Through Time Chapter 849

Rei quickly opened the letter, and after reading it, he broke into a smile that


“No wonder it dares to be so blatant, it was actually ordered by this one.”


“Still wanting to co-operate with this single lord and divide up the city-states in the western region, that’s right, only he can command so many Qin troops.”


“This time uncle will definitely be satisfied.”


Li quickly put the letter away, then took out a piece of cloth and silk and quickly wrote a letter.


Addressing the messenger, he said.


“Take the letter to the second prince and tell him to send it to his uncle immediately, be quick!”


With the letter in hand, a small group of Hun messengers, then mounted their horses quickly and headed towards the Hun royal court.


Li knew that whether his uncle believed him or not this time, it would have an impact on the Great Qin Border Army.


That would be the best time for him to get away with his clan, only that he was not familiar with the situation in the western city-states, so there would be some complications in terms of routes when the time came.


“It would be nice to have someone to help,”


Rei revealed a bitter smile at this time.


Separated from his own brother, he wasn’t happy either.


After this time, he didn’t know when he would be able to see each other, he couldn’t help but shake his head, and with a few emotions, he said.


“But today’s messenger, is a talent.”


Although he had successfully dealt with the other party, the other party had also left him with a good impression in this aspect of scheming.


The Great Qin people were indeed much better than the Hun nobles.


Thinking of this, Li said at this time to King Zuo Xian, who was at the side.


“Is the number of children in the tribe out now?”


Hearing the question, King Zuo Xian nodded and returned to.


“According to Shan Yu’s your order, all the children under the age of fourteen inside the tribe have been found out.”


Rei nodded and said.


“These children will be taught by this monarch personally, in addition to looking for other nobles to see who has Great Qin books in their hands, send them over.”

“These children will be taught by this monarch himself, in addition to looking for other nobles to see who has Da Qin books in their hands, send them over.”


“And in the future, within the tribe, speak Da Qin language if you can.”


Hearing this, the Zuo Xian Wang on the side directly froze and said.


“Shan Yu, why is this?”


“We also have our own traditions, if by then everyone can’t even speak Xiongnu, is it still Xiongnu?”


Rei didn’t explain much, he just faintly returned that


“Carry out the order.”


The left sage king could only leave as well.


Only after the other party had left did Li look in the direction of Great Qin, the reason why he had to move closer to Great Qin in everything, even the way he taught was learnt from his uncle.


It was because he knew that Great Qin with his uncle at the helm was destined to occupy the entire world in the days to come.


If he wanted to bring his clansmen to survive, he could only keep moving closer to Great Qin in all aspects.


King Zuo Xian was actually right, if one day all the Huns speak Great Qin better than their own Huns, then indeed they are not considered pure Huns anymore.


But on the other hand, think about it, the Huns and Qin people, the difference in appearance is not very big, if we speak the same language, wear the same kind of dress, can not tell who is the Huns and who is the Qin people.


So how is this not a kind of integration?


“Uncle, I haven’t betrayed you, nor have I betrayed my own people.”


Rei muttered.


At this time, Zhang Liang had already returned all the way back to his camp, and after speaking to Lu and Zhou Bo about the situation, he continued, saying


“Now that the Xiong Nu has promised to make concessions, even though I am the one leading this matter, it is a matter of great importance, so I must always return to the main camp and discuss it with Pei Gong.”


“I’ll ask the two generals over here to watch over them first.”


Hearing this, both Zhou Bo and Lu nodded their heads in disbelief and replied back, the


“As it should be.”


When Zhang Liang heard this he quickly said.


“Then I will set off immediately and return at the earliest opportunity.”


After saying this, he directly walked towards the outside, looking at Zhang Liang’s back as he left, the two of them looked at each other and Zhou Bo instantly said with a few sighs.


“Brother Liang still doesn’t forget Pei Gong when he has power, he really is a true gentleman.”

“Brother Liang still doesn’t forget Pei Gong when he has power, so he really is a true gentleman.”


Lu also nodded, although he didn’t really like the other party negotiating with the Xiong Nu, he had to say that this kind of behaviour of the other party not forgetting his roots was still extremely good.


And normally, he humbly gave credit, his character was still unimpeachable.


Soon, Zhang Liang left the camp with a group of people.


Early the next morning, the Great Qin Qiang people, in the main camp of the Qin army in the new land of Yuezhi.


Liu Bang was smiling broadly as he pulled his bow and arrow to take aim, quickly releasing the bowstring.




After a cracking sound, a lamb not far away fell to the ground in response.


On the side, Fan Kuai walked over with a big smile and


“Big brother is a good shot! Hahaha, knowing that I don’t like old lambs, I even shot a lamb on purpose!”


Hearing this, Liu Bang’s old face warmed up, he was just aiming at the big lamb next to him.


Of course, his face was not red, he just urged that


“Don’t talk too much, hurry up and go clean up the sheep.”


Who let him be in a good mood these days?


These days when Zhang Liang was not around, he felt a lot more relaxed.


Then when he received an order from Xianyang, he was even more relaxed because in that case, the order was given by Xianyang.


Even if something went wrong after that, it would have nothing to do with him.


He now even couldn’t wait for something to happen to Zhang Liang in a hurry, so he would truly have no worries.


When he had stayed in the grassland for a sufficient period of time, he could take his title and go back to enjoy his life.


By that time, he had a title and had accumulated quite a lot of wealth and goods in the grasslands.


After all, selling those slaves, he also had a part to play.


Finding a few more beautiful concubines and having a few more children, how dashing would such a rich and honourable life be?


As for those ambitions of his own, they had already been consumed between this grassland run.


Although in the dead of night, he had not failed to fantasise about being called a prince or even a higher position.


But nowadays, under the leadership of Zhao Lang, Great Qin has pacified the north and south, and has long been stable.

But nowadays, under the leadership of Zhao Lang, Great Qin has pacified the north and south, and has long been four flat and stable.


He could not see any chance for himself.


The people under his hand, now at most, just want to get some more credit, no one wants to do any more rebellious things.


The situation was stronger than the people, and anyone who wanted to rebel now would have to see what happened to the Huns.


It was now becoming clear to everyone that His Highness the Crown Prince had pacified the Xiongnu Royal Court with only three children.


Who could resist such a tactic?


Liu Bang lamented all the way, not long after, Fan Kuai on the side brought a piece of roasted and tender mutton with a smile on his face.


“Big brother, this mutton is really tasty!”


Liu Bang, however, did not take it directly, but said.


“Don’t just eat it yourself, first give this to Lu Ò, Cao Shen and the others.”


Fan Kuai said with a big grin.


“Don’t worry, big brother, I had someone send it to them long ago.”


Hearing this, Liu Bang then smiled and took the mutton, saying.


“You have grown quite a bit.”


He then took a bite of the mutton, and it was really tasty.


And so it was said.


“When we go back, if the slave business is not doing well, we can do this mutton business.”


Liu Bang was enjoying the food at this time, while talking about the good life after that, his heart was extremely happy.


Just at this time, Lu Ò came over hurriedly and said.


“Duke Pei, A Liang is back and said he has something urgent to find you.”


Hearing this, Liu Bang instantly froze, and immediately felt the mutton in his mouth become bitter, and asked in a trembling voice that


“What is he coming back for?”