Winner Takes All Chapter 1029-1030

Chapter 1029

The scene was sensational.

Looking at the Hun King and Shying Xing, their scalps tingled and they were dumbfounded.

Deep in their hearts, an unspeakable fear rose up.

The transformation in Chen Dong’s body at this moment was so shocking that it was just beyond the changes that might occur in a normal person, so much so that it gave King Hun and Xixing a sense of trance-like unreality.

“What, what’s going on? Did the king’s eyes see wrongly?”

King Hun’s heart was beating like a drum as he murmured offhandedly.

Xixing shook his head dumbfoundedly, “No, no, I saw it too, did we both see it wrong?”

A split second later.

The Hun King and Shying Xing looked at each other.

The Hun King’s pupils shrank and he turned his head to the guards and beast slaves who were prostrate on the ground behind him and chided.

“All raise your heads and look!”

A command was given.

The people who were originally prostrate on the ground, not daring to raise their eyes, raised their heads one after another.


When all eyes saw Chen Dong standing in place in the beast fighting cage, they all revealed a look of appalled horror.

There was a pause for a second.

Hiss ……

A neat and unified sound of sucking in cold air echoed through this side of the space.

All the guards and beast slaves revealed shocked, disbelieving expressions.

No blurry eyes!

There was no misreading!

Seeing this scene, King Xiong Nu and Xixing immediately had a judgement in their hearts.

But when they got the confirmation, the two of them were even more shocked beyond words.

Is this …… really a change that can appear on a human being?!

Chen Dong’s change did not stop, but was slowly advancing, advancing towards an even more shocking mutation.

The Hun King and Shying Xing were able to maintain restraint.

The guards present, however, could no longer contain the horror in their hearts and murmured.

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on with those veins in his body that are changing?”

“My god, it’s fine if the muscles are writhing, I’ve heard martial arts masters say that they are indeed able to control their muscles after progressing to a certain level in martial arts, but the veins on the muscles are bulging and emitting a bloody light, what the hell is going on?”

“Heavenly Wolf in the sky, how much of a shocking secret does this heavenly man from the Heavenly Wolf Academy have in his body? This, this isn’t even a change that a human being has, right?”


The chatter was like a tidal wave.

Within the entire Fighting Beast Fortress, however, the atmosphere was already very different from the previous one.


An unspeakable shock!

It even made these guards, ignoring the Hun King and Xixing who were present, speak straight up.

Inside the beast fighting cage.

The snowy lion’s pair of lion eyes, with Chen Dong’s change of heart, the pupils contracted visibly.

The huge body, moreover, slowly bent down, which was the standard stance of a fierce beast hunting beast.

The only difference was that the white fur on the Snowy Lion’s body was faintly trembling as it felt the majestic and powerful Yin Qi emanating from Chen Dong’s body.

Chen Dong stood in place.

Even he himself was not sure of his own change.

As soon as he entered a state of madness, his sanity was immediately lost.

But this time, the madness was obviously very different from the previous times.

There was no frenzy, no killing machine.

Instead, he stood calmly in his place.

As the muscles squirmed, one by one, veins protruded, glowing with a dark blood light.

The very faint blood light was somewhat dull, which is why it gave people an unrealistic feeling that they were seeing things.

But such a change is real.

The inhuman mutation is mind-boggling.

As more and more blood vessels protruded from beneath the muscles, blossoming with dark blood light, Chen Dong’s body was just like being covered to the brim.

It was intricate, crisscrossed and intertwined.

On the contrary, it gave the impression of being completely uncluttered and unorganised.

On the contrary, there was a sense of the ultimate intertwining and crisscrossing perfect visual experience.

This feeling is like that of a talisman, where it is clear that the talisman is drawn in a chaotic manner, but when an ordinary person looks at it, it is frostily orderly in the midst of chaos, miscellaneous but not chaotic, and it even feels like that is how it should be.

The veins that Chen Dong’s body was now highlighting gave such a feeling to King Xiong, Xixing and all the people present.

It was also with this change in Chen Dong’s body.

It was as if each of the muscles exposed on the upper half of his body had instantly surged to an extreme state of explosive power.

It was as if under every muscle, there was a terrifying explosion that could make people despair.

This scene did not last long.

It only felt long because it was in a state of shock and horror for the crowd.

When a vein protruded out.

Chen Dong, who had been tilting his head, suddenly opened his mouth and exhaled.

“Ho ……”

The low exhaling sound echoed within the beast fighting cage, sending chills and chills down the spine of the crowd.

The next second.

“Look, look at his eyes, am I blurry eyed?”

A cry of alarm exploded.

Everyone panicked as the dao stared in horror at the place where Chen Dong’s eyes were.

In a trance, it seemed as if a faint blood light was blossoming out from his eyes.


This scene shook everyone present, causing their minds to go blank.

Even the Hun King was so immersed in Chen Dong’s inhuman transformation that even his previous determination to kill seemed to have dissipated.

