Winner Takes All Chapter 1025-1026

Chapter 1025


Barbara was completely dumbfounded, held high in the air by the Hun King, screaming in terror and struggling desperately.

But, how could a thin and frail body match the strength of the Hun King?

“Die …… if you want to die, if you want to die so badly, then go inside for me, and I will send you inside myself!”

The Hun King was full of fierce madness, holding up the desperately struggling Ah Barbarian with both hands, and striding towards the beast fighting cage.

“Ah Barbarian!”


She tried to get up to stop it, but the slash on her thigh made it difficult for her to even stand up at this moment.

In a panic of fear and panic, Xixing hurriedly turned her head and barked at the guards who were prostrate on the ground, “Save her, save Ah Barbara, go and stop my father!”


But… the order was not answered.

Not only did the guards present remain indifferent, but one by one they pressed their bodies even lower.

In the outer world, where slaves still existed, the system of the hundred tribes was almost feudal, and the king was like the gods, with the most supreme power.

The king wanted his subjects dead, and they had to die.

When the king kills a man, who dares to stop him?

Even though the guards present were aware that the Hun king was acting like a madman, no one dared to stop him!

“Auntie, Auntie ……”

Barbara, who was struggling in vain, was full of fear at this moment, and hissed as she stretched out her right hand towards Xixing, begging for help.

Shying’s face was pale and her heart was beating wildly.

At this moment, she too could hardly contain her tears, crying and wailing, “Father, let her go, she is still just a child ……”

While wailing, Xixing struggled to get up.

Pestling his battle sword to the ground, he forced himself to his feet, ignoring the blood running down his thighs, and stumbled but firmly towards the Hun King and Barbarian in pursuit.

“Spare? The child?”

The Hun King kept on his feet, the mad fierceness on his face growing thicker and thicker, pulling at the corners of his mouth and snorting, “I, the Hun King, want to kill, what do I care if she is a child?”

As he spoke, the Hun King had already stopped at the entrance of the fighting cage with a dragon stride.

At the same time, inside the fighting cage, Chen Dong, who was tired of fleeing for his life, also noticed the Hun King and Barbara.

“Ah Barbara!”

In an instant, Chen Dong’s entire body exploded in shock, his jealousy splitting and his hostility rising.

After a moment of dumbfoundedness, Chen Dong’s face instantly tumbled with anger, his features fierce while the veins at the corners of his eyes and neck bulged out.

“Let her go, give me …… let Barbara go!”

While running away to avoid the snowy lion, Chen Dong burst out a roar like a beast’s roar.

“Let go of her? Who is this king to be driven by you? In this Hun territory, no one can drive me!”

The Hun King’s face flopped wildly as he violently raised his hands, pushing the struggling and fearful Barbara straight into the door of the beast fighting cage.

There was a thud!

A scream of misery from Barbarian echoed at the same time.



Xixing and Chen Dong shouted at the same time.

But the Hun King ignored them, fiercely grabbed Barbara’s neck with one hand, and looked at Chen Dong in the cage with fierce fury: “The King kills you and this child just like crushing an ant. You think that because of my daughter, you are above this king?”


Chen Dong’s jealousy cracked as he looked at Barbarian, who was being choked by the Hun King and held against the beast cage, and his movements all gave a lurch.

“Watch out!”

Almost at the same time, Xixing let out a fierce blast.

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and his feet stomped the ground brazenly, directly moving out sideways towards the side.


Just as he moved out, the huge body of the Snowy Lion fell like a meteorite and landed with a bang on the spot where he was standing before.

The ground cracked inch by inch, and the terrifying impact set off a gust of wind that swept out in all directions.

Chen Dong was pushed by the wind and lost his balance, staggering and tumbling out.

Without waiting for the tumbling momentum to stop, Chen Dong slammed his palm on the ground, forcibly stopping the tumbling momentum, while bracing his hands on the ground and leaping out in the other direction.


The Snowy Lion once again landed not far from where he had just tumbled.


The Snowy Lion was furious as he fell short again.

As the king of all beasts, the prey in front of him had already worn out his patience by running away and making him pounce time and time again.

When it landed again and missed, the Snowy Lion did not chase after Chen Dong again with a roar.

Instead, it raised its majestic lion’s head and locked its gaze on Barbarian, who was being held against the door of the beast fighting cage by the King of Huns, in a flash.

The next second.

The Snowy Male Lion pounced directly towards Barbarian outside the fighting cage door.

After dodging the Snowy Male Lion’s lunge once again, Chen Dong did not wait for the Snowy Male Lion’s next lunge, he could not help but turn back in shock, and when he did, he saw that the Snowy Male Lion was heading towards Barbarian.


Chen Dong’s body shook violently as a thunderclap exploded in his mind.

At the same time.

The Hun King stood madly and hideously at the entrance of the beast fighting cage, his right hand was like an iron vise, strangling Barbara’s neck and slowly applying force.

“Uncle …… uncle ……”

The barbarian instinctively struggled, hands and feet scratching and stirring, but the strength and the Hun king is simply a world apart, can not break free.

