Winner Takes All Chapter 1033-1034

Chapter 1033

Three days later.

In the streets of one of the thirteen cities of the King’s Court of Xiongnu, one of the star cities.

The lights were all around, and the descent of the night did not reduce the flow of people in the streets, which were illuminated by the lights as they had been in the past.

A few young people were strolling along the streets in the wind and snow, and people around them were occasionally casting astonished glances at them.

After all, the appearance of a few young people from the domain was too conspicuous in a street full of barbarians, as if they were cranes.

These people were clearly one of the squads of the Dark Guards.

It was a good thing that although there was a great deal of enmity between the domain and the outside, there was private commerce between the civilians.

Relying on the Chen family’s wings and using the cover of the merchant caravan, it was easy for them to infiltrate the Xiongnu Star City.

“Chief, we are lost in the great snowy plain and have been delayed for so long, I am afraid ……”

One of them whispered.

The man who was walking in the forefront, clearly half a length beyond the rest of the group, his brows knitted and his expression went cold.

Originally, according to the plan, it was only a day and a night of furious running in the wind and snow before the team could enter the thirteen cities of the Huns’ royal court.

But as night fell, sight was lost, and in this snowy and windy plain, even relying on instruments, it was easy to lose one’s way.

Only the Yishu, who had lived on the snowfields for years, could rely on the experience they had accumulated over the years to be able to navigate beyond the instruments, and to be able to find their way through the darkness of the night and the howling winds and snow.

Although the guards are well trained, they still have a hard time entering the snowfields to carry out their mission.

This led to them gradually losing their way before they had even crossed the western side of the Qilian Mountains. Although they eventually made it to the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu, too much time was wasted in the middle of discerning the direction and finding the path.

Sensing the change in the man’s expression, the man who had spoken was silenced and swallowed his words again.

The man said with a cold expression, “There is nothing to be afraid of! Since the master of the family can even put his own life at risk, and we have already entered the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu, then we will do whatever we can to find out the young master’s whereabouts, to see him alive and to see him dead.

The voice was cold and stern, and the words were resounding.

The expressions of several people around them rose solemnly, and they no longer looked hesitant as they nodded their heads.

Their lives were indeed given to them by the family head!

They were indeed relying on the family head for their future!

If it were not for Chen Daolin, they might have been buried in the yellow earth and decayed into a pile of dry bones.

Because of the special nature of the Secret Guards, it was impossible for Chen Daolin to form this team through the Chen family’s channels.

And every one of them, when they were recruited by Chen Daolin back then, were saved from the death table of various mercenary battlefields!

Although they were not as strong as Kunlun, everyone in the Dark Guards had at least once been an existence that had traversed the mercenary battlefields.

One of them said in a deep voice, “But chief, the level of defence in the Hun kingdom is much more stringent than the twelve star cities, and now that the extreme night has fallen, the protection is even more stringent, can we really enter the kingdom in three days?”

The man raised his eyebrows, “Let’s split up, one of us will follow me to the tavern, the rest of us will scatter to find out what’s going on, remember to look for the most chaotic places, the more chaos there is, the less information can be hidden.”

“Why don’t we just go to the local intelligence agency and buy information?”

The man shook his head, “That’s the last step, now that the extreme night has fallen, the northern frontier and beyond is itself a dangerous place, the major powers are protected to the extreme, and in the past few days we have come all the way here in snow and wind, and when we were scouting the barbarian villages and tribes along the way, from the mouths of those barbarians, I always felt that there was something wrong with the recent snowy plains outside the domain. ”

After a pause, the man’s eyebrows gradually wrinkled into a frown and his voice lowered, “Even if we have disguised ourselves well enough as a caravan, according to the usual nature of those village tribesmen of the rabbit tribe, they should not be too wary of us, but some of the village tribesmen, along the way, are obviously wary of an in-land caravan like us.”

At these words.

The crowd also showed their approval.

This whole journey of searching and scouting over, although their team was very different from the other teams and more well-trained, they had also come under the cover of a merchant team.

But when they entered the villages and tribes and searched for information, there were indeed some villages and tribes that were very obviously wary of them.

This was basically an impossible situation in the past!

The man waved his hand, signalling his companions to disperse and go out to scout for information.

With that, he was leading one of his companions towards the hustle and bustle at the end of the street.

“Wang Yu, if we can’t find the young master, if we can’t see him alive or dead, what should we do?”

The man beside him looked deeply at the leader, “Just now the brothers were there, I’m embarra*sed to give you a straightforward dismissal, but this is also a possible scenario, 100,000 people starred down the Great Snowy Plain and no trace of them was found, any kind of scenario, we have to take into account!”

Wang Yu glanced coldly at the man beside him, this was considered the patriarch of the Dark Guards, almost joining with him when the Dark Guards were first established, so there wasn’t much to worry about in terms of words.

“Find it first.”

