Winner Takes All Chapter 1041-1042

Chapter 1041

You, what did you say?”

Horrified, his scalp tingling, Chen Daolin rubbed his ears fiercely, thinking he had misheard.

For her part, Old Mrs. Chen shook her head in a trance with a vacant gaze, “Impossible, why would this happen? It’s absolutely impossible!”

And yet.

Over the phone.

Wang Yu’s voice was clearly forced with excitement squeezed out from between her teeth.


“Young master …… is really the eighth person of supreme glory in the thousands of years of history of the Huns!”


The sound was like wild thunder, exploding in the council hall.

Bang Teen!

Bang Teen!

Even Chen Daolin and Old Lady Chen, after confirming again, could not help but feel weak and a little unable to sit down, almost falling directly from their chairs to the floor.

This …… thing was just too absurd and deceitful!

With their life experience and knowledge of the wind and waves, they had never heard or seen anything in their entire lives!

How long has Chen Dong been missing in total?

During his disappearance, Chen Daolin, Hong Hui and the Great Snow Dragon Riders did everything they could to find him.

Without exception, all they could hope for was that Chen Dong was alive!

As the night fell, one by one, the troops withdrew from the Great Snowy Plain, leaving the hope that Chen Dong was alive more and more slim.

But …… who would have thought that things would take a turn for the worse and suddenly change drastically to this extent?

In such a short period of time, Chen Dong not only survived, but also arrived in Xiongnu, and received the supreme glory of Xiongnu, the eighth person in the history of Xiongnu for thousands of years!

Such an astounding change was akin to soaring from the abyss of the nine abysses to the ninth heaven in one go!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes and heard it with their own ears, even at the height where Chen Daoling and Old Lady Chen stood, they would never have believed that this could be true!

“Dong, Dong’er ……”

Chen Daolin propped his hands on the table and slowly stood up, his gaze fluttering at this moment, his face flushed.

Old Mrs. Chen, on the other hand, braced herself to get up with significantly more effort.

Only compared to Chen Daolin’s flushed face, Old Lady Chen’s face was significantly paler.

“House Master …… House Master ……”

On the other end of the phone, Wang Yu heard the ringing sound and shouted worriedly.

“I… I’m fine!”

Chen Daolin hurriedly responded, his heartbeat banging at this moment, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

Surprise, excitement and all sorts of emotions intertwined together, causing Chen Daolin to enter a state where he was almost on the verge of losing his mind.

However, the only sanity he could maintain still made Chen Daoling admonish, “Continue to investigate and make sure to report back at all times!”

He was not stupid, since Chen Dong was still alive and was now enjoying the supreme glory of the Xiongnu for thousands of years, becoming the eighth person of the Xiongnu as an insider of the domain, such glory, it was obvious that Chen Dong was now in a very uncomplicated environment.

Asking the dark guards to bring Chen Dong back immediately was undoubtedly asking the dark guards to die.


Hanging up the phone.

Chen Daolin’s body trembled as the corners of his mouth slowly turned upwards.

The next second.

The next second, the sound of a grand and joyful laugh echoed through the council hall.

How long had it been?

It had been a long, long time since Chen Daolin had laughed so heartily!

Ever since Chen Dong had disappeared from the northern frontier, he had been in a state of anxiety and nervousness.

Being a father, and having twenty years of debt, had allowed him to disregard his own safety and send his last card to the Great Snowy Plain outside the domain to look for Chen Dong.

He had even thought of going far beyond the realm himself to look for Chen Dong!

But he knew better than that, the Chen family nowadays needed him to sit and hold the fort, not just for himself, but also for Chen Dong.

He had to hold on to this mountain!

Guard it until …… Chen Dong personally takes over.

As time went on, a troop of people retreated and Chen Dong was never heard from, which made Chen Daolin’s tough will begin to waver and even tend to collapse.

Now …… is finally keeping the clouds and seeing the moon!

The sound of laughter echoed.

Chen Daolin’s eyes were filled with hot tears, and crystal tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.

