Winner Takes All Chapter 1027-1028

Chapter 1027

The threatening and angry rebuke sounded as if it was a life-threatening Sanskrit sound.

In an instant, it drove Chen Dong to a point where he had no way out.

His expression was cold and stern, hostility tumbling in his eyes.

The Hun King’s words had even cut off the deadly solution of beating the Snow Lion to death in order to obtain a reversal.

What to do?

What the hell …… should I do?

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the king of the Huns.

That face, full of fierce anger, was engraved into his eyes.

It only lingered for a moment before Chen Dong dropped his gaze to Barbara.

That delicate and thin back made Chen Dong’s heart toss and turn in huge waves at that moment.

A sourness ran through his nostrils.

The bloodshot eyes were even dense with fog.

“Greedy Wolf ……”

Xixing was lost in thought at this moment, as if his three souls and seven bodies had all left his body.

That unprecedented sense of frustration made her nearly faint at this point.

But she was still holding on, holding on strong to see the final outcome.

Her father’s determination had killed all her hopes.

It was clear to her that only one outcome awaited the man before her.

And her plan to unite the Hundred Clans would be put on hold once again with the man buried in the lion’s mouth.

Anger, resentment, grumbling, resignation ……

All sorts of emotions, like a haze from the sky, enveloped Xixing.

She couldn’t let go of the man in front of her, and she resented her father for being too small-minded and short-sighted.

The wolves have blessed her, and the gods have personally delivered such a great star to her, but because of a few threatening words, she wants to kill him in order to maintain the majesty of the Xiongnu king she is?

This is ridiculous!

The so-called king’s majesty, in Xie Xing’s opinion, was the Xiongnu in its heyday thousands of years ago, when the Xiongnu was trampling on the snowy plains and crushing all the tribes.

The years have gone by, and in the course of time the Xiongnu have flourished and declined, developing step by step to the present day, what majesty of a king is left?

There are still subordinate tribes, and there are no shortage of tribes that might be able to compete with the Huns in the Great Snowy Plain today!

For the sake of a ridiculous, self-deceiving majesty, they were determined to give up the glory of the Xiongnu’s return to its former heyday?

Shying stood lost in thought, exhausted as never before at this moment, his gaze slanted to the Hun king, full of disappointment and loss.

The Hun King met Chen Dong’s gaze, his scarlet eyes narrowing slightly as he chided, “This King …… wants you dead!”

The voice echoed within the beast fighting cage.

The determination was incomparable, domineering and brutal.

As for the prostrate guards on the ground, they had already dared not raise their heads to look.

This is because everyone is clear that their status as mere guards is simply not enough to intervene, and even to look at them would be a sacrilege.

“Hehe ……”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled ruefully, “I hope you can spare Barbara after upholding the King’s majesty.”

After saying that, Chen Dong’s expression gradually became cold and determined.

His bloodshot, foggy eyes slowly looked towards Xixing, “I also beg you to treat Barbara well.”

Xixing’s silver teeth clenched her red lips as she nodded her head forlornly.

“As long as you die, this king will never go back on his word!”

The Hun King’s voice was cold and stern, and there was even some impatience in his eyes.

Chen Dong indifferently swept a glance at the Xiongnu King, then one pair of eyes once again looked at Barbara, then it was slowly closed, no longer lingering, slowly turning around to face the Snowy Lion who was trembling and suffering not far away.

As he turned around, the breeze blew Chen Dong’s hair and took away the last trace of his face.

When the horrific wound on his back was dripping with blood in the sight of Xixing and the Hun King, Chen Dong’s face facing the Snowy Lion was already determined to die, so calm that he did not even open his eyes to take a look at the Snowy Lion opposite.

It is easy to die, but it is difficult to live!

Feeling that strong death intent coming from Chen Dong’s body.

The smugness on the Hun King’s face grew thicker and thicker, and even his right hand, which was strangling Barbara’s neck, relaxed its force once again, merely hoisting it around Barbara and holding her against the door of the fighting cage so that she would not fall.

This also allowed Barbara, who had almost fainted, to quickly fill her lungs with air.

Shying, on the other hand, staggered back two steps in a dishevelled manner, tears flowing as if they were broken pearls, only to bite her red lips with her silver teeth, forcing back her sobs even though blood was already seeping out.


The snowy lion in the cage also sensed the deadly intent of this difficult prey at this time.

In terms of sensitivity to scent, beasts were always stronger than humans.

Sensing Chen Dong’s deadly intent, the Snowy Lion seemed to have lessened the severe pain in its abdomen, and its bloody mouth bared its fangs, dripping out crystal fishy saliva, while its eyes revealed greed and excitement.

As a top predator, it knew that when its prey showed such deadly intent, it was already at its mercy!

At this moment.