After responding with three words in a deep voice, Wang Yu was walking towards the front.

The noise was becoming clearer and clearer.

One could even say that it was noisy.

But in the Great Snowy Plain, in any tribal city, this was the norm.

After the descent of the polar night, many things could not be manipulated, and in combination with the loose management in the tribal cities, it also created the taverns in each city, which were the most mixed places.

It’s like a bar in the domain, but with a level of sophistication that no bar in the domain can match!

It’s a place of intoxication and glamour.

There is no shortage of upper cla*s people, and even more so, there are even people who usually live in the shadows and take advantage of the extreme night to flock to the pub to get drunk.

The lights grew dimmer and dimmer, but the deafening music grew louder and louder.

It was similar to a bar, but the tavern was obviously more crowded and the set-up was more cluttered and simple.

But to the two Wang Yu, they had not come in to get paper-thin, but to spy on information, so they did not care too much.

After sitting down at the bar, they asked the barman for a drink and pretended to make small talk, but their attention was focused on the chatter of the drunken men around them.

It’s not for nothing that alcohol makes you bold, and it’s not for nothing that you speak the truth after drinking.

Under the influence of alcohol, one’s will slackens and one’s words become unrestrained.

“Do you still remember the roar of the beast that you vaguely heard three days ago?”

A burly man at one of the tables drunkenly held up his bottle, bragging with a face full of triumph.

Wang Yu frowned slightly, there was still the sound of beasts roaring in the city?

Unable to help himself, his attention was then drawn to it.

With the strong man’s words causing a conversation, the companions around him instantly became excited.

“I have a cousin who is a soldier in the King’s patrol, and I heard him say that the King opened the beast cage that night!”

“A beast fighting cage? I said why did we hear the roar of the beasts that night, oh my god, the king actually opened the cage, the top beasts are kept there, it hasn’t been opened for years!”

“But there was something strange about that night, the roar of the beast alarmed many people in the kingdom, even those of us who live in the star city heard it, but then suddenly there was no movement, and there was no detailed explanation from the kingdom.”


The night three days ago, when the beast fighting cage was opened, the roar of the fierce and ferocious beasts in it was a shock to many people.

Three days of fermentation had even set off a considerable public opinion in the thirteen cities of the King’s Court!

But the King of the Huns deliberately suppressed it and covered it up for the time being, and afterwards strictly ordered that nothing that happened in the fighting cages should be revealed for the time being, so it also allowed the public opinion to intensify without the people being aware of it.

For the past three days, the roar of the beasts and the cages have become the hottest topics of conversation among the ordinary people of the 13 cities of the royal court!

The strong man who had first started the conversation had a smug look on his face in the face of all the people’s comments.

He tilted his head and took a sip of wine, wiped the corner of his mouth and laughed: “You don’t know, but I do, and I can tell you that this is a big deal! I heard that ah, the king opened the beast fighting cage that night because of a man from the domain!”


Wang Yu, who had been listening with his ears sideways, suddenly had a brilliant flash in his eyes and his heart throbbed.

Chapter 1034

A remark that instantly lifted Wang Yu’s heart and soul.

The companion beside him, too, showed a look of surprise.

The two looked at each other and had expectations.

However, the two did not immediately get up and lean over, but continued to pretend to chat, but all their attention was on that table of Huns.

Hearing the strong man’s words, those at the same table looked curiously at the strong man.

This gave the strong man, who was drunk, a great sense of satisfaction.

One of them asked, “How do you know so well?”

This question made the strong man puff out his chest even more, glowing with red and springing to life.

“You don’t know, that’s your short channel, I know …… that’s because I have a brother who works as a guard inside the king’s palace, and ah ……”

After a pause, the strong man smiled and said, “That night when the fighting cage was opened, it happened to be him on duty to escort the king, and he followed him into the cage.”

A shocking statement.

It immediately drew a gasp from the people at the table.

The gasp, however, was unnoticeable in the noisy tavern.

But it was heard by the two people who were fully concentrated on Wang Yu.

“Come on, tell me, tell me, what’s going on?”

Hearing his companion’s follow-up question, the strong man tilted his head and poured in a mouthful of wine, speaking slowly and contentedly.

“Speaking of that man from the domain, not to mention, he’s really quite powerful. It’s the best training institute in our country, and those who can enter are the pillars of our country! And that man from the domain is from the Wolf Academy!”


The crowd simultaneously sucked in cold air and their faces changed dramatically.

The Xiongnu frontier was vast, so perhaps the small villages and tribes scattered across the frontier were not aware of the Skywolf Academy, but for the indigenous inhabitants of the 13 cities of the royal court who lived under the roots of the imperial city, they had heard of it.

“My goodness, to be able to enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy even with a status within the domain?”

“The Skywolf Academy’s admission requirements are extremely stringent, and they are all personally gated by the king, so this one intradomain status alone won’t get you in, right?”

