Winner Takes All Chapter 1031-1032

Chapter 1031

A sudden beastly roar that shakes the heart.

And the reversal?

All those present were shaken to their core.

The eyes of the crowd stared in horror at the place where the smoke was dispersing, and the outline of the huge body of the Snowy Lion could be seen in a vague manner.

Only when the smoke and dust cleared and the sight became clear.


Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air backwards.

An indescribable shock even surfaced on the pale face of the Hun King, “Did he really do that alone?”

Even after witnessing it with his own eyes, the Hun King’s murmuring voice revealed disbelief.

As for Xixing, who was once again in despair, after seeing what happened to the Snowy Lion, his hanging heart could not help but put it down in his stomach.

Perhaps …… was the end of it?

The snowy lion was lying on the ground in a state of disarray, with the bars of the cage twisted and distorted behind it.

The right front paw was twisted and twisted to the naked eye, and even the thick white leg bone pierced the flesh and exposed to the air, blood stained the white fur and flowed even more to the ground, forming a pool of blood.

The Snowy Lion’s eyes were filled with pain, and a low, painful wail kept coming out of his mouth, no longer the majestic style he had before, all that remained was nothing but wretchedness.

The only sound that echoed in this space was the low wailing of the Snowy Lion.

Everyone was plunged into dead silence, their bodies chilled.

Obviously, the blast just now was the man who had already fallen, blasting off the Snowy Male Lion’s thick leg bones.

But …… that man was too strong, wasn’t he?

While they were shocked at the injury of the Snowy Male Lion, the bigger shock in everyone’s heart originated from Chen Dong!

A fierce beast of a different species, the king of all beasts!

Even the Hun King had led a 10,000 man squad back then, and had spent a huge amount of money to capture it.

And now, just one man had severely injured the Snowy Lion to such an extent?

Is the Heavenly Wolf in the sky, the demon god himself on earth?

And yet.

Just when everyone was so shocked that their scalps tingled.

“Roar ……”

The Snowy Lion lying on its back in a pool of blood suddenly gave a low roar as a brilliant aura erupted from its eyes.

Then, amidst a chorus of shouts and clamor.

The Snowy Male Lion trembled and staggered its huge body, slowly standing up in a three-legged position, but its painful lion eyes were glowing with a different light, staring at Chen Dong who had long since fainted.

This scene instantly caused everyone’s face to change.

“Not good!”

The Hun King even whispered, “The Snowy Lion is the king of all beasts, a fierce beast of a different species with an unruly nature, back then, the 10,000 man squad had to consume it to the point of exhaustion before they succeeded in capturing it, Greedy Wolf had injured it to such an extent, it would never be able to give up, it must be immortal!”

With a single word, the heart that Shying had put down was raised again.

Desperation instantly gave her a feeling of darkness in the sky.

Xixing bit her red lips with her silver teeth and wailed with a sobbing voice, “Father, isn’t the strength that Greedy Wolf has displayed enough for you to let go of your heart and spare him once?”

The expression was forlorn, wailing and crying.

Now that Chen Dong had fainted, the only thing she could hope for was the Hun King in front of her!

If the man had just died under the sharp claws of the snowy lion, it would have been useless for her to try to hold back.

But that man had fought back, and had directly demonstrated a terrifying combat power that had left everyone in awe and shock, and even the Snow Lion had been directly injured.

With such fighting power, who could match Huo Zhenxiao but him?

It was precisely with such battle prowess that Shying Xing had a glimmer of hope of getting the Hun King to open up his heart!

When a person’s value is magnified at a great speed, the bottlenecks and rules originally set up because of that person can also be appropriately released!

This is a truth that Shying understands, and so does the Hun King.

And sure enough.

At the same time as Shying begged, the pale face of the Hun King revealed a look of hesitation.


It was also the sound of Xie Xing’s pleading that abruptly attracted the Snowy Lion.


A beastly roar sounded, as if it was a threat.

