Wealthy Chapter 653

I guess no one would have thought that everything that happened to Lin Fang was manipulated by Jiang Ming.

But Jiang Ming himself did not expect that Lin Fang, a woman specially tailored for Zhang Chao, would end up choosing Chen Yu Zhou because of money.

Jiang Ming smiled bitterly. It seemed that once a woman became stupid, even he could do nothing about it.

However, Jiang Ming did not believe that Zhang Chao would really forget about Lin Fang, a woman.

Men were like that, what he could not forget was the woman who had hurt him.

Jiang Ming said, “I have my own arrangements, this is an idle move, put it aside, if it can wait until it is useful it will definitely be useful, if it can’t wait, then it doesn’t matter if it is scrapped.”

The servant stammered, wanting to say something, but Jiang Ming could see that and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“She has come to Ningcheng.”

Jiang Ming was surprised and went around to the servant and asked, “She came here?”

“No, she just found her way to Ningcheng, but didn’t find her way to us.”

Jiang Ming narrowed his eyes, not knowing what to type.

The subordinate said, “She found her way to Ningcheng, I’m afraid she knows who we are, it’s too dangerous, Master.”

Instead of getting angry, Jiang Ming smiled.

“What a clever woman, so clever yet so badly mixed up, I really feel a bit guilty that I have caused her to suffer.”

“Master, not at all, this woman was victimised by her own greed.”

“Hahahahahahahahaha, so do you think she is pitiful?

“Oooh, this ……” the subordinate put his heart in his mouth, “a poor man must be hated.”

“You’ve said that, then if Zhang Chao knew the truth, how heartbroken she must be.”

In the reflection of the broken glass, Jiang Ming’s gaze was like that of a viper.

Yue Manshan gasped for air and ran into the alley, running slower and slower, and within a few steps he couldn’t run anymore, holding onto the wall and panting heavily.

The lights on the roadside were in a trance and the dark alleyway looked like a devil’s giant mouth, he dared not continue on.

Yue Manshan’s legs were shaking and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Lifting his feet, Yue Manshan tried to take a step forward, but the step could not be taken in any way.

The darkness beneath his feet was like lava, and after gritting his teeth and shaking for a long time, at the end of the day, that one foot still could not be put down.

With his back against the wall, Yue Man Gong was panting like an ox, and after half a day, he slid down slowly against the wall as if he was deflated.

“Zhang Chao …… me, I will definitely kill you.” From between his teeth, he squeezed out a few words.

In the ward, Yue Man Gong sighed a long, heavy hearted sigh.

The Yue family had not treated him well, yet he still kept treating himself as a member of the Yue family, always caring about every move of the Yue family.

“One more thing, after you got hurt, I called the police, but the police never came until now.”

Moon Man-bow finally noticed this too, and I had to tell him the truth.

“But you have to keep this a secret, don’t let anyone know, someone must be targeting the Thousand Gates. Don’t startle the police now, I want to see what they are up to.”

Moon Full Bow was worried, “Why do I get the feeling that they might already know the secret of the Thousand Gates.”

I was also worried, recently there were frequent people coming to kick and provoke, seemingly eating up the fact that no one was at the Thousand Doors and wanting to kick up the truth about the Thousand Doors.

“Consider the worst case scenario, why would they do that?”

“Thousand Doors’ money.” Moon Full Bow said.

I shook my head, “The Thousand Doors are long gone now, you’re all corporatised as a sect, even if you killed all your people, you couldn’t possibly take over the mountain, you’re too heavy in your jianghu habits, thinking about things the same way you did forty years ago.”

Forty years ago is not the same as now, the financial products, laws, asset allocation, are all much more robust and diverse now, long ago there is no need to be like the old days.

Moreover, my father has long since corporatised the Thousand Doors, the money is not private anymore, even if we kill all the people of the Thousand Doors, the equity will still be inherited according to the inheritance law, no one can take it away.

The moon full bow is also wondering if perhaps the purpose of these people coming to pick a fight is different from what we expected.

“Can’t figure it out, don’t think about it yet, they will figure it out sooner or later anyway. Zhang Chao, I came to see you today because Baldy has come out.”

“Oh? What’s Zhao Zichen’s reaction?” I asked.

Zhao Zichen and Baldy had been good buddies for many years, and this Baldy was a fake, so where had the real Baldy gone? Could something have happened ……

“Hold your ground.” Yue Man Gong said, “After Xu Changsheng came out, Zhao Zichen brought him to Qianmen, I don’t know what he means by this, to wreak havoc on Qianmen? I’ve also had people ask around, Yun Dye hasn’t shown up for a while, a playboy like him rarely goes three days in a row without showing up at a bar.”

I understood in my heart, “So you’ve come to tell me off today?”

Yue Man Gong was obviously here to complain, but he was too embarrassed to admit it, so he grunted and didn’t nod his head.

I laughed, “Brother, lend me your little sister, and I will return the favour.”

“That’s out of the question.”

“I’ll do the job of trafficking women and children, you can lend me your little sister, and I’ll let Zhao Xiaoliu join your Qianmen.”

Yue Man Gong was clearly interested and opened his eyes for a moment, not refuting again.

“You can convince Zhao Zichen?”

“That’s a tough one, but it’s worth a try.”

“I’ll think about it, but you have to tell me what you want my little sister to steal from the police station. Our Thousand Clans is not a thieving clan, we can’t do stealing, it’s choking, and you know that in the jianghu, choking is to be punished by everyone.”

I rolled my eyes, “You jianghu guys just don’t do the right thing, you just execute people every day when you find an opportunity. I suspect that there is a mole in the police station, and I need her to help me go in and get an item to verify my suspicions. If I’m right, this mole has something to do with what’s going on with your Thousand Gate too.”

Moon Fullbow was about to continue asking when suddenly the door to the ward was pushed open and Yiyi Wu burst in breathing heavily.

“No good Brother, again, someone has gone to the Thousand Sect to pick a fight again.”


“It’s still someone from Guang Yao.”

I said, “How come Kougyou Media doesn’t remember what they ate, didn’t they make them remember last time?”

Moon Man Bow shook his head, “Maybe they heard you were seriously injured and still haven’t woken up. I’ll go back and deal with it.”

My injuries were not serious and I was about to leave the hospital again. I knew that if Yue Man Gong didn’t agree, Wu Yi Yi would never let me go, so I got up from the bed and leaned on Yue Man Gong’s back.

“Take me away take me away, or no one will leave.”

“You’re crazy, you’re not healed yet!”

I said nothing and refused to let go, adding, “You should think twice about using your grappling hands on me, you could come down with a combination and I’d be dead.”

Taking advantage of Moon’s speechlessness, I said, “You can take me out today and I’ll come back when I’ve seen what’s going on today. It’s too late to do the discharge formalities, so don’t do it yet, I’ve only suffered a flesh wound, it’s really nothing.”