Winner Takes All Chapter 1039-1040

Chapter 1039

Sound waves rolled and echoed through the King’s Hall.

There was a thud!

Kui Gang’s body lost its balance and fell straight to the ground.

At this moment, his face was pale to the extreme, and his eyes were even more terrified and unfocused.

The confidence and arrogance that once made him the number one warrior of the Huns was stripped away at this moment.

Dishevelled and dejected, it was as if the heavens had tipped over.

And Kui Gang’s fall seemed unimportant in the king’s hall at this moment, no one cared, not even the officials beside Kui Gang thought to help.

The Hun king waved his hand, signalling for his guards to help Kui Gang.

He then turned around and looked with admiration at Chen Dong, who was standing with the snowy lion: “My king’s heavenly dragon son-in-law, why don’t you get on your mount and go and greet the ten thousand glories that belong to you today?”

“Thank you, Father!”

Chen Dong was dressed in military attire and was resplendent.

When he looked at the Snowy Lion, it was as if he knew what he was thinking, and at once, he slowly crouched down on his back.

Chen Dong endured the pain on his back, and with his feet fiercely firing, he leapt up and landed steadily on the Snowy Lion’s back.

Immediately afterwards, the Snowy Lion slowly got up.

In an instant, a domineering majesty that looked down on all beings, augmented by the Snowy Lion, swept out from Chen Dong’s body.

Even the King of Xiongnu couldn’t help but have a brilliant look in his eyes and shouted three good words in a row before he said with emotion, “Such majesty and such aura, worthy of my Xiongnu God of War!”

“Greetings …… Hun War God!”

As the King of Xiongnu’s words left his mouth, the prostrate officials shouted in respect.

The sound echoed with a majestic aura.

At the same time the hundred officials who were full of doubts also suddenly realized that the eighth human statue in the king’s court square was the man on the back of the snowy lion at that moment!

“Let’s go!”

With a command from the King of Xiongnu, all the officials got up at the same time and followed behind the King of Xiongnu and Xixing in an orderly manner, while at the front, it was Chen Dong, riding on the back of the Snowy Lion, who rode in the lead!

The wind and snow howled.

The lights are dim.

Chen Dong, dressed in military attire and riding on top of the Snow Lion, looks solemn, but his gaze is a little wandering.

Behind him, the King of Xiongnu and Xixing, carrying a hundred officials, followed closely.

It stretched out like a long dragon.

The head of the dragon …… was none other than Chen Dong!

The king of the Xiongnu or the hundred officials, all faces are solemn, striding forward, cloaked in snow.

But their eyes were always on Chen Dong at the front.

Today, it was Chen Dong’s day!

The entire Xiongnu 13 Cities also belonged to Chen Dong!

The procession marched on, not too fast, not too slow, not too quiet.

Invisibly, there was a majestic pressure of solemnity and solemnity that crushed everything along the way.

Inside the King’s Hall, as the hundred officials left, only Kui Gang and the two guards beside him remained, and the large King’s Hall became empty and cold all of a sudden.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Kui Gang stared at the vast procession that was moving away, a procession that was the greatest of all the Huns!

Eventually, his gaze fell on the man at the front of the procession, sitting high on the back of the snowy lion.

Resentment, jealousy, anger ……

The overwhelming emotions came raging out of the sky.

At this moment, Kui Gang’s expression was gloomy and cold to the extreme.

Even the two guards beside him had a feeling like a mane piercing his bones and quietly took a step back in fear.

Kui Gang gritted his teeth, his face was as cold as frost, and his eyes were filled with hatred and killing intent.

There was a time when this glorious scene was just a stone’s throw away from him!

But with the appearance of this man from the domain, all the glory had left him.

Fame, status, even the coveted Star of Treasure, all went to that insider.

The change had come in a single moment, just after he had awakened from his coma.

He hated it!

How could he not hate?

