Wealthy Chapter 659

Guan Yunyu couldn’t look away and walked over to Zheng Peng and his mother and son, whispering to calm Mrs. Zheng, already completely unconcerned about whether we would accuse the two of being in cahoots.

“Zhang Chao, you are too much, everyone knows that your Junran family is big, but you don’t need to bully others with your power. Even if they have done something wrong, they can still sit down and negotiate properly. If your father knew in heaven that you were a bully, he would be embarrassed too.”

I used to think that these people were turning black and white, but now I don’t. I’ve seen through these people’s ruse.

I said, “Eh? Brother Guan, it’s not convenient for you to be in charge of this matter, is it? I am not a sect of Jianghu, nor is Guangyao, so it’s not your turn to be in charge of this matter, is it?”

I used their words and gagged them anew.

The words they had just brought to tell me to stop were now turned into a few big slaps to their faces.

Guan Yunyu’s stomach was full of anger, but he could not vent it, so he could only stare at me. The other jianghu people could only stand there and stare at me, unable to do anything else.

I wanted to laugh. I had said long ago that fists and feet could not solve all problems, sometimes you had to rely on guns, and more often than not guns could not solve problems either, so this was when money and means were needed.

Coincidentally, I have both of these.

And I was in a not so good mood tonight, too lazy to negotiate with them and would never give Kwong Yew a chance to struggle.

I suddenly remembered that Chu Xiaoxiao and Xia Gehuai had told me that they had seen Li Ge on the day they went to Kouyao.

Li Liang had arranged for Li Ge to go to Xi’an, but instead of going, Li Ge came to Ningcheng.

Li Ge must have hidden this from his father. If Li Liang found out about this, he would have received a good beating. Li Liang would not be merciful in beating his son, and if he had not been stopped by outsiders, he might have smashed Li Ge’s face.

Is he here to find Chu Xiaoxiao?

I was so angry just now that I forgot to ask Meng Meng the most crucial question.

Who was Chu Xiaoxiao engaged to?

I really wanted to go back to Tong City right now and ask what the hell was going on face to face.

I said, “The Thousand Fists Pavilion is my property, so I have a few words to say about the Thousand Clans, and we don’t have a problem with the Martial Arts Conference, but it’s not my turn to take the lead. For something as big as the Martial Arts Conference, someone of high esteem in the jianghu should take the lead, and we at the Thousand Clans will definitely give our full support.”

“By what right, you, you are not even a Jianghu man! You Junran are not from the Jianghu at all.”

I said, “Well said, that Thousand Fists Hall is not a jianghu place either, please leave immediately, we have full control of this place in Junran, if you don’t leave, I’ll have to kick you out.”

These people were incredulous at my words, in their minds, this plot would definitely work, they didn’t think I could stir it up like this.

This combination of my punches made all of these people’s positions go haywire, and all of a sudden they were at a loss, like a scattering of sand.

I whispered to Wu Yi Yi, “Go and find Zhao Zichen.”

Wu Yi Yi rolled her eyes, “What’s the point of looking for him, that nuisance.”

I laughed helplessly, “Don’t mind him, if they really get annoyed and fight later, we still have to red light the meeting.”

As far as these people in the Thousand Sect were concerned now, only Yue Man Gong had kung fu, but I didn’t know why Master Hu wouldn’t let him show his face.

Wu Yi Yi had to go out as I said, and let her go out not only to find Zhao Zichen, but I was actually a bit worried because there were four doors in this meeting hall, and three of them were guarded by their men.

I noticed them as soon as I came in. Everyone else was gathered around Guang Yao, and they were the only ones guarding the doors.

Who was this going to be?

Wu Yi Yi had just gone to the door when someone there at Kouyao stared at her and talked in a low voice, and soon someone else went out through the other door.

I immediately shot a wink at Xiao Gong, who nodded and followed Yiyi Wu out, but just then someone shouted, “Where are you all going?!”

With this shout from him, someone immediately ran out and blocked the way.

Since they had torn their faces, they no longer pretended and directly showed their true faces. The brothers of the Thousand Sect also rushed to Xiao Gong’s side, and I took a stride and blocked the way in front of Guan Yunyu.

Guan Yunyu said, “You want to make a move with me? Let me warn you, I’m not responsible for your death, just this leg of yours, let’s get out of the way.”

Xiao Gong struggled loudly and pinned several Jianghu men to the wall by their arms, the men of the Thousand Gate shouted to let go, but they all restrained themselves from doing anything.

I guessed that Master Hu had told them in advance to try to keep their hands to themselves.

This group of people was trying to force the Thousand Sect to make a move, and their intentions were clear enough.

“Let go of me! You’ve gone too far, Master!”

Hu Xingren’s cane poked the ground as he shouted angrily, “You are bullying people too much, what are you doing in my Thousand Sect’s territory?!”

They could not wait for the Thousand Sect to be angered into making a move so that they could know the true strength of the Thousand Sect.

The Martial Arts Conference was not an end at all, it was just a means, a means to verify some of the whispers in the jianghu.

I silently plucked my jacket away and Guan Yunyu looked at me in disbelief, “What do you want?”

Then his eyes went wide as I pulled my gun out.

“What are you doing?” He asked again, this time with more fear than disbelief.

I said, “Tell your men to stop, or I’ll fire a warning shot.”

With that, I hit him on the head with the muzzle of my gun, “Do you hear me? But it’s not firing a gun into the sky.”

Guan Yunyu’s face was pale, he didn’t have the kung fu like Jiang Yunqing or Yue Zhengjun, and with the gun pointed at his head, he wasn’t able to dodge.

But he wasn’t a wimp like Zheng Peng either, and wouldn’t crawl all over the ground in fear.

“I don’t believe you dare to shoot, killing is against the law.” Guan Yunyu said, “Heh, you’re not a jianghu, the official law can control you.”

I laughed and whispered, “Guan Yunyu, I have something I reckon I’ll leave you down to talk to you about privately. You know I almost died Jiang Yunqing, so do you know why Jiang Yunqing died, because he tried to save me, that day we were besieged by Jiang Ming’s men, there were many Jianghu people also mixed in with the killers, there were several surnamed Guan, guess if I broke the news, would Jiang Ming bail you out?”

Guan Yunyu was really scared this time and immediately said, “You bullsh*t, you have no proof.”

After saying that he regretted it, this statement was a direct admission that the Guan family was indeed involved in this matter.

I was even less sure that the Guan family was among those who had followed Manager Chen to find trouble with Qianmen two days earlier.

I said, “Then let’s try? Your Guan family will be the next Yin family if they disregard the Jianghu covenant.”

Guan Yunyu’s eyes were red and he was staring at me like a wild beast, he didn’t even think that this would be exposed because everyone had disguised themselves at that time just so that they wouldn’t be recognised.

I laughed out loud and said, “Hey, you guys take a little look at Guan Yunyu too, okay, don’t get yourself blindly excited there.”

Their people had just been preoccupied with betting on Xiao Gong, and it was only at this time that they noticed me holding a gun against Guan Yunyu’s head.

“Let go of our boss!”

“That’s right, are you crazy, are you going to make an enemy of the whole jianghu!”

I laughed and said, “Then what are you doing holding my staff of the Thousand Fists?”

“This is our business in Jianghu, Jianghu’s business is governed by Jianghu!”