Through Time Chapter 472

“Da… Big brother?”

Wei Bao looked at the person in front of him, his whole body was wooden.

For this man was none other than his elder brother, Wei Wang Kui, who should have been burned to nothing but ashes at the city gates long ago!

He had really brought his big brother to life?!

At this time, Wei Wang Gui slowly walked towards him, and Wei Bao was so frightened that he picked up his sword that he had thrown on the ground again, and said with a trembling voice.

“Brother! I didn’t mean to claim the throne! It was because you had left that I thought of how we should have a king in Wei!”

“The order to force the people was given by me, but I had no choice!”

“The Xiang clan is pushing hard, and I have nothing to fall back on, I can only listen to them!”

Seeing that his opponent was getting closer and closer, only one step away from him, Wei Bao was so frightened that he raised his sword to

“Big brother! Don’t you come any closer! I am now the only sapling of the royal family proper, I can’t die now!”

“After I restore Wei and live to a ripe old age, I will definitely make amends to you!”

The king of Wei, looking at his brother in front of him, his entire face turned blue and he said, fiercely

“You see clearly, am I a ghost or not!”

Wei Bao said in a continuous voice.

“Big brother, you’re so blue, what is it if not a ghost?”

The king of Wei, who couldn’t bear it any longer this time, chided

“It’s not because you’ve done these heartless things!”

Wei Wang Guiao said this with such excitement that even spittle flew out and landed on Wei Bao’s face.

Wei Bao touched the spittle on his face, and his whole body instantly woke up in shock.

How could a ghost have spittle?

“Big brother! You’re really not a ghost?”

Wei Bao directly threw away the sword in his hand and grabbed Wei Wang Blame, feeling the other’s living temperature, and said in a continuous voice that

“Big brother, you’re still alive!”

Wei Wangguo was still trying to rebuke the other side at this time, but he heard Wei Bao whimpering and said.

“Big brother, I thought you were dead! Sob…”

Hearing these words, Wei Wang Gui’s expression darkened and he did not say too much more.

It took a long time for Wei Bao to calm down, and the two brothers then went over the events of the past two days, and

“Big brother, it turns out that you were saved by the King of Zhao.”

Wei Bao had finally figured out the original reason for the

“Well, before, I just heard that the King of Zhao is benevolent and virtuous, but now it seems to be true.”

Hearing this, Wei Wang Guiao revealed a bitter smile, of course he knew that Zhao Lang had another purpose, but it was useless to talk to Wei Bao about this now.

Plotting and scheming was something Wei Bao could not play.

Then again, the other party had indeed saved his life.

This was an irrevocable fact.

“Big brother, since you’ve returned, then hurry up and restore your identity, and let’s regroup our men!”

Wei Bao hurriedly said at this time.

Wei Wang Gui, however, shook his head and said that

“Ah Bao, I cannot show myself today, or the Qin army will not rest in peace.”

“It is better for you to be the king of Wei now.”

Wei Bao said, anxiously

“Big brother, that Xiang asked me to requisition the people’s grain and grass, and now that the harvest has long since taken place everywhere, many people will starve to death in winter!”

At the mention of this, Wei Wang Blame slapped Wei Bao directly, saying

“This slap is for the people, you know the consequences of this, and you still dare to order it!”

Wei Bao said nervously.

“Xiang promised to avenge you…”

The king of Wei, Blame, sighed and said that

“Alright, I know, even without your order, Xiang will make a move to rob them by force.”

Wei Bao asked, frowning.

“Then what should we do?”

The king of Wei, Guiao, returned with a slightly complicated look on his face.

“Well, the King of Zhao has said that he will take care of the people of Wei for a while.”

When Wei Bao heard this, he was slightly relieved that there was someone to take care of them, and said.

“Then where is the King of Zhao at this time?”

The king of Wei, Guiao, at this time looked in the direction of the military camp and said

“We are arriving together, and the King of Zhao will meet with Xiang tomorrow at the residence of Tian Rong, the King of Qi.”

At a time like this, it was impossible for either side to enter the other’s barracks.

Early the next morning, inside Xiang’s camp.