The Snowy Male Lion, on the contrary, was in no hurry, moving its limbs and slowly coming towards Chen Dong.

One reason was that in its eyes, Chen Dong was already a piece of meat on the chopping block, and all it needed to do was open its mouth and bite and swallow it.

Secondly, it was because Chen Dong’s desperate counterattack had really hurt it, and the pain in its abdomen was unbearable.

The low, greedy roar of the beast echoed inside the cage.

Because of the stalemate tangle between Chen Dong and the snowy lion just now, the roar of the snowy lion time and again had long since shaken this side of space, deterring all the beasts and silencing them.

“Dying …… is really an easy thing, living …… is the hardest!”

Chen Dong murmured softly, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he could clearly feel the fishy wind from the snowy lion’s mouth pounding and raging savagely into his nasal cavity, which made him nauseous.

But now …… there was no need to be concerned.


In the midst of the silence, the snowy lion stepped in front of Chen Dong.

Its lofty and ma*sive body made Chen Dong seem to shrink in size in front of it.

Like a victor, it looked down at the human in front of it.

The fire and greed in its eyes exploded to the limit under this momentary gaze.

In the next second.


The snowy lion fiercely raised its head and let out a lion’s roar that shook the heavens and the earth, as if it was declaring the majesty of a king.

It even brought up a fishy wind, blowing its own white fur to shake violently and majestically.

As the beast’s roar echoed.

A ruthless look fiercely appeared in the Snowy Lion’s eyes as its huge beast mouth humongously opened to its limit, dropping down in the air in a brutal stance and swallowing straight down towards Chen Dong’s head.

“It’s over ……”

Chen Dong’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

This moment of waiting for death, however, seemed to become extraordinarily slow.

So slow that he could feel it all clearly, and even force down the instinctive urge to resist for his life.

A fishy wind was raging overhead, and death was about to come ……


“Uncle …… Barbara wants you!”

At this moment of declining and waiting to die, Chen Dong’s ears suddenly rang with Barbara’s weak with crying voice.


This extremely slight voice fell on Chen Dong’s ears, but it was as if thunder boomed.

Suddenly, his heart clenched fiercely.


A slap sounded out, along with a miserable cry from Barbara.

In this instant, Chen Dong instantly felt his chest clogging up.

Anger, resentment, hatred …… all sorts of emotions, as if the floodgates had opened and released, kept on top of his head.

The moment the snowy lion’s bloody mouth came to his head.

The eyes that Chen Dong had been tightly closed, at this moment, suddenly looked up and opened his eyes.

A sudden change of events.

The snowy lion’s whale swallowing motion was abruptly stopped.

In the lion’s eyes, there was even a rare look of fear.

At this moment, it met Chen Dong’s eyes, but it was as if in those cold and stern eyes, it saw a monstrous sea of blood and a mountain of corpses ……

Chapter 1028


Deadly stillness.

As Chen Dong opened his eyes, it was as if the freeze button had been pressed inside the entire beast fighting cage.

The Snowy Lion suddenly stopped, causing the Hun King and Xixing to simultaneously freeze in their tracks, their hearts and minds shaking.

What …… happened?

What has happened?

The two were shocked, but at the same time, they could clearly see the intense fear that quickly surfaced in the Snowy Lion’s pair of lion eyes.

It was as if …… they had seen a natural enemy!

It is the kind of fear that comes from the suppressed fear of the bloodline under the law of survival of the weak and the strong.

But how is it possible?

The lion itself is at the top of the food chain among the hundred beasts.

Not to mention a fae species like the Snowy Lion!

Such a fierce beast of a different species really had a weakness for fear?

The Hun King’s heart was beating like a drum at this moment, outwardly merely showing his shock, but in fact, his heart was already in an uproar.

He had personally commanded the 10,000-strong team to capture the Snowy Lion, and no one knew better than him how terrifying it really was.

How could a fierce beast that had never shown fear and terror in the face of a 10,000-strong army and countless hot and cold weapons, show such fear of its food when it was about to “eat”?

As the Huns and the star were shocked.

An even more shocking sight struck the two men like a bolt from the blue.

Eyes gazing down.

The Snowy Lion, who had stopped moving, had eyes full of fear as he slowly took a step back.

This scene.

It left the Hun King terrified and disoriented, his face full of disbelief.

Xixing was even more dumbfounded, her bloodstained red lips slightly open.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s back was turned to the two of them, but they could not see the situation.

But at this moment, as Chen Dong’s eyes opened, the majestic and vast Yin Qi tumbled out, not only did he let the Snowy Lion see the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood in his eyes.

It was not just that the Snowy Lion saw the sea of blood in his eyes, it was that the Snowy Lion saw the veins and veins on his neck and face, which were like earthworms and gnarled, hideous and terrifying.

At this moment, even as Chen Dong stood in place, he gave people a terrifying feeling of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood on his head.