The old lady, on the other hand, was as disappointed as if her soul had gone out of her body, sitting on a chair, her face as pale as paper, but she was clenching her cheeks and squeaking.

They were in the same hall, but their reactions were very different!

“Sanniang, did you hear that? Did you hear that?”

Chen Dao Lin laughed heartily, then looked down and wiped his right hand across the corner of his eyes, his eyes blazing as he said with a smile, “Dong’er is alive, not only is he alive, but he has exceeded all our expectations and is alive as a king in Xiongnu!”

“And so?”

Old Lady Chen’s gaze flickered for a moment, and she stared up at Chen Daolin with a shadowy expression.

“That’s why you should congratulate me!”

Chen Daolin was glowing and full of smiles, but the words, however, were dripping with sarcasm: “Oh oh oh, by the way, I also have to thank Sanniang for staying in the Buddha Hall for a long time these days, chanting sutras and praying for my Dong’er, I have to thank Sanniang for this, I have to thank the Buddha.”

Old Mrs. Chen: “……”

In an instant, anger surged on her pale face.

Chen Daoling’s words were like sharp knives, poking into her heart, giving her a sense of anger to gnash her teeth.

The matter of Chen Dong joining the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and going missing was very secretive, but she could still easily find out if she wanted to.

Since Chen Dong’s disappearance, she had indeed entered the Buddhist temple and fasted and saluted Buddha every day, only the thing she had asked for and wished for was for Chen Dong to die without a burial place.

She had never imagined that she would not be able to exterminate that B*****d in such a fierce and desperate situation as the Great Snowy Plain outside the country!


Chen Daolin suddenly slapped his palm on the table, and said in an overbearing, domineering and deep voice: “Sanniang, today we can end this talk between mother and son! My son, Chen Dong, is still alive and has the honour of being here, who among the many heirs of the Chen family can have this honour?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face turned blue and red, but she had a feeling of frustration that was stuck in her throat, unable to escape.

Who could have the Chen Family’s heir?

What a joke!

It was the limit for people from within the domain to survive if they ran outside the domain, who else could have such a strange encounter?

Only that wild B*****d, the remnant of a dead dog, had somehow wrestled his way out!

Faced with Chen Daolin’s overbearing attitude, Old Lady Chen’s eyes twinkled and she suddenly laughed: “Is it an honour to collaborate with the enemy and betray the country? Is it also considered an honour?”

Her words were sharp and pierced straight to the heart.

With one sentence, the smile on Chen Daolin’s face instantly disappeared without a trace.

The words “collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country” were comparable to a great mountain!

This was a very heavy hatchet job!

If he didn’t handle it well, not only would Chen Dong be unable to inherit the Chen family, even his life …… would be lost!


Old Mrs. Chen let out a cold snort, and her gaze abruptly became as harsh as a knife.

Chen Daolin’s face was sullen as the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile, “Third Mother is taking too much trouble, this matter of Dong’er, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry will naturally have a public opinion, there is no need for Third Mother to worry about it! Since Dong’er is alive, it is not up to you to say anything about determining the next head of the family in advance, Sanniang just worship your Buddha and ask for his blessing, when my birthday comes, I will naturally invite Sanniang to sit in the chair, at that time …… you and I will both see who is the winner!”

“Dao Lin, I am your third mother and the only elder of the Chen family nowadays, for the sake of the continuity of the Chen family, I am the one who advised you nicely, why do you have to drag your selfishness and refuse to think about the Chen family?”

Old Mrs. Chen rose indignantly, looking distressed, “The Chen family holds all the wealth in the world, how can a traitor to the enemy be the head of the Chen family?”


“Slanderous words, Sanniang, please be sensible, the matter of Dong’er will be judged by the Great Snow Dragon Riders, not by you, a woman!”

Chen Daoling gave a furious rebuke, his breath majestic.

Old Mrs. Chen clenched her teeth, her expression sullen and her gaze cloudy.

In the end, she said no more and, holding back her raging anger, walked straight outside.

Only she had just reached the door.

Behind her came Chen Daolin’s gloomy voice.

