Winner Takes All Chapter 1001-1002

Chapter 1001

If there was Elder Long or Kunlun at this time ……

But if anyone who knew Chen Dong well was present, they would absolutely stop Chen Dong from entering the demon at any cost.

The Taoist heart is planted in a demon, the demonic nature is deeply hidden, this is a Pandora’s box, once opened, the demon comes out of the abyss!

At the cost of losing one’s sanity, in exchange for powerful and unparalleled combat power, one is completely transformed into a killing machine.

But every time you become a demon, the demonic nature deepens, making it harder and more dangerous than ever to come to your senses!

It was too late to suppress the demonic nature, and he was still thinking of breaking through the threshold and entering a state of madness?

But now Chen Dong has lost his memory and is in exile in the Xiongnu royal court.

No one knew anything about his past, and no one knew anything about the demon of the Dao.

Whether it was Chen Dong himself, or in the hearts of Xixing and the female guards, the state of madness was a magical state that could greatly raise one’s battle power.

As Chen Dong closed his eyes.

Everything around him seemed to have gone silent.

In his mind, a scene emerged.

Bloodshed, cruelty, life and death struggles.

There were images of him struggling to hold on in the cage, images of the slave caravan people angrily poisoning small children, and images of …… Barbara’s brother’s tragic death in the alley ……

Chen Dong did not know exactly how to enter that state.

He was clear that the last time he went mad in the street, it was because he witnessed the people of the slave caravan poisoning the small children, which made him so furious that he suddenly entered that state.

Therefore, he could only try to recall the tragic images in his mind’s scant memory.

Only …… that feeling was delayed!

Why couldn’t …… enter?

Chen Dong’s mind was a little panicked.

With this chaos, the wind around him whistled steeply, making it difficult for him to be calm any longer.

“Be careful!”

In his ears, a reminder from Xixing suddenly exploded.

Chen Dong’s tiger body shook and his eyes snapped open.


A fierce and domineering wind came crashing down on him.

In his eyes, an iron fist like a python was wrapped in air currents visible to the naked eye and blasted directly at his face.

The air currents raised were as harsh as knives, and even before the fist blade reached him, Chen Dong felt the tearing pain on his face.


The roar of Kui Gang echoed within the palace.

This moment.

Xixing’s face turned pale.

Barbara had her hands covering her mouth, completely stunned.

The female guards’ faces even changed drastically, their pupils tightening.

The Hun King sitting on the throne, however, smiled disdainfully, “It’s over!”

And yet.


Just as Kui Gang’s fist blade was about to blast at Chen Dong’s face.

There was a sudden light breeze humming.

Under the watchful eyes of several people.

Chen Dong’s feet suddenly slipped and his entire body leaned back in a smooth manner, quickly distancing himself from Kui Gang’s fist blade.

With his terrifying combat instincts, even though Chen Dong was suffering from memory loss at this moment, his combat instincts still allowed him to make the optimal solution to face Kui Gang’s punch in an instant!


A sudden scene.

When Chen Dong’s eyes were closed, Kui Gang was already sure that the man in front of him would never be able to dodge his punch.

But he did not expect that his opponent would easily dodge it in such a seemingly comical, but effective way!

“How can you do that?”

At the entrance of the palace, the female guard’s entire body was stunned.

Shying Xing was also horrified.

The Hun King even let out an astonished gasp from his mouth and sat up straight, leaning forward slightly.

“Uncle is awesome!”

The stunned Barbara shouted out excitedly.

In a flash of lightning, the moment Chen Dong’s feet slipped and leaned back, he twisted his waist as if he was on his hocks, and his right hand obediently grabbed the waistband of Kui Gang’s beast robe directly at his waist.

“Lie down!”

A cold, stern voice suddenly thundered in Chen Dong’s mouth in a tongue-lashing.


But just as his right hand exerted its force, Kui Gang’s lofty two-metre tall body violently sank to its waist and immediately exploded with a terrifying downward force.

Chen Dong pulled with all his might, but the Kui Gang did not move at all!

In an instant, Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and his pupils tightened to the extreme.


The astral wind roared.


Kui Gang’s fist blasted directly onto Chen Dong’s stomach.

Chen Dong instantly flew backwards, a mouthful of fresh blood flying into the air at the same time.

The huge difference in size put Chen Dong at a disadvantage, let alone only being able to exert one arm’s strength!

With a crash ……

After landing on the ground, Chen Dong’s feet clung to the ground and slid backwards a few more metres before stabilising himself.


Barbara was immediately terrified and worried and was about to run towards Chen Dong.

“Stay where you are!”

Chen Dong shouted in a deep voice, his harsh gaze instantly frightening Barbara into standing still.

“Heh, overrate and shake a tree without measuring yourself!”

On the throne, the Hun King laughed disdainfully, “Kui Gang is my Hun’s number one warrior, for you to think of throwing him off with just one arm is simply a fool’s dream!”

An unforgiving sneer.

It made Xixing dissatisfied, but dumbfounded.

At the entrance of the palace, the female guard looked dull: “After all, the difference in size and condition is too great.”

