Wealthy Chapter 651

Wu Yi Yi said awkwardly, “I don’t know how to do anything else, or I’ll order takeaway for you.”

Looking at Wu Yi Yi’s swollen eyes, I thought she didn’t look so annoying now.

Rubbing my face, I said, “No need, I’m getting out of hospital today.”

“The doctor said it would take four or five days at least.”

“Staying is for observation, I don’t need observation.”

I lifted the covers and got out of bed, Wu Yi Yi hurried over and held me down, “What are you doing, are you looking to die?”

I said, “Let go of me, I have something important to do.”

“Okay, okay, I know you’re going to find your girlfriend. Last night you fell asleep and kept dashing and dashing and dashing, I didn’t think you’d be such a big man and have to call your wife’s name in your sleep.”

There was no way I could explain this to Yiyi Wu, Chu Xiaoxiao rarely ignored me for such a long time, she wasn’t like that and wouldn’t play missing.

Wu Yi Yi said, “Hey, it’s the first time I’ve seen you so scared, you’re not even afraid of that arrow, but you’re afraid of your wife.”

I said glumly, “What’s wrong with being afraid of your wife? Let go of me, I must be discharged from the hospital today.”

“Okay, okay, I already spoke to your friends last night and told them to go back and contact your wife. That nasty guy named Zhao, who seems to have helped you contact your friends in Tong City, has already gone to look for your wife. Hey, are you afraid your wife doesn’t want you?”

Seeing my dark face, she waved her hand in defeat and said, “Fine, fine, I won’t say anything, really, such a small temperament.”

I let out a long sigh, “Xiao Xiao won’t not want me.”

That’s what I said, but my heart was pounding, I couldn’t help but think of Lin Fang, if she was like Lin Fang …… me, I would kill her, no, I wouldn’t hurt her ……

I’ve never been so panicked, I couldn’t lie down for a second, not even when I went to war and bullets were swishing over my head.

“Okay, let’s not talk about that, your girlfriend might be up to something, and you don’t have to stick to her every day. You take care of your injuries, senior brother will be over in a while. By the way, do you know who the person who killed you is?”

It all happened so fast at that time, I just felt a burst of killing energy and dodged away by intuition.

In a short moment, I only saw a pair of murderous eyes, and I was sure that I did not know this person.

I shook my head.

“I don’t recognise him, but this man must be from a very small background, he is not an ordinary journeyman.”

“Senior seems to know this man.” Wu Yi Yi said, “I asked him and he wouldn’t say, he’s a man who can’t lie, this expression means he knows him.”

“Someone Moon Full Bow knows?”

I was muttering when Yue Man Gong had pushed the door in, and as soon as Wu Yi Yi saw Yue Man Gong, she put on her face and grunted angrily.

Wu Yi Yi said, “Brother, let me tell you, this time I am really angry, I will not forgive you until you apologise to me properly.”

While she said this, her eyes kept peeking at the moon full bow.

Yue Man Gong said, “Yi Yi, you go out first, Zhang Chao and I have something to talk about.”

“You don’t want to apologise to me, do you?”


“Hmph, you big dumb pig!”

Wu Yi Yi was half-exasperated, glaring at Yue Man Gong and running out.

Yue Man Gong was puzzled and pointed to the door and asked me what was wrong. I cried and laughed and asked Yue Man Gong to close the door first, I didn’t bother to explain to him because he wouldn’t understand even if I did.

“Never mind, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you, who the hell is that man? Did you see his face?” I asked.

Moon Fullbow said, “No, he had already run away by the time I got there. But I recognised him, I didn’t need to see a face. His stance didn’t hide his identity.”

“You know him so well, who is it?”

“My brother.”

“I’m not surprised. But I didn’t expect it to be your brother coming over, not your father.”

Moon Man Bow frowned and said, “After you released my brother, he hasn’t shown up for a long time and has been staying at Jiang Ming’s house, could Jiang Ming have instructed him this time?”

“Not likely. If your brother really killed me, Snow Leopard won’t let your brother go, and how can your brother still be the heir to the Moon family. Even if Jiang Ming wanted to kill me, your father wouldn’t approve.” I asked again, “Did you see his face?”

“Didn’t get a good look. But while faces can be imitated, kung fu cannot. It’s a family tradition in my Moon family, I can’t mistake it.” Moon Man-bow said, “My brother wants to kill you.”

I said, “With your father like this now, your brother is the most expected heir to the Yue family. If anything happens to him again, there will only be one heir to the Moon Family, and that will be you. Neither your father nor Jiang Ming wants to see that.”

Yue Man Gong was full of annoyance and let out a long sigh, rubbing his hands on his trouser leg tubes a few times, seemingly uneasy.

As another of the great clans of the jianghu, the family and future heir was being counted out by another clan and losing face.

And somewhere in a luxury hotel in Ningcheng, Jiang Ming held his glass of wine and looked at his own face reflected in the floor-to-ceiling window with a winning smile.

“He really went for it?”

“Went, went! This kid is like a cannonball, he blows up when he touches it, he’s so easy to fool.”

The red wine swayed in the glass, and the headlights outside the floor-to-ceiling window illuminated the side of Jiang Ming’s face.

“Does Yue Zhengjun know about this?”

“He… where would he find out? He can’t watch anything but the news right now, and the news that comes from the Moon family is carefully selected by us. But, Master, it was really close this time, he almost killed Zhang Chao.”

“It would have been quite a pity if Zhang Chao had died.” Jiang Ming sipped his wine and said with not much concern.

“That’s not true, if he dies so early, his parents haven’t paid you back enough for what they owe you.”

Jiang Ming grunted, stupid fellow.

Is it God’s will that Zhang Chao didn’t die? Ji Yanran, your son is much more durable than you.

Instead of feeling disappointed, Jiang Ming was relieved as he drank the red wine in one go.

Since Zhang Chao hadn’t died, it was time to change the plan.

“Master, originally we didn’t have to have Zhang Chao dead, but Yue Zhengjun has been acting as a demon, if Zhang Chao doesn’t die, I’m afraid that if this continues, Zhang Chao will have to help Yue Man Gong to become the head of the Yue family. What should we do now, this time Yue Mangshan has not succeeded in killing Zhang Chao, Zhang Chao will definitely be alert.”

“There’s a play for not dead, and a play for dead.”

Jiang Ming was in no hurry, he reached for another glass of wine, and as he poured it, he looked into the floor-to-ceiling window, the empty sleeve tube, and with a violent force, he crushed the glass.

The underlings were terrified and came forward to clean it up for Jiang Ming, who looked at the glass remnants in his hand and smiled to himself.

Apart from being beaten by Jiang Yunqing, he had only been injured twice in his life, once when the woman he loved opened him up, and once when this woman’s son, who had taken one of his hands.