Winner Takes All Chapter 1019-1020

Chapter 1019

As Chen Dong reached into the life and death sign tube with one hand.

It was as if the entire cage had fallen silent for an instant.

Everyone’s heart lifted and their eyes burned with anticipation.

However, their thoughts were different.

Xixing and Barbara were worried and apprehensive.

The ordinary guards, on the other hand, were all watching as if it were a hilarious event.

As for the Hun King, his expression was cold and stern, and his face was still thick with anger.

The moment of reaching out his hand seemed like a long time had pa*sed.

When Chen Dong slowly drew his right hand out of the life and death stick tube.

Everyone’s heart was in their throats, their heartbeats racing as if they were about to jump out of their chests.

Even Chen Dong was nervous when he took out the beast selection stick.

But when he saw the beasts on the sign, he felt a bolt from the blue.

His whole body froze in place and he cursed out loud, “D*mn it!”

The guard who had already followed behind Chen Dong took the stick directly from Chen Dong’s hand.

Once he saw the beast on it, even the guard could not help but give Chen Dong an extra look.

Shaking his head, the guard then turned around and said loudly, “Snowy Lion!”


The four words were thunderous explosions.

In an instant.

Everyone was boiling with clamour.

“The Heavenly Wolf is above! Surprisingly, it’s the Snowy Land Lion, which is the strongest fierce beast in the fighting cage!”

“It is said that three years ago, when the king was out hunting with a team of ten thousand people, he found a Snowy Lion and managed to capture it only after losing the lives of hundreds of people!”

“I know more than you do, when the king put the snowy lion into the fighting cage, the snowy lion was fighting with a Siberian tiger, at that time the Siberian tiger was the strongest fighting force in the fighting cage, but in the face of the snowy lion, it was eventually reduced to food!”


Even if the Hun king was present, these guards, at this time, could not help but argue about it.

On the other side.

When Xixing heard the words “Snowy Lion”, his whole body suddenly felt like the sky was spinning, and he lamented in his heart: Is it really the sky that will kill you?

According to common sense, there could not be any lions in the snowy plains, and lions should have been the kings of the gra*slands.

But the snowy lion was indeed captured three years ago when the Hun king was out hunting!

It was a species so rare in the snowfields that the King of the Huns regarded it as a good luck charm and gave a three-day banquet in his palace to all the lords and nobles!

Perhaps it was also because of this unnatural existence that this snowy lion was as powerful as it was terrifying!

What these guards were talking about was the loss of hundreds of lives when the Snow Lion was captured.

What they didn’t know was that among the hundreds of lives …… were five future generals of the Skywolf Academy, and two dozen officers with superb martial arts skills who held important positions in the military!

Each and every one of them is no ordinary person!

The martial arts strength, all of them are the best among people, the peak of existence!

“Uncle ……”

A barbarian’s pretty face was white and her clear eyes were full of worry, suddenly she turned her head to Xixing’s face and pleaded, “Auntie, can you, can you save uncle?”


That was already saving!

The way she expected to save him, if she had drawn a fierce beast like the coyote, even if there were more of them, with this man’s strength, there was a high probability that he would be able to get out of the cage alive.

However, the heavens had not blessed her, and she had drawn a Snow Lion.

This is heaven’s will to kill him!

“Demon Mother, Father has given him the chance, he drew the Snowy Lion himself, this is because the heavens wanted him to die, he had to die!”

The Xiong Nu King even had a smug look on his face at this moment, and his eyes were full of coldness as he looked at Xixing, who was frozen in place: “The Snowy Lion, this is the top beast, he was able to draw this beast, and Father cannot look petty, if he can walk out of the beast fighting cage, not only will the King forget everything he did before, but he will also be promoted to the rank of Xiong Nu General, in charge of the army!”

He had been in a state of wavering, no, rather, the Hun king had been in a state of wavering and indecision, indecisive and hesitant, about this man whom Qigang had taken a liking to and wielded the whip southwards in conjunction with the Hundred Clans.

So after Kui Gang’s life was hanging in the balance, and Wu Gang’s warlord perished on the spot, he angrily wanted to kill Chen Dong in anger.

Compared to Shying’s pattern, the Hun King thought more of stabilising the situation in Xiongnu today, and as for wielding the whip southwards, one step at a time, there was always a chance!

His attitude was not as firm and resolute as that of Xixing’s, so after suffering heavy blows from the General Star and the Warlord of the Wolf House one after another, he also took the life of this “sharp sword of the south” more lightly.

In the midst of Chen Dong’s threat just now, he was also thunderstruck and instantly equated Chen Dong with death, and was not as magnanimous as Xixing.