“Sanniang, don’t do things like putting up your bowl to eat and putting down your bowl to curse your mother, you are the one who serves my Chen family’s bowl, eats my Chen family’s rice, and will be in my Chen family’s grave when you grow old.

With a single word, the angry old lady Chen’s footsteps lurched, her jealousy cracked and her body trembled.

However, her gaze flickered for a few moments, but she left directly with her crutches in a gloomy manner, not thundering with rage because of Chen Daolin’s words!

Chapter 1042

Inside the Council Chamber.

The atmosphere was silent.

Chen Daolin’s back was straight and his face was as cold as frost as he watched the direction Old Lady Chen left.

When Old Madam Chen had completely disappeared from sight.

Only then did Chen Daoling froze and said, “Old holy mother B*tch!”

Without stopping, he turned and walked out of the Council Hall.

With a feeling of excitement and surprise in his heart, Chen Daolin returned to his room with giant strides.

When he walked into the inner room, he stood in front of Li Lan’s spirit tablet.

At this moment, Chen Daolin no longer had the domineering attitude he had when facing Old Mrs. Chen, but was replaced by the tenderness of a husband and the relief of a father.

His face was peaceful and his old eyes were filled with tears.

“Lan’er …… thanks to your blessing in heaven for Dong’er.”

Chen Daolin lit a pillar of incense, with tears in his eyes, and inserted it into the incense burner, then slowly knelt down on the futon: “Dong’er has made his mark, isn’t a golden scale a thing of the pond? Once it meets the storm, it becomes a dragon!”

At the same time, the hot tears in his eyes could no longer be restrained and flowed out freely.

“Even in the fierce and desperate situation outside the realm, the world that Dong’s son has created in just a few days has left me as a father in awe.

A long lament echoed through the room.

This kind of sentiment is only clear to those who are truly fathers.


Zhenjiang City.

The wind and snow cried.

The darkness enveloped Zhenjiang City as the extreme night fell.

However, the lights in Zhenjiang City were brighter than usual.

The entire Soldier City was heavily guarded, the alert levels of all the teams were stretched straight to full, and there were even troops sleeping with their armour.

This is the annual practice of Zhenjiang City on the very night!

The Master’s Room.

Huo Zhenxiao was dealing with the affairs of the army, only every now and then his gaze was to raise his eyes in the direction of the doorway, his mind unsettled.

He was waiting!

Waiting for someone!

Waiting for a message!

The 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders had returned without success, and it was a helpless act.

As the God of War in the North, the master of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, his primary task was to crush the North and protect the peace of the domain!

As Chen Dong’s senior brother, no one knew how complicated and torn his heart was when he made the decision to withdraw the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders to Zhenjiang City the moment night fell.

He could hide all his thoughts and still remain calm, cool and decisive in the face of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders.

But when alone, the shadow of Chen Dong could not help but come to mind.

Chen Dong had come to him to seek refuge because of the Bureau of Heavenly Killing.

But instead of killing Chen Dong, the Bureau of Heavenly Killing had come to him, leaving Chen Dong’s life and death uncertain!

“Hoo ……”

Distraught, Huo Zhenxiao exhaled, put down the affairs in his hands, got up and walked towards the campfire, picking up the small pot placed on the campfire.

Inside was warm liquor, heated to a refreshing aroma.

After taking a sip, Huo Zhenxiao felt his tedious mind lighten considerably. With some reluctance, he glanced at the small jug, but he put it back on the fire.

Every year, the very night was the most dangerous and volatile time for Zhenjiang City and the northern frontier.

As the master of an army, he could not afford to indulge and must always be on guard!

“Sovereign ……”

Outside the door, came Bai Qi’s voice.

“Come in.”

Huo Zhenxiao spoke.

Seeing Bai Qi, who was covered in snow, he gave a lonesome light smile, “Still no news?”


Bai Qi nodded, his expression solemn, his eyes full of loss.

“Have some wine to warm you up.”

Huo Zhenxiao sat back down in front of the desk, “It’s been hard on you too, this time.”

