Through Time Chapter 844

After listening to the ambitions of his old man, Zhao Lang returned at this time with a bitter smile, the

“Father, this is not that easy, this world is too big.”

“And people are different in every place, not to mention the rest.”

The words were spoken lightly now, and that was because Pops didn’t have much of a concept of how big the whole world really was.

To put it in a bragging word, even now, if the whole world belonged to Great Qin, Great Qin couldn’t manage it.

Before the transport problem is solved, these are only empty dreams.

Not to mention the differences in beliefs and traditions.

Just look at the mess that was made in a previous life.

“So Pops, just don’t think about it too much.”

Zhao Lang briefly talked to Old Dad about the difficulties and hurriedly dispelled this unrealistic fantasy of Old Dad’s first.

He was afraid that if Old Dad’s brain was hot, and now there was a Great Qin Expedition to the world, what else would he have to do?

Seemingly seeing through Zhao Lang’s thoughts, Qin Shi Huang revealed a smile at this time and asked.

“Wave son, are you worried that dad is too good for his own good and will go on an expedition to conquer the world without any regard?”

Zhao Lang’s old face warmed up at the question, and he hurriedly replied that

“Father, my child doesn’t have such thoughts.”

In his heart, he actually had more or less this idea.

The main reason was that with an emperor’s mind like Pops’, who was the only one for me, it would be impossible not to think that way.

Sure enough, the next instant Qin Shi Huang’s extremely atmospheric laugh said.

“That’s right, if I see this world, then this world is mine! This is what I have in mind!”

“Didn’t you, Wave Child, also say that there is nothing under the sky that is not king’s land?”

“Now in your eyes, this is what the entire world really looks like, don’t you want to truly unify the world in your heart?”

These words made Zhao Lang blush slightly, there was a saying that although he knew what the whole world really looked like, the more he knew, the more he knew, he instead didn’t have such thoughts.

More is, take good care of this acre of China, in the foreign plunder is not, foreign more output output their own culture and economy and so on.

Because want to do that step, too difficult not, should be never possible.

This is his feeling.

Qin Shi Huang touched the map of the world in front of him at this time, and said with a few emotions,.

“Wave child, do you know why I wanted to unify the world in the first place?”

Hearing the question, Zhao Lang was first stunned, wanting to say that isn’t it natural to unify the world?

But then came back to his senses, before his own father, the unification of the world is not a matter of course.
But then came back to his senses, before his own old man, the unification of the world is not a matter of course.

Without waiting for him to answer, Qin Shi Huang said, with a bit of gravity.

“Because the world is suffering.”

“When the world was in turmoil, and there were consecutive years of war between countries, the people of the world were like being in the midst of fire and water! Countless wealth was also consumed in the war!”

“The tragedy of children eating each other and cooking with broken bones also happened from time to time.”

“I thought, this world should not be like this.”

“If everyone belonged to the same country, and there were no more wars between each other, what would it be like?”

“Therefore, I must unify this world!”

“Although father doesn’t know how you know what this world looks like, but father can think that this world is bound to be full of war!”

“The only way to give the best account of this world is to unify it!”

He actually seldom confided his heart to others, because the vast majority of people thought that he was good for nothing and had a brutal nature.

Only in front of this son who understood him would he say this.

Zhao Lang’s entire body was dumbfounded as he listened to his old man’s grounded words.

Although limited by the perception of the times, Pops may not know as much as himself about some things.

But this pattern!

Directly dumped him more than ten streets ah!

The name of the first emperor of the ages is not for nothing!

You know, even in the last life, how many people could reach such a realm?

He suddenly understood why there were bridges in history where after a conversation, the king’s tiger’s body shook, and the others bowed their heads and must serve.

If he himself wasn’t holding onto the table, and had those insights from his previous life to hold him up, he would have already knelt down for his old man!

It was almost as if he was crying out to serve Pops to the death!

In terms of this kind of king’s temperament, he and his father were still in a different realm!

At this time, next to Zhao Gao, Nu has already kneeled on the ground extremely dry.

They were shocked beyond belief by the scene depicted by Qin Shi Huang!

It was only after a while that Zhao Lang slowed down and said.

“Father, what you said is right, but this meal has to be eaten one bite at a time, doesn’t it.”

Hearing this, Qin Shi Huang looked at Zhao Lang and said.

“You, you’re really the leader of the farming family, the world’s great power can be described in such words.”

“Father isn’t asking you to start conquering immediately, it’s just that, you have to remember that it is my Great Qin’s duty to unify the world! It is also the goal of my Great Qin’s successive emperors!”

Qin Shi Huang’s eyes lit up as he spoke.

With a new goal in life, his mental energy was different.
With a new goal in life, the mental qi is all different.

Zhao Lang feels that he has dug himself a big pit, I should have known not to say this thing, that Zhang Liang killed also killed it, now it is good that his children and grandchildren have to fill in, and quickly changed the topic to.

“Father, you suddenly came over today, but you are looking for my son for something?”

Hearing the question Qin Shi Huang then remembered the reason why he came to the other side, back to.

“Well, father is here to tell you that in just these two days father will be travelling south to tour the Hundred Yue.”

Only then did Zhao Lang slap his forehead with a few apologies and said.

“Father, it’s my child’s fault, I forgot about this.”

Qin Shi Huang returned with a smile and

“Father knows you’re busy, it’s just that after father leaves Xianyang, you’ll have to take more care and discuss everything with the ministers.”

Qin Shi Huang, at this time, exhorted for a while, and then said, extremely dryly.

“OK, father should be accounted for have been accounted for, you also always want to sit on that position, father will leave first.”

“By the way, you let Shuangzuo Supervisor make more copies of some maps of the world in these few days and send them to father here.”

After saying that, he left the place.

Only after Pops left did Zhao Lang relax a little and sit down, looking at the world map in front of him and letting out a bitter smile.

“Why did I find this trouble for myself?”

Sighing slightly, Zhao Lang regrouped, he still had things left to deal with.

After looking at the military report in his hand again and pondering for a while, Zhao Lang said.

“Negotiations with the Huns can be talked about, let this A Liang take charge.”

With the Qin army’s current strength of only 20,000 cavalry, even if the whole army came out, it would not be able to keep the Xiongnu people who wanted to leave.

It would also put the grassland that had only been conquered into danger.

It would be better to let them go and open up trade routes for themselves to prepare for later.

As for how to get the other party to follow their route, with Zhang Liang as the other party’s insider, he would be able to send the roadmap over.

To Liu Bang, Zhao Lang looked slightly gloomy and said to Nu that

“Have the messenger go and spread another message.”

He wanted to see if the other party had a rebellious heart or not.

Early the next morning, there were messengers travelling all the way towards the north.

Of course not much attention was paid to this, because now the people in Xianyang city were all attracted by a piece of news.

The First Emperor was going on another tour.