The Hun King and Xixing, who were standing outside the cage, trembled at the same time, clearly sensing a horrific chill that pierced to the bone and marrow.

The moment this vicious chill appeared, Xie Xing’s sweat stood on end and a look of horror abruptly appeared on his face.

“Alone I …… have no king?”

Hearing these four words that Xie Xing squeezed out from his teeth.

The Hun king’s face twisted in steep horror, and his tiger torso trembled viciously.

“Impossible, the last time he fought against Kui Gang and entered this state, he was not this calm at all!”

Even the King of Huns could not help but question in a low voice at this moment.

He had seen Chen Dong enter the state of the One Self, No King, which was a state bordering on madness, so how could he stand still like this now?


The fear in the Snowy Domain Lion’s eyes, and the step back, were the ones that kept overlapping reality towards Xie Xing’s guesses.

Apart from that state, what else could possibly be in this man of the domain that would terrify even a fey beast such as the Snowy Lion?

It was also at the time when the Hun King was in awe and uncertainty.

In the beast fighting cage, Chen Dong, who was standing majestically, slowly raised his head.

The next second.


The sound rushed to the ninth heaven and split the sky!

This roar was like rolling thunder, echoing through this part of the world within the fortress.

It was even more deafening than the roar of any of the fierce beasts held within the fortress, or even the lion’s roar of the Snowy Region.

The King of Huns and Xixing revealed a painful look at the same time, as if their eardrums were about to be shattered through.

The many guards who were lying prostrate on the ground were equally immersed in this pain, and some of them even directly muffled a miserable scream.

Even if it was the Snowy Lion.

With this long whistle from Chen Dong, he no longer had the mighty, domineering and fierce manner he had just had, and his huge body quickly took a few steps backwards, pulling away from Chen Dong, the fear in his eyes quickly disappearing, replaced by caution.

Even as it retreated, the white fur on the Snowy Lion’s body, trembled a little.


With this long whistle, Chen Dong’s body shook violently.

A strong wind blasted from the bottom of his feet, sweeping across all directions.


The beast robe on Chen Dong’s upper body was shattered to pieces in this instant.

As the tattered robe flew in all directions, Chen Dong’s perfectly strong muscles were exposed to the light.

Only under the shocked gaze of King Xiong Nu and Xixing.

His muscles, however, seemed to be alive at the moment, slowly squirming while emitting a “creaking” sound.

“Really …… is in that state!”

The beautiful eyes of Xixing were rounded, at this moment, as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw: “Father, what if …… he really came out?”

“There is no if, Snowy Lion ……”

The Hun king denied in one breath, but before he finished his words, his gaze was noticing the Snowy Lion and he could not help but hesitate.


It was also while the Hun King was hesitating.

The Snowy Lion, whose eyes were full of caution, suddenly tilted its head and let out a lion’s roar.

The sound was deafening.

But it was as if it was responding to Chen Dong’s previous roar.

It was just like a battle of momentum between wild beasts before they fought against each other.

This made the Hun King’s heart and soul certain as he gave Xixing a sidelong glance and said, “This King, is asking for his death, do you think the Snowy Lion will let him walk out?”

The excitement on Xixing’s face abruptly dissipated as he stared apprehensively at Chen Dong in the beast fighting cage.

Father was determined to let this man die.

In Shying Xing’s eyes, perhaps only if this man relied on the state of Dok I No King and, within a very short period of time, killed the Snowy Lion in return, would it be possible to give Father a shock that would loosen his determination to kill.

But …… was it really possible?


Suddenly, Xixing, who was watching Chen Dong closely, let out a startled eek as her delicate body trembled and her willow eyebrows jumped upwards, her expression turning even more quickly to one of horror and horror.

At the same time, the Hun King also redirected his gaze from Xixing to the beast fighting cage.

Only when he saw Chen Dong, he also revealed the same shocked and horrified look as Xie Xing.

At this moment, Chen Dong was still standing in place, maintaining the motion of tilting his head.

It was only when the shattering of the beast’s robe caused a muscle to squirm while at this moment it was undergoing a mutation!

As the muscles squirmed, a blood vessel slowly graved up and protruded from the muscle.

Each blood vessel was intricately intertwined along its course, appearing to be incomparably complex.

But in the midst of the complexity, a closer look gives a sense of shock that is unfailingly tiresome, even striking.

The veins, intricately intertwined and covered underneath the muscles, appear unmistakable at this point.

It was also at the same time that Shying Xing and the Hun King noticed this strange change.

The veins that were protruding from the body suddenly glowed with a dark red light in the bright light.

It was like a blood light, wrapping around a blood vessel.

For a moment.

Whether it was Xie Xing or the Hun King, both were shocked by the scene in front of them with trepidation and numbness in their skulls ……