Immediately afterwards, the Snowy Region Male Lion was staggering and hobbling, moving its three feet, slowly heading towards the fainting Chen Dong.

The right front foot was twisted and deformed, and blood flowed down all along the way as the Snowy Male Lion advanced.

This scene.

It caused the Hun King’s face to look grim to the extreme as he let out a weary sigh, “It’s too late!”

“It’s too late, it must be too late!”

Xixing raised his hand and grabbed King Hun’s arm, “As long as you return to your heart, Father, then it will definitely be too late!”

The Hun King shook his head, chagrined, “The thoughts of the Snowy Lion will not change in the slightest for those it has decided it wants to kill, even if I let these guards rush in and take lives to fill them, it will only return to kill those on its way and continue to march towards the Greedy Wolf until it kills it!”

The faces of the guards present changed dramatically when they heard that they would have to fill their lives.

But it was the latter words of the Hun King that made the guards relax, it was clear that the Hun King would not give such an order.

Shying’s face was full of reluctance and her red lips were about to plead again.

But the Hun King slowly looked at Xixing: “The dignity of a king, be it a man or a beast, is more than life! But a man can change in his senses, but a beast can’t change in its nature!”

With a single sentence, it was as if all of Shying’s strength had been emptied in an instant.

Her body went limp and she fell to her knees outside the cage.

Looking at the Snowy Lion that was staggering and hobbling towards Chen Dong.

Shying grabbed the bars with both hands and whistled harshly.

But just as the Hun King had said, no matter how much she screamed and slapped the bars, the Snowy Lion never turned back and walked firmly towards Chen Dong without being affected in any way.

Tears rushed out of Xie Xing’s eyes like a broken bank.

She suddenly fell on the railing, pearly wailing, “No, please don’t ……”

The voice was forlorn and pitiful.

The Hun King looked gloomy, but his right hand slowly let go and slowly put Barbara down on the ground, his gaze looking deeply into the beast fighting cage.

“Heavenly Wolf is above, this time, could it really be that this king is wrong?”

This was the thought in his mind.

Upon witnessing Chen Dong severely injuring the Snow Region Lion with the strength of one man, the heart of certain death that lingered in his heart towards Chen Dong also wavered.

Inside the silent fortress.

The sobbing cries of the Shy Star echoed.

A line of frightened and apprehensive eyes were watching everything inside the fighting cage, who had already predicted what would happen next!

The man who had horrified them like a ghost would soon be torn to pieces by the snowy lion!

A murderous intent.

The atmosphere is solemn.

Every step the Snowy Lion took was like a heavy hammer hitting everyone’s heart.


The Snowy Lion stopped in front of Chen Dong, its huge lion’s head dropping just above Chen Dong’s head.

The next second.

The huge body of the Snowy Lion swayed violently.

Boom! With an audible bang, the Snowy Lion’s huge body was like a mountain toppling over as it slumped to the ground.

This action caused everyone to freeze in shock.

“What’s going on? What does the Snowy Lion want?”

“Didn’t it want to kill that man? Why is it still lying down in front of that man?”

“Something doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t seem like the Snowy Lion is trying to kill!”


The sound of Dao’s shocked murmurs echoed.

The Hun King’s pupils suddenly tightened, his eyebrows tightened into a “Chuan”, his face full of doubt and confusion.

And Xixing, too, was frozen in disbelief.

At that moment, the Snowy Lion’s movement left everyone dumbfounded.

After crouching down on its back, the Snowy Lion gazed at Chen Dong.

Then, as the crowd watched, the huge lion’s head, slowly lowered, lay down on the side of Chen Dong’s head, then, slowly stretched out its tongue and gently licked Chen Dong’s forehead, then it was gently laying its head down next to Chen Dong’s head.

From the beginning to the end, there was no more beast king’s might, instead, he was incomparably obedient and gentle, as if he was a pet dog kept at home.

What is this?

Everyone, including Xixing, had a look of disbelief on their faces.

Only the Hun King, after a moment of shock, snapped out of it: “The Beast King …… has returned to his heart?”

