Winner Takes All Chapter 1045-1046

Chapter 1045

Mountains of shouting and shouting.

It all came together and shook the sky and the earth.

It overwhelmed the sound of salutes, the roar of warplanes and everything else.

It was as if the snow and wind in the sky were silenced by the shout.

If it were normal, or if someone else were riding on the back of a snowy lion at this time, this might not be the scene before us.

Outside the realm, the law of survival has always been the law of the jungle, and every tribe still retains its feudal, even barbaric, shadow.

With such a strict and clear-cut hierarchy, the people would never dare to break the law.

The people would never have dared to go below the level of the Huns and push them so hard!

And yet.

This event today.

A man from the domain.

A man from the domain has become a horse harnessed by the side of the Hun king.

Made General of the Southern Expedition, commanding an army.

Be named the first warrior of the Huns.

Even to have a monument erected in the royal court square, becoming the eighth man in Xiongnu history.

One thing after another, it was all a thunderstorm.

Like a red-hot sword, it stabbed viciously at the heart of every Hun, piercing and stirring viciously.

It was touching and tearing at the scales of all the Huns.

All kinds of glory and glory, which none of the Huns had ever possessed, had all fallen on a man from the domain who had suddenly appeared.

What is this?

The Huns are like dust, worse than dogs and pigs?

And to have a man from within the realm, riding on the necks of the Huns?

The guards fell to their knees, but in contrast to the excitement of the crowd, each one of them looked terrified and was covered in cold sweat.

Oh my god!

What has the young master …… been through?

The young master is so powerful and domineering that he has gone to this extent?

He disappeared for such a short time and became the number one person in Hun history straight away?

Compared to the dark guards, among the tide of people, there were also people from the domain’s merchant fleet.

They were not frightened or angry, but when everyone knelt and they did not, they stood out too much.

However, their hearts were also in awe and doubt.

Where in the world did this …… domain deity come from?

A heavenly deity descending to earth and entering the Xiongnu royal court directly?

He also made the Xiongnu princess marry down, made the Xiongnu king go out of his way to offend the entire Xiongnu people’s scales, triple crowned and decorated, straight to the first person in history?

Wang Yu, who had already walked out of the crowd, heard the King’s announcement behind him and was immediately shocked, his sweat standing on end and his scalp tingling.

He subconsciously glanced back and was instantly drenched in cold sweat, as if he had fallen into an ice cave, and his whole body was in a state of panic.

An endless tide of people were all prostrate on the ground.

The words “Your Majesty, think twice” were like words from the heavens, as if they were going to reach the heavens.

It was madness!

It must be madness!

The world has gone mad!

Wang Yu was trembling and trembling, and his steps were weak as he headed for a quiet corner.

Everything that happened here had to be reported back as soon as possible.

The changes were too fast, the sudden changes were too quick.

He was afraid that if he didn’t report back as soon as possible, if he hesitated, the young master would become the King of the Huns!

Everything, far beyond his initial expectations, was moving in a frightening and uncontrollable direction, with the momentum of a wild horse.

The people of the thirteen cities had gathered here for such a monstrous scene.

If a decision could not be made soon, a scene of hell could also occur in the next second.


The Chen family.

The family head’s room.

Chen Daolin’s face was sunken, tears still in his eyes, as he sat decrepitly on the futon in front of Li Lan’s spirit seat, pondering.

In his hand, he was still squeezing his mobile phone.

After hanging up Huo Zhenxiao’s call, he had been sitting like this.

All of this, however, had happened in a very short period of time.

From the Council Hall, getting Wang Yu’s report back, topping off Old Madam Chen, to him returning to his bedroom and speaking to Huo Zhenxiao, it all happened in a very short period of time.

The reason why he spoke to Huo Zhenxiao was because he was worried that Old Lady Chen would make a mistake.

He could not afford to wear such a big hat as collaborating with the enemy and betraying his country.

The reason for this is that he is worried about his son’s involvement.

Chen Dong was under the command of Huo Zhenxiao of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and the final treatment was also the work of Huo Zhenxiao, so he told Huo Zhenxiao in advance to prevent someone from making a secret move in the middle of the process and killing someone with a knife!

The only thing is that after hanging up Huo Zhenxiao’s phone, he didn’t sit down for a while.

Wang Yu’s call came again.

Another situation?

Looking at the caller ID, Chen Daolin’s eyebrows knitted together and he had an ominous feeling that his heart was pounding.

“God bless, Lan’er bless ……”

Chen Daolin solemnly and apprehensively glanced at Li Lan’s spiritual tablet, and then was able to pick up Wang Yu’s phone.

Only, without waiting for Chen Daolin to speak.

The other side of the phone, Wang Yu’s voice was hoarse as he whistled in a low, shrill voice.

“Family head, the Hun side …… has changed!”

With a single word, it instantly made Chen Daoling’s heart sink straight to the bottom.

Was it really fearful of what was coming?

