Wealthy Chapter 654

Wu Yi Yi was anxious, and Yue Man Gong knew very well that no one else in the Thousand Sect could fight at all, the whole Thousand Sect depended on him alone, and if he didn’t go back, the Thousand Sect would be poked like a paper kite.

“Alright, but you must come back to the hospital afterwards.”

“Thoughtless Mountain is your territory, let alone coming back to the hospital, you could just tie me up and stew me like a tied hoof, I would have no resistance intellect.”

Yue Man Gong shook his head feebly.

“Yi Yi, change his clothes and get a wheelchair over here, or the doctor won’t allow him to be discharged if he sees him.”

“Yeah, yeah, get me a disguise.” I said.

Yiyi Wu smiled and said, “But I only have women’s clothes here, I’ll just have to ask you to wear women’s clothes first.”

She laughed so hard that the corners of her mouth twitched, looking like she had been planning this for a long time, and even a ten-thousand-year-old iceberg like Moon Fullbow had a face that couldn’t help but laugh.

I was half pissed off, this girl was doing it on purpose.

Wu Yi Yi said, “Captain Zhang, do you want to wear women’s clothing?”

“Just wear it, women’s clothing is nothing, tactical cross-dressing is also part of our military training, you don’t say wear women, we used to infiltrate the enemy, I even wore cheongsam, the only time in my life I shaved my legs was that time.”

Wu Yi Yi rolled her eyes and said, “You’re such an oddball, didn’t those guys throw up? Put your hands out.”

I said, “What for?”

“Just put on my jacket and wear a hat, no one will recognise you.”

I looked at her heavy pink down coat with the lace and was too stunned to say anything.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious, tactical cross-dressing, bear with me.”

sh*t, I knew it!

I put up with it in order to see Chu Xiaoxiao sooner.

Wu Yi Yi is short, and her long, wide down jacket looked like a waistcoat on me, so everyone could see that I was a man, so it made me look even better.

The first thing I did was to laugh at her, and the second thing I did was to stifle my laughter, so much so that my face turned blue.

“Go go go.”

Wu Yi Yi chased out, “I haven’t gone to borrow a wheelchair yet.”

I put my hat over my head and said with my head down, “No need for a wheelchair, I can walk on my own.”

Wu Yi Yi muttered, “It’s the first time I’ve seen someone with a body as good as yours, an arrow through the chest, and it’s only been a short time since then, and you can jump and run.”

I said, “Isn’t it especially safe to think that it’s a soldier brother as strong as me who is defending the country’s borders.”

Wu Yi Yi smiled and nodded, “That’s true …… What are you looking at me for?”

I stopped in my tracks and pondered Wu Yi Yi’s statement carefully, always feeling that something was wrong.

How come this girl wasn’t sarcastic?

I wasn’t used to her not being sarcastic.

I twisted my shoulders a little and said, “Nah, it just tickles all over.”

I got in the car and Moon Fullbow drove, and the first thing I did was dial Monk’s number, who was excited to get my call.

“Captain, you’re awake?!”

“To cut a long story short, how’s Dashing? Have you guys found her yet.”

A little embarrassed, Meng Meng said, “Uh, Captain, how is your recovery?”

I frowned, “What’s wrong with you, don’t bring up the subject, have you found Xiaoxiao yet?”

Seeing that he couldn’t avoid it, Meng Meng had to answer positively, “She hasn’t disappeared at all, she’s always at home.”

“Then why isn’t she answering my calls? Did you get in touch with Xiao Xiao?”

Meng Meng said, “She texted me back and asked me to pass it on to you, I, I haven’t been able to pass it on to you yet.”

“Relayed?” My palms went cold and I felt the wound in my chest hurt again, “What did she say?”

“Captain …… there are plenty of good women in the world, it’s not worth it for a woman like that.”

My eyes went black and my hand squeezing the phone shook, no, this couldn’t be true.

Meng Meng continued, “She wants to break up with you.”

“No way.”

“Captain ……”

Before Monk could continue talking, I choked the phone.

“Zhang Chao? What’s going on?”

“Stop the car.” I said.

Moon Fullbow shot a wink at Yiyi Wu, who came over and held me down, and I don’t know, I looked unpleasantly pale then.

“Did you hear me say stop the car?!”

Yue Man Gong dared not stop the car, he was afraid I would do something out of the ordinary. Wu Yi Yi pressed my hands and I pushed her away, rolled down the window and smashed the phone out.

I pushed her away, rolled down the window and smashed the phone out. The carriage was quiet, no one dared to speak, Wu Yi Yi was terrified by my appearance, shivering and holding me down with courage.

The wound in my chest was torn in a burst of pain, like a million arrows piercing my heart, and it hurt so much that I could hardly breathe.

Why was this happening? Why did she suddenly do this to me when she had been fine when she left the other day!

In an instant, my ears rang with many voices, jeers, curses, all kinds of jokes and curses, the voices of Su Dawei and Su Xiaoqiang taunting me, and the sneers of my classmates ……

It seemed like a lot of students were surrounding me, pointing at my nose and saying, look, Zhang Chao toad wants to eat swan meat, and the one who was laughing the hardest was Lin Fang.

“Zhang Chao, hahaha, Zhang Chao ……”

“Zhang Chao!”

Moon Man Bow stopped the car and came around to the back seat to desperately slap my face, my teeth clenched extra tight and my body tensed into a string.

“Quick, the painkillers we gave him haven’t worn off yet, it could be a stress reaction now.” Wu Yi Yi said, “Brother, drive to the hospital.”

With all my might, I grabbed Moon Fullbow’s wrist.

“Don’t go back to the hospital, I’m fine.”

In the middle of winter, I was soaked through in my down jacket, drenched in sweat, my nails pinched into my fists.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’re all cracked up.”

“It’s a small thing, just a few more bandages and I’ll be fine, Chimon’s already pressing on, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Wu Yi Yi asked cautiously, “Then just now, you put the phone ……”

“Yi Yi.” Yue Man Bow pressed her shoulder and told her to stop talking, then nodded, “It’s good that you’re fine, we’ll go back to Qianmen first, and then take you back to the hospital at night.”

“Let’s go settle business first.”

The car restarted and I was left with mixed feelings and a throbbing pain in my heart.

I had to go back to Tong City, there was no way Chu Xiaoxiao would break up with me, and even if she did she wouldn’t use this method.

I have to ask for clarification face to face!

Even if she wants to break up with me, she has to say it to my face!

I can’t let Moon Man Bow send me back to the hospital and I can’t let them know about this, or they will definitely stop me from going back to Tong City.

I could only pretend to be calm and pretend to be looking out of the window, but in my mind, it was as if I was playing a movie, constantly recalling bits and pieces of what I had experienced with Chu Xiaoxiao.

She wouldn’t.

I closed my eyes and forced my mind to concentrate, not thinking about Chu Xiaoxiao for the time being, otherwise I would not be able to do any thinking, my mind was occupied with her every smile and scowl.

Sometimes I thought, I’ll kill her, then the next second I thought, no, I must have done something wrong, I’ll go back and beg her, then a moment later I wanted to get back at her hard, all sorts of thoughts were intricate, at this moment I was like a powder keg ready to explode.

My lips opened and closed unconsciously and when I came back to myself I realised I was saying, “It’s a conspiracy, she won’t.”

I didn’t believe it at all, anyone could have betrayed me, I couldn’t believe Chu Xiaoxiao would do this to me! I couldn’t accept it!