s figure was also engraved into everyone’s heart.

Sitting on the back of the Snowy Lion, Chen Dong’s back was straight and his expression was cold and stern as he looked out over the entire field, with a domineering majesty of a monarch on top of the world, looking down on all beings.

Everywhere he looked, the gazes disappeared, not daring to look at him!

This scene made the King of Xiongnu, the old man beside him, and the hundred officials all pale.

And Xixing, however, was looking askance at Chen Dong as he looked out of the room.

Seizing the right moment, he took a step forward and said loudly and boisterously.

“The Snowy Lion, is the king of beast kings, Greedy Wolf can make the Snowy Lion beast king return to his heart, can’t you all still not see Greedy Wolf’s future?”

With a single word, the people of Xiongnu in the king’s court square, their eyes drifted up.

In Xiongnu, in this great snowy plain outside the domain.

The law of survival of the weak and the strong was strictly followed and believed by all.

This has also created a barbaric and cruel environment where the strong are inherently respected and revered by all.

The fear of the strong is engraved into the hearts of all the barbarians of the Great Snowy Plain, as if it were a brand.

The Snowy Lion, a fierce beast of this species, is so powerful and majestic that it is obvious to anyone with eyes.

A man who could make the Snowy Lion’s king of beasts willingly become his mount, was there any need to speculate on his strength?

Shying Xing’s words did not release the people from Chen Dong’s identity as a man from the domain.

But it did titillate the people’s fear of the powerful.

Greedy Wolf?

Wang Yu and Zhang Chao and others, silently kneeling on the ground, with Xixing’s words out, the dark guard crowd but at the same time, their eyebrows tightened, revealing a puzzled look.

What exactly did the young master …… go through?

Chen Dong’s name, how did it get changed to Greedy Wolf?

“What did the family head say?”

Zhang Chao asked Wang Yu in a low voice, his voice was muffled as much as he could in the wind and snow, only the two of them could hear it.

Wang Yu looked grave and solemn, but his eyes still held doubts about Chen Dong’s name being changed, and he whispered, “Let’s wait and see what happens, and wait for the right moment, but something doesn’t seem right with the young master!”


Zhang Chao nodded his head.

Just at that moment.

Xixing spoke again, his voice echoing through heaven and earth, exploding in the ears of every Hun people.

“You people, have you ever thought of getting rid of this extremely cold night?”

A scolding question caused all the people’s eyes to flicker, and some even had their bodies shake violently.

The cold night sky had existed for ages in the Great Snowy Plain.

But this cruel environment means death and survival is difficult.

To put it politely.

Even with the prosperity of the Xiongnu royal court, even if one lived in one of the thirteen cities of the royal court, the slightest negligence and carelessness could lead to a permanent slumber in the course of one’s sleep because of this extreme weather.

To escape from the extreme cold of the night and from this cruel and extreme environment of existence is something that every Hun dreams of.

Followed closely by.

Shying Xing spoke again.

“You, have you ever yearned for the ten thousand miles of fertile fields in the south? The warm sunshine?”

At this moment, Xixing was standing in a white dress and robe, amidst the wind and snow.

There was no longer the usual charm on her beautiful face, but instead an indescribable determination, and a strong heroic aura radiated from her brows.


A cry of astonishment suddenly erupted from the entire Royal Court Square.

All the people’s eyes became blazing with enthusiasm.

The fertile fields of the south, the warm sunshine, was a place that every Xiongnu had longed for for generations, no, it was a place that every person in the Great Snowy Plain had longed for for generations.

In the Great Snowy Plain, everyone who wants to survive must use their best.

In addition to dealing with the extreme cruelty of the weather, they also have to face all sorts of sudden crises, one of which includes wild animals!

Everyone in the Great Snowy Plains has an extremely monotonous way of surviving because of the limitations of the weather, and the easiest way to survive is to rely on hunting.

But it is different in the southern domain.

In the south, there are many, many ways to survive.

One can farm, one can hunt, one can survive in many, many, even more relaxed ways.

The fertile fields of the domain are warm and sunny.

It is like a wonderland in the minds of all who survive on the great snowfields.

Who would want to shoulder all the difficulties if they could exist with ease?

The next second.

Shying’s firm and resolute words echoed across the room once again.

“You use all your strength just to survive in this great snowy plain, while within the domain, you are able to survive easily, to live with all your strength, to enjoy life, to enjoy all the privileges granted by the sun, have you ever thought of change?”

When these words were spoken, already some of the eyes of the Huns kneeling on the ground began to change.

There was silence.

A voice suddenly sounded through the crowd.

“Yearning and wanting to change!”

