Winner Takes All Chapter 1021-1022

Chapter 1021


A loud, deafening sound.

Chen Dong clearly saw the behemoth figure in the darkness, struggling to lift the heavy iron door, which was not yet fully open, upwards with a hard arch.

With that.


As the lion’s roar exploded.


The behemoth, with a long leap, landed directly from the darkness, to where the lights shone.

“Hiss ……”

When the Snowy Lion landed in the metal corridor leading to where Chen Dong was, a chilling sound resounded in the room.

All of them were so frightened and scared that even their gasps were deliberately suppressed to the faintest, fearing that a single movement would attract the attention of the Snowy Lion in the metal corridor!

Barbara was so frightened that she burrowed her face directly into Xixing’s arms, but worried about Chen Dong, she peeked out a little and quietly peered in.

Xixing’s flowery face was pale and her heart suddenly tightened into a ball at this moment.

Even if they were watching from afar, no one could ignore the overwhelmingly crushing beast king’s might!

Even the Hun King was shocked for three seconds before his gaze gradually became fiery and a fierce cold smile appeared on his face.

Chen Dong looked at the Snowy Lion at the end of the metal corridor, and at this moment, he suddenly felt a sense of despair as his feet hollowed out and he plunged straight into the abyss.

He was already trying to adjust his state, he was already prepared!

But as soon as the truly overwhelming contrast appeared, even the best preparation, even the best form, felt like it was faltering and crumbling.

In sight.

The Snowy Lion jumped out of the darkness and landed, not rushing towards him, but pacing in place, his cold lion eyes sweeping everything around him, as if he was searching for prey, or as if he was a king out of his cage, inspecting his territory.

As he paced, the space was filled with his fearful pressure, and all the beasts were silent, as if everything had fallen to death.

Even with its four feet on the ground, it was nearly two metres tall, a cut above Chen Dong’s height!

The sturdy and huge body gave people a visual shock!

The snow-white fur, like satin, covered the huge body, expanding the sense of oppression even more.

The bearded hair is wild and majestic!

Such an existence, even from a distance, could feel the oppressiveness of the king’s might.

What’s more, there was no obstacle between Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion at this moment!

For as the Snowy Lion leapt out of the darkness, his four feet landed heavily on the floor, cracking it to pieces on the spot.

A terrifying physical intimidation, every move carried a terrifying killing power that would split one’s liver and guts.

As the snowy lion paced, he could even see that the sharp claws on his four feet, sharp as if a curved battle knife, were set into the claws.

Did such a terrifying creature really exist in this world ……?

The longer he gazed at the snowy lion, the more the confidence Chen Dong had just piled up seemed like an avalanche that was rapidly collapsing.

He was sweating profusely, and the chill entered his marrow.

Even his legs were faintly trembling while he was weak.

This great terror, born of instinct, was simply difficult to contain!


The pacing Snowy Lion raised its right front paw and swung it violently at a metal tube, which was as thick as a man’s leg, on the metal pa*sage.


The sound was like a thunderclap.

The metal tube, which was almost as thick as a man’s leg, let out a sound that made people’s teeth sore, and suddenly deformed.

This scene.

Chen Dong’s heart was beating wildly as he watched.

Even the people present were shocked.

Immediately following.

The Snowy Lion suddenly became extremely agitated and rampant.

While pacing in place, the lion’s roar reverberated in his mouth, and his sharp claws were slamming and scratching down on the metal channels around him.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The dead silence of the entire field, at once sounded explosive.

The metal corridor of a piece of metal fence, but also in the snow field male lion’s sharp claws smashed, quickly twisted deformation.

This scene made everyone tremble with fear.

Some of the guards had even placed their hands on their hot weapons at their waists.

Faced with such an unparalleled beast, they did not even have the courage to step forward with cold weapons, only hot weapons at some distance apart could grant them a trace of courage!

“King, the Snowy Lion is agitated and violent, but doesn’t seem to be interested in the Greedy Wolf?”

A guard standing beside the Hun king said apprehensively, “If we let the Snowy Lions rush out ……”

Not waiting for him to finish.

The Hun King then gave the guard a sidelong glance and said proudly, “The King is majestic, he would rather die than enter a prison! Such a supreme beast, proud of a hundred beasts, how could it be willing to be imprisoned here by this king?”

As a king, King Xiongnu was naturally aware of the Snowy Lion’s temperament.

After a pause, King Xiong Nu raised his eyebrows and smiled, “However, this King is the King of Xiong Nu, he will definitely be able to tame this Lion King, just watch, when it is furious for a period of time and cannot get out of its trap, all its anger and fierce hostility will be poured onto Greedy Wolf, the longer the Snowy Lion struggles now, the more violent the fierce nature it will pour onto Greedy Wolf later, the more stormy and thunderous it will be!”

The guard’s pupils tightened, and his expression was appalled to the extreme.

