Through Time Chapter 473

Looking at Zhao Lang’s impressed look, Xiang Liang quickly said.

“King Zhao doesn’t have to worry too much, this time, the General will give you 10,000 men for the night attack!”

“You will attack from the left, they will definitely identify this side as the main force.”

“This general will lead the men and attack from the right…”

As if to convince Zhao Lang, Xiang Liang went into great detail even on some details.

Tian Du and Tian Rong at the side couldn’t help but nod their heads as well.

This ploy sounded extremely feasible, as long as the Qin army here was defeated.

Then the Six Kingdoms would be on firm footing.

Both of them could not help but look at Zhao Lang who seemed to be in deep thought.

Seeing that Zhao Lang did not agree at first, Xiang Liang let out a slight sigh and said that

“This general knows that even if it is a feint attack, he will still have to face the fiercest counterattack from the Qin army.”

“Swords have no eyes on the battlefield, even with 30,000 people protecting them, they cannot be completely safe.”

“But if it were not for the fact that there is really no one under my general’s command who can take on this great task, my general would not have come to ask the King of Zhao.”

“After all, the King of Zhao was also a master of night raids. By the way, the King of Zhao still has the status of a Qin army, but it is not good to go against the Qin army.”

Hearing these words, even Tian Du, who had been looking towards Zhao Lang, his eyes changed slightly.

Zhao Long’s identity as a Qin army was not something they had forgotten, and of course, they did provide some intelligence these days.

What’s more, when Zhao Lang had attacked at night in Yunmengze, it was Zhao Xie who had killed him!

Now if they didn’t dare to go into battle now, there would be a problem.

Zhao Lang’s eyes moved slightly as he listened, and he suddenly gave a laugh and said

“Naturally, this king dares to go to battle, there is just one worry.”

Xiang Liang raised his eyebrows and said aloud that

“What worries does King Zhao have? Just tell us! I will definitely help you to solve your worries!”

He will agree to any condition as long as he can trick Zhao Lang into going to battle!

Zhao Lang looked at Xiang Liang and said indifferently that

“General Xiang is right, swords are eyeless on the battlefield and it’s a night attack, this safety is indeed difficult to guarantee.”

When Xiang Liang heard this, he was slightly disdainful in his heart, Zhao Lang is not a fool, he should have guessed what he was thinking.

Still afraid of death.

At once, with a few moments of emotion, he said

“King of Zhao, we, the remnants of the six kingdoms, have long since taken life and death lightly in this uprising, but it is a pity that King Kou of Wei, who was forced by the tyrannical Qin to burn himself to death just as the great war had begun!”

“But even so, his younger brother, who has now taken over the position of King of Wei, is now gathering provisions and preparing for a battle with the Tyrannical Qin!”

“But my general did not expect that you, King of Zhao, would… Alas, let’s not talk about it.”

Faced with Xiang Liang’s deliberate taunting, Zhao Lang, however, merely gave a smile and returned that

“In that case, General Xiang has long since taken life and death lightly?”

Xiang Liang said at this time without the least bit of abasement.

“Now that the family and state affairs are at hand, since this General dares to lead a night attack, he has never put his life or death at heart!”

Looking at Xiang Liang’s impassioned look, Zhao Lang laughed and said

“Since General Xiang is ready to live towards death, this king will naturally accompany him!”

Before Zhao Lang’s words had left his lips, Xiang Liang rose and shouted

“Good! The King of Zhao is really bold!”

“In that case, all of you, please listen to the military order! In three days, attack the Qin army by night!”

“King of Zhao, when that time comes, this general will have his general Xiang Zhuang with military orders and 20,000 men to help you!”

“But there is one thing that this general will say in advance, as long as this general is still attacking with his men, you, King Zhao, cannot make any excuse to leave!”


“Or else, military justice will be served!”

After saying that, and without giving Zhao Lang a chance to speak again, Xiang Liang led his men straight away.

He headed back towards the military camp, and he asked Xiang Zhuang to bring the military order as soon as possible.

When the military order is given, no one can disobey it!

If Zhao Lang dares to disobey, he will have an excuse to do so!

Soon, Xiang Liang walked outside with a happy look on his face, and before he went out, Xiang Zhuang, who was beside him, frowned and said

“Eldest uncle, just now I heard you talk about Zhao Lang’s identity, but my nephew is a bit worried, this Zhao Lang, will not be secretly communicating with the Qin army, right?”

Just now, as long as one was not blind, one could see that the fight between these two people was almost on the surface.

It was not an impossible thing for Zhao Long to send a message to the Qin army.

Xiang Liang glanced at Xiang Zhuang with some surprise, but did not say anything immediately, instead he looked around and there was no one around.

Only then did he lead Xiang Zhuang to a slightly secluded place with shade trees and said with a smile.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a mind.”

Xiang Zhuang, however, had always been known for his bravery in his mind, all because of the influence of Xiang Yu.

Xiang Zhuang returned.

“My nephew has followed his uncle for so long, he always learns something and is worried about his uncle.”

Xiang Liang is now the backbone of the Xiang clan, nothing must happen to him!

Xiang Liang nodded his head gratefully, it was rare that the other party was willing to think.

He also decided to teach the other party, this is also to cultivate talents for the Xiang Clan.

Although the vast majority of people, would only think that Zhao Lang is the King of Zhao and should not join forces with the Qin army.

However, as a person with great eyesight, how could Xiang Liang not think of this possibility?

A hint of disdain appeared at the corner of Xiang Liang’s mouth and he said that

“Zhao Lang is sinister and cunning, from the time he killed Zhao She, I could see it.”

“Hmph, it looks like it was Zhao Xie who counted Zhao Lang, but in reality, it was Zhao Lang who counted Zhao Xie!”

“So, this time, Zhao Long will definitely report to the Qin army!”

Hearing this, the Xiang Zhuang were confused and said that

“Eldest Uncle, if you already know all this, why do you still want Zhao Lang to go?”

Xiang Liang gave a cold laugh at this time and said that

“A night attack is fine, but who has decided that a night attack can only be split into two?”

“When Zhao Long tells the Qin army the situation, the Qin army will definitely divide their troops into two, one to fight with Zhao Long and do it for this general.”

“Then the one way will gather heavy troops to ambush this general.”

“But what if this General uses two feints, but in reality the third goes around the back to attack the Qin army?”

“This time you will be given 10,000 men, including 2,000 of our elites, when the time comes, if Zhao Lang dares to retreat, Zhuang’er you will dispose of him on the spot!”

“If he doesn’t retreat, let him die at the hands of the Qin army!”

“In this battle, this general will kill Zhao Lang! Destroy the Qin army!”

After hearing Xiang Liang’s words, Xiang Zhuang was already so shocked that he could not even close his mouth.

How could he have ever imagined that his great uncle could actually calculate so far ahead!

Zhao Lang had not died unjustly this time!

“Eldest uncle, don’t worry, nephew will definitely keep an eye on him! He won’t let him escape!”

Xiang Zhuang said with a bit of excitement at this time.

Xiang Liang smiled and patted the other party’s shoulder, saying that

“Not bad, you can also hold your own!”

Soon, the two of them left the place with their men.

After a while, there was a sudden noise from the big tree where the two men had just stood.


After a muffled sound, a figure jumped down from the tree.

With a face full of disbelief, he looked at the direction Xiang Liang had left.

Then without hesitation, he walked towards Qi Wang’s residence.