There was nothing else to think about but shock!

In full view of the crowd.

As Chen Dong exhaled, the breath that was visible to the naked eye because of the cold still remained in the air.

Chen Dong, however, slowly lowered his head.

The movement was slow.

But it gave off a domineering and violent feeling.

Just this bowing of the head, in the eyes of the crowd, is like a titanic mountain overturning, a great prison across the pressure ……

That kind of extreme oppression.

Not to mention the guards and beast slaves present, even King Xiongnu and Xixing, at this moment, were suffocating to the point of being stuck in their throats.

The moment Chen Dong’s scarlet gaze locked eyes with the Snowy Lion.


The white hair on the huge body of the Snowy Region Male Lion fiercely curled backwards as a beastly roar was blatantly emitted.


Blood light erupted in Chen Dong’s eyes, but he opened his mouth to respond with a roar.

A man and a beast confronted each other with a roar, which seemed extremely absurd.

However, in the hearts of the crowd, they did not feel the slightest bit absurd.

This was because everyone could clearly see that the Snowy Lion’s huge head, when Chen Dong’s roar appeared, bent down a little.

This was clearly a sign of showing cowardice!


As Chen Dong’s body shook once again, the violent wind suddenly swept in all directions.

The ground beneath Chen Dong’s feet, however, cracked inch by inch amidst a loud explosion, and even pieces of powder swept out with the wind.

At this moment.

It was as if Chen Dong had become the only focus of attention in this part of the world.

Whether it was the Hun King, or Xixing, or even the Snowy Lion, they had all become the accompaniment.


Suddenly, there was a loud bang.

Chen Dong, who was standing motionless, was like a cannonball in front of everyone’s eyes, rushing towards the Snowy Lion with lightning speed, even trailing a streak of shadow behind him.


In a flash of lightning, a fierce and ferocious look appeared in the Snowy Lion’s eyes, and with a roar, all four limbs fiercely powered up, while running wildly towards Chen Dong.

In this instant.

Everyone’s scalp tingled and they held their breath.

Under everyone’s gaze.

The completely asymmetrical bodies of Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion were close at hand in the snap of a finger.


As Chen Dong let out an explosive roar, one of the bulging veins on his body simultaneously blossomed with a dark blood light.

His body resembled a red pale dragon as he bent down fiercely, the muscles in his back and waist squirming rapidly at this moment, his power building up rapidly.

Even the sound of his back and waist muscles squirming was clearly heard by all.

It was a very slight sound, but as the focus of the whole audience, with everyone’s full attention, this slight sound was like thunder.

Only, everyone, however, did not know the purpose of Chen Dong doing so.

But …… if Kunlun was present.

He would definitely drop his jaw to the ground in shock, shocked beyond words.

Because this was exactly Kun Lun’s sure kill technique …… Python Bird Swallowing Dragon!

It’s just that when Chen Dong wanted to steal it and let Kunlun perform it again, Kunlun hadn’t recovered from his injuries and couldn’t perform it a second time, and the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon itself was a sure kill move that hurt the enemy a thousand times and hurt the enemy eight hundred times, with both advantages and disadvantages and high risks, so Chen Dong didn’t learn it.

At this moment, Chen Dong had performed it.

In the state of madness, the mutated …… Python Bird Swallowing Dragon!

Chapter 1030

Time seemed to be slowed down.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s fists were clenched together and he blasted at the Snowy Lion, who was close at hand, with a domineering force.

At the same time, the Snow Lion roared and swung its right front paw down at Chen Dong.

Bang Bang Bang ……

A terrifying force erupted.

The floor beneath both Chen Dong and the Snow Lion cracked, not enough to withstand the terrifying force of the man and beast’s full outburst.

A roar rang out.

Even as Chen Dong’s fists clenched together and rushed out, a spiral of air currents swept out above the fist blades, visible to the naked eye, and the air currents turned scarlet under the light of blood in the veins.

This scene.

Everyone’s liver and guts trembled as they watched, enveloped in a trance by an invisible great terror.

Was this …… really the kind of battle power that a human being could explode into?

Compared to the shock and fear of the crowd.

The Hun king at this time even had a feeling of his scalp exploding.

The tiger’s eyes stared round as if they were about to fall out of their sockets, staring deadly at the shocking scene inside the fighting cage.

He was well aware of the battle power of the Snowy Region Lion.

The size alone of the fierce beast of a different species gave it an even more terrifying destructive power than an ordinary lion king.

Just …… could anyone really stand up to such a fae existence with a single blow?

Even he himself was in a trance at this moment, speculating and uneasy.

The capture of the Snowy Lion back then cost the Xiongnu a huge price, and the fact that a future Xiongnu general star with profound potential was buried in the mouth of the Snowy Lion was proof enough of the terror of the Snowy Lion.

But the state Chen Dong displayed in front of him was also clearly not that of a normal human being.

The result of a foreigner versus a fierce beast of a different species made even the Hun King become unable to guess.


