Wealthy Chapter 656

The meeting hall of the Thousand Door is full of people.

“Senior brother, great, you’re back!”

Xiaogong ran over, slowing down as he reached me and sizing me up.


I looked down and realised that I was still wearing Yiyi Wu’s down jacket.

Moon Man Bow was also embarrassed and took advantage of the fact that I was undressing to change the subject and ask, “How about now?”

“It turns out that the elders of the sect, all of whom are in the parlour, have come.”

“All journeymen?”

“Four of the eight great clans came, Guan Qian Liu Jiang. The master of the sect told me to wait for you here, and to call you as soon as you arrived, so don’t go in.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, puzzled.

Kogon gasped and leaned against the wall for a moment to slow down.

“I don’t know, Master Master said that you can’t go in there, especially not Brother.”

Strange, the Thousand Sect was the only one left who could fight, and they still wouldn’t let Moon Man Bow out, was this a high sign of immunity?


“Master told you to leave quickly and not to come back, I don’t know why, brother, just go.”

Wu Yi Yi’s eyes rolled and she said, “Hey, do you speak clearly? How can we do without senior brother at a time like this?”

Xiao Gong was in a difficult position, Master’s words could not be disobeyed, but Master Master really had not said anything about the reason.

Yue Man Gong said, “No, I want to see Master in person, I will go immediately when Master says for me to go.”

Xiao Gong became anxious and pushed Yue Man Gong outside, he was not as strong as Yue Man Gong and was pushed by him to slide straight back along the wall.

“Brother, listen to me, you really can’t go in there! Senior sister, Zhang Chao, you guys help.”

Xiao Gong pressed his voice, not daring to make too much noise, being pushed by Yue Man Gong like a little chicken cub, quite pitiful.

I couldn’t bear to watch and tugged at Yue Man Gong.

“Your senior brother and your master won’t harm you, or you can always trust me if you wait while Wu Yi Yi and I go in and take a look. Xiao Gong, can we go in?”

Xiao Gong clutched the door frame with both hands like a life-saving straw, already pushed to the door by Yue Man Gong, pushing open this door behind which was the meeting hall, he held on to his last line of defence for dear life.

“You can but, the master only said for senior brother to go, go as far away as possible, don’t let anyone find you, you two can go in.”

“Fine then, you move out of the way and I will go in with Yiyi Wu. Moon Full Bow, you trust your master not to harm you.”

He shook his head, “I just can’t understand why Master is telling me to run away.”

“Brother, in any case, you go first, listen to Master for sure.” Wu Yi Yi said.

I said, “Don’t be too stubborn, even if you watch from the side first, we’ll go in first and take a look. Don’t worry, my identity, they don’t dare to mess around, although I have retired from the army, but now the file is still in Snow Leopard as supernumerary management, they don’t dare to do anything about me.”

“Your legs and injuries ……”

I laughed, “Zhao Zichen and Xia Gehuai are both in there too, and besides, fists and feet can’t solve all problems.”

“What are you going to do, I won’t let you in without a plan.”

“Sometimes you still have to rely on guns.”

I pulled back my coat to show him the gun I had pinned to my waist.

Moon Fullbow eased his attitude and said, “The people in there are masters, and guns don’t always work, I don’t need to remind you of that. You should still be careful.”

“Don’t worry, senior brother, I will definitely behave and not mess around. If they dare to touch me, I’ll get my dad to arrest them all!”

Moon Full Bow whispered, “Don’t say that again. Zhang Chao, take care of my senior sister.”

I glanced at Wu Yi Yi, who was actually looking at me with a dejected look that was about to fly up. I suddenly thought of Chu Xiaoxiao treating me like that in the past, and I couldn’t help but feel a sharp pain in my heart.

“Come on, let’s go in.”

Yue Man Gong took a few steps back and Wu Yi Yi and I pushed the door in. The boiling sound of people inside instantly quieted down and I saw Zheng Peng and a middle-aged woman behind him who looked like him, presumably his mother, at a glance.

A few seconds later, the crowd boiled over once again.

“Zhang Chao!”

“How can Zhang Chao still be alive!”

“Didn’t Zhang Chao die?”

“I heard that an arrow went through his chest, but he still survived! What a life.”

Wu Yi Yi asked me in a low voice, “Why didn’t you ask your men to put Moon Man Mountain on notice.”

I shook my head, the Moon family was very sensitive, the jianghu was like a package of eggs on a seesaw, one slip up and the whole basket could be smashed.

The Master Master saw me coming and was happy to greet me over.

Of all the people, the ones with the ugliest faces were Zheng Peng and his mother. Zheng Peng was already having a stress reaction to me and would shiver just at the glance of my eyes.

His mother haughtily rolled her eyes at me and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, so many people are here.”

Wu Yi Yi was used to being cross, and in the words of Yue Man Gong, she was the only one who had bullied others since she was a child, and there was no place for others to bully her.

“Why are you all gathered here at my Qianmen Gate instead of going home for the New Year? You don’t have any food to eat, so you want to come and beg for food.” Wu Yi Yi pointed at the noses of the people and said in a bad mood.

Zheng Peng had been beaten up by Wu Yi Yi before, and when he saw Wu Yi Yi, he was furious, and because of the large number of people, he stood out and pointed at Wu Yi Yi’s nose.

“How do you talk? We are discussing a martial arts tournament, what are you doing here, a little girl? Aigoo!”

Zheng Peng didn’t pay attention, his finger was pinched in my hand, and when I pushed hard, he sweated down in pain.

“Loose, loose, loose hand …… Zhang Chao …… loose hand!”

I said, “What did you call me?”

“Zhang, Zhang Shao ……”


The crowd whispered, wondering how Zheng Peng was so afraid of me, Zheng Peng’s mother asked the security guards to come up to the rescue, and the brothers of the Thousand Doors surrounded us.

“Let go of my son! What are you doing?!”

I said, “Madam, your son is calling me wrong, I will let go when he calls me right. What are you supposed to call me?”

“AHHHH!!!” Zheng Peng burst out with a scream, his mother was distraught and wanted to rush up to save him, but she didn’t dare to do anything with her son in my hands.

I said, “Your mother brought quite a few people with her, but before they came to my rescue, I could have broken this finger of yours, do you know why? You’re not filial, what should you call me?”

“Oooooooooh, Auntie Grandpa, I was wrong, let go of me.”

Pushed by me, Zheng Peng fell backwards to the ground, this matter was originally led by them, the good men of the jianghu all looked up to Kouyao Media, I didn’t expect that the young proprietor of Kouyao Media, who was so high and mighty just a moment ago, was now at this time being lectured like a dog in distress.

Zheng Peng’s mother was even more surprised, he called me grandpa, so what should Zheng Peng’s mother call me? Wouldn’t she have to call me auntie? I never thought that I would take advantage of a family.

The atmosphere, which had been quite lively, cooled down at this point.

Everyone noticed that I was raging with anger.

Master Master asked me, “Little Chao, how are your injuries?”