Wealthy Chapter 658

I don’t know why they had to go to Glorious Media and why Kang Ming himself didn’t come forward.

Zheng Peng shrank for a moment, he was really scared of me so much that he was shaking when he looked at me.

Zheng’s mother, who was much more calm than Zheng, should have seen the world and kept her son in her arms, looking at me with condescension.

But Zheng Peng, who was in his twenties, was still cowering in his mother’s arms, like a baby, which was ridiculous.

“What’s the matter with you? We at Kougyao have no business with your Junran.”

I laughed, “You know who I am?”

Zheng’s mother said, “The famous young proprietor of Junran, the youngest richest man in Ningcheng, but being rich is not justified. If you really want to cross us, then we will fight you even if we risk our lives.”

There was heckling all around, discussing what this was all about.

They were saying that it was not convenient for them to meddle in matters outside the jungle, but in fact they were all thinking of how they could help Kougyao Media.

Zheng Peng’s mother was very proud of herself, she always had that condescending look on her face.

Zheng Peng’s voice was like a duck, shrill and unpleasant, jumping up from his f*cking arms.

“Zhang Chao, even if there’s a dispute, it’s between Guangyao and Thousand Fists, what’s it got to do with you? You’re not the plaintiff party, what right do you have to sue us?! Thousand Fists Gym, are you going to entrust it to this fool? Ah?!”

Zheng Peng ate up the fact that Thousand Fists didn’t want to offend so many Jianghu people, who were all Kouyao’s helpers.

“That’s right, what involves the Thousand Sect is a jianghu matter, it’s none of your business!”

Everyone got rowdy again, and Zheng Peng rolled his eyes at me provocatively.

Wu Yi Yi got anxious and asked me, “What should we do now? Zhang Chao, you should do something about it.”

“Get your dad to come and arrest everyone?”

“Aiya, what time is it, you’re joking with me like this, think of something.”

“If I save Chimon, how will you repay me?” I asked.

Wu Yi Yi blushed red and glared at me, “What do you want from me, I, I will.”

“That’s what you said.” I whispered, pointing at her little nose.

Her head was dropping to her chest and her face was red all the way to the base of her neck. I didn’t know why she reacted so badly and continued, “If I save Qianmen this time, you’ll come to my house less often and stick to me less in the future, okay?”

“You!” She glared at me angrily, “You, you, that’s what you’re asking for, huh?”

“You’re going back on your word?”

“Hmph!” Wu Yi Yi said, “Fine, I promise you! There are so many people, I’ll see what you can do, all you can do is blow, don’t let people surround you when the time comes and beg for my Thousand Sect’s people to come and save you.”

I stepped forward with my crutches, and those people stared at me and scowled.

“What again?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve heard that this Zhang Chao, he’s quite the tosser.”

“Wow, that’s not almost like his dad.”

“I think it’s similar to his mother, whoever his mother tosses around, it’s over, his mother is especially smart.”

“What do you mean, his dad isn’t too bad, is he.”

“Is this the time to talk about that?”

I looked at Zheng Peng and said, “Zheng Peng, isn’t it true that Light and Shine Media is suspected of filming illegally at the Thousand Boxing Gym and also producing a TV show for screening without the consent of the Thousand Boxing Gym, causing very serious damage to the Thousand Boxing Gym.”

Zheng Peng was mad: “Yes, what’s the matter, didn’t the lawyer’s letter come over? But it’s none of your business, you let Thousand Fists sue me, what’s it to do with you.”

He unconsciously came up to me and provocatively poked his finger at my chin, whispering, “You hit me.”

I raised my hand violently, and Zheng Peng covered his head and ran backwards, shrinking like a mouse.

“What are you afraid of, I’ll wisp my hair.” I said.

The thousand doors behind me erupted in wild laughter, even the people across the room were having a hard time holding in their laughter.

Zheng’s mother gasped and pulled her son away from messing with me again.

“Zhang Chao, this has nothing to do with you, please get out of the way.”

I said, “How is it none of my business? If I want to sue you, I don’t need the authorization of Qianmen, I don’t need anyone’s authorization either.”

“What do you mean? I know you’re a former special forces soldier from the Snow Leopard Unit, does the government want to privilege press us?!” Zheng Ma’s eyes rolled and her mouth opened to spew.

I said, “Madam, you don’t want to find some reason to use the Snow Leopard to oppress you? The snow leopard is the shield of the state, the sword of the state, and you are worthy of it?”

Zheng’s mother’s face was red from my scolding, and she stared at me fiercely, wanting to come up and bite me, Zheng Peng hated me and was afraid of me. We soldiers are naturally uncomfortable with cowardly men, and I was angry at Zheng Peng when I looked at him.

I said, “The Thousand Boxing Gym is a subsidiary of my Junran Group, and Junran has shares in the Thousand Boxing Gym, so as shareholders, we are entitled to sue you. Mrs. Zheng, since you have brought your lawyer with you today, let me stress to you once again that I will definitely have my lawyer hold you responsible for your illegal profit-making. I will also pursue you even if you withdraw now, I will never reconcile or forgive, and I will not stop until Kougyao Media accompanies me until I go bankrupt.”

Mrs. Zheng shivered and it took all her strength to control not to bite her lip.

Zheng Peng also comforted Mrs. Zheng, “Mom, we don’t have to be afraid of him, we have lawyers too.”

But in her heart she knew very well that after offending Jun Ran in Ning Province, the company had been sentenced to death, and I had a hundred ways to play her to death.

The most important thing is that Bright Shine Media is a listed company and Junran also has shares in Bright Shine.

Zheng Peng did not know this, but Mrs Zheng knew it very well. She could never have imagined that the Thousand Boxing Gym was a subsidiary of Junran, and this was the end.

“Zhang, Zhang Shao ……”

Mrs. Zheng’s tone was much better, very gently trying to say something.

I waved my hand, “You don’t need to say anything, I won’t let up when it comes to Kougyao Media, I said I want you Kougyao to die.”

Mrs. Zheng shuddered violently and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down her eyes, this was the first time in her life, she was scared and cried on the spot.