In a flash of lightning.

Inside the beast fighting cage, there was a shockingly loud sound that was like a bomb explosion.

Chen Dong’s fists were wrapped in scarlet air currents, blatantly blasting right into the centre of the Snowy Lion’s sharp claws.

The terrifying impact instantly set off a wave of air visible to the naked eye, sweeping in all directions.

The ground was cracked, and even crushed pieces of dust were swept out along with the wave of air.

Who lost and who won?

In an instant, everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

Although the various proportions between Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion were not on the same level.

But the extraordinary change that had just occurred in Chen Dong’s body still made the crowd, at this moment, preserve a sense of anticipation for the final result.

What an inhuman change can bring is a very different result!

Just as the crowd was waiting with baited breath.


Amidst the smoke and dust, the roar of a snowy lion suddenly echoed.

A beastly roar, however, caused an expression of disappointment to appear on the faces of all the guards.

Even Xixing, at this moment, felt a blackness in front of his eyes and almost fainted.

The Hun King, on the other hand, with this beastly roar, the apprehension in his eyes was gone, replaced by complacency.

“After all, it’s an overrate, a mantis.”

This was the thought in the Hun King’s heart.


“My God, what is that, look!”

A shocked scream suddenly exploded from the crowd.


The Hun King, who was in the midst of his complacency, was instantly startled and snapped to look inside the beast fighting cage.

As he did so, his body was struck by lightning and he trembled violently.

In his tiger’s eyes, there was a frightened expression as if he had seen a ghost.

At the same time.

The desperate Xixing also came back to her senses and looked at the scene unfolding in the beast cage.

It was all in the blink of an eye.

From the time everyone thought the end had come to the guards’ cries of surprise, it didn’t even take a second.

And at that moment, inside the beast fighting cage.

There was still smoke and dust sweeping around, blurring the vision.

But everyone could vaguely see that a huge behemoth was slowly rising in the air at that moment.

This scene was extremely shocking.

Even with the smoke and dust covering it, one could still see that it was the Snowy Lion in the air, but the Snowy Lion’s posture was extremely bizarre, with its head facing downwards, as if it was a broken pocket that was about to be thrown out.

At the same time.


A loud roar sounded like thunder.

The snowy lion that had been thrown into the air made an arc in the air and was thrown out with a bang.

Rumble ……

The huge body raised a gale of wind, instantly blowing away the smoke and dust around it.

After landing on the ground, the Snow Lion tumbled and rolled, crushing the ground along the way, tumbling out a dozen metres again and finally, with a “thud”, twisting the metal bars of the cage.

The ground seemed to have been ploughed and swept away.

But the crowd had no time to care about the Snow Lion that had been thrown out of the cage, as the smoke and dust were so thick that it was hard to see clearly for a while.

The shocked eyes of the crowd fell on the man in the cage.

An indescribable chill swept through the crowd, and everyone was plunged into absolute dead silence out of shock.

As the smoke and dust cleared, it soon revealed Chen Dong in the centre.

At this moment, Chen Dong stood majestically in place, bowing and facing the direction in which the Snowy Lion had flown, his hands also hanging down, his body still in the same posture as it had been after the powerful throw.

The eyes that glowed with blood, the dark blood light that bloomed all over his body, and the hideous face that was covered with veins and veins, at this moment, all seemed like a nightmare, etched into the deepest part of everyone’s heart.

Is this man …… really something that could possibly exist in the human world?

Can a mortal body really be compared to that of a god?

An invisible great terror enveloped everyone. Chen Dong was clearly just standing there, but the majestic sinister aura emanating from his body seemed to drag everyone into the abyss of the Nine Phenomena in this moment of attention.

Even the Hun King’s face could not help but turn pale without a trace of blood when he saw Chen Dong.

The outcome before him was beyond everyone’s expectations!

An existence destined for death and about to become dead, no one had expected that such a shocking reversal would actually occur!

What was even more shocking was that with the strength of his body, Chen Dong had actually thrown the Snowy Lion, which was several times bigger, out of the sky.

This throw was even more overwhelming!

“Ho ……”

Also just as he was being watched by the crowd, Chen Dong’s mouth suddenly let out an exhausted out-breath, and curls of smoke lingered in front of his mouth and nose.

Immediately afterwards, his body shook violently, the veins protruding from his muscles quickly converged, and the dark blood light disappeared at the same time.

Not waiting for the crowd to regain their senses.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong’s body went limp and fell straight to the ground, but he directly fainted.

“Greedy Wolf ……”

Xixing’s delicate body trembled, and she immediately wanted to push the Hun King away and open the door of the beast fighting cage.

But just as her hand, lifted up to land on the Hun King’s shoulder.

“Roar ……”

A low beast roar suddenly came out from the smoke and dust rolling around.

This beast’s roar instantly made Xixing’s face pale, as if a pot of cold water had poured over her, plunging her straight into the abyss of despair!