Quietly, the hatred and murderous intent in Kui Gang’s eyes slowly narrowed, and the aura on his body was rapidly suppressed.

A few breaths ago, he looked like a fierce beast that was ready to devour people.

A few breaths later, he looked like a profound ocean swirl.

His eyes, too, became incomparably deep and thoughtful.

The square of the royal court.

A sea of people and a clamour that shook the sky.

The crowd of people, which could not be seen as far as the eye could see, was illuminated by bright lights, giving people an extremely shocking and oppressive feeling.

Today is the event of the thirteen cities of the Huns’ court!

It is also the moment when the Huns, who have been storing up their grievances for three days, are desperate for answers!

Countless gazes, like an overwhelming tide, rushed towards the eighth statue of the man covered by a huge red cloth in the square of the royal court.

If it weren’t for the strict army keeping order, people would have been rushing to tear off the red cloth and take a peek!

“Who is it? Who is that eighth figure? And what is that inscription?”

“The Huns are suddenly erecting an eighth human statue.

“How long is it going to take? The erection of a monument is like adding another statue of faith to all of us in Hun, this time, the king is simply being abrupt!”


There were murmurs, whispers, and loud voices.

The noise was so loud and powerful that it seemed to tear the darkness of the night from the vault of heaven.

As a steady stream of Huns converged on the square, the crowded situation was like a tidal wave that kept surging towards the centre of the square.

Such a surge was not a deliberate attempt by anyone to barge straight into the square, but rather a “wave over a wave” as the tide of people pushed and pushed.

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others stood amidst the dense crowd.

With their strength, they were completely able to remain as steady and unmoving as a mountain in the midst of the surging and crowded crowd.

“Chief, this noise is too intimidating.”

Zhang Chao was tall, and at this moment, everywhere he looked, there was a human head, so he could not help but feel a feeling of hair on his back.

“The eighth human statue, is suppressed too much, the crowd is agitated, the people’s grievances are hidden, today’s Xiongnu King City is not only gathering the Xiongnu people from the remaining twelve star cities, there are even people who are a little closer to the thirteen cities, coming here at night and in the stars.”

Wang Yu’s face was sullen, but his gaze was harsh as he pa*sed through the tide of people and locked onto a few directions.

In those directions were the other brothers of the Dark Guard.

After gathering at the South City Gate, in order not to attract too much attention, Wang Yu carefully divided the Dark Guards into several small teams, scattering them around in an angle, so that if there was any change, several teams could quickly converge and respond.

Even he was anxious to be in the midst of a sea of Huns.

They, the domainers, were like lambs in a wolf pack, even if the wolves didn’t pay attention to them.

But …… what if?

“And I wonder who that human statue is, exactly?”

Zhang Chao murmured curiously and leaned closer to Wang Yu, whispering, “If it’s really a person from the domain, I guess the Hun kingdom city is going to explode today, right?”

“Not sure for now, it could also be that drunken strong man bragging, but if it’s really a man from the domain, we’ll have to see how the King of Xiongnu can turn his hand into clouds and turn his hand into rain, otherwise, I guess today won’t be an event of erecting a human statue, but a change of King of Xiongnu!”

Wang Yu said slowly.

Thanks to the information in the tavern, they knew more compared to the ordinary Xiongnu people.

The point of their concern was on the people of the domain!

On this one point, even if it was a billion to one chance, they had to go here to have a look before they could feel at ease.

But if the Huns learn that it is an insider of the domain, the Hun King could retreat from his throne on the spot at the slightest misstep!

Inside and outside the realm, blood feuds run deep.

The stigma was like a great mountain in everyone’s heart, insurmountable.

The King of the Xiongnu, however, wanted to break this mountain of stigma in the hearts of every Xiongnu and forge a personal image of faith in the people of the domain in their hearts.

If not handled carefully, it would be a breach of public anger that even a king would find it hard to resist!

It was also at this point.

