Winner Takes All Chapter 1035-1036

Chapter 1035

For three days.

Chen Dong spent all of them in his palace, eating and drinking, changing medicine and dressing, all of which were done by Xixing herself.

This also moved Chen Dong immensely.

In just three days, the strangeness he felt towards Xixing after his amnesia dissipated rapidly because of the care he received in these three days, and his feelings for Xixing warmed up rapidly.

Apart from Xixing, Barbara also came to watch over Chen Dong every day.

To little Barbara, Chen Dong was the only person in her world now.

Compared to the calm and warmth inside the royal palace.

Outside the palace, in the royal city, there was already a thunderclap and a clamour of opinion.

Not far from the palace, there was a square.

The square is immensely wide and majestic.

In the centre of the square stood seven tall statues of men, and in front of each of them stood a stone tablet.

In the eyes of the Huns, this square was no less symbolic and majestic than the King’s Palace!

For everyone in the Thirteen Cities knew that the seven tall statues standing in the square were all people who had made great contributions to the Huns over thousands of years of their history!

Either they were like the first Xiongnu kings who started the Xiongnu nation!

Or the one who, in the course of his history, drove the Huns across the snowy plains!

Or the one who fought for the Xiongnu and swept away the barbarians, or the one who saved the Xiongnu from destruction and turned the tide.

To be standing here in this square for the Huns to worship is an honour so great that it would scare the nation!

But just the other day.

But just a few days ago, work on the square began in full swing.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that an eighth statue was to be erected alongside the seven!

All of a sudden, the city was abuzz with talk.

It was as if a nuclear bomb had been thrown into the Xiongnu city.

In the past few days, the whole Xiongnu city exploded into a frenzy, the streets and alleys were full of talk about the matter, from the elderly in their twilight years down to three-year-old children.

On the other hand, no one was sure what the statue was for and for whom it was erected, given the importance of the event.

Once erected, the statue was to be worshipped by all the Huns and could be a religion!

Public opinion was fermenting like a violent storm.

The whole of the Huns was at stake, and this was something the Hun king could not have hidden even if he had tried to suppress it.

It was not long before work began.

The news reached the Twelve Star Cities from the King’s City.

Like the King’s City, the twelve star cities were all in an uproar.

Why was the eighth statue erected?

And for whom was it erected?

The people of the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court were all focused on these two questions.

The erection of a statue of the human body was a major event for the whole of the Huns, and it was impossible for nothing to have been done beforehand.

Each of the seven statues that have been erected throughout history has been a shock to the nation, to the whole country.

This time, however, it was calm and quiet, as if a meteorite from beyond the sky had suddenly smashed into the thirteen Hun cities.

As the Xiongnu caravans left the Thirteen Cities, the news swept across the wider Xiongnu territory and spread to the villages and tribes scattered across the Xiongnu territory.

Three days of fermenting momentum had already led to a national outcry!

Some uninformed officials even began to advise the King of the Xiongnu directly.

But the King was determined and simply stonewalled and silenced the officials.

This move made the people and uninformed officials in the 13 cities of the King’s Court talk in fear.

Such a big change of heart.

It also drew the attention of the secret guards scattered throughout the twelve star cities.

Inside the inn.

Wang Yu and the others were gathered together.

“This thing feels big!”

Zhang Chao rubbed the bridge of his swollen nose, “That man from the domain, I don’t think it’s our young master, is it?”

He was the one who went to the tavern with Wang Yu that day, and both he and Wang Yu heard the drunken strong man’s bragging at the time.

Zhang Chao put down his hand, rubbed a handful of face and said, “This has made the King of Xiongnu stand directly on the statue of his person, which has caused the whole country of Xiongnu to be in an uproar, the young master has been missing for a long time to say the least, but there is no way he can have such an honour, right?”

“Chief, I’ve heard some of the Huns talking about it. Those who can have their statues erected in the King’s Square are all people who have made great contributions to the Huns in their history, and the erection of the statues is a sign of faith and remembrance of these people and their amazing contribution to the prosperity of the Huns!”

Another man said slowly, “Even if our young master had reached the thirteen cities of the Huns’ royal court, his face alone as a man from the domain would not have been able to have this supreme honour.”

Feeling the questioning gazes of his companions.

Wang Yu slowly exhaled a breath and said in a deep voice, “And what if it is?”

The crowd all froze.

Zhang Chao rubbed his nose and laughed strangely, “Then this is too funny, we have to find the young master quickly, if we don’t find him, in case he becomes the hero of the monument erected by the Huns, this is a big deal ……”

Hearing that.

