Winner Takes All Chapter 1023-1024

Chapter 1023

With a roar from the Snowy Lion.

Outside the fighting cage, there was wreckage everywhere.

And inside the fighting cage.


The Snowy Lion shattered the floor and leapt up in a single bound, directly pouncing towards Chen Dong.

The momentum of a tarzan crushing the ground was vast.

The bloodthirsty rage was overwhelming.

The wild wind howled.

Chen Dong’s body swayed violently and a fishy odour instantly poured in between his mouth and nose.

His eyes were glued to the sky.

He looked at the snowy lion that was pouncing brazenly in the sky.


There was no other way but to escape!

In an instant, a decision was made in Chen Dong’s mind.

He had the will to fight to his last breath deep into a deadly situation.

But he was not a reckless crossbreed who only knew how to fight to the death.

Given the disparity in strength, there was no other way but to delay and look for an opportunity.

If he fought hard, he would only die on the spot.

Even though he was prepared to die, he was not willing to die in his second fight with the Snowy Lion.

The moment the Snowy Lion came to his head.

At the same time, he stomped back with his right foot, using the metal bars of the fighting cage to give a fierce push, and shot out like an arrow from a string.


Behind him, the Snowy Lion landed so hard that the ground crumbled, sending up a terrifying aura.

The terrifying Qi swept over Chen Dong’s body, instantly causing the wound on Chen Dong’s back to feel as if it was bitten by a million ants, and directly caused Chen Dong to lose his balance, and he was directly shaken by the Qi and fell to the ground, rolling around several times.


Before he could stabilise himself, Chen Dong slapped his palm on the ground, stopping his tumbling momentum with the strength of one arm.

At the same time, he stomped the ground with his feet and, without looking around, relied entirely on his instincts to scamper a distance in another direction.

When he landed, he looked back and saw that the Snowy Lion had already appeared at the spot where he had just tumbled, and the Snowy Lion’s huge eyes were obviously a little stunned.

Chen Dong did not stop and leapt out when the Snow Lion moved his paws.

He did not dare to stop, and could only rely on constantly moving his position to stay alive.

If he stopped for a moment, once the Snow Lion pounced on him, he would be killed in one blow!

In his current state, every time he struggled to run, his back was stretched with a huge pain that went straight to the marrow of his bones.

Not to mention that Chen Dong had never doubted the hunting ability of this kingly beast of the snowy plains!

Staying too long would only create the most perfect time for the snowy lion to pounce!

“Calm …… calm …… only absolute calmness can spy a ray of life in the midst of absolute death, no chaos, one chaos is death ……”

In the midst of exhaustion, even though the wound on his back hurt into his bones, but Chen Dong’s expression remained cold all the time, only occasionally pulling the corners of his mouth and eyes because of the huge pain, while his gaze, however, was a flicker of essence, as if flames were turning over.

While his battle intent was raging, he never looked the least bit flustered!

Because of Chen Dong’s rapid escape, even the Snowy Lion was tired of chasing after him, and every time he built up his momentum to lunge, he fell short.

One fled, the other chased.

Inside the cage, the man and the beast were chasing each other, and the Snow Lion was constantly roaring in anger.

Outside the cage, everyone was dumbfounded, their minds blank as they watched the close calls inside the cage.

No one could have imagined that a game of certain death would turn into a hunt to the death!

No one could have imagined that a man could be so tough and tenacious in a situation where he would die.

In the eyes of the crowd, the Chen Dong in the cage could no longer be described as a wretched mess.

It could even be described as being like a stray dog on the street, using all his strength and recklessness as he prayed for his life.

But, it was such extreme wretchedness that did indeed make this deadly battle, a long and stagnant one.

“So strong, Heavenly Wolf is on top, worthy of being a Snowy Plains Junk who could enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy, such a will to fight is truly too terrifying!”

“If it were me, perhaps, perhaps even if I survived the first paw of the Snowy Field Lions, the latter, I would already be desperate enough to wait for death, but he …… is still desperate to live!”

“Not just the will to fight, you see his escape route, although haphazard, but his eyes are always firm, no panic, and even several times I feel like he predicted where the snowy lion pounced, terminated the forward route in advance and changed direction, this combat instinct, if not against the snowy lion, but fighting with people, it is estimated that …… estimate are able to ignore a cut-off strength gap, right?”


A group of guards, at this time gazing at the incredible scene within the fighting cage, have been unable to contain, horrified to discuss up.

And listening to the crowd’s chatter.

The Hun king’s face was as gloomy as black charcoal, gritting his teeth and gnashing his teeth, his tiger’s eyes swelling with depression.


His hands clenched into fists and clicked.

“Gryphons seeking survival? Is that how desperate you are? Why waste time when you are doomed to die?”

The Hun King murmured softly, his voice sounding as if he was squeezing it out of his teeth with all his might.

And on the other side.

Shying and Barbara were both pale, terrified and nervous as they watched the desperate scene in the beast fighting cage.