Although the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders had withdrawn, both Huo Zhenxiao and Bai Qi were unwilling to do so, so Huo Zhenxiao had specially asked Bai Qi to go out daily to leave the northern frontier and go to nearby villages outside the domain to ask for clues.

A needle in a haystack has to be fished for at least a little.

If there is action, there is still hope.

If you don’t, there is no hope.

Bai Qi’s “unauthorised action” alone would have little impact on the safety of Zhenjiang City and the Northern Territory frontier.

This was the only thing Huo Zhenxiao could do at this point in time.

Bai Qi drank the scalding wine in one gulp, which immediately dispelled the chill from his body.

“You don’t hold a grudge against him at all.”

Huo Zhenxiao joked as he looked at the documents being handed up from below, “Did that boy put you under his spell, that he has such magical powers?”

“Chen Longtou’s potential is indeed far beyond mine, and the capable have always been the ones in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, not to mention that it was indeed me who was wrong in the first place, so how can I have any grudges?”

Bai Qi said bluntly, a calm smile on his face, “To say something that would upset the Sovereign, with Chen Dong’s potential, perhaps someday in the future, he is capable of taking up the position of Sovereign and raising the banner of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for the Sovereign.”

“I also think so.”

Huo Zhenxiao nodded and smiled teasingly, “But ah, this temple of mine is too small to keep him, he has a wider world.”

A wider world?

Bai Qi froze, his eyes filled with confusion.

The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was considered a small temple in front of Chen Dong, so what about a bigger temple?

The Chen Family?

Bai Qi did not feel that the Chen Family was much bigger than the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s temple, and obviously the heaven and earth that Huo Zhenxiao was talking about was not just that.

“It’s just that this true dragon, who now doesn’t know whether it’s alive or dead, is distraught ……”

Huo Zhenxiao did not explain Bai Qi’s doubts, rubbing his temples and saying slowly.

A word that made the atmosphere, which had been slightly relaxed, suddenly become gloomy again.

At that very moment.

Huo Zhenxiao’s mobile phone rang.

Huo Zhenxiao couldn’t help but stagger for a moment, looking at the unfamiliar number displayed on his phone and frowning slightly.

This was his personal contact, and very few people knew about it.

In the military, there were special contact agencies for matters.

Puzzled, Huo Zhenxiao pressed the answer button, not picking it up because he was too tired, but simply pressing the amplification button again.

“Hello, who is it?”

“Zhenxiao, this is Chen Daolin!”

The voice on the phone rang out, causing the eyes of Huo Zhenxiao and Bai Qi to suddenly light up.

The head of the world’s wealth, the man at the helm of the leading wealthy family, was unknown to ordinary people, but the two of them were well aware of it.

Especially since, Chen Daolin was also Chen Dong’s father!

“I’m sorry Chen family head, it’s my …… fault for what happened to Chen Dong.”

Huo Zhenxiao apologised guiltily.

Just before he could finish his words, Chen Daoling interrupted straight away.

“Found it!”


Huo Zhenxiao was horrified, and Bai Qi was even more shaken by the tiger’s body.

“Dong’er …… has found it!”

Over the phone, Chen Daolin’s voice was full of joy.


The sound was like wild thunder, and it exploded with a loud bang.

At this moment, Huo Zhenxiao’s face changed drastically and stood up straight away with a tumble, his hands holding the phone, his eyes filled with blood as he excitedly asked, “Really, it’s really been found?”

He lost his composure!

An unprecedented loss of composure!

But as a bystander, Bai Qi didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with Huo Zhenxiao’s loss of composure!

Even he, himself, was in a frenzy of joy!

“We’ve found it, but it seems that Dong’er had a chance outside the realm, and he’s now the eighth person to have a monument erected in the history of the Huns, the supreme glory!”

Over the phone, Chen Daolin’s voice suddenly lowered.

This sentence alone was like a sharp knife, instantly picking off all the nerves of Huo Zhenxiao and Bai Qi, causing both of them to fall into a dull state of blankness in their minds at the same time.

What is this …… situation?