However, it was precisely because of his indecisiveness and his love for his daughter as a father that he fell into line when Shying requested to open the cage.

By chance, the heavens were going to kill this man!

He, the King of Huns, naturally had no qualms about it.

He was not stupid, so he naturally had to show more generosity in front of his daughter.

When a person dies, father and daughter still have to get along every day in the future.

It was only …… Xixing who ignored the Hun King’s promise.

She stopped where she was, holding Barbara, feeling the sky spinning while her eyes were black and her body was weak.

Great General?

What might! What courage!

What was the point of making such a promise, knowing that he would surely die?

To appear generous? To appear magnanimous? To show that you have courage?

“Father, father, if you were king, the Xiongnu would have been doomed to continue to decline, unable to save the world, and you knew he would die under the snowy lion, so what is the point of making such a promise?”

This was the thought in Xixing’s mind.

Even as the thought appeared, the corners of Shying’s mouth curled up into a disdainful smile.

Ever since she was a child, this was the first time she had despised her father!

In a trance.

Shying felt some wetness on her cheeks, and as she returned to her senses, she leaned Barbara back gently, and instantly saw two lines of tears at the corners of Barbara’s eyes.

It was just that Barbara’s lips were tightly obliterated, forcing her to hold back her sobs.

At the time when Xie Xing saw Barbara’s tears, Barbara also made a silent gesture at the same time, forcing down her sobs and whispering, “Brother and uncle, let Barbara be strong and not cry ……”

Shying was instantly stunned, Barbara’s words seemed like a sharp knife that cut fiercely at her heart!

“Into the beast fighting cage!”

The guard who had been standing beside Chen Dong gave Chen Dong a disdainful glance and said with a sarcastic tone, “You are D*mn talented too, the fighting cage is said to have dozens of fierce beasts, you drew the top Snowy Lion with this hand, you deserve to die.”

If it was before, with his status as a guard, he would never dare to speak like this to Chen Dong, who had entered the Heavenly Wolf Academy.

But now, having drawn the Snowy Lion, it had become a certain death sentence, and the guard had no doubt that this man in front of him, even if he was the number one person in the Skywolf Academy, Lord Kui Gang, would end up as food for the Snowy Lion.

Respect and awe have never been the way to treat the dead!

Chapter 1020

Inside the fortress, the roar of the beast echoed in the ears.

In full view of the crowd, Chen Dong looked cold as he stepped into the beast cage.

Bang Teen!

The huge metal door closed with a sound.

“Uncle ……”

A hissing voice with a crying tone suddenly came from behind him.

Chen Dong slowly turned around, and under the bright light, what caught his eyes was Barbara’s puffy little face, forcing herself to hold back her sorrow.

He tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled gently.

Following closely.

Barbara slowly shouted, “Uncle …… is going to walk out!”

Chen Dong nodded, and then was slowly turning around.

Under the spotlight, his movements were slow, only as he turned around, the gentleness and smile on his face disappeared, replaced by an endless gloom and coldness.

Subconsciously, his right hand was placed on his belt at his waist, lined with the dagger that Shying had just quietly slipped to him.

At this moment …… the only thing he could rely on was this dagger!

“Walk out? What a joke!”

Hearing Barbara’s words, the Hun King gazed morosely at Chen Dong’s back, “If you could defeat the Snowy Lion with just one man’s strength, then the King wouldn’t have lost so many of his beloved generals back then!”

The voice murmured, but only the King of Xiongnu and the few guards around him could hear it.

The next second.

With a twinkle in his eye, the Hun King shouted, “Greedy Wolf, the King will grant you one more promise, if you can walk out, the King will not only forgive you and make you a great general, but will also erect a monument for you in the King’s city, to be worshipped by my Xiongnu son’s name for generations to come!”

“Father, that’s enough!”

Xixing let out a hiss, her stunning face filled with a bitter coldness.

The Hun King was indeed making a promise.

But it was clear to everyone that when facing the Snowy Lion single-handedly, it was a certain death sentence!

What’s more, the man in the fighting cage had no gun, no horse, and the only thing that could serve as a weapon was the dagger she had just quietly given him!

She knew the details of her father’s capture of the Snowy Lion, so she knew better than to a*sume that the dagger would be more of a comfort than nothing!

In the end, it was only by piling up human lives and exhausting the lion that the capture was successful!

It is true that making promises to the living can win the hearts and minds of the people and show off one’s strength.

But to make such a promise to a dead man is a blatant insult and a mockery!

That man, the man she had dreamed of, the man she had wanted every day and night!

It was the man she had picked out of a million to be her “sword to the south”.

