Winner Takes All Chapter 1007-1008

Chapter 1007

Inside the room.

The lights are charming.

Soothing, melodious music echoes.

A strange and exotic fragrance wafted through the air.

It was very different from the cold, windy and snowy night outside, as if it was two worlds.

Chen Dong sat quietly on the warm, soft bed, wrapped in his bathrobe, his bare shoulders still dense with moisture.

But at this moment, Chen Dong was staring deep into the bathroom door.

On the frosted gla*s, there was a graceful and enchanting silhouette, and the sound of “clattering” water coming from the bathroom was evocative.

Thinking about what was going to happen next, Chen Dong couldn’t help but feel a little hot.

After waiting for a long time, the sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped.

Immediately afterwards.

With a click, the bathroom door opened.

The first thing that caught Chen Dong’s eyes was a long white leg.

It was as white as jade, crystal pink, from the toes to the leg, it was the most perfect work of art, seductive and infinite.

The drops of water that flowed down added to the seductiveness of the long leg.

Even Chen Dong, who had been mentally prepared for this scene, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when he saw this scene violently, his face flushed red and his eyes went straight.

The bath towel was so short that it only covered the upper part of her thighs, revealing a large area of snow-white skin.

On top, her shoulders were also bare.

As she stepped forward, Shying lowered her head, a little shy, her ears a little red.

This was her first time, and although she was able to do whatever it took, the thought of what was to come made the untouched woman shy.

But such a shyness, when it fell into Chen Dong’s eyes, added a little more seduction.

In a trance, the whole room was ambiguous to the extreme.

Chen Dong’s breathing became rapid and his eyes stared straight at Xixing.

When Xixing walked in front of Chen Dong, her jade feet paused and the fragrant breeze met Chen Dong’s face.

Chen Dong could not help but narrow his eyes slightly and slowly raised his head, taking a deep breath and his gaze becoming misty.

“This is what you’ve been owing me since you and I got married.”

Xixing’s chest rose and fell slightly as she took a deep breath, as if she had made a huge determination.

The next second.

She slowly raised her head, her stunningly beautiful and charming face flushed with red, her gaze bewildered as her jade hand slowly and gently raised.


Chen Dong was defenceless and was gently pushed back onto the bed by Xixing.

The next second.

In Chen Dong’s line of sight, Xixing quickly came down on top of him.

There was a softness on his body, a soft jade fragrance, and his mind was swirling.

Four eyes facing each other.

Everything, at this moment, had become charming and seductive to the extreme.

“Goo dong ……”

Chen Dong’s throat twitched and swallowed down a mouthful of saliva: “You are so beautiful.”

“It’s time for you to pay me back what you owe me.”

Xixing smiled lightly, and then slowly closed her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering gently as she slowly lowered her head and catered towards Chen Dong’s lips.

Chen Dong was pressed into the bed by Xixing, and in his vision at this moment, there was only Xixing’s stunningly beautiful and seductive face.

Time seemed to have slowed down at this moment.

The dryness of his body made Chen Dong’s mouth feel dry.

Consciousness was even in a blurred trance.

“As long as we pa*s this night, then this man, belongs to me ……”

This was the thought in Xixing’s mind.

She wanted to completely take hold of this man, and undoubtedly entrusting herself completely to this man was the best way to take hold of him.

When the water is ready and the raw rice is cooked, in the future, even if this man does regain his memory and has a home to hold, she is not worried that this man will abandon her.

A new recruit, with so-called faith, really won’t be too strong.

And when the Hundred Clans join forces and swing their troops south, she is confident that she can make this man beneath her an indestructible sword against Huo Zhenxiao!


Just when Xixing’s heart was pounding and she could feel the warmth between her lips.


A strange change occurred abruptly.

“Mmm ……”

A muffled grunt of pain rang out from Chen Dong’s ears.

Xixing’s movements froze.

Not waiting to react.


The Chen Dong underneath him suddenly let out a painful and miserable cry.

“Greedy Wolf, what’s wrong with you?”

Xixing’s delicate body trembled as she hurriedly opened her eyes, but her eyes were no longer filled with Chen Dong’s previously infatuated and parched face, but a face with distorted features and painful hideousness!

This scene made Xixing’s entire body dumbfounded.

“It hurts, my head hurts, it’s going to, it’s going to explode ……”

Chen Dong’s five senses were twisted, and his mouth kept sucking in cold air.

In his mind, the sudden sharp pain that appeared was like countless sharp needles picking at his nerves, going straight to the depths of his soul, simply unbearable.

It was just like the pain he felt when he remembered it!

At this moment, under the stimulation of the severe pain, how could Chen Dong still have any half-evil thoughts.

“Don’t try to remember, don’t try to remember, calm down ……”

The woman was so frightened that she could hardly care about male and female love at this moment, and hurriedly raised her hand to rub Chen Dong’s temples.

