Winner Takes All Chapter 1037-1038

Chapter 1037

The king has arrived!”

Outside the door, a boisterous voice rang out.

The corners of Xixing’s mouth curled into a charming smile as she drifted away from Chen Dong’s arms.

Chen Dong felt an empty space in his arms, and was instantly a little disappointed.

But as soon as this feeling appeared, a silhouette with only a vague outline suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was the same clinging shadow that had appeared when he first entered the chamber of the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies and recalled it in severe pain.


The moment this sinister figure surfaced in his mind, the feeling of despair became even stronger, and even caused his heart to palpitate.

Only, Chen Dong’s gaze became confused.

He was clear that both before and after were despondent, but the feeling he was given was clearly two feelings.

“Who exactly is this silhouette ……?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

At this time.

The door to the room was pushed open.

The Hun King, dressed in a king’s robe, walked into the room with big strides, with a dignified and red face.

Behind him, a kind of slave servant was also followed.

When he saw Chen Dong, who was dazed, even the King of Xiongnu could not help but feel a sense of light before his eyes.

“Greetings, Father!”

Xixing hurriedly pulled Chen Dong to bend down and bow to the Hun King.

“Good, good, good!”

The Hun King’s eyes twinkled and he could not help but look at Chen Dong twice more as he said to Xixing with relief, “O Demon Lady, Father really admires your good eyesight!”

“Father ……”

Xixing instantly reacted, her beautiful eyes raised and snapped at the Hun King, “What is Father talking nonsense about?”

The first sentence was shame and annoyance, this second sentence was a reminder.

The man in front of her was the man of her dreams and the sword of the Hundred Clans’ army to the south.

She had gone out of her way to fabricate the memories of the man with amnesia in front of her, in order to keep a firm grip on this man, and also to completely eliminate all hidden dangers in the future when this man’s memory returned during this time.

The King of Huns’ anger had already made her fabricated memories flawed, and if there were more flaws, the man in front of her was bound to notice.

One had lost one’s memory, not one’s wisdom!

The Hun king’s gaze flashed and he instantly snapped back to his senses, smiling in mock embarra*sment.

He then looked Chen Dong up and down, took a step forward, raised his hand and landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder, and said in a serious tone, “Greedy Wolf, this King and the Demon Mother have not misjudged you, prepare yourself, today will be the moment when you will enjoy the attention of all the people of Xiongnu, and the moment when you will be recorded in the history of Xiongnu. The glory of the Xiongnu will be yours!”

The words were resounding and bold.

Even the King of the Xiongnu was a little agitated when he said these words, and it was difficult to remain calm.

A monument, the first warrior of the Xiongnu, the General of the South!

Three glories, any one of which was enough to crown the Xiongnu, supreme.

Now, for the first time in the history of the Xiongnu, they were bestowed on one man.

Although it was the eighth statue, even the other seven had never received such a triple crown of supreme glory!

“Many thanks to King ……”

Chen Dong looked solemn and thanked him at once.

But the words were not finished.

The Hun King’s expression was one of choking.

Xixing hurriedly pinched a hand on Chen Dong’s tender flesh at his waist and raised an eyebrow, “Still calling the king na?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly in pain and he was busy changing his mouth, “Many thanks, Father.”

“Hahahaha ……”

The Hun King looked relieved and laughed heartily.

Then, he said, “First, follow me to the King’s Palace to meet with all the officials, then ride the Snowy Lion to the King’s Court Square, where you will witness your statue and show all the people that today the whole Xiongnu City is yours, and after the ceremony, the King will order the army, led by you, to ride the Snowy Lion around the city, so that the people of Xiongnu can have a good look at the majesty of our Great General’s majestic and heroic posture!”

Chen Dong’s footsteps stopped and he looked at the Hun King in shock: “Father …… is asking me to ride the Snowy Lion? See the people?”

“The Snowy Lion has already returned its heart to your beast king, if you ride it, it will not resist.” The Hun king explained.

Chen Dong shook his head, “I am not talking about that, I have gone to see the Snowy Lion in the past few days while recuperating from my injuries, it bows down to me very obediently, I am not worried about it resisting, but I am worried that it will attack the people when it gets on the street.”

“With you, it won’t.”