Because of the change, because the Hun King was her father, she was already looking for room for manoeuvre for both sides, but she really didn’t expect Chen Dong to draw the Snow Lion directly from a handful of life and death sticks.

When the guard shouted out the words “Snowy Lion” just now, Xixing already felt a sense of uncertainty as the sky spun and the earth turned black.

But there was nothing she could do to stop it, everything was up to fate.

She had even prepared herself in her heart to accept Chen Dong’s death.

But she would never allow it, and her father, at this moment, still did not spare Chen Dong any humiliation or ridicule.

A man’s dignity, even in death, should be upheld!

Hearing Xixing’s rebuke, the Hun King’s face immediately turned gloomy to the extreme.

He was the king of Xiongnu, above all others, and to be reprimanded by his own daughter in public was indeed a bit embarra*sing.

But …… Xixing was his daughter.

This made him helpless!

It was also at this time.

In the beast fighting cage, Chen Dong, who had already turned around, but suddenly sneered.

“King Xiong Nu, this is what you yourself promised, a ruler has no more words, a king’s order is like a mountain, if I, Greedy Wolf, can really walk out of the fighting cage today, I still hope that you will not …… miss your words!”

The words were resounding, and instead of being angry at the Hun king’s humiliation, he was full of confidence.

This confident stance, invariably directly out of the eyes of the Hun king.

A shocking statement.

Everyone in the audience was frozen in their tracks.

Even the King of Xiongnu’s pupils tightened, and the only thing left in his sight was Chen Dong’s frost-covered, confident and askance face.

With these words from Chen Dong.

Xixing, who was in a state of agitation and anger, was abruptly stunned.

It was as if a fist had smashed into her heart, making her heart pound.

It was a very special feeling that even she could not describe.

“Being in a deadly situation, he can still endure humiliation and look at everything out of the blue, how strong is his heart ……?”

Xixing speculated in her heart, such a situation, such a humiliation, if it were anyone else, they would have been unable to keep calm.

But now, the man in the cage was turning around confidently.

“Heh ……”

After a short silence, the corner of the Hun king’s mouth outlined a bitter smile: “This king’s promise is as heavy as a thousand pounds, if you can walk out, all the previous words will count, provided …… you can walk out!”

The laughter that rolled like thunder echoed, and at the same time, the Hun king slowly raised his right hand.

The moment the words ended, his right hand fell violently.

“Release the beast!”

Rumble ……

The beast slaves, who had already prepared themselves, immediately began to open the gate that was holding the Snowy Lion.

The sound of chains scratching, the sound of the big thick iron door slowly opening.

At this moment, it echoed throughout the whole place.

What’s more, it made everyone look solemn, and some even subconsciously took a step backwards, their hands clenched into fists.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong gathered up the cold smile on his face and slowly turned around as he exhaled a heavy breath.

His expression was cold and his gaze was like a torch.

All attention, at this moment, was all withdrawn and fell towards the darkness where the sound came from.

All the noise around him gradually faded away, and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the big iron door and the chains scratching.

Chen Dong’s right hand quietly reached into his belt and gripped the dagger, holding it with a firm grip, with sweat even faintly seeping out of his palm.

Just as he waited, his face, too, had long been covered with beads of sweat.

He was not sure!

But he knew that what the Hun King had just said was a deliberate attempt to humiliate him.

It was at that moment of humiliation that, inexplicably, he suddenly developed a strange confidence, which is why he turned around and responded to the Hun King’s words.

It was as if a voice in his head was telling him, “Even if you die, you must die standing up! How can a seven-foot man stand up to the sky and be humiliated by ridicule?


In the darkness where Chen Dong was watching, a lion’s roar suddenly exploded, shaking the heavens and the earth.


In the darkness, a foul-smelling gust of wind poured out directly towards Chen Dong.

The wind blew Chen Dong’s robe and made Chen Dong’s eyes narrow into slits as he stared into the darkness with all his eyesight.

The sound of the lion’s roar shook the sky and the earth, but it also shook the heart.

The moment the roar and the fishy wind appeared.

Outside the cage, even the Huns could not help but retreat in fear, their hearts beating faster and their organs reeling.

The space where the roar of the beasts had been echoing was also abruptly silenced with the roar of the lion.

The king of all beasts, his majesty was displayed to the fullest!

Thud, thud, thud!

Almost simultaneously, the earth began to tremble and the sound echoed like thunder from a drum.

Chen Dong’s heart plummeted, his sweat hairs standing on end at this moment.

An unprecedented sense of crisis overwhelmed his entire body, causing him to instantly fall into an ice cave and chill all over.

In the darkness of his vision, there was a huge creature that was becoming clear ……