Whoops ……

The sound of a thick and long trumpet suddenly rang out from the king’s court square.

The sound reverberated like a big invisible hand, and the moment it sounded, it smoothed out the endless sea of people’s clamour.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth were abruptly silent.

Only the trumpet echoed!

And in the distance, in the direction of the royal palace, a vast procession was heading this way, slowly.

“Finally …… is here!”

Wang Yu’s heart lifted and his eyes lit up at first.

Not only him, but also Zhang Chao and others, and even every Hun present, their hearts lifted at this moment, and they all looked away.

Ten thousand people were watching!

Chapter 1040

The long and mellow sound of the trumpet echoes through heaven and earth.

All voices were silent.

Countless gazes were directed towards the vast procession.



Eagerly awaiting!

The wind is howling.

The snow was flying.

The silver-clad world was, at this moment, a little less cold.

The night was overcast and the bright lights lit up this part of the world like daylight.

“Fire the salute!”

On the square of the royal court.

With a loud shout.

The one hundred and eight salute cannons lined up to the left and right of the square fired at the same time.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of the cannon shot up to the sky, deafening.

At the same time, the atmosphere in the whole square of the royal court was pushed to a higher level.

All the eagerly awaiting Huns were even more tense as the cannon salute echoed.

One hundred and eight cannon salutes, that is the highest ritual of the Huns!

It was the highest honour!

Surely it was worthy of this supreme ceremonial glory, as opposed to the eighth statue of the Huns standing!

As the salute exploded.

The sound of the trumpets once again echoed through the heavens and the earth.

Only the tune has changed, becoming more pa*sionate and inspiring.

This is the national anthem of the Huns, a symbol of the Huns’ courage and bloodshed!

The traditional tune, which originated from the most magnificent period of the Huns’ death a thousand years ago, has been pa*sed down to this day and is engraved into the blood of every Hun.

Followed closely by.

A thunderous roar rang out from the dark sky.

A warplane swept across the sky, whistling past.

The roar of the warplanes echoed above the sky.

The commotion was enormous.

But at this moment, the sea of people in the King’s Court Square paid no attention.

Whether it was the salute, the national anthem, or the warplanes pa*sing overhead, it did not matter to them.

For it was clear to all that the eighth statue stood worthy of such Hun glory and ritual!

What they really cared about …… was the figure in the procession itself!

Just as the countless warplanes were flying across the sky towards the distance, the roar gradually diminished.


A fierce beast roared, rushing through the sky and cracking the sky, echoing through heaven and earth.

This roar, however, caused the sea of people around the King’s Court Square to tremble and shudder at the same time.

It was even more tremendous than the shock that had just occurred in the King’s Court Square!

Fierce beasts?

How could a fierce beast appear at today’s event?

For a while, people were in turmoil and on edge.

But no one averted their gaze for they all heard the roar of the beast coming from the distant procession coming from the direction of the royal palace!

The distance, gradually, drew closer.


In the endless sea of people, a scream shrieked.

“Oh my God! What beast is that? A lion? No, no, a lion can’t be that majestic!”


This shrieking scream, in a sea of silence, was like pouring a ladle of water directly into a frying pan, and it exploded instantly!

“A white lion? Yes, it’s huge, that’s the king of all beasts!”

“My goodness, that white lion, I, I think I know, is, is the Snowy Lion! It’s the Snowy Lion that the King himself led a 10,000-strong team and captured back then!”

“What? My God, the Snowy Lion is the king of beasts! Wait …… look, is there a man sitting on the back of the Snowy Lion?”


Because of the distance, the largest Snowy Lion was naturally the first to be seen by the people.

It was also because of the clear view of the Snowy Lion that it caused the sea of people to boil with clamour!

“Snort ……”

Wang Yu’s eyebrows tightened to the extreme, grimacing as he let out an exhale, “This isn’t the Lion King anymore, it’s the Lion King of Lions, right?”