She was expecting this man to enter that state of being alone without a king, but if he couldn’t, the final outcome would be in no doubt!

The scene just now had infinitely lowered the female guard’s sense of expectation.

Obviously, that state …… is not something you can just enter!

“You are really weak, so weak that you are no different from a small pale wolf on the great snowy plain.”

Kui Gang did not rush to attack Chen Dong, instead, he stood proudly in place and sneered recklessly.

He wanted to show how powerful he was, to trample on this “little mole” in front of him, to show Xixing what was worthy of the name of a strong man, and who was truly worthy of her!


The words just fell out.

Kui Gang’s face suddenly turned darker and darker, and his entire body froze.

In the line of sight.

Chen Dong …… closed his eyes again!

Kui Gang’s chest cavity was about to explode with anger as he gritted his teeth and his eyes exploded with fierce light.

This F**king …… don’t want to die and ignore me?

“Greedy Wolf ……”

Shying also froze.

“Uncle, open your eyes and hit him.” Barbara pleaded.

And on the throne, the Hun King was also irritated, how could he not see that this man was shamefully ignoring Kui Gang with his eyes closed?

But he still suppressed his anger and smiled playfully at Xixing, “Xixing, it seems that he is still an arrogant man who doesn’t know what he’s doing, you are very discerning!”

Shying’s face immediately turned gloomy to the extreme.

Her father’s words were like sharp needles piercing her heart.

In a world where the weak are strong and the strong are strong, everything depends on fists.

But what was disgusting was that her father was using the King’s Decree to let Kui Gang take advantage of people’s danger!

“Huh …… huh ……”

It was also at this moment that an angry cold laugh echoed through the palace.

All eyes stared at Kui Gang in shock.

At this moment, Kui Gang was laughing, but his face was filled with a monstrous killing intent.

A violent wind rose up from beneath his feet, turning into air currents that surrounded his body.

As the laughter echoed, the temperature inside the palace seemed to have plummeted because of Kui Gang.

The coldness was bone-chilling.

“D*mn, really D*mn …… ignoring me? What qualifications do you have to ignore me?”

Creaking …… creaking ……

Kui Gang’s body trembled, naked upper body, a muscle at this time as if alive, writhing and squeezing, a sinewy veins even protruded on the muscle, with this change, Kui Gang’s body shape seems to have become a circle bigger.

The majestic power was like a tidal wave that pressed across the entire field.

The next second.

“Cang Long!”

With Kui Gang’s explosive roar, the Hanbai jade floor beneath his feet exploded into pieces, and the centre of his feet became a ma*s of powder.

Like a rushing thunder, the Kui Gang, wrapped in air currents, rushed straight towards Chen Dong.

When he was four metres away, Kui Gang leapt up in the air, his speed exploding to the limit with his jump, wrapped in strong air currents, forming a long human-shaped wave of air, like a pale dragon across the sky, and slamming directly towards Chen Dong.


Inside the palace, a deafening dragon roar echoed violently.

Chapter 1002

The dragon’s roar shook his ears, overbearing and out of sight.

As the Kui Gang crossed the air, it crashed into Chen Dong who was standing with his eyes closed.

Within the king’s hall, time seemed to be slowed down.

It was a moment.

King Xiong, Xixing and the female guards all looked shocked and horrified as if they were stuck in their throats.

The tornado air currents that swept over Kui Gang’s body even caused gusts of wind to rise within the palace.

No one doubted the overwhelming power of Kui Gang’s “Cang Long” strike.

Even Xixing, at this moment, was apprehensive to the extreme.

Could Greedy Wolf …… really block it?

The thought had just started.

The light of Xie Xing’s eyes suddenly flashed, and in her vision, a thin, frail body suddenly ran towards Chen Dong.

“Ah Man, come back!”

Xixing let out a shout, frightened out of her wits, wanting to stop it was already too late.


Chen Dong, who was trying to get into that state with his eyes closed, was instantly struck by lightning and opened his eyes violently.

The whistling wind was like a sharp knife pounding in his face.

In his vision, the airflow around Kui Gang’s body was surging like a long dragon, and he was coming hard.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw Barbarian running towards him, and he was close at hand!

Even from the angle at which Barbara was running, the final result of Kui Gang’s move would not land on him at all, but on Barbara.

All of this was but a split second away.

No one had anticipated it.


Barbara cried out with a sobbing voice.


At the same time, Chen Dong’s eyes widened in anger, and all the veins on his neck bulged out.


In the nick of time, a ferocious beast roared and exploded in the king’s hall.

It was so deafening that it rattled the sky!

The sound of the dragon’s roar was instantly drowned out by this roar.

In an instant.

Shying Xing and the female guards outside the hall even had sharp pains in their eardrums and covered their ears.

Bang Teen!

A loud roar boomed.

The fierce qi energy turned into waves of Qi visible to the naked eye and pushed out directly in all directions horizontally, the fierce wind causing everyone to narrow their eyes and turn sideways.

The Chinese white jade floor was even cracked inch by inch.


The king’s hall, which had been roaring and exploding, was abruptly plunged into dead silence.