Chapter 1032

A low voice, like a thunderclap, echoed in everyone’s ears.

Xixing and the guards and beast slaves present all looked at the Hun King in confusion.

But with these words, the Hun King’s expression became incomparably complicated, his gaze flickering violently.

As if he did not notice the puzzled gazes, the Hun King suddenly pulled at the corners of his mouth and smiled to himself.

“It’s ridiculous, this king has taken three years to get the beast king to return to his heart, but today this man from the domain is the one who has made the snow lion return to his heart and sincerity in one battle, this is really a big slap on the face of this king.”

Xixing’s eyes flashed, intuitively catching the key point in the Hun King’s sentence – returning his heart to sincerity.

“Father, what exactly is the return of the beast king to his heart?”

Shying Xing asked hastily.

The Hun King glanced despondently at the Snowy Lion lying meekly like a cat beside Chen Dong in the beast fighting cage.

Then, he slowly explained, “The King of Beasts is unruly in nature and is at the top of the food chain, creating its kingly might and refusing to lower its lofty head. But in the face of the law of survival of the weak, when the difference in strength is great enough to crush the dignity and arrogance of the beast king and make him submit to the stronger, this is called returning to the heart and is far from the so-called taming!”

After a pause, the Hun king added: “Taming is to deter the beast purely by force, so that the beast tends to be under the power and dare not do anything, but when a great crisis arises, the beast, driven by instinct, will most likely abandon its master and go away.”

“But the fierce beasts return to their hearts, this is a moment of complete and utter submission, entrusting their lives to their masters, and when a great crisis arises, or even when they face death, the fierce beasts will choose to stand in front of their masters at the first opportunity, and die for them!”

As he spoke, the Hun King’s expression was complex to the extreme, and his gaze was even brighter and more uncertain.

Raising his hand and rubbing his face, his entire person seemed to be decrepit: “O king of beasts …… fae fierce beasts! This king spared no expense in capturing, consumed three years have not let this snow lion return to the heart, this is good, today a shocking act of anger, but will three years of fruit, let this guy pick the peach.”

The Hun King looked down at Xixing: “Demon Lady, perhaps you have made the right choice!”

Feeling her father’s gaze, Xixing’s gaze flickered, the dense mist in her eyes had not yet dried up, but at this moment she came to a clear understanding.

To put it simply, it was this battle, the Snowy Lion had completely and utterly convinced Greedy Wolf, the man in the fighting cage, with this battle, had completely and utterly won the Snowy Lion’s heart and life!

She also knew exactly what the Hun King wanted the Snowy Lion to do!

In the snowy plains, where the law of survival is based on the law of survival of the weak and the strong, to win the heart of the lion, the king of all beasts, and a fierce beast of a different species, was enough to create influence among the hundred tribes!

The bloodstained red lips of Xixing mumbled, “Father, do you want the lion of the snowy land to return to his heart, to build up influence?”

The Hun King smiled, but raised his hand and barked an order to the guards and beast slaves present, “Drive the Snowy Lion into the cage and treat it as soon as possible, without the slightest delay.”

“Yes, sir!”

The guards and slaves all bowed and took orders.

The despondency on his face disappeared and was replaced by an unprecedented determination, and his gaze shone brightly!

“This monument is not a loss, it is not a loss! Pa*s the order down, with immediate effect, Covetous Wolf’s previous sins will be written off, and he will be crowned the Great General of the Southern Expedition, who will be in charge of the army, and the first warrior of the Xiongnu!”

The words were powerful and thunderous.

Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded.

Even Xixing was confused, the change in the King of Xiongnu was so great that Xixing could not see the slightest flaw in the King of Xiongnu’s expression, as if the previous thunderous rage had never happened!

A monument was erected, a great general was added, and the first warrior of the Huns was crowned!

This was the highest honour among the Huns.

For an ordinary man, one would be enough to shake the Xiongnu and spread the fame of all the tribes of the Great Snowy Plains.

And now, one man has three!