Instead, as the Hun King’s right hand slowly exerted force, a strong sense of suffocation, swept away.

Barbara opened her mouth wide and cried out while desperately trying to breathe.

But it was still like drowning, the air in his lungs being rapidly squeezed out, but it was difficult to draw in fresh air.

Her face was gradually turning white, her lips were turning purple and her consciousness was rapidly blurring.

Even the struggle of his arms and legs was getting smaller and smaller.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down inside this beast-fighting fortress.

The Hun King alone was in charge of the whole scene, and his right hand was slowly applying force to Barbara’s neck.

The guards were all prostrate on the ground, trembling.

From her angle, she could just see Barbara’s face, the quick pale face and purple lips, and for a moment, her mind went blank and her body felt like a knife.

The snowy lion gave up on Chen Dong as a target and also ran quickly and wildly towards Barbara.

Chen Dong …… was left standing in place.

He could not see Barbarian’s face, but he could make out Barbarian’s arms and legs, which were swinging more and more slowly, like black clouds above the sky, rapidly pressing down on top of his head.

This made Chen Dong feel like the sky was falling, and his whole body was in a trance of fear.

In his mind, however, it was as if electricity was pa*sing through him, and a scene of being with Barbara and Barbara’s brother quickly came to mind.

He had been dug out of the snow by the slave caravan, but he had survived under the shelter of Barbara and Barbara’s brother.

The two children, relying on their frail bodies, survived the desperate situation by shielding him hard.

Barbara’s brother, for his sake and Barbara’s, had died a horrible death in the streets the night he escaped the nightmare of slavery.

He remembered the words Barbara’s brother had said when he had shoved the blood-stained crumbled cake into his hand.

“Your life, my sister saved, please …… don’t, don’t leave her behind, take her, well, live ……”

These words were spoken at the time when Barbara’s brother was on his deathbed.

Yet at this moment, it was like a shocking thunderstorm, booming in Chen Dong’s mind.

Everything, as these words surfaced in his mind, all became fast.

Chen Dong’s eyes steeply narrowed into slits, his killing intent blazing, his body even more blood boiling.

“No one, can hurt Barbara, I want …… to bring her to life!”

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong’s feet fiercely stomped the ground, his momentum was like wild thunder, and he dashed towards the Snowy Lion with determination.

“Even if there are mountains of corpses and blood, and heavenly dangers ahead, for Barbara’s sake, I have to go forward!”

Chapter 1026

Snowy Lion, come on!”

Inside the beast fighting cage, Chen Dong’s roar shattered time that seemed to be slowed down.


As he roared, Chen Dong dashed towards the Snowy Region Lion without fear of life or death, while the dagger in his hand, directly broke through the air and shot at the Snowy Region Lion.


The sudden scene caused a few moments of clarity to fiercely return to the Hun King’s crazed and bloodthirsty eyes.

He looked in shock at Chen Dong, who was running wildly towards the Snowy Male Lion after the Snowy Male Lion, and inexplicably, his heart suddenly throbbed.

Was there suddenly such a great blood courage?

“Greedy Wolf ……”

Xixing, who was approaching towards King Hun and Barbarian, was also completely frozen when he saw the scene in the beast fighting cage.

This was the first time, after Chen Dong had been chased by the Snowy Lion for so long and fled for his life, that he had actually met the Snowy Lion head on.

The reason …… for Barbara?

Xixing’s gaze drifted and her heart seemed to stop beating for a few beats.

A man, for the sake of a child, so unhesitatingly choose to meet death?


The dagger that broke through the air stabbed the Snowy Lion in the side, penetrating a few points and bringing up a cluster of blood splashes.


The Snowy Lion stopped dead in its tracks and roared in pain.

Its huge body shook violently, sending the shallowly penetrating dagger crashing to the ground.

At the same time, it turned back in anger, but its eyes glowed with a sharp look.

In its sight, the prey that it had been pouncing on but could not get, was now charging towards it.

This caused the Snowy Male Lion to instantly drop all of its attention on Chen Dong and ignore Barbarian at the entrance of the beast fighting cage.

“Come on, your prey is me, don’t you want to eat me? Then get me killed and feast on me!”

At this moment, Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, his eyes full of determination, and even though he was locked by the gaze of the Snowy Region Lion, his wild running steps did not slow down a single bit.

This was the only way he could save Barbara outside the door of the fighting cage.

For he knew clearly that the Hun King dominated everything, even if he was deliberately dodging after attracting the attention of the Snowy Lion.

But as long as the Hun King had a stranglehold on Barbara in his hands, he could force him into submission again and again.

His counterweight …… is Barbara!

Although he had lost his memory, he was still clear that a great man stands between heaven and earth, a promise is like a mountain.

This was what he had promised Barbara’s brother when he was on his deathbed.

His life was also given by Barbara and Barbara’s brother, or rather, it was Barbara’s brother’s death that brought back his life.

If he really had to give up this life today in order to save Barbara, he would not hesitate to do so.


The ferocious aura in the Snowy Lion’s eyes burst out abruptly.

