Wealthy Chapter 655

I tried to convince myself that it was definitely a conspiracy, but deep down, I also knew that there was no way Monk could have told me this news based on just a text message; he must have checked it out but was afraid to tell me.

Chu Xiaoxiao, why on earth are you doing this?

No matter what the reason is, there is no way I can break up like this, I must see and talk to you face to face.

Tonight, while they are not looking, I am going back to Tong City.

I said to Yiyi Wu, “Pick up your phone and use it for me.”

Wu Yi Yi was busy pulling out her phone and handing it to me, saying carefully, “But don’t throw it out, it’s my new phone.”

As she said this, Yue Man Gong winked at her in the rear-view mirror and her voice got quieter and quieter.

I must have scared them, I couldn’t help myself just now.

I forced a smile and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not throwing it.”

I speed dialed Meng Meng’s number, I wanted more news of Chu Xiaoxiao.

When Meng Meng received the call, he didn’t react at once when he heard my voice.

“Captain, how ……”

“Tell me exactly, I need to know every detail.”

“Better not, Captain, you probably don’t want to know.”

I gritted my teeth and followed, each word squeezing out of my teeth as I said, “I want to know.”

Meng Meng let out a long sigh, “Zhao Zichen asked me to contact Chu Xiaoxiao, and I couldn’t get in touch. I was worried about her safety, so I called up the surveillance near her house and saw ……”

“Saw what?” All sorts of speculations bubbled up in my mind; she was stealing, she was with someone else, she was on a blind date, or her dad was threatening her.

Meng Meng said, “Captain, you must be calm, I am still investigating this matter.”


“Her family is having an engagement party, she’s engaged.”

I squeezed my phone for a long moment, my ears buzzing and my mind going blank.

“Captain, Captain …….”

“Okay, are you sure, she’s not being coerced?”

Monk let out a long sigh and said, “She’s been trying on wedding dresses and wedding rings lately, and it doesn’t look like she’s being coerced. I’ve tried contacting her individually and she hasn’t revealed anything.”

My heart felt like it had been hit hard by something again, “Did she say anything to you?”

“She didn’t say anything. Oh, just that I should forward that breakup text to you to read, but you shouldn’t read it Captain ……”

“Got it.”

I hung up the phone, my mind was blank, and I didn’t know when the car had arrived at Qianmen, and Wu Yi Yi tugged me twice before I came back to my senses.

I limped out of the car on my crutches and stood there as if I had been jerked out of my mind.

I remembered this same feeling when I was seven years old and Zhang Mei came back to inform me about the car accident.

“Zhang Chao?”

Moon Fullbow’s voice pulled me back into the display.

He said, “The situation is more serious than we thought.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Komiya called me just now while we were walking.”

Moon Man-bow knew I must have had a big incident and was in a bad mood, but at this point he couldn’t care less at all, so I gathered my thoughts and took care of the matter at hand first, then I would go back to deal with the matter of Tong City.

“This time they’re not here to kick the bucket, it’s very troublesome, they’re going to hold a Jianghu martial arts conference.”

“Sounds a lot like the TV show, is there such a thing in the jianghu?” I said in amazement.

I thought this kind of thing only existed in martial arts novels.

Yue Man Gong nodded, “There have been, but it’s not customary, someone has to take the lead. Forty years ago before something happened to the Yin family, the Ji family led the effort once, and then twenty years ago, Elder Ge did it once. After each martial arts conference, there is a new order in the jianghu.”

Wu Yi Yi was too young and the little girl was not afraid to take an interest in such old jianghu matters, so she kept staring at the two of us without speaking as Yue Man Gong said.

I said, “Did the incident with the Yin family forty years ago have something to do with this too?”

“I guess it’s related, a year after the tournament, the Yin family was wiped out.”

I thought about it, twenty years ago, wouldn’t that also be the time period when my grandfather’s family raised their clan into seclusion.

I said, “It looks like this tournament is coming from a bad place, the first two times the Yin and Ji families both showed up at the tournament and let it be discovered that the two families had no capable people. This time ……”

Before I finished, Yue Man Gong was already pale.

Wu Yi Yi knew a little bit inside and got anxious, asking, “Senior brother, can’t we not participate?”

“No.” Yue Man Gong said, “Not attending would draw more suspicion.”

Not participating was not an option, but participating with only a full moon bow was even more unacceptable, as those who organized this tournament were definitely targeting the Thousand Sects!

Wu Yi Yi stomped her foot and said angrily, “These bad people, they keep bullying us, I’ll ask my dad to arrest them all!”

“Yi Yi, such words must never be said again. Since you are a member of my Thousand Clans, you are a Jianghu person and have to abide by the rules of Jianghu. The officials and the Jianghu have always kept out of each other’s way. If you let the officials intervene, it’s not the Thousand Sect that will be ruined, but the whole Jianghu. My Thousand Sect is the sinner of the Jianghu.” Yue Man Gong said seriously.

Wu Yi Yi glanced at him and said in a small aggrieved voice, “I see, what’s the point of preaching all the time.”

Yue Man Gong looked at me and said, “It would be fine if it was the Jiang family leading the competition, but this time it’s Guang Yao Media who is leading the competition, he has already gathered half of the Jianghu to participate, if we don’t participate in the competition, our Thousand Sect will definitely be suspected.”

“The Kouyao and Yun families have been saying it’s not clear that Jiang Ming is the black hand behind them. Let’s go, let’s go in and take a look.”

Instead of standing around discussing it, it was better to go in and see what bunch of bullies and snakes they were.

Yiyi Wu walked in the front, and Moon Man Bow deliberately walked a little slower, side by side with me, whispering to me, “Are you really alright?”

I opened my mouth, a bitter pain flooding my chest, and reluctantly said, “I’m fine.”

“Good, I’ll drive you to Tomichi tonight.”

“I didn’t think you were quite good at reading people’s minds.”

Moon Full Bow squeezed my shoulder and said seriously, “Chu Xiaoxiao won’t.”

In fact, I should have thought that his hearing was similar to mine, and he could definitely hear the voices on the phone; in that case, I would no longer hide it.

As a man, sometimes I fear the sympathy of others more than being betrayed, but at this time I was really a bit broken, if there was a puddle of water on the floor right now, I could definitely see myself bereft of my family.

I didn’t want to talk any more, my heart ached unbearably for one more word. I changed the subject and said, “Let’s go, even if we are going to have a tournament, Glorious will have to pay the price accordingly.”