This was unprecedented in the history of the Xiongnu for thousands of years!

At least in Xixing’s view, such a supreme honour, but also on the premise of compromising his father’s majesty and face, was actually rewarded by his father without a trace of hesitation, which was really a bit unbelievable.

There was always a kind of trance of hell and heaven in one moment!

The most crucial thing was that the aura that the Hun King was showing now was somewhat strange to Xixing.

“Someone, take this little fellow down and take good care of him, and Greedy Wolf, immediately ask the great doctors of the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu to do their best to treat him!”

The King of Xiongnu did not pay attention to Xixing’s puzzled eyes, and gave a quick order before helping Xixing up from the ground, “Follow me, I know the doubts in your mind.”

Xixing followed the King of Xiongnu out of the cage.

Father and daughter strolled through the light-filled royal palace against the wind and snow.

The wind and snow howled.

The ground was already covered with thick snow, crunching on the ground.

“Did you just want to ask Father what he wanted the Snow Lion Beast King to return to his heart and use it to build momentum?”

As he walked slowly forward, the Hun King spoke out calmly.


Xixing nodded, the reversal and reversal of everything in the fighting cage, coupled with the change in her father, had left her in a bit of a trance.

The Hun King smiled, “Demon Lady, you are twenty years old this year, Father remembered that on your sixteenth birthday, you told Father that you wanted to unite all the hundred tribes to go south together and stamp out Zhenjiang City, so that all the hundred tribes would live in those ten thousand miles of fertile fields and sunshine in the domain, right?”

The beautiful face was rapidly reddening and her eyes were wide with astonishment.

As if he had expected it, the Hun King stopped in his tracks at the same time.

He turned around and looked calmly at Xixing: “Father is a torn man, father also wants to do what you want, but father is afraid that the few remaining shades left by the old ancestors of Xiongnu will be squandered after a madness, so the idea of you, the sword you choose to come back south, has been melancholy uncertainty, indecisiveness is the problem that father can never overcome. ”

“But the words spoken in the year of your sixteenth birthday have always been in Father’s mind, hence the result of capturing the Snow Lion a year later at any cost!”

“Father ……” Xixing looked at King Hun with a twinkle in her eyes, she suddenly understood King Hun’s intentions.

The Hun King smiled spontaneously, “Father has no ambition and only wants to hold on to the Huns left behind by the old ancestors for Father, but Father is a man and a father, when my daughter ignites a fever in Father’s heart, doesn’t she also want to give it a try?”

“The lion is supposed to be the king of all beasts, on a par with the fierce tiger, let alone a fierce beast of a different species like the Snowy Lion! If you can win its heart, you will certainly be able to create an unparalleled power among the hundred tribes of the Great Snowy Plain, where the weak are strong and the strong are strong.”

“This might will be a great help when you want to achieve your sixteen year old wish, but …… what Father is not doing now, he is letting that boy do.”

Xixing’s red lips were mouthing, and there were tears in her eyes, “Thank you, Father ……”

Not waiting for the words to finish, the Hun king is waving his hand, forcibly interrupt: “Do not thank father, you know the father itself is indecisive, hesitant, hesitant, so the previous to that boy must kill the heart, is true, but now …… father think, he is worthy of you! ”

Can make the king of the hundred beasts, the fae fierce beast a battle to return to the heart of the person, indeed worthy of entrusted!

Even if it is not a match for the God of War Huo Zhenxiao, but in the heart of the King of Huns, it is worth entrusting the Demon Lady to that person!


The wind and snow cried out.

The cold was biting.

Above the snowy plains, it was pitch black as it entered the very night.

A rumble ……

The ground shook and in the darkness a line of horsemen advanced rapidly, tearing through the wind and splitting the snow.

A thunderous burst of voices exploded.

“There are still three days to go before we reach the thirteen Xiongnu cities, when we unload our armour and abandon our blades, enter each of the twelve Xiongnu star cities, and after another three days, enter the main city, remember! Even if it costs us all our lives, we will find the young master without dying!”