Xiang Liang was laying out the tasks for Xiang Zhuang, the

“In these few days, make sure to scout out the surrounding area and not to miss anything suspicious!”

“After this place is our battlefield, no mistakes can be made.”

Although Xiang Liang has now looked down on those Great Qin county soldiers on the other side, he will not just take it lightly.

Only after ordering things one by one did Xiang Zhuang take orders and leave.

When Xiang Zhuang left, Xiang Liang didn’t stay idle either, since he had already arranged a plan for the Qin army.

It was time to think about how to deal with Zhao Lang.

As long as Zhao Lang dared to come this time, he would not let him return alive.

It was just a matter of figuring out what tactics to use, after all, Zhao Lang still couldn’t die in his hands explicitly.

“If only I could get him to go into battle.”

Swords are eyeless on the battlefield, not to mention the presence of a killing weapon like a stray bullet.

Unfortunately, this idea would be difficult to implement and the other side would not be that stupid.

And if Zhao Lang did not dare to come, from then on, his own great power had been established, and then he would bring the farming family of Yunmengze together.

Zhao Lang wouldn’t be able to make too many waves.

This is why he, for sure, must have the first hand.

Of course, there is still a small problem too, the head of the farming family is now well hidden.

Outside, it was never that Sage of the Farming Family who was doing anything.

And that Sage of the Farming Family was brutal and lustful, and Zhao Lang used his beauty to bewitch the other side.

Yet he was at odds with himself.

If one could find the head of the Nong family and ally with the other side to break Zhao Lang’s back, it would be a good solution.

For a while, Xiang Liang thought of a thousand thoughts and thought of the complications, and could not help but sigh.

“If only Yu’er could be half as cunning as Zhao Lang.”

Although he wanted to put Zhao Lang to death, it did not stop Xiang Liang from admiring Zhao Lang’s talent.

Of course, the more he admired Zhao Lang, the more Xiang Liang wanted to kill his opponent.

For such a person was the great enemy of the Xiang Clan in taking over the world!

While Xiang Liang was thinking hard, a Chu soldier came in and reported that

“Great General, a messenger from the King of Zhao has just arrived with a letter.”

When he heard the word “King of Zhao”, Xiang Liang took the letter and after reading it, he laughed and said.

“Good, good, he actually dares to come!”

“Someone, let’s go to the Qi King’s residence!”

Soon, Xiang Liang took his inner circle all the way out of the military camp and headed towards the residence of King Tian Rong of Qi.

At this moment, inside a slightly tidier-looking barracks, Han Xin looked at Xiang Liang, who was not far away and had left with his men in a blaze of glory, and asked, somewhat puzzled, the most well-informed junior soldier next to him.

“General Xiang is in such a hurry? Is there an urgent military matter?”

Han Xin had been involved in the previous attack on the Qin army, and although he had won consecutive battles, he always felt that something was wrong.

The Qin army’s defeats were too orderly.

A junior soldier on one side said that

“Someone just shouted at the entrance to the barracks that the King of Qi and the King of Zhao had arrived, so this should be a visit to them.”

“Hey, let me tell you, it’s interesting here, there are actually two kings in this Qi land.”

The little soldier said, with a face full of gossip.

Life in the barracks was always boring, and it wasn’t that long ago that they were just peasants.

“And I don’t know what these noblemen are thinking.”

The young soldier wanted to share more, but found that the other man had already rushed off towards the front of the

“Hey… Brother Han, where are you going? You can’t get out without the general’s military order!”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Han Xin to walk back.

But ignoring the little soldier, he went straight to Liu Bang’s military tent.

At this moment, Liu Bang was discussing something with the crowd, and when he saw Han Xin barging in, everyone was slightly stunned.

Liu Bang said with a smile at this time that

“What is the matter with Lord Han?”

Hearing this extremely rusty address, Han Xin did not mind and said straight away that

“General, I want the token to leave the military camp!”

Liu Bang showed a smile, still wanting to ask a detailed question, but saw that Han Xin looked like he would not give up until he gave it, his expression moved, directly took out the token, and said.

“These days Han Gongzi has been bored in the military camp, it’s hard work, it’s good to go out and get some air.”

After saying that, without asking the reason, he directly gave the token to Han Xin.

