Winner Takes All Chapter 1009-1010

Chapter 1009

The descent of the very night.

Enveloping the Great Snowfield in complete darkness.

It blurs the concept of time while making the streets walk with people and ghosts.

But the hundred tribes from outside the realm who have been deep in the Great Snowy Plain for thousands of years have long since become accustomed to the very night and have long since worked out the division of time.

The Hun king stayed awake the whole night.

It was not the lack of sleep, but the worry and shock in his heart that made him toss and turn, making it difficult to sleep.

The worry was for the Kui Gang.

The shock was for the man from the domain called Greedy Wolf.

The great doctors of the thirteen cities of the royal court were out in full force, and this was already the best medical force the Xiongnu could muster.

Even so, it took a whole night of resuscitation to pull Kui Gang back from the ghostly gate.

Only a few moments ago, someone came to report that Kui Gang was out of danger and had turned to safety.

As the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, Kui Gang relied not only on his own talent and hard work, but also on the training of the Xiongnu royal court.

If he had died prematurely, the Xiongnu would have been able to bear the cost, but the Xiongnu king would have resisted!

Each and every one of them is a pillar of the future Xiongnu!

In the King’s heart, every one of them was a great treasure!

But he had never expected that Kui Gang, the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, whom he regarded as his greatest treasure, would be so vulnerable when facing that man from the domain.

Yesterday’s battle had not only sent Kui Gang round the ghost gate.

It had even beaten the Hun King’s face plate to a huge pain, as if it was on fire.

Even Kui Gang, who had comprehended fifty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, was weak to this extent when facing that person, how strong was that person ……?

Although his heart was resigned and he could not believe it, the Hun King had to admit that Chen Dong was powerful!

When he learned that Kui Gang had comprehended the fifty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies, the Hun King had taken him as the best candidate for the Hundred Clans to wield the whip south to counteract Huo Zhenxiao!

But the reality of yesterday’s battle had taught him a good lesson.

The strength of the two was clearly high and low.

Clearly, the person the Demon Mother had found was more suitable to fight Huo Zhenxiao!


Just as he was lamenting, a familiar voice rang out from outside the door.

The Hun King raised his eyebrows, raised his hand to rub his swollen and astringent eyes, and said, “Demon Lady, come in.”

When Xixing walked into the room, she looked around the room and said, “Father has been up all night?”

The Hun King smiled noncommittally.

Then he lamented grimly, “Demon Lady, it is indeed you who are right.”

The Xiongnu King, the most powerful man in the Great Snowy Plain who wielded the most power, could not have needed to say such words to anyone.

But to his own daughter, there was still a lot less evasion after all.

“Father, she was handpicked by me, as you can see from the video at the beginning!”

Shying said calmly, “Thank you, Father, for your approval.”

Without being condescending, her words and expression, she was no longer as angry as she had been yesterday.

The Hun King looked at this daughter, young in age, but was working hard to accomplish, what he had never dared to think of in his life.

“Demon Lady, perhaps you are indeed more suitable to rule Xiongnu than my father!” The Hun King blurted out.

With a single word, he shocked Shying into blushing and hurriedly fell to his knees.

“Father, Demon Mother has never dared to have such a mind, not to mention that Demon Mother is a daughter, and no daughter has ever succeeded to the throne in Xiongnu since ancient times, Demon Mother just wants to do something for the Hundred Tribes, so that Xiongnu can re-establish the former glory of the King of the Hundred Tribes of Xiongnu in Father’s generation!”

A hurried and panicked explanation.

It made the depths of the Xiongnu King’s eyes, however, become a little more soft.

The next second.

The Hun King leaned back in his chair wearily, no longer looking at Xixing, but rubbing the bridge of his nose to himself, “Say, what is the matter with coming to see father so early in the morning?”

Xixing knelt on the floor and did not get up, but looked up at King Xiong Nu respectfully, “Father, I want Greedy Wolf to enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy and enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body!”

She was the jewel in the King of Xiongnu’s crown, so she was well aware of how big a secret was hidden in the Heavenly Wolf Academy.

Seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, that was the martial inheritance created by the Xiongnu when their horses trod the snowy plains and combined the strengths of all the hundred tribes!

To put it politely, these seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies represented the highest and strongest martial dao inheritance of the hundred tribes in the Great Snowy Plain!


The Hun King’s eyes suddenly went round in shock as he looked at Xixing, “Demon Lady, how long have you only been spending with him? And you want him to enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy? Do you know that the Heavenly Wolf Academy carries the secrets of the Hun King’s court and the strongest martial dao of the entire Great Snowy Plain!”