“Greedy Wolf …… Barbarian ……”

As the wave of Qi swept past his body, Xixing looked up with apprehension and trepidation to where Chen Dong and Barbarian were.


The Hun King and the female escort also raised their eyes at the same time.

Just this glance, however, seemed to be a branding, imprinting the sight they saw deep into the hearts of the three of them.

In their sight.

Two figures loomed opposite each other, and beside one of them stood a small figure.

The sky was already dark by now, and before Chen Dong and the others arrived, the Hun King had already had the lamps lit in the hall.

The bright light shone on the three figures, stretching their shadows long and wide.

Chen Dong and Kui Gang still kept their fists clashing against each other.

Kui Gang’s figure, carrying a natural sense of oppression, made Chen Dong appear petite in the eyes of the three Xixing.

However, the two men, who were completely out of proportion, seemed to be frozen in place at that moment, standing still, unmoving!

And at Chen Dong’s side, his left hand was the one that rushed to Barbara in front of him, fiercely shielding him.

“Uncle ……”

Being in the centre of the Qi wave that swept through just now, Barbara’s small face was pale and bloodless at this time, looking up at Chen Dong with a face full of fear.

“This is ……”

Above the throne, the Hun king’s eyes exploded with essence, as if he had seen a ghost, looking at Chen Dong with a frightened look.

“It really …… came out?”

“That state!”

Almost at the same time, Xie Xing and the female guard exclaimed offhandedly at the same time.

The words rang out at the same time.

Chen Dong, who was standing tall, but the corner of his mouth slowly turned upwards, revealing an evil smile.

With this smile.

The veins and veins on Chen Dong’s neck quickly protruded out, like a living creature, snaking up his face, and his eyes, which were instantly rendered in red blood colour, stared at Kui Gang like a ghost.

“Ho ho ……”

A heavy, hoarse gasp slowly emitted from Chen Dong’s throat.

Kui Gang’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

The change in Chen Dong’s appearance in his vision was as if a heavy hammer had ruthlessly blasted at his heart.

In a trance, with Chen Dong’s evil smile, he even saw a boundless sea of blood rising from behind Chen Dong, the sea of blood churning, with white bones floating up and down in it, as if a million ghosts were crying.

Silent, sinister, and violent ……

For a moment, even Kui Gang could not help but feel a chill down his back.

“What’s going on?”

The Hun King was terrified and lost, the same feeling was not only felt by Kui Gang, as long as those who witnessed Chen Dong at this moment, all felt the endless silence and sinister aura.

It was as if a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had filled the entire King’s Hall in an instant.

“Alone I am without a king, overwhelming and unparalleled!”

Xixing turned around unexpectedly, as if to show off, and as if to provoke, and raised his eyebrows to look at the Hun King.


The Hun King’s tiger body shook and fell into a daze.

At almost the same time, Kui Gang, who was immersed in a state of dreary cold, suddenly his lofty body trembled and staggered backwards, ending his fist-to-fist blast with Chen Dong.

As he stepped back, his face turned white and he threw back his head and spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

At the same time, blood flowed from the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth, which was smiling evilly.

As the blood flowed out, he slowly withdrew his right hand and wiped the blood away with the back of his hand.

At the same time, his left hand gently pushed Barbara.

“Barbara, come here quickly!”

Shying hurriedly stepped forward and led Barbara backwards to the steps below the throne, keeping a safe distance.

“This …… might have a chance of winning.”

Outside the king’s hall, the female guard’s eyes shone with light.

She had personally witnessed Chen Dong’s “Alone I have no king” state, his battle power had skyrocketed wildly, and his crushing attack was not without a fighting chance when facing the Kui Gang!

“Why is this happening? My Cang Long, but it’s a stance comprehended from the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body, why …… is it blown up by his fist like this?”

After standing still, a look of shocked bewilderment abruptly appeared on Kui Gang’s pale, blood-stained face.

His martial dao talent had made him sharp from a young age, and he had entered the Sky Wolf Academy without any problems.

The fighting techniques he had learned from his Sky Wolf Martial Dao body had even forged his strong and unparalleled strongman mentality step by step.

With the “Cang Long” that he had learnt from the Sky Wolf Martial Art Body, he was confident that one punch would finish off the man in front of him.

But the result was far beyond his expectation!

Not only did he break his “Cang Long” with a single punch, but more crucially, when comparing the two injuries, it was clear that his Kui Gang was the heavier!

“Kill ……”

Not waiting for Kui Gang to come back from his shocked and dazed state.

Within the king’s hall.

Chen Dong’s incomparably hoarse and sinister voice suddenly echoed.


Terrifying air currents swept up from beneath Chen Dong’s feet, and as the Chinese white jade beneath Chen Dong’s feet exploded into pieces, his entire person was like a flood of fierce beasts, wrapped in the majestic aura of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, charging directly towards Kui Gang.

“Kui Gang, be careful!”

On top of the throne, the Hun King snapped awake, his jealousy splitting.


The words had yet to fall.

Chen Dong had already appeared in front of Kui Gang.

Without the slightest fancy punch, he blasted straight at Kui Gang’s face!