In its normal state, the Snowy Lion was already so domineering and overwhelming.

If it entered a state of rage ……

Sure enough.

As the Hun King’s words fell.

The snowy lion inside the metal corridor had stopped attacking the metal corridor, and the thick metal around it was all twisted and deformed in a miserable way.

But the Snowy Lion, after struggling in vain, was now also slightly open its mouth, a trace of sticky saliva dripping down to the ground, the mouth was still dense with rolling hot air, the huge lion head, slowly turned its head to look at Chen Dong.

The fierce lion’s eyes, however, were now filled with anger, and the orbs were covered with a dense layer of red blood.

The moment the Snowy Lion gazed at Chen Dong.

Everyone present, including Chen Dong, felt that time was silent.

The next second.


The lion’s roar, filled with fury, exploded.

The lofty and ma*sive body of the Snowy Lion fiercely moved its four feet and ran wildly towards Chen Dong.

As it ran wildly, the four feet landed on the ground, the earth trembled, and the loud sound shook his ears.

Chen Dong, who was standing in the cage, felt like he was facing the Snowy Lion, who was coming straight at him.

As the Snowy Lion ran wildly, it even set off a fishy, foul-smelling wind that swept through the entire Beast Fighting Cage!

“Come on!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s face steeped in fierceness, the corners of his eyes and the veins on his neck bulged out, his eyes tossed with killing intent, and his muscles even thumped up in a grave at this moment.

Even though he knew it was a dead end, he couldn’t just sit there and wait for death!

Even if he died, he would die standing up, fighting to his last breath!


The dagger in his right hand shot out a cold light.

“Dagger? Shying Star?”

The Hun King’s face changed as he cast a sidelong glance at Xixing, who was already pale to the core by now, but then shook his head and returned his gaze to the beast fighting cage.

As the Snowy Lion rapidly approached, the contrast between the stature of one man and one beast came to the fore!

Chen Dong’s body was not so sturdy as to explode, but after a long period of devil training, his body was still strong.

But even though he was still some distance away from the Snowy Lion, Chen Dong’s figure looked small and weak compared to the Snowy Lion.

“So what if it’s a dagger? Even if you, Demon Lady, gave him a gun, a Dragon Rider Battle Sword of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he would be a certain death!”

The Hun King narrowed his eyes and smiled disdainfully, “Overrate the tree without measuring yourself, it’s just a mantis ……”

Chapter 1022





Inside the deadly silent fighting cage, the Snowy Lion charged towards Chen Dong at breakneck speed.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps shook the earth.

The Lion King’s mighty pressure swept across the entire field.

Terror, tension, resignation ……

All kinds of emotions haunted Chen Dong’s entire body.

Chen Dong’s eyes and neck were bulging with veins, and his muscles were thumping and ready to strike.

His gaze, however, was like that of a hunting falcon, unblinkingly staring deadly at the snowy lion that was getting closer and closer.

The chance …… may only come once!

To live …… to die!

And outside the fighting cage, everyone closed their breathing tightly and watched the scene in horror.

Only the Hun King had a disdainful smile on his face.

This was a deadly fight without suspense!

In his mind, the final outcome was in no doubt!

It was nothing more than enjoying a bloody tearing and devouring.


When the Snowy Lion burst out of the metal pa*sage and into the fighting cage, it was as if space opened up, and its head, which had been slightly bent down, was once again raised a notch, and the terrifying oppression, which was like a mountain moving sideways, rose again by a large margin.

Without stopping, the Snowy Lion opened its bloody mouth, revealing its fangs, and charged directly towards Chen Dong.

“Come on!”

In the nick of time, Chen Dong, who had already built up his momentum to the utmost, let out an explosive roar, clutching his dagger tightly, and charged directly towards the Snowy Region Male Lion.

This scene.

Everyone’s pupils tightened as they watched.

My God!

This madman, when facing the Snowy Lion, actually had the guts to face up to it?

It was simply …… crazy beyond belief!

“Greedy Wolf ……”

Shy Xing hugged Barbarian tightly, and Barbarian also hugged Shy Xing tightly.

At this moment, a large and a small two people, as if they were cheering for each other.

Barbara was even biting her lips tightly, forcing her eyes to be full of tears.


With an explosive roar from the Snowy Lion, its huge front paw, like a titanic mountain pressing down on top of it, brazenly slapped down towards Chen Dong who was close at hand.

The wind howled.

Chen Dong even felt that the top of his head had fiercely darkened.


When he felt the Snowy Lion’s sharp claws slap down, Chen Dong used all his strength and stomped his feet onto the ground, directly shooting out in the air as if a cannonball was discharged.


The crowd was in an uproar and shouts of shock echoed.


The snowy lion’s sharp claws shattered the ground, sending smoke and dust everywhere.