The words were soft and were uttered by a Hun citizen with trepidation.

With the people’s humble status, it was inevitable that they would be too frightened to raise their voices in such an occasion.

However, when these words were uttered, they were like rolling thunder that swept through the room and immediately drew many people’s agreement.

These three simple words were like a miraculous work of God, turning decay into magic.

With a speed visible to the naked eye, they changed the hearts and minds of the people and changed their attention.

The King of the Huns looked down at the people in disbelief, and the faces that were gradually burning with enthusiasm were like heavy hammers hitting his eyeballs one after another.

How could he not have anticipated it.

The dangerous situation in which all the people were being pushed backwards had actually rippled and changed because of three words from Xixing.

However, when he thought about it carefully, Shying’s three words were like a knife and a sword, poking the painful point of every person on the Great Snowy Plain.

Compared to survival, the scales of adversity naturally seemed less important!


Just as the emotions of the group were rippling.

But Xixing let out an explosive shout, like a thunderbolt in the clear sky, bringing the whole room, which was getting noisy, back to dead silence once again.

“But you, you are not worthy!”

Five words, full of contempt and ridicule, were not directed at any one person.

It was …… all of them, everyone!

Or rather …… was cursing the entire Huns!

Under the astonished gazes of the Tao.

Shying’s expression gradually revealed its fierceness, narrowing his eyes and looking at the crowd with contempt.

“When the Heavenly Wolf, with a fraternal heart, could not bear the hardships of the extreme night and cold sky for you any longer, and deliberately sent the great God of War, your savior, to you personally, you actually want to push back all the people simply because of the difference in race?”

“What are you worthy of? You are not worthy of the fertile fields and sunshine within the southern domain, you are only worthy of the hardships of this extreme night and cold sky, and it is you who have personally joined forces and abandoned the fraternal love of the great Wolf of Heaven as if it were nothing!”

Chapter 1048

The sound of anger echoed.

But in an instant, it made the hearts and minds of all the people on their knees flutter and tumble.

Although it was a curse, it was like a heavy hammer from the heavens, smashing into the heart of every citizen.

For a moment, the people’s expressions changed and they whispered to each other.

Even if they were whispering, the whispers from the endless tide of people made the whole place noisy.

The people were not foolish, and the words of Xing Xie pointed straight to their survival, far beyond their scales.

They could also understand what Shying’s words meant.

The man who rode on the back of the Snowy Lion, who could make the Snowy Lion Beast King return to his heart and become a willing mount, was the Hun God of War, the Hun Saviour, as Shying Xing said!

“Who does not want to go to the fertile fields of the domain and enjoy the sunshine? But do you know how many times that town city, which straddles the frontier, has withstood the Xiongnu, the hundred tribes of the great snowy plains, how many times it has attacked?”

Shying did not stop there, his words sharply blasted in anger.

“In our ancestors’ time, the hundred tribes of the Great Snowy Plain were repeatedly driven back to the Great Snowy Plain, but do you not know that since the appearance of that Zhenjiang City, since that man named Huo Zhenxiao appeared, who among the hundred tribes of the Great Snowy Plain has ever crossed that thunderbolt?”

“That city, that man, the hundred tribes, the Xiongnu, you, the chasm of heaven to the fertile south, to enjoy life in the sun, the Great Mountain of Thunder Pond!”

“No one can break Zhenjiang City, no one can defeat Huo Zhenxiao! Who in the Great Snowy Plain doesn’t know Huo Zhenxiao? Who doesn’t know of his astonishing exploits of destroying a city with one man, one gun and one horse?”


Deadly silence.

The only sound left in the sky and the earth was the sound of the wind and snow crying.

As Xixing’s series of words came out, it was as if an invisible hand was pressing down on the whole scene, strangling the throat of every Xiong Nu people.

They felt suffocated, and even the tide of their tumultuous hearts weakened at this moment, silencing their gloomy voices.

“If there is no god of war, a saviour of the world, to rival Huo Zhenxiao, how do you think the Hundred Tribes or the Xiongnu will swing their whips southwards and trample the fertile fields?”

The great Heavenly Wolf has sent people to you, yet you want to push the people backwards and disobey the emperor? Laughable, a travesty of the world, you, indeed, are not worthy!”

As he spoke.

Xixing raised his hand indignantly and pointed at Chen Dong on the back of the Snowy Lion.

“Him! He can match Huo Zhenxiao, he can withstand that man who is like a god descending from the earth, the Beast King returning to his heart is the best proof, only when he holds back Huo Zhenxiao will the Hundred Clans be able to stampede Zhenjiang City and wave their whips south, do you …… understand?”