“If you’re not bragging than, then this domain insider must be a celestial dragon that can soar to the ninth heaven, otherwise the king wouldn’t have opened such a big gap!”

Facing the astonishment of his companions.

The strong man, however, was unconcerned and said slowly.

“Not to mention, that man is really the Canglong of the Nine Heavens! The king opened the cage because of that man. I heard my brother say that the princess even tried every possible way to plead for that man, but in the end, that man entered the cage and won the fight to the death!”


With a single word, the companions in the audience were struck by lightning.

“Impossible! The cage will not be opened easily, and if it is opened, if a person comes out alive, it will be announced to the world.

Immediately, someone retorted.

The strong man waved his hand, “That’s because you don’t have enough channels, this matter has been suppressed by the king himself, haven’t you noticed that the entry and exit of the king’s city has become harsh these days? According to my brother, there will be a big move in three days’ time!”

“What big move?”

The eyes of the crowd were rounded.

But the strong man shook his head, “How do I know? These are all orders from the king himself, and it’s impossible for them to be leaked out until the big move comes out, and it’s only me and my brother Iron that know a thing or two about it.”

With a single word, the people at the table instantly revealed a look of disappointment.

Wang Yu and his companion exchanged a glance.

“A little uncertain.” The companion shook his head.

Wang Yu, however, said with a sullen expression, “Let’s go back to the residence first, no matter if it’s true or not, in three days’ time, we must find a way to infiltrate the King’s City and confirm whether that person is the young master or not!”



Inside the royal palace.

The princess’s palace.

The lights were charming.

Chen Dong was lying on his back on Xixing’s soft big bed, and Xixing was sitting next to him, carefully changing the medicine for Chen Dong’s back wound.

Every movement was gentle and careful, afraid of touching the flesh on Chen Dong’s back that had been scratched open by the Snowy Lion.

“For these three days, were you the one who changed the medicine for me? Took care of me?”

Chen Dong’s breath was a little weak, the heavy injury to his back, coupled with the dislocation after the madness, made it difficult for him to recover for a while even if he woke up.

“Well, I’m your wife, if I didn’t take care of you, who else could I have taken care of you?”

Xixing responded as she concentrated on changing Chen Dong’s medicine.

A warm feeling immediately surged in Chen Dong’s heart.

He smiled gently, “But you are also a princess, you don’t need to be so tired, you can order other servants to take care of you.”

“How can I rest a*sured if they take care of you?”

Xixing raised her eyebrows, then leaned down, smiling, her red lips exhaling in Chen Dong’s ear, “What’s more, Father is also precious to you now, he is not at ease to let the servants take care of you either.”

“The beast fighting cage, is it really that powerful?”

Chen Dong felt his ears go a little soft, and he couldn’t help but feel a little hot on his face, but he still smiled and said, “When I entered the beast fighting cage, your father was trying to force me to die by all means, even going so far as to lower himself to Barbara’s life.”

“Who made you great?”

Xixing sat up straight again and complimented, “Father did want to kill you at first, you threatened him in public because of Barbara, which is a big no-no, if it were any other person, even the number one warrior of the Huns like Kui Gang, he would have been killed for sure!”

“With my intercession, I let you into the beast fighting cage, and you went into the state of being the only me without a king at the critical moment, directly making the Snowy Lion return his heart to you, the beast king, which loosened the father’s heart of certain death for you!”

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong said seriously with a deep gaze.

Xixing re-covered the gauze on Chen Dong’s wound and said seriously, “You and I are husband and wife, it is right for me to plead for you, but you survived because of your own strength! You were in a state where there was no king but me, you didn’t know what was going on at that time, at that time, when father saw that the Snowy Lion had returned his heart to you, his whole body exploded in shock, that was a fierce beast of a different species that he had been trying to capture for three years but couldn’t get the Beast King to return his heart!”

“Beast King’s heart?”

Chen Dong frowned for a moment in confusion, “What does this mean?”

Xixing changed Chen Dong’s medicine and explained the Beast King’s Returning Heart, and only then did Chen Dong understand.

“Then in the future, the Snowy Lion will see me as its master and submit to me completely and utterly?” Chen Dong murmured.

Xixing smiled sweetly, “Even if you ask it to die, it will do so willingly!”

After a pause, she gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder and said joyfully, “You should step up your recovery, in three days’ time, Father will let you ride the Snowy Lion to parade through the King’s City, so that everyone can see you, the Great General of the Southern Expedition, and even make you the number one warrior of Xiongnu, and even erect a monument to you!”

“This is the first time in thousands of years that the Xiongnu have won three consecutive titles, an unparalleled honour!”

As she spoke, Xixing’s gaze was lost in ecstasy.

She leaned down and slowly pressed her red lips to Chen Dong’s shoulder, murmuring, “Thank you, you deserve to be my Xixing’s man!”