“If he grasps the secrets of the Xiongnu royal court and also a part of the martial dao in the Skywolf Martial Dao body, and then absconds to return to Zhenjiang City, do you know how harmful that would be to the Xiongnu, and to the entire hundred tribes of the Great Snowy Plain?”

The tone of his voice was agitated, one could even say that he had lost his temper.

But the matter was of great importance, and it was no wonder that the Hun King had acted in such a manner.

“Father, I know all about it!”

Xixing nodded earnestly, “But there is not much time left for us! When huge benefits are placed before us, it is all worthwhile to take a desperate gamble!”

“I disagree!”

The Hun King refused in a dry and decisive manner.

Shying said with some reluctance, “But he has lost his memory, he doesn’t remember that he was a recruit in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he only remembers that he was a Greedy Wolf who was dug out of the snowy plains and almost sold into slavery, a name I gave him, and now, he is also my husband!”

“It is possible to regain memory even with amnesia!”

The Hun King said in a deep voice, “You have caused the hundred tribes to join forces and want to go south, my father will not oppose and will even support you, but you have allowed a foreigner to enter the Sky Wolf Courtyard, which carries the highest secrets of the Huns, such a risk, with even greater benefits, I am not willing to gamble!”

The Sirius Courtyard is the highest secret of the Xiongnu royal court!

Once a foreigner was allowed to enter, this was undoubtedly, in the Xiongnu King’s eyes, stripping himself clean and then standing naked in front of others to be played with.

“You know, every Hun who enters the Heavenly Wolf Academy is approved to enter only after my father has pa*sed the examination over the years, and even for other tribes, they are only allowed to enter after they are sure to be completely naturalised Huns.”

The Hun King’s gaze was stern, and the majesty between his brows was no longer restrained at this moment, “But now, you are so bold, my father will never agree!”

“But only the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in the Heavenly Wolf Academy can quickly boost Greedy Wolf’s strength, giving him the capital to resist Huo Zhenxiao when his army heads south!”

Xixing stood up and said with a resolute face, “If he is not there to counteract Huo Zhenxiao, this Hundred Clans, this Xiongnu, the vast sea of people, who can counteract Huo Zhenxiao?”

The Hun king’s expression sank and he was about to retort.

But Xixing flung his sleeve robe: “Don’t mention Kui Gang, he’s not even qualified to carry Huo Zhenxiao’s shoes! Father, your so-called number one warrior was beaten to death by a foreigner in your eyes yesterday.

Chapter 1010

You ……”

The Hun king was directly choked by Shying’s words, and his face turned red.

The truth was.

After thinking about it all night, he had also determined that that man was indeed stronger than Kui Gang and more suitable to fight against Huo Zhenxiao.

Otherwise, when Xixing walked in, he wouldn’t have said those words.

As he thought, if it was gradual and step-by-step cultivation, he wouldn’t mind letting this foreigner become a future counterweight to Huo Zhenxiao’s existence.

But Xixing’s suggestion was just too adventurous!

He had just met the person yesterday, and today he wanted to send him to the Heavenly Wolf Academy.

Too late to examine, too late to scrutinise.

To directly open the door to the highest secrets of the Huns towards this foreigner was no less than directly welcoming the heart to the sharp knife in the other party’s hand.

Life and death, all in the other’s hands!

This was what the Hun king was most worried about.

But if he looked at the Xiongnu, no, but at all the tribes of the Great Snowy Plain, there was no one better suited to fight Huo Chenxiao than this foreigner!

“Father, he is the only one! Relying on that state of being alone without a king, and then expecting to enlighten a few Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies for martial strength boosts in a short period of time, it is only possible to resist Huo Zhenxiao, or at least have the qualifications to delay Huo Zhenxiao.”

The usual flirtatious look on Xixing’s face was no longer there, and the heroic aura between her eyebrows was incomparably firm: “If someone can counteract Huo Zhenxiao, then what have the Xiongnu and the Hundred Clans been waiting for all these years? Father knows this, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is not scary, what is scary is Huo Zhenxiao!”

Resounding, unapologetic words.

It was like a burning red sharp knife, plunging directly into the Xiong Nu King’s heart.

It made the corners of the Hun King’s eyes bulge with blue veins and keep jumping wildly.

The hands beneath his sleeves were clenched into fists.

Anger, intense anger.

It was building up in the King’s chest, making him clogged to the point of desperation and desperate to explode.

Any father who was forced by his daughter with such words would find it hard to bear.

Not to mention the fact that he was the highest authority in the Xiongnu kingdom!

He was unable to refute his anger, even though it was raging, because he had pointed out the most deadly points of the Xiongnu and the hundred tribes.

Inside the room, the air seemed to freeze.

Shying and the Hun King were both imposing, tit for tat, not giving an inch.

But the Hun King’s gaze flickered from time to time, and there was clearly a hint of hesitation.