At this moment, countless gazes, uncomfortably complicated, were locked on Chen Dong.

At the same time.

The group of secret guards, such as Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, who were kneeling and hidden in the crowd, had their faces changed greatly, and were struck by lightning, their minds were blank.

Even in the midst of this extremely cold night, the secret guards could not help but have a layer of white hair sweat all over their bodies!

Things …… were getting bigger and bigger!

They could not have imagined that the young lord would receive this supreme glory in Xiongnu, but ultimately to lead his army south and invade the domain.

And the young lord …… was actually trying to fend off Huo Zhenxiao?

This F**king …… stabbed the sky!

Especially Wang Yu.

At this moment, his eyes are drifting out of focus.

Kneeling on the ground, his hands clasped tightly to the ground.

Fear, a big invisible fear enveloped the whole body.

Chen Daolin’s admonition in his ears seemed to be still lingering.

But now the situation was so terrifying that Wang Yu was terrified to the core.

How could this be protected?

How could this be saved?

The young master had not only become the prince’s son in law in Xiongnu, he had enjoyed the highest glory in the history of Xiongnu.

Now he had to lead his own army south to invade!

Every single one of them was enough for certain death!

And now it was all happening to the young master alone!

If he hadn’t had a shred of sanity left in him, telling him to stay on his knees and hide his identity, Wang Yu would have impulsively gotten up, walked out of the crowd and immediately reported the shocking “bad news” to Chen Daolin!

“I am the princess of the Huns as well as your princess, and I know what you want.”

Shying continued angrily, “But only he, this man called Greedy Wolf, can give you what you want! He can even lead the Huns and bring back the glory of the true Hun royal court that our ancestors fought for back then!”

As he spoke.

Shying stopped paying attention to the whole sea of people in the room.

Rather, in full view of the crowd, she turned around angrily.

In a stern voice, she ordered, “Give me, unveil the eighth human statue!”

This was the moment.

The King of Xiongnu and all the officials’ hearts were in their throats.

With Xixing’s order, countless people’s eyes locked on the red cloth-covered human statue in a complicated manner.

The figure in the square was the faith of the Huns!

Now, it was a man from the domain who was to be worshipped here.

The words of Xixing made everyone, at this moment, uncertain.

On the one hand was the dignity of faith.

On the other hand was survival and the future.

At the same time.

Chen Dong also looked soberly at the statue of a man standing tall not far away.

Quietly, a wave of hot blood surged within his heart, boiling and flowing throughout his body along his veins.


Together with the craftsmen and soldiers, the huge red cloth covering the statue of a man was lifted off.

Amidst the wind and snow.

A huge statue of a man, dressed in the distinctive beast’s robe of the Huns, stood in the snow and wind, side by side with seven other statues.

It is tall and imposing, with a heroic posture.

Like a king, he overwhelms the crowd.

With the appearance of Chen Dong’s statue, the hearts of all the Xiongnu people who were watching the statue fluttered fiercely.

It was as if something had suddenly been branded into their hearts.

In the midst of indecision, they hesitated.

From today onwards, he, Greedy Wolf, my man, will be the greatest man in the history of Xiongnu and even in the history of Xiongnu, and in the near future, you will be able to appreciate his grace, and he will lead you, step by step, into the domain, to enjoy the fertile fields and the sunshine!

“You can resist, or you can push back, unless you ignore the wolves and still want to linger in the cold of this night!”


Also just as Xie Xing’s words fell, as if to match, the Snowy Lion leaned up to the sky and roared.

The lion roared to the sky.

But it caused the bodies of all the people within the royal court square to shake violently.

And some of the people, even in shock, slowly lowered their heads, the last trace of persistence in their hearts thumping away with this lion’s roar from the Snowy Region Lion.

“Hoo ……”

Looking at the entire people, Xixing’s expression eased slightly, and her heart gradually let go.

She didn’t need to ruffle all the people, she only needed to ruffle some of them, and that was enough!

The part that she stirred up would subconsciously influence the rest of the people.

Being in an imperial family, she knew that when the people were united in their beliefs and united as one, it was indeed terrifying.

But once there is a rift in it, it will gradually split apart.

Now those people who bowed their heads were already provoked by her raging desire to reach for the fertile land.

In the face of survival and the scales of prejudice against it.

Someone always knows how to make the trade-off!

“Hoo …… bet won!”

The Hun king’s expression also eased, his slightly shrugged shoulders, visibly relaxed, and smiled to the old man beside him as if relieved, “My king has a heavenly dragon son-in-law, and a heavenly treasure in the form of the demon lady, how can my great Hun not prosper? How can I not flourish?”