Through Time Chapter 848

When Zhang Liang walked into the tent, Li couldn’t help but frown slightly as the messenger wasn’t the same person as before.


He had deliberately closed some distance with the other party these few times, just to find the person behind this messenger.


So as to give himself one more means by which he could express his feelings.


He also knows his uncle’s nature, always soft to his own people.


It was just that if he did now, he would have to start all over again.


After all, he didn’t know if this Great Qin emissary was sent by the other side.


“Greetings Shan Yu.”


Zhang Liang saluted at this time while sizing up this new single lord of Xiongnu in front of him who called himself Old Lord.


Even though his own beloved had already said that the other party was extremely young.


But what he did not expect was that the other party would actually be this young!


Or even that it was just a teenager who had just grown up!


But he did not have any contempt in his heart, because at such a young age, he was able to lead the Huns all the way here, and was able to suppress the other Hun nobles.


The mind and means required in it were definitely not ordinary!


So instead, he was even more wary in his heart, this wasn’t someone who was easy to fool.


“Great Qin Messenger, please rise.”


Rei said with a smile at this time.


“I wonder what good news the messenger has brought with him this time?”


Hearing this, Zhang Liang couldn’t help but glance at the other party.


It was only just now that the Great Qin cavalry had attacked two of the other party’s tribes, but the other party’s behaviour was so relaxed that those who didn’t know thought that the Xiongnu and Great Qin had been friendly for generations, and that they had come to visit.


“Shan Yu, my Great Qin generals have an order ordering you to leave behind supplies to supply my Great Qin soldiers.”


Zhang Liang quickly finished his request.


Although the Qin army was no longer asking the other party to directly kneel down and surrender now, the requirements were still extremely harsh as well.


It was close to saying that they should let all these Huns roll out bare-assed.


Although the conditions were harsh, today’s Qin did have the backbone to do so.


On the side, King Zuo Xian’s eyes were red when he heard these demands, even if he was afraid of death, he could not stand it a bit when he was bullied like this.


However, Li was still looking extremely calm, and even had some smiles at the corners of his mouth.


Only after Zhang Liang had finished did he slowly return, the


“The messenger’s words are reasonable, but this participant tribe, nowadays many old and weak, if we hand over these materials, the people have no dependence, and I’m afraid that the simple nature of the people will cause trouble.”

“The messenger’s words are reasonable, but this participation in the tribe, now many old and weak, if the handover of these supplies, the people have no dependence, and simple nature, I am afraid it will give rise to trouble.”


“This Shan Yu is young, then can not suppress all the clansmen, then in order to survive, together with the influx of today’s Qin prairie, so, both for the Qin or this Shan Yu is not a good thing.”


“So how about this single Yu offer some cattle and sheep to treat the Qin army, the Qin army in the leniency of this participation in some days, how?”


Listening to Li’s methodical speech, if he wasn’t inside the Xiongnu camp, Zhang Liang would have thought that the other party was the son of one of the big families.


In these words, on the surface, he acknowledged the power of Great Qin, but in fact, he was threatening to break the net with fish death.


However, they were justified.


Of course the other party’s last words were of course stalling for time.


Because both sides understood that at the end of the day, it was the weapons in their hands that would determine who backed down a bit more.


He had to give the other party a greater sense of oppression now, so that when he arrived, he could press the other party smoothly, and when he cooperated with the other party, he himself would be able to take a greater initiative.


So without any mercy, he coldly said back.


“Great Qin’s territory is huge, even the Xiongnu Royal Court is Great Qin’s new land.”


“Since Shan Yu has such a determination to fish out of water, why did he leave in the first place?”


Li was stagnated by what was said, this messenger was rather more difficult to produce than the previous one


stalker by a lot.


He also knew that the other party was telling the truth, now the Huns were begging to live, and would not make a fish-out-of-water move until they were in a truly desperate situation.


But this time absolutely can not let go, so returned to.


“The messenger has a point, now this Shan Yu with his clan is trying to seek a way to live, but if there is no way to live, this Shan Yu can only fish to death.”


When he said this, Li did not get excited, but was extremely sincere.


This look was also learnt from his uncle, as it was more likely to make people believe his words.


As expected, seeing this scene, Zhang Liang could not help but frown.


He certainly wasn’t threatened by the other party’s words, in a way, it wasn’t a bad thing for the Huns and Great Qin to kill each other.


What he cared about was actually seeing a trace of Zhao Lang in the other party’s body.


That sincere look was like the way Zhao Lang had threatened the various other kings back then.


He knew that the other party had been at Zhao Lang’s side for a few years.


But did that person really have that much influence?


All those who were around him would be changed invisibly.




Just as Zhang Liang was a bit lost in thought, Li could not help but speak out to remind him, saying.


“Since the emissary has finished talking about business, why don’t you have a drink with this Single Lord.”


He was actually able to guess now that Great Qin did not have the intention to fight to the death with Xiong Nu, it was just that he still had to test the other party to see if they were the ones who were the Great Qin traitors.


Zhang Liang returned to his senses and glanced at the other party, then nodded.

Zhang Liang looked back at the other party, then nodded.


Someone soon brought in wine and meat, during which a servant also walked in and whispered something in Li’s ear before leaving.


After listening to the attendant’s words, Li couldn’t help but look at the other party, not waiting for the other party to react, at this time, he said.


“I don’t know if this Shan Yu’s uncle is still well these days?”


Hearing this, Zhang Liang couldn’t help but be a little puzzled.


How did he know how Xiong Nu Shan Yu’s uncle was?


Li at this time pretended to have a sudden realisation and said.


“It is this Shan Yu who has been abrupt, his heart just misses his uncle, but he has not told the messenger that this Shan Yu’s uncle is the current Crown Prince of Qin.”


Before Li’s words fell, Zhang Liang first froze, then looked at the other party somewhat incredulously.


He did not think that the relationship between the two sides was actually so close, and what he did not think was that Li had already become the Monarch of the Xiongnu, but between his words, he was actually still so respectful to Zhao Lang.


What’s more, he didn’t mind calling the other party uncle.


Although he knew that the other party was trying to use the name of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Great Qin to suppress him as a Great Qin emissary, but how would he care?


In his heart, he would only become more resentful.


With a flash of hatred in his eyes, Zhang Liang reluctantly smiled and said.


“It turns out that Shan Yu and His Highness the Crown Prince still have this relationship.”


After saying that, he poured himself a cup of wine.


Seeing this scene, Li narrowed his eyes slightly.


Because the other party’s reaction was not right, if it was any other Great Qin emissary who heard this, I’m afraid that they would use the opportunity to also raise Great Qin’s status to suppress them.


It was just that he wasn’t sure, Li’s heart moved slightly at this time, and said.


“I wonder if the master of the messenger’s home is well?”


After saying this, he stared closely at the other party, but the other party’s complexion did not change in the slightest.


Rei was just a little disappointed when he saw the other party directly stand up and coldly said.


“Shan Yu still needs to be more careful, this is a letter from my master to you.”


After saying that, Zhang Liang took out a letter and placed it on the table, the


Then he directly left.


He would not reveal his true identity just yet.


Only he didn’t see that after he left, Ri picked up the letter, revealed a smile, and said.


“The traitor that uncle wants has been found, just what will it take to sell him for a good price?”