“Good, how terrifying!”

Zhang Chao on the side also looked scandalized, “D*mn, these tribes outside the domain, they really are more formidable than one another, barbaric and primitive!”

With the eyesight of the dark guards, it was natural for them to be able to see the Snowy Region Lion clearly.

But the huge body of the Snowy Lion, even from a distance, gave people an extremely strong sense of oppression!

As it stepped forward, it was like a small mountain moving, imposing and majestic.

It was not long before Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others were like the people in the sea of people, focusing their attention on the figure on the back of the Snowy Lion.

The Snowy Lion was the king of beast kings!

What about the …… one who could ride on the back of the Snowy Stallion?

Because of the Snowy Male Lion, countless gazes naturally focused on Chen Dong who was riding on its back.

All eyes are on him, and his eyes are burning.

Expectation, curiosity, and more than anything, shock!

Amidst the wind and snow.

The vast procession marched on at a steady pace.

This is an event and a ritual, and not a single moment should be taken lightly.

The sound of the Hun anthem, the trumpets, the salutes and the warplanes sweeping through the air alternate.

At the same time, the atmosphere in the room was brought to a climax.


As the procession approached, it became clearer and clearer.

At last, people could also see the figure sitting on the Snowy Lion.


There was an astonished outcry, and the sound rushed through the sky, crushing everything.

“How could it be? Why is this happening? The Heavenly Wolf is above, the person on the back of the Snowy Domain Lion, for, why is he a man from the domain?”

“Madness madness! What is the king up to? Is he going to make the man from the domain the eighth Gaijin of war, the monument to our Huns?”

“Impossible! This can never be possible! It must be my eyes, it must be my eyes!”


The clamour was like a tidal wave that overwhelmed the sea.

In an instant, the quiet sea of people boiled over.

Shock, resentment, disbelief ……

At the same time.

And what a domainer?!

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and a host of other dark guards were simultaneously startled.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd exhausted their eyesight, trying to see Chen Dong’s face on the Snowy Domain Lion.

At this moment, the clamour that could have been heard from the sky was gone, and the only thing in the eyes of all the guards was the upright figure on the back of the Snowy Lion.

As the distance drew closer, Chen Dong’s face gradually appeared in the sight of Wang Yu and the others.

When the face was completely visible ……


It was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that instantly bombarded all the dark guards.

All the secret guards, in an instant, were directly frozen as if they were wooden chickens, and their minds went blank.

They had been ordered by Chen Daolin to search for Chen Dong, so naturally, they remembered Chen Dong’s face very well!

Only, when the familiar face, appeared on the back of the Snowy Lion, the moral …… was very different!

Shocked dumbfounded for three seconds.

Wang Yu was the first to come back to his senses, and “snapped” a hand directly grabbed Zhang Chao’s arm beside him, with great force, just like a falcon claw strike!


Zhang Chao’s body shook, his features twisted in pain and his body trembled.

Wang Yu, on the other hand, trembled even more!

This moment.

All the dark guards were trembling.


Why is this happening?

This F**king ……

“Zhang Chao, keep an eye on it, report back, I, I’ll go report back!”

Wang Yu’s face was pale and his body was trembling while his voice was trembling and stammering.

“Brother, brother, you, you let go, pain, pain ……”

Zhang Chao at this time is also terrified to the extreme, the ghost knows the impossible scene, actually really like a divine soldier descending from heaven, suddenly appeared in front of.

This D*mned …… novel don’t dare to write like this ah!

Wang Yu directly let go of Zhang Chao, striding towards the sea of people beyond the squeeze.


Chen family.

The council hall.

The lights were a little dim.

Chen Daolin’s face was tired as he sat on the main seat, his fingertips holding a cigarette, his fingers a little yellowed by the smoke.

He was very tired.

He hadn’t slept well since Chen Dong disappeared, and the yellowing of his fingers was also due to too much smoking, which had hardened him.

