Wealthy Chapter 652

Now two of the three who dared to fight him are dead, what about the last one, leave this toy ……

No! Jiang Ming suddenly shook his head viciously, as if to shake the thought out of his mind.

Ji Yanran, the bitch who betrayed him!

Why he still loved her after all these years was outrageous! Killing her couldn’t even get her out of his mind!

“Master, let’s, what shall we do with Zhang Chao next?”

The subordinate asked cautiously when he saw Jiang Ming patting his head and moaning in pain.

“Let me think about it.”

“If we want to kill him, I do have an idea. Zhang Chao is a person who can’t splash water, but he’s not completely without weaknesses, so it won’t work to fight hard, but his girlfriend might be a place to start. His girlfriend is the daughter of Chu Huaien and Yu Hui. Yu Hui, as you know, has gone crazy. He was a pawn to Chu Huai En, who was a heartless man, and Yu Hui was just a pawn to him. He was afraid to divorce Yu Hui for the sake of the family’s money, and tried every possible way to force his wife to die. Now, Chu Xiaoxiao has climbed into Zhang Chao’s pawn, and he wants his own wife to blackmail his daughter.

“He’s always been like that, only a fool like Zhang Jun would be used by him.”

“Master, we just need to let Chu Huaien blackmail his daughter, then we can get rid of Zhang Chao without bloodshed.”

“Getting rid of Zhang Chao is not the aim.” Jiang Ming said immediately.

The subordinate glanced cautiously at Jiang Ming and said, “Master, let me say one more thing, do you not want to give up, he is Ji Yanran’s son.”


Jiang Ming missed his hand and swept everything on the table to the floor, gasping heavily.

After a moment, Jiang Ming took his handkerchief to wipe off the wine stained on his hands and said, “I’ll kill him sooner or later. Didn’t Moon Full Bow go after him.”

“He stopped chasing after a few steps because Zhang Chao was badly injured and he went back to watch over Zhang Chao.”

Jiang Ming said, “Hmph, it was that close to killing two birds with one stone.”

“Yue Man Gong might have been afraid.”

Jiang Ming did not deny it, it did not matter if he was afraid, he was most worried about him being alerted, a change in the head of the Moon family was imminent, and the worst case scenario was that Yue Man Gong would be in office.

Yue Man Gong was completely out of his control, Yue Man Shan was better, and at best Yue Zhengjun.

Unfortunately, after knowing that he was trapped in Jiang Ming’s trap and unable to struggle, Yue Zhengjun was willing to give up his position as the head of the Yue family to his son.

This gave Jiang Ming a headache, Yue Zhengjun, a coward, was able to break his tail to survive and sacrifice himself for the sake of the Yue family.

It was not that Yue Zhengjun did not know that once he was not the head of the Yue family, Jiang Ming turned back to quickly get rid of him and completely cover up the fact that the two had joined forces to kill Jiang Yunqing.

He grunted and waved his hand for his subordinate to go out, and when he looked up and saw that his subordinate was still standing there without moving, he asked, “What else is there?”

“Two people’s business. One is the Third Master.”

“What’s the old thing up to again?”

“Making trouble at the Clan Council every day, accusing you of trying to kill him and saying you killed the Second Master. Although no one in the Clan Council ignores him, rumours hurt people in case anyone believes them.”

Jiang Ming laughed in a rare moment.

“You really think it’s that no one believes it?”

“Who would believe the whispers of this old gambler?”

What a naive idea, his tricks are not advanced, and who could he fool?

Everyone knows what the truth is, they just don’t dare to say it.

It is not a skill to fool others. The real skill is that everyone knows the truth, but no one dares to mention it.

The Jiang family does not have a head of family like other families, and the affairs of the entire Jiang family are managed by a council of clan elders.

The clan council could never have imagined that their tacit approval of Jiang Ming’s killing of Jiang Yunqing would be the day they would have to surrender their power.

The Jiang family, Tong City, the underworld, the jianghu, everything was within Jiang Ming’s grasp.

Ji Yanran, did you see that? What you want to protect, I will destroy one by one, I will not love you bitch at all.

Jiang Ming said, “Don’t mind him. What else is going on?”

“One more thing would be a problem, that woman wants to see you.”

The subordinate didn’t say her name, but Jiang Ming heard who it was, and he rubbed his brow and said, “I’m surprised she’s still alive.”

“Beyond our wildest dreams.”

“How come Zhang Chao hasn’t arrested her yet.”

“I don’t know, she’s always careful and she’s a fast learner, she used to hang out with Black Panther for a while and learned some counter-surveillance stuff.”

“I mean Zhang Chao, the things I told Lin Fang could be absolute temptations for Zhang Chao.”

Jiang Ming muttered, what was wrong with him lately, was it a bad year, why was he always being pestered by these difficult people, it was like plastic bags for meat buns, you did need them when you ate the buns, but when you were done you still had to hold on to these plastic bags and couldn’t throw them away, that was troublesome.

“That I don’t know anymore, master, I feel that this woman is not simple, she is very smart and has a poisonous heart, I am really worried that one day she will bite us, I am afraid that she will guess who we are.”


Jiang Ming nodded his head, acquiescing to the subordinate’s statement.

“Should we do away with her?” He really didn’t understand what Jiang Ming had been keeping this woman for.

“Don’t rush, I’m saving this for Zhang Chao. I want Zhang Chao to have a taste of that, what it’s like to kill the woman you love and hate with your own hands.”

The subordinate froze for a moment, “Master, I see that Zhang Chao has long since lost interest in her.”

“Heh, that’s because you don’t understand.”

He looked at the blood-stained book he had brought with him and thought silently in his heart, “Zhang Chao, only I understand you because we are one of a kind.

Your mother gave me 17 years of torture, and I will make you taste the same pain.

“Master, I really don’t understand, what is the point of burying a line so deep, from before Zhang Chao has returned to Tong City, to lure Lin Fang’s brother into gambling debts?”