The moment the Snowy Lion’s claws landed on the ground, he also appeared in front of the Snowy Lion, his body bowed fiercely and the dagger in his hand sliced directly across the Snowy Lion’s neck.

Poof ……

The moment the dagger cut into the Snowy Stallion’s neck, a strong feeling of resistance was transmitted along the dagger to Chen Dong’s hand.


Chen Dong was instantly shaken to his core.

The dagger cut into the neck of the snowy lion, giving him the feeling of cutting into thick rubber, but it was only …… able to cut!

This is simply not enough to kill!

It didn’t even break the Snowy Lion’s defenses!


Noticing the pain on his neck, the Snowy Stallion suddenly let out an angry roar.

Not waiting for Chen Dong to use his forward inertia to make the dagger inflict more damage on the Snowy Stallion’s neck.


Chen Dong’s body suddenly stiffened as the howling wind sounded behind him, causing him to instantly lose his mind.

There was no time to dodge!

There was no way to dodge!


Almost instantly, Chen Dong felt as if his back had been rammed by a speeding locomotive, and a sharp pain that tore through his flesh instantly swept through his body, and he flew backwards in the air.

Boom, boom, boom!

Chen Dong crashed heavily against the metal bars of the fighting cage and fell to the ground.

Upon landing, Chen Dong spurted out a large mouthful of blood, staining the beast’s robe on his chest red.

But he didn’t dare to slow down, so he raised his hand and grabbed the gap in the bars, using his strength to quickly get up.


A huge pain!

It wasn’t just the pain of his internal organs being shaken and tossed about.

It was also the pain of the flesh on his back being torn, which was like burning.

The Snowy Lion’s claw had not only shaken his internal organs, but the sharp claws had also directly torn several bloody slashes on his back.

Even, if it wasn’t for the angle just now.

Chen Dong had no doubt that this claw would have been enough to tear him into several pieces!

Even if he wasn’t torn apart to the bone and flesh, it was probably just a layer of skin attached!

“Greedy Wolf!”


Xixing and Barbara screamed in fear at the same time.

“Don’t come over!”

Chen Dong bowed slightly and let out a roar, his eyes narrowed into slits as a cold aura exploded, yet he was always locked on the opposite Snowy Lion.

He did not dare to be the slightest bit careless and was fully focused on the Snowy Lion on the opposite side.

This was a battle where the disparity was so great that it was desperate.

So great that it was a world apart, a difference of clouds and mud!

In just one encounter, a single swing of the Snowy Lion’s claws left him seriously injured.

Careful what you wish for and you’ll still be alive!

Whether it was size or strength, the two sides were simply not on the same level!

If it wasn’t for luck just now, with a single swing of the Snowy Lion’s claw, the outcome of the battle would have been known!

After slapping Chen Dong away with one claw.

The Snowy Lion did not attack immediately.

Instead, it stopped where it was, tilted its head sideways and stretched out its scarlet tongue, licking the wound on its neck, as well as the blood stains stained on its long snow-white fur.

The small dagger did not even cut its skin, and only a little blood flowed out, which was not serious to the Snowy Lion.

But, as a lion king, the king has his own majesty.

It …… may not allow its snow-white fur to be stained with blood.

The actual fact is that this is a very small human being, not even a little bit of caution, so you can lick your wounds and blood with such ease.

Tick …… tick ……

As time pa*sed, Chen Dong’s face always showed a painful look, and the lacerations on his back were dripping blood onto the ground.

Xixing and Barbara looked pale with pain and horror.

All those present were also silent and scared to death.

In their vision, they could clearly see three hideous wounds spread across Chen Dong’s back, the skin and flesh turned outwards, and the blood-red flesh was flowing and staining the ground with blood.

The shock of blood made everyone’s scalp tingle.

Even if these guards, all of whom were the best in the Hun army and had spent years in battle, could not help but smack their lips at the wounds on Chen Dong’s back.

If it were an ordinary man, with such a serious wound, he might have lost his fighting ability long ago!

But the man in the fighting cage was still standing at this moment, even fully focused and ready to fight, a will to fight that was so terrifying that it sent chills down the spines of these guards.

“Actually not dead?”

The Hun King was also in the same state of shock, what he had expected, or Chen Dong being killed by a single blow from the Snowy Male Lion!

After all, when the Snowy Lion had been captured, the Snowy Lion had killed all the Huns, but to all the Huns, all beings were equal and killed in one blow!


The Snowy Lion that was licking its white fur stopped and slowly raised its head, its eyes full of anger, staring at Chen Dong angrily.

It seemed to be angry at this mole-like human who had defiled its white fur.

The next second.

“Ow roar!”

The Snowy Lion suddenly opened its bloody mouth, and a heaven-shattering roar exploded in this side of the world.

Clanging ……

In an instant, the guards, who were already tense, were shocked by this roar, some even dropped the weapons in their hands, and some guards …… even fell limp on the ground on the spot!