“What’s going on?” Chen Daolin asked through clenched teeth, but his left hand was quietly grasping on the futon under his seat, clenching it fiercely.

On the phone, Wang Yu’s voice even breathed a bit of panic, but did not stop in the slightest, simply and concisely with a few sentences, penetrating the bombastic intelligence.

“The young master not only erected a statue in the Xiongnu monument, but also became the Xiongnu horse in harness, married the Xiongnu princess whom the snowy plains hundred tribes regard as a heavenly wolf, and was also made the great general of the south of the expedition, and was named the first warrior of the Xiongnu!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each sentence, like a heaven-shaking thunderbolt, ruthlessly bombarded Chen Daolin’s body.

Chen Daolin’s gaze first froze for a moment, and then it was red and filled with tears.

The tiger’s torso trembled and his teeth clenched.

The veins on his neck and at the corners of his eyes bulged out and trembled violently.

A great fear descended from the heavens, as if the heavens had overturned and completely crushed his body.

As the man in charge of the Chen family, a man who was high up in the clouds and looked up to by countless magnates.

At this moment, but there is a kind of sky spinning, almost faint sense of deficiency.

Lan’er …… you my Dong’er, why can be excellent to this extent?

This is the first person in the history of Xiongnu, I’m afraid.

The first time he met the storm clouds, he turned into a dragon, but Dong’er met the wrong storm clouds this time!

At this moment, Chen Daolin was desperate to the extreme. What he had feared most before, with all the supreme glory imposed on Chen Dong, directly overlapped his fears and reality with an overwhelming and devastating momentum.

It was enough to be accused of “collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country”!

Tears slipped down the corners of Chen Daolin’s eyes.

At this moment, under the shock and fear, Chen Daolin was crying like a child.

But he still clenched his lips, even biting the tip of his tongue, letting the blood flow, using the pain to keep himself from crying out.

On the other end of the phone.

Wang Yu asked with trepidation, “Family head …… how will this matter be decided?”

Chen Daolin did not respond, his body was trembling.

Wang Yu continued to urge, “Family head, how will this matter be decided? Please do so as soon as possible, at this moment the people of the thirteen cities of Xiongnu are gathered in one place, the ma*ses are agitated, the people’s grievances are overwhelming, if a decision is not made soon, perhaps …… perhaps ……”


Chen Daolin hissed and roared, “If a great change occurs, you must bring back Chen Dong at any cost, if ……”

After a pause, Chen Daolin’s voice suddenly lowered, “If a great change has not yet occurred, then wait and see what happens, and make sure …… that Dong’er is safe.”

Chapter 1046


The phone hung up.

Wang Yu froze for two seconds in bewilderment.

Then, he turned around and walked out of the alley, looking at the sea of people kneeling and begging around the Wang Ting Square in the distance, he even had a feeling that the sky was spinning.

How could such a scene be preserved? How to save it?

He could risk his life, the entire Dark Guard could give theirs.

The key had to be effective, to protect Chen Dong!

Even if the entire Dark Guards were wiped out, it would be difficult to resist the wheels of the Huns rolling past.

The sea of people kneeling in the king’s court square gathered the people of the thirteen cities, and even now, people continue to converge from all directions.

They …… represented the Huns!

Represented the will of the Huns!

Whether the end result is that the Xiongnu change of heart, or the Xiongnu King’s big hand across the table to make it happen.

The Dark Guard, will be facing the entire Huns!

“D*mn it!”

Wang Yu cursed fiercely, scratching his hair in annoyance, before walking quickly towards the sea of people.

“Your Majesty, think twice!”

“Your Majesty, think twice!”

“Your Majesty, think twice!”


Four simple words, but containing ten thousand emotions, came out from every single Hun mouth.

Gradually, they converged together, rushing to the sky and cracking the earth.

When all the pleading voices, converged together, the sound wave was heart-shaking.

It was as if the heaven and earth were trembling at the sound of the pleas.

The tide of people on their knees, pushing against each other and leaning close to the Royal Court Square, invariably created a majestic and tremendous sense of oppression.

Around the King’s Court Square, the soldiers of the army revealed a look of fear and gravity, doing their utmost to stop the tide of people from pouring into the square.

And this scene.

It even made the hundred officials standing in front of the square, standing in front of Chen Dong’s portrait, their backs chilled and their expressions terrified, and some even had their bodies vaguely trembling.

It was supposed to be an event of universal celebration.

At this time it has turned into a hefty pressure, with all the people falling back!

“Your Majesty …… perhaps it is time to think long and hard about this matter!”

An old man with a gnarled beard who was past his prime slowly walked up to the Xiong Nu king and advised him in a low voice.

He was the King of Xiong Nu’s right-hand man, and he had experienced the whole thing first-hand, not unlike other officials who were generally unaware of it.

With Greedy Wolf’s merits and what he was about to do in the future, he indeed deserved the supreme honour of this triple crown.

But the sentiments of the people, they had to be considered!

If one is bent on having his own way, perhaps I fear that the great ship will capsize.