This hint of hesitation was perfectly captured by Xie Xing.

Xie Xing took a deep breath, “Father, all these years, Huo Zhenxiao led the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, pressuring our hundred tribes outside the domain to shrink, even though all the major tribes would try to attack Zhenjiang City by all means, but Huo Zhenxiao, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and Zhenjiang City, still stand tall on that flat border, this is the greatest shame of our domain! ”

“With a small victory, if this time we really lead the Hundred Clans to successfully tread down Zhenjiang City and go to the ten thousand miles of fertile fields in the domain, we Xiongnu will also regain the supreme glory of the former Hundred Clans’ royal court, and father will also be recorded in the Hundred Clans’ history books, becoming the true King of Xiongnu among the Hundred Clans in the new era!”

“Instead of …… relying on the shade of our ancestors and deceiving ourselves with the few remaining glories of the royal court, as we are doing now!”


Every word was like a big thunderbolt.

One after another, they struck the King of Huns in the heart, causing him to convulse and stagger back into his chair.

At this moment, the Hun could no longer remain calm.

His eyes were bright and uncertain, his chest rose and fell violently, and his mouth made a ragged, rapid breathing sound like a bellows being pulled.

Shying’s words were hard to accept, one might even say they were sharp and murderous.

But word for word, they really spoke to the pain of the Hun King!

And to reunite the Hundred Tribes and regain the supreme glory of the Hundred Tribes of the Xiongnu Kings was something that every Xiongnu King had dreamed of doing since the decline of the Xiongnu!

But the momentum was gone, and one King had to accept the reality.

But now, the Huns saw hope!

Pain and great temptation lay before him at the same time, and the Hun’s mind fluttered violently.

His hands, which were hanging down on the armrests of the seat, kept clenching, unclenching and clenching again.

Shying also said no more, and stood silently, waiting for his father’s final response.

What had to be said, what had to be done, she had done it all.

If her father still insisted, there was nothing she could do.

It had always been a case of high risk and high reward going hand in hand.

In her view, exposing the Huns’ top secrets to an amnesiac insider in return for a powerful force against Huo Zhenxiao.

The ratio of input to output was totally worth the risk!

What’s more, there was another prerequisite that temporarily made the rewards of this matter now far outweigh the risks.

That is that …… that man still has amnesia and she becomes that man’s wife by the way!

Time pa*sed slowly.

The house was silent enough to listen to a needle.

Xixing’s gaze is deep and his eyes are downcast, but he does not rush or show his anxiety.

Father was the King of Xiongnu, the real ruler of Xiongnu today.

Everything had to be decided by her father.

Just as when she wanted to bring the hundred tribes together and issue the decree of the hundred tribes, she did so under the premise of relying on her father, the King of Xiongnu.

Although the Huns were dying, they still had their former power and there were still some subordinate tribes under their command.

The majesty of the Hun King …… still existed too!

“Phew ……”

Half a long time later, the Hun King finally exhaled a heavy breath, but his gaze was no longer hesitant, looking firmly at Xixing.

“Demon Lady.”

“In, Father.”

Xixing’s heart was in her throat, and beads of sweat instantly seeped out of her nervous palms.

If no one could resist Huo Zhenxiao, even if the Hundred Clans’ army relied on the tactics of the sea of men and really did trample down Zhenjiang City and swing their whips south, there would still be one, two, or even more armies of Great Snow Dragon riders appearing as long as Huo Zhenxiao lived!

If someone could resist Huo Zhenxiao, or at least manage to delay him, then when the Hundred Clans went south, when they razed the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, they would be able to join forces with a thousand armies and completely destroy Huo Zhenxiao.

With the loss of this god of war, the pillar of the nation, it will be much easier for the Hundred Clans in the future!

“Father agrees with your suggestion, let that man enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy!”

With a thick, low voice echoing through the room.

The restless Xixing looked at the Hun King with excitement and joy, “Really, you agree?”

“You are right, it is time to gamble for once!”

The King of Xiongnu nodded, battle spirit surging in his eyes, “If the gamble is successful, Xiongnu will return to being the king of the hundred tribes in the past, if the gamble is lost, the big deal is to go into even more decline!

“Thank you, Father!”

At this moment, Xixing knelt down respectfully to the King of Xiongnu.

The Hun King, however, had his smile curtailed and said in a deep voice, “But there are words in advance, since he is allowed to enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy, he is only allowed to enlighten the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, and I will arrange for people to monitor him in the Heavenly Wolf Academy, the rest of the place, he is not allowed to go or peep, otherwise, this is a big gamble that Father will give up, even if you have tied the knot with him in front of the Heavenly Wolf, Father would rather let you be widowed, but to cut him off!”