The gloomy atmosphere that had been silent for several days seemed to have dispersed a bit.

Everyone, including Wang Yu, laughed.

“To be honest, I don’t believe it either.”

Wang Yu shrugged, “After all, even if the young lord were alive, it would be impossible for him to have such prestige in Xiongnu, unless he had married a Xiongnu princess and made his old husband, the King of Xiongnu, kneel to him, even if the young lord was a true dragon of the Nine Heavens, this shouldn’t happen, right?”

Zhang Chao and the others nodded their heads.

Zhang Chao even chimed in, “It’s not enough to just marry the princess and make the Hun king kneel down, if it’s really the young master, at least the young master has to do something amazing to save the Huns from the embarra*sing situation in the Great Snowy Plains today.”

Wang Yu nodded: “So cluck, indeed impossible, but since we agreed to go into the king’s city, it is always necessary to go in, into all in, might as well go and see, although we all think it is impossible, but not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, in case ……”

At the end of the sentence, Wang Yu’s words came to an abrupt end and did not continue.

Because even he himself found it funny.

It was so absurd that it couldn’t possibly happen!

Rubbing his face, Wang Yu said, “Go in first and take a look, it’s always necessary to go into the King’s City to look for the young master.”

“As ordered!”

Zhang Chao and the others all nodded their heads.

Following closely, Zhang Chao said, “But now that the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court are in such an uproar, the Huns are in an uproar, which is a good thing for us. I heard that the King’s City will be loosened tomorrow, so it will be easier for us to blend in.”

“Find a way to inform our brothers in the other eleven star cities and tell them that they will all enter through the south gate of the King’s City early tomorrow morning, so that we can gather after entering the city.”

Wang Yu quickly ordered, “This time it is also a coincidence that the Huns’ national outcry coincides with our expected time, which is also convenient for us to act. ”

Chapter 1036

Three days of fermenting public opinion swept through the thirteen cities of the King’s Court like a violent storm.

The unwarranted erection of a monument to the King of the Huns was an act of rebellion against the ancestral system!

It was a desecration of the faith of the Huns.

As the storm of public opinion grew, the people of the Thirteen Cities were discontented, and the uninformed officials, motivated by this popular discontent, were more and more vocal in their criticism of the King.

But under the King’s determination, all the advices were forcefully suppressed.

In the blink of an eye.

It was the fourth day.

The night was dark.

Today’s snow and wind seem to be a little more violent than usual.

But it did not affect the people of Twelve Star City at all, who flocked into the King’s City.

The public opinion had been building up and fermenting for three days, and now it was finally time for the people to know the truth.

During these three days, there was no shortage of people trying to find out the true nature of the eighth statue of the man standing in the King’s Square through their contacts.

However, under the strong suppression of the Hun King, the statue’s face was never revealed during the entire period from the start of construction to its rapid completion.

Even the construction workers and the guards in the King’s Square were personally silenced by the King!

This led to the fact that the whole incident of the erection of the monument remained unknown to those who did not know during these three days!

Under the night.

The thirteen cities of the Hun king’s court were lit up, illuminating the thirteen cities like daylight.

Three days of fermentation, and now that the people were flocking into the King’s City, there was an extra kind of pageant prosperity.

The southern entrance to the King’s City.

Wang Yu and Zhang Chao and the others poured inside the King’s City with the tide of people.

Originally a few people were a little apprehensive, but their hearts were set at ease when they saw that there were no shortage of unfamiliar faces from the domain among the crowds.

For the sake of this great undertaking, the Hun kingdom had really loosened its protection to a great extent.

Soon, a few people entered the southern city gate.

The crowds spread out along the streets and the area was not so crowded.

Zhang Chao stretched and joked, “I thought there would be at least a proper screening, but I didn’t expect to just follow the tide of people in.”

“Public opinion has fermented so much that the Hun people have been impatient for a long time.”

Wang Yu’s face was sullen as he said calmly, “The law is not to blame, this is a matter of great importance to the whole Huns, it is like erecting a statue of faith again directly in the hearts of the Huns, even if they are not from the domain, this secret gesture by the Hun king is enough to send the people into a state of agitation.”

Rubbing his hands together, he smiled teasingly, “After all, we can’t just have people suddenly put up an old ancestor in their own ancestral shrine for worship, can we?”

Zhang Chao and the others glanced at each other, revealing smiles.

After looking around at the surging tide of people, Wang Yu calmly said, “Let’s find a place to wait first, and then make arrangements when all the brothers have gathered here.”