“Uncle …… aunt, please find a way to save uncle.”

Barbara clung to Xixing with both hands and begged bitterly, “Auntie, why don’t you let me go and replace uncle? Barbara no longer has a home, Barbara is willing to go to heaven to be with her father, mother and brother ……”

Xixing’s delicate body trembled.

At this moment, there was no more panic or nervousness on the pale and stunning face.

She gritted her teeth and said firmly, “Barbara, Uncle is Auntie’s husband, Auntie will definitely save him!”

She said.

She was the one who carried Barbara and quickly walked to the Hun King.

Sensing Xixing approaching, the Hun King laughed disdainfully, “Demon Lady, the sharp sword you are looking for down south is no more than that, facing the Snowy Lion, he is still struggling for his life and is in a mess like a dead dog, since he is that strong, why don’t you let him kill the Snowy Lion?”

The strong teasing, at this moment, made the Hun King’s chest incomparably smug.


The words had not yet ended.

There was a poof!

Xixing directly knelt down on both knees, her beautiful eyes instantly filled with tears, banging her head on the ground, tearfully crying and begging, “Father, please, let Greedy Wolf go, my daughter has begged you for two things in her life, the first one is to order all the clans to join forces on my daughter’s behalf, the second …… daughter begs you to let Greedy Wolf go! ”

Almost at the same time.

A barbarian also kneeled in front of the Hun king, crying pearly tears, head more than a smash on the floor.

Bang Bang Bang ……

“Great King Xiong Nu, please spare Uncle Barbarian, Uncle has misbehaved, Barbarian is willing to take Uncle’s place in the fighting cage, I beg King Xiong Nu’s grace to allow it!”

A series of kowtowing was soon causing Barbarian’s forehead to be stained with blood, pitiful to the extreme.


A sudden scene.

It was like an explosion of thunder, instantly causing the Hun King to freeze, and causing everyone present to look over in horror.

Looking at the large and small ones kneeling on the ground, everyone but ignored Barbara and instead stared at Xixing in horror.

When did the demon lady …… humble herself to such a degree?

Chapter 1024

As the princess of the Huns, the jewel in the palm of the King of the Huns.

From the moment she was born, Xixing was surrounded by stars and starlight.

Even if she wanted the star Sirius in the night sky, the King of Xiongnu would find a way to satisfy her.

In everyone’s eyes, Xixing was the pride of the heavens, a woman who was loved by all, and there was never a time when she was so humble.

What’s more, it was for a man!

If word of this scene got out, it would definitely shock the whole Great Snowy Plain, and even the clan leaders would be stunned and dumbfounded.

The pride of heaven, whom they treated like a wolf, was now kneeling down several times for a man ……, humbly begging?

This …… is simply sensational!

The Hun king’s gaze was dumbfounded as he looked at Xixing on the ground, his eyes were red.

At this moment, it was as if the chest cavity was piled up with depressed qi, blocking it, and his voice was hoarse as he scolded, “Demoness …… I am your father!”

At these words, the faces of the people present also swooned and changed greatly.

It was clear to everyone that the man in the fighting cage, the reason why he ended up in his present state, was because he had just threatened to provoke the King of Huns in public.

The King’s majesty is not to be desecrated!

To threaten the life of the King of Xiongnu was a great calamity, even if it was to be punished by the nine clans.

It was because of Xixing’s pleading that the scene in the cage now came about.

But now, in the cage, that arrogant man, who knew not what he was doing, was in a stalemate with the Snowy Lion, but no one doubted the final outcome.

On the contrary, Xixing once again begged the Hun King?

This is nothing short of disobedience!

To disregard the love between father and daughter!

Was that man …… really worth the cost to Shying?

Faced with the King’s hoarse question, Xixing’s eyes filled with tears and her red lips trembled as she said, “But he really can’t die in the cage, I hope father will think of the bigger picture!

After saying this, Xixing slowly leaned down and knocked her head on the ground.

This scene caused the crowd’s eyes to widen to the extreme, and their eyeballs were about to fall to the ground.


It was insane!

Such a big thing, not to mention the high and mighty King of the Huns, even an ordinary man could be magnanimous enough to forgive after being threatened with his life!

On the contrary, in the eyes of everyone, the Hun King was merely upholding his kingly majesty as a matter of common sense, yet he was stopped so decisively by his own daughter, which was …… simply ridiculous!

“Xixing, do you think that because the king has pampered you too much since you were a child, you think that the king has no bottom line in front of you and can do whatever you want, when you want it?”

The Hun King’s eyes were wide with anger and his body was trembling, his heart was like a knife and his body was like oil cooking at this moment.


The ultimate rage.

It was as if a volcano had built up in his chest and was about to burst out in a fury at this moment.

He was the King of the Xiongnu!

The supreme ruler of Xiongnu, above all others.

The majesty of a king is not to be desecrated.

This is the majesty that has been built up over thousands of years in Xiongnu, the absolute arrogance that has been put on generations of Xiongnu kings.