In the next second, his four paws fiercely propped up the ground, and his huge body, with a fishy wind, rushed directly towards Chen Dong as if it were a tarzan moving across the ground.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was also in a determined stance to die, and his speed increased instead of decreasing, like an arrow off the string.

“Heh ……”

The corner of the Hun King’s mouth pulled, and his right hand, which was strangling Barbara’s neck, slowly relaxed some of its force.

Getting the slightest hint of rarefied air rushing into his lungs, Barbara’s consciousness suddenly regained some, just a little.

His arms and legs were no longer struggling and swinging, and his eyes were closed.

It was only the purple lips that murmured softly, “Uncle ……”

“Greedy Wolf!”

Xixing’s teary eyes looked at the miserable and decisive scene of the fighting cage.

In her opinion, Chen Dong had rushed straight towards the Snowy Lion, completely seeking death on his own in order to save Barbara.

He was simply no match for the Snowy Lion!

This was simply a desperate, and unsuspecting battle!

In a flash of lightning.

Dang jang ……

The battle sword in Xie Xing’s hand slipped to the ground.

With a poof, Xixing knelt on both knees, teary-eyed and pearly-eyed as she begged the Hun King not far away, “Father, how, how on earth can you spare Greedy Wolf and Barbarian? Demon Mother, can give everything!”

It was clear that she was crying and pleading, but when it fell on the King of Xiongnu’s ears, it was like a needle and a knife cutting.

He was the King of the Huns!

The daughter he had doted on and held in the palm of his hand had done all this today, all of which had swept away his majesty and made his heart cut like a knife, cold as ice.



Even to the point of losing his mind and becoming mad.

Never before had he …… wanted to kill a man so badly at this moment!

“My king, as long as he dies!”

The Hun King did not even turn his head back, his gaze fixed deadly on the scene in the fighting cage, and decisively squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

Shy Xing completely went limp on the ground, pearly, her shellfish teeth clenching her red lips, forcing back her sobs, but her teary eyes were staring intently at Chen Dong in the fighting cage.

Is …… there really no way out?

Since childhood, she has never experienced this kind of helplessness and despair at this time.

Proud as she was, the first time she was in such a state was no less than the sky falling!

“There is a chance, there must be another chance!”

As Chen Dong rushed towards the Snowy Lion, he was still constantly admonishing himself in his heart, “If you are still, you will live, if you are chaotic, you will die.”

Even he himself was not sure why he was in such a state.

It was as if there was an inexplicable thought in his mind that was always controlling him, keeping him calm and collected.

In a flash of lightning.

A man and a beast were already close at hand.

A sharp aura burst out of Chen Dong’s eyes.

As the Snowy Lion swung its right front paw, his legs lashed out and he directly lunged forward, using the inertia of his wild run, his chest beast robe pressed against the ground, directly and narrowly avoiding the falling paw of the Snowy Lion and sliding underneath it.

In a snap of his fingers, Chen Dong tugged on the white fur on the Snowy Lion’s abdomen with both hands, then with a knee strike, he thumped the Snowy Lion’s belly, and with a wail from the Snowy Lion, his hands and feet fired at the same time, instantly pulling himself out from under the Snowy Lion’s abdomen and quickly backing up towards the Snowy Lion’s side, pulling away.

The abdomen is the softest part of the animal, and also the biggest fatal point.

At this moment, this was the only way Chen Dong could think of to traumatise the Snowy Lion!

Apart from trading his own death for Barbara’s life, the last resort, that was for him to beat the Snowy Lion to death!

And this kick had indeed done its damage.

As Chen Dong drew back and flew back, the Snowy Male Lion’s wailing did not come to an abrupt end, and its huge body trembled and twitched violently because its abdomen had been hit.

And this scene.

The only people who saw this outside the beast fighting cage were the Hun King and Xixing, both of whom had their hearts and souls shaken.

Is this …… all still able to fight back?

The king of the Huns, in particular, had hostility in his eyes, and while he was shocked, his anger was skyrocketing like a rocket.

The scene just now was like a heavy hammer hitting his heart hard.

Judging from his martial arts realm, what Chen Dong had done just now could already be described as the highest level!

Every inch of it had been grasped to the extreme, with the intention of killing him before he could live!

But at such a cost, the consequence could be that the slightest mistake would mean that there would be no life after death!

When ordinary people face the Snowy Lion, they would have already been scared and frozen in fear.

Anyone who could face such a ferocious beast and still have the will to fight was already a man of strong will.

To be able to do what Chen Dong did, to fight like a trapped beast in a situation of certain death, to show a desperate counterattack when he was threatened with death.

Even if the Hun King had seen countless people, in his entire life, he was the only one in the cage to have done so!

However, the Hun King no longer had the heart to care about all this!

The so-called genius, when it offends the king’s majesty, becomes no longer precious, and death is the final destination.

“What I want is not for you to resist, but for you to die!”

The Hun king murmured fiercely, then snarled in anger, “The king wants you to die, you must die, if you don’t die, then this girl’s neck, the king will immediately break her neck!”