The Hun king smiled, then he took Chen Dong by one hand and Xixing by the other in a big stride towards the outside, “Go go go, first let the hundred officials meet the king’s dragon son-in-law, and also let them meet the match made in heaven between the king’s son-in-law and the demon lady!”

“Father ……” Xixing lowered her head shyly, her gelatinous white jade face flushed with red.

Chen Dong was also a little shy, but much better than Xixing, and after walking two steps, he turned back and called on Barbara to join him.

Barbara, who had been ignored, heard Chen Dong’s shout and instantly a look of surprise appeared on her little pink face as she hurriedly followed Chen Dong.

The Hun King gave Barbara a look and did not say much.

In the king’s hall.

All the officials were already present and waiting respectfully.

Not only the hundred officials, but even Kui Gang, who had just awakened, was also present in a wheelchair.

However, in contrast to the respectful and reverent officials, Kui Gang’s face was covered with depression and his eyes were cloudy.

He had never imagined that a battle with that man from the domain would directly knock off his title as the number one warrior of the Huns!

In the past, when did he not stand first in the king’s hall?

Now, he had been reduced to the former number one warrior of the Xiongnu, and his status had been reduced to a position in the middle of the hundred officials.

Such a disparity made Kui Gang feel indignant.

What’s more, he had no idea what had happened during the time he was unconscious.

“If I had known this, why did I have to compete with that domain scum that day? I hate it ……”

The shade in Kui Gang’s eyes tumbled, but his hands on the armrests of his wheelchair were clenched into fists, the bruises on the backs of his hands protruding.

The glory that used to surround his body, but after he fainted in the battle and woke up again, all of it faded away.

Such a drastic change would have been too much for any other man to bear!

“Your Majesty has arrived!”

Outside the hall, a clamour erupted.

“Greet the King!”

In an instant, all the officials shouted in unison and knelt down respectfully at the same time.

At this moment, Kui Gang, sitting in a wheelchair, was the only one who stood out above the crowd.

Kui Gang did not kneel, he frowned, his gaze deep in thought as he looked out of the hall.

When he saw the King of Xiongnu, red-faced, walking into the palace with Xixing in one hand and Chen Dong in the other, there was a loud bang in Kui Gang’s head and his whole body was in a state of panic and anger.

His chest was churning with anger.

His body was trembling with anger.

His eyes were fixed on Chen Dong, King Xiong Nu and Xixing.

Once upon a time, this scene before him had been what he had been hoping for!

Now, it was finally happening in front of his eyes, but the hero was not him.

Cynicism, anger, resentment ……

All sorts of emotions came rushing in like a tidal wave.


Kui Gang’s anger was uncontrollable and his right hand suddenly lashed out, breaking the armrest of the wheelchair straight away.

This sound was no less than a bomb explosion in the king’s hall at this moment.

All of a sudden, horrified eyes looked at Kui Gang.

Even the Hun King, Chen Dong and Xixing, who had walked into the King’s Hall, stopped in their tracks at the same time and looked at Kui Gang.

“Kui Gang!”

Hearing the Hun King’s shout, Kui Gang’s heart instantly jumped wildly and he secretly shouted that it was not good.

However, he did not wait for Kui Gang to speak.

The King of Xiongnu said slowly, “I know that you have grievances, firstly, you are angry that your title of the first warrior of Xiongnu has been taken away from you! Secondly, you resent the King’s change of attitude towards you and Greedy Wolf, and thirdly, you resent the fact that you fought hard but could not achieve anything!”

The first two sentences were spoken in a straightforward and frank manner, without any concealment.

As the King of Xiongnu, he did not need to conceal himself.

But the third complaint is veiled, with deeper meaning inside, because …… it’s about cherishing the stars!

“Your Majesty ……”

Kui Gang’s face tangled, blue and red change to look at the Hun king.

“But it doesn’t matter, this king doesn’t relent to your anger!”

The Hun King smiled slightly, his eyes exploded with essence and he said resoundingly and firmly, “This king will tell you the reason for all this right away!”


Kui Gang froze.

The next second.


A lion’s roar exploded from outside, straight through the king’s hall, deafening.

Chapter 1038

The roar of the beast shook the king’s palace, and all the officials trembled.

In an instant.

All eyes looked beyond the royal palace in horror.

Outside the royal palace, the wind and snow cried out.

The bright lights shone as brightly as day outside.