And today’s event will turn into a calamity!

The King of the Huns, dressed in his royal robes, stood in the midst of the snow and wind, his face as stony as dead water, his gaze deep in the sea of people before him.

He had expected resistance, but he had never imagined that it would be of this magnitude!

The sound of a mountainous plea echoed in his ears.

This majestic and vast pleading sound crushed everything, the sound of trumpets, salutes and the roar of warplanes ……

The ground was shaken by the sky!

The persuasion of the old man beside him caused the Hun king’s gaze to flicker for a moment.

He could overpower all the officials in the court with the majesty of a king, but when facing the Huns’ entire population, even the majesty of a king had to be tempered!

“What else can we do in the long run?”

The Hun king slowly turned his head and looked at the old man, “The monument statue has been made and sealed, you know that, Greedy Wolf has this qualification, in the upcoming war between the hundred tribes going south, whether or not the Huns can restore the former glory of the Hun royal court, all depends on Greedy Wolf alone!”

The birth of the Hundred Clans Order and the joining of the Hundred Clans to go south was brought about by Xie Xing.

Naturally, the Huns were in the position of the leader of this joint effort of the Hundred Clans.

But on the way south, Zhenjiang City and Huo Zhenxiao are the chasm between the fertile wilderness and the open road.

Only when Huo Chenxiao is defeated and Zhenjiang City is leveled will the hundred tribes be able to swing the whip southwards.

Among the Hundred Clans, there is no one who can match Huo Zhenxiao.

Even at this point, in his and Xixing’s estimation, Covetous Wolf would only be able to delay Huo Zhenxiao, but of course the delay would be enough!

Only by putting glory on this man of the domain would he be able to show his Xiongnu prowess in the future when he went south and fought Huo Zhenxiao, drawing the awe of all the tribes!

You have to take one bite of rice, and you have to walk the road step by step.

By preference, Greedy Wolf was the first bite of rice and the first step!

“Public opinion must not be left unguarded!”

The old man said in a deep voice.

The Xiongnu, and even the Hundred Tribes, all retained the remnants of old-fashioned feudalism, as evidenced by the existence of slavery.

In ordinary matters, the king’s majesty could decide the world with a single decree!

But now, this move had touched the scales of the entire Xiongnu people, and that was the key!

The Hun king’s gaze flickered and he hesitated.

At the side of the room, Xixing was standing not far away from Barbara, so she could hear the conversation between the King and the old man.

When she saw that the King of Huns was in a state of hesitation, Xixing’s gaze was steeped in determination, unprecedentedly firm.

If the people’s short-sightedness restricts the father’s decision making, the Xiongnu will be hopelessly prosperous, and the people will not stand firm unless they are ruthless!”

The voice was cold and harsh, like a mane like a sword.

It instantly poked the King of Xiongnu in the heart.

The old man’s face even changed greatly, turning his head to gaze angrily at Xixing: “Princess, be careful with your words!”


However, Xixing paid no attention.

In the midst of the wind and snow, she turned around resolutely and stared at Chen Dong on the Snowy Lion.

At this moment.

The sea of people was clamouring, shaking the heavens and the earth.

But Shying’s red lips lightly opened, but her voice fell clearly into Chen Dong’s ears.

“My man, let the ten thousand people of Xiongnu see, your majesty, your elegance!”

Chen Dong froze at once.

Puzzled in his heart, he locked gazes with Xie Xing.

The next second.

Xie Xing raised her hand and pointed at the Snowy Lion under Chen Dong’s crotch: “It, is your majesty!”

Chen Dong instantly understood.

He raised his hand and patted the thick mane on the back of the Snowy Lion’s neck.

The Snowy Lion had already been annoyed by the clamour of the people, but because of Chen Dong’s suppression, he had held back and did not become angry.

However, with Chen Dong’s tap, it was as if the floodgates had been opened.


The Snowy Lion fiercely threw back its head and roared like thunder as it charged the sky.

This roar caused the wind and snow around it to reel upwards into the sky.

The terrifying wave of sound was wrapped in a majestic oppressive force, sweeping directly across the landscape and reaching out to the furious Xiongnu people below.

As the roar exploded in the ears of the Huns, a strong sense of fear arose and the pleading stopped.

The next second.

The snowy lion stomped onto the ground and leapt into the air, pouncing directly towards the nearest people.

The people who had been kneeling and begging were all scared out of their wits and got up, retreating backwards without a thought.


When the Snowy Lion landed on the ground where the people had been kneeling, it let out another terrifying roar that was heard in all directions.

The majesty of the beast king blossomed in full force at this moment.

The majesty of the beast king was overwhelming!

With the two roars of the beast, the King’s Court Square, which had been so noisy, was instantly plunged into dead silence.

Chen Dong was on the back of the Snowy Lion, and at this moment, he looked at the endless sea of people as if he was a king descending to the world.

With a cold and stern expression, he slowly uttered a sentence that was overbearing and rampant to the extreme.

“Who is in favour? Who is against?”