Only, the pain did not abate, instead Chen Dong’s distorted face, the face became more and more pale.

“No, no memories, it hurts, it hurts ……”

Chen Dong grimaced, sucking in cold air backwards, his headache splitting.

No memories?

Then why does it hurt?

Xixing froze at once, after being together with Chen Dong for so long, every time this man in front of her had a splitting headache, it was always because of memories, but this time ……

The next second.

“Go away!”

Chen Dong, who was struggling in pain, suddenly raised his hand and pushed Xixing.

Caught off guard, Xixing let out a scream and was pushed by Chen Dong, falling straight off the bed.

She struggled to her feet, her face full of horror, and was about to step forward.

Chen Dong, who was already curled up in a ball on the bed, hissed hoarsely, “Don’t come over, don’t come near me, go away!”

While hissing, Chen Dong’s body kept twitching.

The scene was excruciatingly painful and wretched.

Xixing was completely dumbfounded, Chen Dong’s resistance suddenly made her body seem to be hollowed out, and her vision became a bit dazed.

“Your headache …… is because of me?”

Stunned and lost in thought, Shying’s blood-dripping red lips slowly let out a shocked cry of disbelief.

But Chen Dong, who was wrapped in a huge pain, did not respond.

Xixing froze in her tracks.

Although she was anxious about Chen Dong’s pain, she stood still for a while and did not go forward.

Time pa*sed.


The twitching of Chen Dong’s body, who was curled up on the bed, had obviously weakened a lot.

Such a change made Xie Xing’s heart twist like a knife, and at the same time, his whole body was a bit frantic.

What the hell is going on here?

Why is the headache this time because of me?

On the snowy plains, countless warriors have fallen under my skirt, longing for a kiss, but I didn’t care, and now I’ve delivered myself to you, and you’re in pain because of my proximity?

The unprecedented frustration, the shame, swallowed Xixing up like a tsunami.

Her red lips mumbled and she staggered back two steps, her stunningly beautiful and graceful body, as if losing its support, sat down directly on the chair, staring at Chen Dong with eyes wide open.

As she moved away, gradually, Chen Dong’s body stretched out, and although his face was still pale, and he was also still breathing heavily and sharply, his features were stretched out.

“Hugs, sorry.”

Chen Dong said to Xixing guiltily.

Xixing was struck by lightning, indignantly and unwillingly biting her red lips with her silver teeth, she got up and lunged at Chen Dong.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it’s really because of me that you’re in this kind of pain!”


The moment the delicate and soft body, touched Chen Dong.


Chen Dong’s body shook violently and he let out another miserable cry.

Chapter 1008

A sudden scream of misery.

It was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

Xixing was completely frozen in place, his body froze in place and no longer approached Chen Dong.

Frustration, shame, resignation ……

All sorts of emotions swept through her body, like a sharp knife, cutting into her body fiercely.

Under her dull gaze.

The near Chen Dong, as she froze, was so wretched that he rolled and crawled straight off the bed, then crouched in the corner of the bed, trembling with pain and breathing heavily.

Chen Dong’s reaction was like a heavy hammer, hitting Xixing’s delicate body hard.

At this moment, she had the feeling of being stripped naked and thrown out on the street, completely and utterly invaded by everyone’s gaze.

Ever since she was a child, because of her looks and because of the favours of the Hun King, she had been like the Sirius Star in the sky, always on high and sought after by countless people.

This has created pride, and unparalleled confidence in her.

So even when she was in the company of the Hundred Clans, showing her face and attracting countless handsome men from the Hundred Clans to pursue her, she did not care and ignored them.

For she knew that her man would be the strongest man in the world!

However, when she thought this man appeared in front of her, she went out of her way to deliver her first time to this man.

The end result was that her proximity caused this man pain and outright rejection!

My God!

Why did this happen?

Why would the gods do this to me?

Xixing never thought that this scene would happen before her eyes.

When it really happened, even she was caught off guard and was at a loss for words.

For a woman to willingly surrender her chastity, only to be met with resistance, was the greatest humiliation under the heavens!

Gradually, Shying’s eyes reddened and filled with tears.

She straightened her bath towel and sat up, looking resignedly and mournfully at Chen Dong who was squatting by the bed, her voice questioned with a sobbing tone, “I, in your eyes, am I so …… unpleasant to look at?”

In his words, he revealed a strong humility.

Who would have thought that the princess of the Huns, the wolf of the snowy plains, would one day describe herself to a man as “unsightly”?

“Hug, I’m sorry!”

Chen Dong squatted on the edge of the bed, smiled bitterly and raised his finger to point at his head, “As long as I have skin-to-skin contact with you, I, I get the same headache as when I remember, as if, as if something is stopping me, if I don’t stop, my head feels like it’s going to burst.”

Breathlessly, he explained, the two huge pains had left Chen Dong exhausted.

After a pause, Chen Dong’s gaze drifted as he murmured, “As if, you’re not my wife.”