However, because the King’s Hall was on high ground with steps below, the source of the beast’s roar was not visible when the sight was cast out.

Kui Gang’s brows knitted together.

As the beast’s roar exploded, his pupils tightened to the point where even his eyes trembled.

This beast roar …… was not new to him!

Even, he could already clearly feel it, the strong sense of death crisis.

He was a martial artist, the number one warrior of the Xiongnu in the past, and in terms of perception, he was definitely far stronger than the hundred officials present.

“Run, run, run out?”

At this moment, Kui Gang’s lips trembled, full of fear, followed by a sudden roar, “Escort, escort!”

The sudden burst of roar.

The hundred officials, who were already trembling and terrified, were even more panicked and confused.

Only a few high ranking officials and loyal ministers who knew the truth were calm and collected.

However, the guards outside the King’s Hall swarmed around the entrance of the King’s Hall at this moment.





Almost simultaneously, a heavy, slow footstep sound was transmitted into the king’s hall.

It was as if it was the node of a beating drum, ruthlessly pounding on everyone’s heart.

With the sound of a low, ragged gasp, the atmosphere in the king’s hall seemed to freeze.

Kui Gang, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was even paler at this point, terrified and panicked to the extreme.

“Why did it come out? The protection of the beast fighting cage can’t possibly let it out!”

Kui Gang’s body was trembling, no, even his soul was trembling at this moment.

No one knew better than him what the presence on the outside really meant!

And no one felt it more clearly than he did!

As the sound of footsteps and gasps approached, the oppression that lingered in the king’s hall grew stronger and stronger.

It was as if a large invisible hand was silently and deadly strangling everyone’s throat.

Outside the King’s Hall.

The guards looked solemn, but their bodies were trembling faintly.

“All disperse!”

The Hun King looked calm and gave a stern shout.

The guards outside the king’s hall were instantly startled.


Following closely, Xixing said calmly, with a serene smile at the corner of her mouth, but walked around the Hun King and took Chen Dong’s hand, while also taking Barbara’s hand, saying with a happy face, “This was all arranged by Father!”

At the entrance of the king’s hall, the guards no longer hesitated and quickly dispersed.


Just as the guards were dispersing towards the left and right.

Bang Teen!

At the lower steps, there was a sudden explosion.

The wind and snow rolled backwards and hit the sky.

Amidst a chorus of shouts and screams, a huge figure, covered in snow and white, leapt into the sky and appeared in full view of everyone.

At this moment.

The hundred officials in the king’s hall were all terrified, some even trembled and were weak!

“Beast, beast …… beast king! It’s the Snowy Lion!”

“What’s going on? How could such a fierce beast of a different species suddenly run out of the beast fighting cage?”

“Escort, quickly escort!”


The quiet and stagnant King’s Hall exploded into a frenzy.

As the Snowy Lion leapt into the eyes of the crowd.

Kui Gang, who was sitting in a wheelchair, even went limp and his entire body fell into a kind of great terrifying daze.

Only Chen Dong, Barbarian, Xixing, King Xiong and a few other high ranking loyalists who were in the know were still able to remain calm and composed, their expressions unchanged.

Bang Teen!

The Snowy Lion landed heavily on the ground, but his right front paw was slightly raised, not bearing the force of the landing.

In the battle in the cage, Chen Dong had broken the Snowy Lion’s right front paw with his last blow, and also shattered the Snowy Lion’s untamed majesty, and beaten the …… Beast King back to his heart!


After landing on the ground, the Snowy Male Lion fiercely raised its head and gave a long roar to the sky.

Its white fur trembled all over its body, and its mighty wind, the majesty of the beast king, was on display!

It was as if the wind and snow above its head were also rolling backwards into the sky with this long roar.

“Guard! Protect him! Quickly protect him!”

As if he had gone mad, Kui Gang struggled violently in his wheelchair at this moment, hissing and shouting.

But the guards outside the king’s hall had already shivered and frozen in place under the beast king’s oppression of the Snowy Lion.

Regardless of the ferocious beast pressure, the huge size of the Snowy Lion alone made people feel as small as ants.

The four feet were on the ground, more than two metres tall.

Words seem pale to describe such a size, but when you really have a physical reference and form a contrast, it’s a frightening fear!

And yet.