If the majesty of the king can be desecrated at will, then what is the meaning of the existence of the Xiongnu king?

An inlander had touched his boundaries.

Now his own daughter wanted him to lower his limits for the sake of an inlander, this was like tearing his scales!

A dragon’s scales will kill him if he touches them.

The king’s scales will also kill him if he touches them ……!

“Father, please father, promise Xixing ……”

Xixing prostrated himself on the ground and pressed his head against the floor, oblivious to the mind and tone of the Hun king.

At this moment, no one was paying attention to the life and death chase in the fighting cage anymore.

Everyone’s eyes were on the Hun King and Shying Xing.

The air seemed to freeze completely, suffocating people to the extreme.

One by one, the guards were even more chilled and frightened, their scalps exploding.

The tit-for-tat between father and daughter, and with such a stalemate about Xiongnu’s majesty, the slightest slip of the tongue and a single shock of the King of Xiongnu’s anger would be enough to bring them, the guards, into the fray.


Only one person did not know how dangerous the situation really was.

That was Barbara!

Barbara’s little pink face was already brimming with tears as she whimpered and sobbed.

After taking a look at Xixing, who was kneeling and kowtowing, Barbara knelt down and moved forward, crying while approaching the Hun king, while whimpering and praying: “Woooooooooo …… great Hun king, please, please let uncle go, as long as you can let uncle go, Barbara is willing to go in for uncle to come out of the …… whimpering ……”

The Hun King’s eyebrows were knitted, and his sullen, hidden fierce face showed a strong impatience.

He suddenly felt very noisy.

The scales had been touched, and he was already irritated to the extreme himself.

Now the whimpering and crying sounded like a million sharp needles stabbing him in the eardrums.

But the Hun King paid no attention, still staring deadly at Xixing on the ground: “Raise your head!”

The voice was low, but it smacked of determination.

Xixing’s delicate body trembled and she slowly lifted her head.

As she did so, two lines of tears covered her beautiful face.

This scene made the Hun King’s heart cringe even more, and that indescribable pain became more and more fierce.

“Good, good, good!”

A series of three good words spat out from the King of Xiongnu’s mouth through clenched teeth, the King of Xiongnu’s body swayed and staggered back: “O demon mother …… ever since you were ten years old, the King has never seen you cry once again, finally ah, finally after this ten years, I see you crying again, good, really good, the King has worked so hard The daughter that the king has worked so hard to raise and treat like a pearl, now that she has grown to adulthood, she has started to push her father back at all costs for the sake of an inlander, haha …… hahaha ……”

The sound of laughter echoed in everyone’s ears.

Yet it contained endless pain and self-deprecation.

The crowd was in a state of horror.

The next second.

The smile on the Hun King’s face abruptly disappeared and was replaced by no longer the slightest suppression of majestic anger.

“This is not only the majestic face of the king, but also the majesty of the king and the face of the king that Xiongnu has accumulated for thousands of years. The king will never accede to your unreasonable plea, even if you force him to do so with your life!”

The voice burst out in anger, resounding and resolute to the point that no one could refute it.



The cold light was bitterly cold.

With a speed so fast that no one could react, Shying turned around and drew the battle sword on the guard beside her, and then, with determination on her stunning face, the battle sword in her hand slashed brazenly towards her thigh.


Blood splattered.

Shying’s stunningly beautiful face even revealed a painful look.


“Demon Lady!”

The sudden scene caused everyone present to turn pale and terrified.

Even the thunderous and furious King Xiongnu, who had not expected this, was now showing a look of fear and heartache.

“Father, my daughter’s life, and his life, are tied together!”

Blood gurgled from her thighs, but Xixing looked determined as she slowly crossed her blood-stained sword in front of her neck: “If he dies, I die, if he lives, I live!”

The Hun King’s body shook and he was completely frozen, his face only filled with shock and disbelief.

And all the guards present, moreover, with these words of Xixing, prostrated to the ground in unison, trembling.

“Auntie ……”

Barbara was so frightened that her pretty face turned white and her cries grew louder: “Woooooooooooooooo …… King Hun, please, woooooooooooooo …… Aunty is already like this, please let my uncle go… …ooooooooooo ……”

The cries and howls echoed in the frozen King Hun’s ears, causing the King Hun to be annoyed and his mind to churn as if it were lava.

A pair of angry eyes, moreover, were quickly covered in scarlet.

“It’s noisy, it’s annoying, you’re simply noisy!”

The Hun King stepped forward, and with a scream from Barbara, he lifted her straight into the air.


Shying’s face turned pale with fear and she immediately tried to stop it, but the tremendous pain in her thigh made her just about to stand up, and immediately her features twisted again and she fell to the ground with a poof.

At this moment, the Hun King was as angry as he could be, so angry that he was mad.

His eyes were scarlet red and he stared at Barbara with endless madness and ferocity, “If you want to die so badly, then go and die and feed the snow lions with that man!”