A loud rumble went through Xixing’s head, who was wrapped in resentment and shame.

She did not want to dwell on her resentment and shame, but raised her hand to wipe the tears from her eyes and said firmly, “If I am not your wife, who is still your wife?”

The piercing questioning voice made Chen Dong look stunned and his brows furrowed.

Reacting to the inappropriateness of the words, Chen Dong hurriedly apologised, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said such a thing!”

“I was your wife in the past, and I will be your wife in the future! There is no way that all of that will be overturned just because you went out on a mission and had a change of heart and lost your memory!”

Xixing said with a determined look, but in reality, she had already panicked inside.

Did he …… still have previous memories?

Chen Dong’s words questioning that she was not his wife had completely disrupted Xixing’s equanimity.

If the man in front of her really still had memories, then everything she had planned before would be lost.

Xixing knew that the most urgent task was not to be aggrieved or resentful, but to stabilise this man first, not to let all her calculations go down the drain!

With an indignant clench of her teeth, Xixing chided in mock anger, “Just because you’ve lost your memory, just because you get a splitting headache when I touch you, you’re saying I’m not your wife? Just how cruel a negative hearted man are you?”

“I ……”

Chen Dong was completely dumbfounded, by now the headache had disappeared, and he was somewhat at a loss for words in the face of Xixing’s aggrieved and angry questioning.

A thick guilt swept through his whole body.

Yes, just because skin-to-skin kissing would give me a headache, I’m indeed too wolfish to question that she’s not my wife!

“Just because you can’t now, doesn’t mean you can’t later, remember, my first time belongs to you only, that’s what you owe me, and you can pay it back one day!”

Xixing reprimanded in a stern voice, regardless of her face and status.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……”

Strong guilt made Chen Dong rush to get up at this moment, wanting to approach Xixing to appease.

“Stand still!”

Xixing sternly scolded Chen Dong, her stunning face sulking with anger, her eyes forcing back tears, stubbornly tilting her head and looking straight at Chen Dong: “Didn’t you get a headache when you came into contact with me? I won’t force you!”

After saying this, she turned her head to the side while taking a deep breath, as if she was suppressing her emotions and suppressing the tears in her eyes.

Such a pitiful, stubborn and persistent scene made Chen Dong’s heart twist like a knife as he watched the tide of guilt.

His lips curled up and he said, “I’m sorry, I, I will adjust myself as soon as possible and get over the headache.”


Shying’s mouth gave a muffled hum in response.

It just didn’t turn around to look at Chen Dong again.

Chen Dong lifted his hand, wanting to move closer to soothe, but when he thought that Xixing would refuse, he dropped his hand in guilt and self-condemnation and said softly, “I’ll go sleep in the other room first.”

Shying did not stay.

He waited until the room was closed with a “click”.

Only then did Xixing turn her head and look at the closed door, but her tear-filled eyes gradually emerged with resentment and resentment.

“What the hell is going on here? Why is this happening?”

In the room, the puzzled voice of Xixing rang out.

The lights were charming.

Xixing leaned lazily on the bed and let out a long breath, “Luckily, I reacted quickly, he should not have regained his memory, otherwise he would not have looked so guilty and self-condemned, but when I touched him, he was in pain, what the hell is going on? If I can’t complete this crucial step with him, what’s the next move to make?”

Eyes flickering, Xixing’s resigned anger was quickly suppressed and she began to think about what to do on the back end.

Those who have achieved great things are able to tolerate what others cannot, and can single-handedly bring about the joining of the Hundred Clans, Xixing is obviously no ordinary person, and her initial resentment and shame were quickly suppressed.

For she was clear that the most pressing matter before her was to let Chen Dong and her complete this crucial step, and then continue with the subsequent arrangements!

Half a day.

The contemplative Xie Xing lazily stretched her back and helplessly murmured, “It’s just that if we can’t carry out this crucial step for the time being, we can only switch the order of the arrangements, let him grow first and then deepen the relationship step by step, after all,…… the best chance for the allied army of the Hundred Tribes to swing the whip south is this slow polar night.”

“If you can’t let him quickly upgrade his strength against Huo Zhenxiao, even if the hundred clans join forces, taking advantage of this extreme night to go south, it is difficult to ascend to heaven.”

It was true that the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was crushing the Hundred Tribes outside the domain, imposing and dominating, looking down on everything.

But it was clear to everyone that the battle in which Huo Zhenxiao destroyed a city with one man, one gun and one horse had completely sealed Huo Zhenxiao’s unparalleled fame.

The fear of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is secondary, the real fear …… is Huo Zhenxiao!

The eyes of Xixing rose with determination: “Tomorrow, we will find father to discuss, let Covetous Wolf enter the Heavenly Wolf Academy in advance, if we can enlighten a few Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies, plus Covetous Wolf enters the state of unique I have no king, when the army goes south, even if he can’t beat Huo Zhenxiao, but delaying is at least possible!”