They quickly found a relatively quiet and inconspicuous place at the south entrance, leaned against the wall and waited quietly.

It didn’t take long for familiar faces to appear in the crowded crowd at the city gate.


Inside the royal palace.

Shying’s palace bedchamber.

A strange fragrance.

It was warm.

Chen Dong stood in front of the huge dressing mirror, his face a little pale, but his energy had returned.

Xixing was beside him, dressing Chen Dong with his servants.

Barbara stood by the side, looking at Chen Dong with little stars in her eyes, exclaiming, “Uncle is really handsome!”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up into a smile as he looked at himself in the huge dressing mirror, and could not help but be a little lost in thought.

This was perhaps the first time he had really looked at himself squarely since he had lost his memory!

In the mirror, Chen Dong’s face was as sharp as a knife, his gaze was like a torch, and his face had a resolute look that just didn’t match his age.

His somewhat long black hair had been combed by Xie Xing and stood up behind his head.

With his upright posture and the Hun military uniform that Xie Xing had personally put on him, Chen Dong was now a heroic and majestic man.

Even when she was dressing Chen Dong, she peeped at him in the mirror from time to time.

She was only attracted to the strength and future potential of the man in front of her, a fact she did not shy away from.

Now, on closer examination, she found that this man’s appearance and stature still gave her a feeling of heart-thumping.

In a trance, Xixing’s heart beat faster and faster, and her eyes swept to the mirror with increasing fascination, and even the roots of her ears gradually climbed into a blush.

“Auntie, why are you blushing?”

A curious voice rang out.

Xixing, who had just finished tying Chen Dong’s belt and was preparing to do the final finishing touches for him, suddenly heard these words and was instantly alarmed.

“Ah? What? No, no!”

Xixing looked a little flustered and hastily denied it!

However, such a panicked denial was obviously unconvincing.

Chen Dong slowly turned around, looked down at the panicked Xixing in front of him, and smiled slightly.

This smile, when it fell into Xixing’s eyes, made her even more distracted and her heart felt like a deer in the headlights.

“Uncle, you saw it, auntie did blush.”

Barbara blinked her big eyes and looked at Chen Dong seriously.

As young as she was, she knew many things beyond her peers, but she was still a child after all, humane and lacking in many things.

“Ah Barbara ……”

Shy Xing’s delicate body trembled and hurriedly leapt to Barbara’s body, raised her hand to cover Barbara’s mouth, and raised her right hand to gently scrape the bridge of Barbara’s nose, scolding, “At such a young age, you know how to talk nonsense, aunty is angry.”

Barbara’s big, clear eyes showed a look of fear and she shook her head.

Chen Dong, who was at the side, looked at Xixing’s action of gently scraping the bridge of Barbara’s nose, and could not help but let the smile on his face disappear, falling into a state of disorientation.

That strong sense of familiarity swept over him once again.

But …… who exactly was it?

Turning back to see Chen Dong dazed, Xixing instantly reacted, busy smiling sweetly and said, “Alright, don’t go thinking about it, you’ll have another headache later, remember, today is your crowning moment, you mustn’t have the slightest flaw in it!”

“I know.”

Chen Dong nodded, the doubts in his eyes disappeared.

Subconsciously, however, his hands were clenched into fists for a moment before slowly releasing them.

Xixing slowly walked in front of Chen Dong, lifting her oniony fingers, while fixing the last of Chen Dong’s clothes, she tilted her head, her stunning face revealing a flirtatious look, her eyes that were like the starry sky, rippling at this moment.

Such a look made Chen Dong lose his mind for a while.

“An unprecedented triple crown in the history of the Huns, this supreme glory can only be possessed by the man of my Shying Star!”

The soft voice spoke as if it possessed the magic power to penetrate the heart.

Hearing it made Chen Dong’s ears go soft.

“The first warrior of the Great Xiongnu, the Great General of the Great Xiongnu, the eighth monument erector in the history of Xiongnu, these are the greatest gifts of my father to you and me, today the whole Xiongnu will look up to your glory, all will know you, the great hero who will lead them back to the prosperity of Xiongnu in the past!”

With that, Xixing stood on tiptoe, her red lips seemingly dripping with blood, and slowly approached Chen Dong’s ear.

Exhaling like an orchid, gently hot breath swept Chen Dong’s ears, causing his ears to quickly flush red.

A soft, intimate voice followed, quietly echoing in Chen Dong’s ears: “Can you grant me one wish? Tonight, can you belong to me alone?”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment, and then he answered, “Yes.”