Just leaning back in his chair at this time, Chen Daolin’s eyes were somewhat cold and stern.

Snap …… snap ……

The sound of footsteps came.

The old lady Chen leaned on her crutches and entered the council hall.

Chen Daolin squinted at Old Mrs. Chen: “Sanniang, are you alone?”

Old Madam Chen smiled warmly, “I invited you to the Hall of Council today for a mother-son talk, so of course I am alone.”

Mother and son talk?

D*mn you!

Chen Daolin laughed in his heart, but he asked as if it was business as usual, “What does Third Mother want to talk to me about?”

Old Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows, “At least I am your mother, there is no one around, why don’t you get up and help me?”

“Sanniang is fasting and chanting Buddha’s blessings, she can’t fall to her death, why do you need my help?” Chen Daolin said coldly.

Old Mrs. Chen: “……”

She sat down on a chair with a gloomy face, and without pausing, she said, “Dao Lin, your birthday is not far away, it’s time to prepare for it!”

“I’m not in the mood, but since Sanniang is concerned about it, then Sanniang can help me prepare.” Chen Daolin closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose in exhaustion.

Old Madam Chen looked at Chen Daolin’s appearance, but she was pleased with herself.

But on the surface, she pretended to sigh: “Sanniang knows that you are worried about Dong’er, his sudden disappearance has made it difficult for you to sleep and eat. Your birthday feast is not just your birthday feast, it is the Chen family feast! It is also the time to establish the next head of the family, and all the great houses of the world are watching!”

Old foxes!

Chen Daolin cursed in his heart, but said, “How can I care about this when Dong’er is not returning?”

“But the choice of the next head of the Chen family is above all else, and I think you need to establish it now!”

Old Lady Chen’s brow was knitted, her expression sulking, “Dao Lin, the head of the Chen family is chosen from among a group of successors, and has never been handpicked by the head of the family! Dong’er is one of the heirs, not the only one. If you do this, the entire Chen family will not be convinced and the world will not be at peace!”

“Does Third Mother think that my son has no chance?”

Chen Daolin suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were as harsh as lightning as he forced them straight at Old Mrs. Chen.

Old Mrs. Chen’s body stiffened and chills surged down her back, but she instantly calmed down: “Amitabha Buddha, my Buddha is merciful, I naturally hope Chen Dong has a chance, but …… what do you think? Because of the heaven-killing bureau into the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, disappeared for no reason, the bones of the corpse to hide, you still want to deceive yourself and others?”

“You ……”

Chen Daolin’s face turned red and he was about to retort.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

After glancing at it, it was a phone call from a dark guard.

Chen Daolin hurriedly picked it up.

As soon as he picked up, the voice on the other end of the line sounded like a sudden explosion of heavenly music.

“Clan Master! The young master has been found!”


Chen Daolin’s body shook, and all his fatigue and anger towards Old Madam Chen was swept away in this instant, replaced by astonishing joy and unbearable excitement!

This scene, when it fell into Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes, was one of panic and dismay.

“Dao Lin, what’s wrong with you?”

Chen Daoling’s eyes flashed with essence, and he directly turned on the amplification button, saying, “Say, how is the young master?”

“Found it!”

Wang Yu’s voice rang out over the phone.


Old Mrs. Chen’s frail and hunched body shook violently, and in an instant, she was frozen like a wooden chicken, her mind blank.

She had found it?

D*mn it!

Buddha you D*mn …… why did you find that beastly B*****d?

The incense that the old body has offered to you, have the dogs eaten it?


Just when Chen Daoling was ecstatic and Old Lady Chen was angry.

On the phone, Wang Yu’s words were the ones that instantly confused the two.

“Young Lord …… Young Lord …… he was monumentally erected in Huns and worshipped by the Hun faith! This is the supreme glory in Xiongnu! Thousands of years of Xiongnu history, seven personal