“Uncle ……”

Just as Kui Gang was shocked and lost his temper on the spot, Barbara was slowly raising her head, “Don’t you want Dabai to behave?”


Chen Dong and Xixing looked at Barbarian at the same time, and then smiled.

Chen Dong shook his head and stroked Barbara’s head, then it was time to hand Barbara over to Xixing and slowly walk towards the Snowy Lion in full view of everyone.

Had he gone mad?

What the hell was the horse’s son-in-law up to?

This scene filled the terrified and frightened officials present with astonishment.

When they had been summoned to the King’s Hall, they had actually been informed that they were to pay their respects to the prince in harness, and although they were shocked, they were able to bear it.

But the appearance of the Snow Lion was more than the hundred officials could bear.

And now, the prince-in-law, who had been dragged in by the king, walked straight towards the Snowy Lion, making everyone’s scalps tingle even more.

“Don’t go, you’ll die, you’ll definitely die!”

Kui Gang’s eyes were bulging out as he hissed loudly.

Only as soon as the words left his mouth, his face steeply clouded over and his eyes narrowed into slits, but he no longer spoke, instead the corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

“Go on, go on! Unknowing domain scum, do you really think that if you can beat me, you can ignore the Snow Domain Lion? You will definitely be bitten to death by the Snowy Domain Lion, and with your death, maybe the title of the number one warrior of the Huns can return to me!”

This was the thought in Kui Gang’s mind.

But the thought had just started.

But Kui Gang’s body froze violently, and the shade and indifference on his face was rapidly changing towards shock and fear.

“No, it can’t be, for, why is this happening?”

Unbelievable murmurs came out of Kui Gang’s mouth.

This moment.

The boisterous king’s hall also fell dead silent.

The officials all looked like Kui Gang, shocked, scared and disbelieving!

In full view of everyone, Chen Dong slowly walked up to the Snowy Lion.

From the beginning to the end, the Snowy Lion did not show the slightest sign of overreaction, only gazing with his lion eyes.

When Chen Dong stood in front of the Snowy Male Lion, he only gently raised his right hand.

Immediately …… the powerful, fierce and violent Snow Lion instantly became meek and respectful, slowly leaning down, lowering its head and taking the initiative to meet Chen Dong’s right hand, even “pampering” Chen Dong’s right hand and gently rubbing it against it.


This scene was like a bolt from the blue, instantly sending a thunderstorm through everyone.

As this scene took place, Xixing couldn’t help but lift her chest, as if this man’s action had made her proud.

Barbara, on the other hand, looked up, looked at Xixing and said, “Auntie, Dabai is so good.”


The Hun King slowly turned around and his gaze fell on the terrified and appalled Kui Gang.

“Kui Gang! The opportunity I gave you, and long before Greedy Wolf, you would have been buried under the lion’s mouth if I hadn’t saved you back then! And now …… Greedy Wolf was able to bring the Snowy Lion Beast King to his heart in one battle!”

After a pause, the Hun King’s gaze was as harsh as a sword: “This alone, what is there to complain about your three grievances? The difference between you and him is a grain of rice and a white moon!”

Kui Gang was dumbfounded, the Hun King’s words were like a sharp knife, cutting him fiercely on the heart.

His words were like a sharp knife cutting into his heart, making him ashamed and angry at the same time, but he was speechless and unable to refute them.

After a few seconds of contemplation, Kui Gang slowly asked, “So, what is the King’s purpose for this play today?”

The Hun King looked invigorated, his eyes shining as he waved his big hand.

“Naturally, it is to make the whole Xiongnu, to make all the Xiongnu people, look up to my Xiongnu War God!”

His voice was like a thunderclap, and it resounded in the king’s hall.

The King of Xiongnu’s back was straightened and his majesty was overwhelming, and the King’s majesty swept across the room and overwhelmed all the officials at this moment.

“This king also wants you, together with Greedy Wolf, to carry out this glorious event today. Next, these thirteen cities of the king’s court do not belong to this king, they all belong to Greedy Wolf, to this heavenly dragon son-in-law of this king!”

“The King will join you and all the people in admiring Covetous Wolf’s three crowns of glory, today’s event was started by him, and the future Huns will …… be raised by him!”


Inside the king’s hall, all the officials bowed their heads at the same time.

“Obey, the king’s order!”

The voice echoed and exploded in the king’s hall.