Han Xin didn’t delay for a moment, saluted and left in a hurry.

“Hey, this little gold grain gongzi is nonchalant.”

When Han Xin had left, Fan Kuai, who was at the side, muttered with a bit of dissatisfaction.

This time, Liu Bang did not stop the other party, but only slightly narrowed his eyes.

Xiao He on the other side, however, could not sit still and said that

“Lord Pei, Han Xin is a great military talent that we need, just now we deliberated and did not call him, which is already rude, now he is in a hurry to go out, he must have something urgent, he should ask for clarification.”

Liu Bang hesitated for a moment, indeed, after following Xiang Liang from Pei County and leaving.

His 5,000 soldiers were all trained by Han Xin, and could already do what they were told to do.

It looked easy, but once you compared it with other soldiers, you knew the difference.

Of course, this was also the reason why Han Xin and the men were not on good terms; Han Xin was always extremely strict when he trained.

Even Liu Bang, too, was required to abide by these rules.

How could this be tolerated?

What is everyone fighting so hard for?

Isn’t that why they want to enjoy themselves?

What’s the point of being a general if you’re still treated the same as an ordinary sergeant?

And the manner in which the other party had just behaved was a bit rude, and said.

“Well, it is me who has been negligent these few days, as soon as Sir Han returns, I will go and make amends with him.”

“Well, we’d better first”

Xiao He glanced at the direction in which Han Xin had disappeared and could only give up.

At this moment, the residence of Tian Rong, the King of Qi.

Zhao Lang was sitting with Tian Du and Tian Rong, but of course, the atmosphere was not exactly cordial.

“King Zhao, the Yunmengze uprising, those mudbloods actually dared to say that the king would rather have a king than a king, what do you mean by that!”

Tian Rong said with a bit of anger at this time.

Through Xiang Liang, Tian Rong also knew about Zhao Lang’s seduction of the Nongjia saintly maiden.

Zhao Lang looked at the other party with a questioning look, but said without any concern that

“Those slogans were shouted by the peasants, what business is it of this king?”

Tian Rong frowned and wanted to argue, when someone outside informed that

“King of Qi, General Xiang has arrived.”

Tian Rong could only give Zhao Lang a fierce look before he headed outside to welcome him.

Soon, Zhao Lang saw Xiang Liang.

Both of them looked at each other with a slightly complicated expression, just when Tian Du and Tian Rong were thinking whether these two would fight.

In the next instant, both of them let out a loud laugh at the same time, then walked towards each other and said that

“General Xiang! It’s been a long time!”

“King Zhao! You’re getting more and more handsome!”

And with that, they came together and clasped hands, the two greeting each other warmly as if they were old friends who hadn’t seen each other for years.

This scene directly dumbfounded Tian Du and Tian Rong at the side, who were aware of the relationship between the two.

After all, they themselves were the product of each other’s mutual rivalry.

These two should both hate each other to death, so why did they look so close?

Just as Tian Du and Tian Rong were filled with doubts, Zhao Lang had also finished exchanging pleasantries with Xiang Liang.

“King Zhao, after this general heard that you had found King Yan, how come I didn’t see you bring him here this time?”

Xiang Liang asked with a smile on his face.

The news that Zhao Lang had found the King of Yan was not hidden.

“The King of Yan has only claimed the throne for a short while now, and has been all about enlisting the Yan legacy recently.”

Zhao Lang found a random reason to cover it up, he would not let Xiang Liang see Ji Wushuang now.

Although Ji Wushuang’s female disguise was good, it would be hard to escape the eyes of such a person.

Xiang Liang nodded his head and did not ask any more questions.

The most resistance-minded and strongest of the Yan legacy were taken away by Goguryeo long ago.

Nowadays, there are indeed not many relics in the land of Yan, and the King of Yan is not much of a threat to him.

“Well, this time, the King of Zhao was invited to come to deal with the Qin army.”

Soon, Xiang Liang turned his words around and began to talk about the war against the Qin.

Zhao Lang looked slightly moved and said that

“I have heard that General Xiang has won many battles, is there anything else that you would like to use my king for?”

“Besides, I’m afraid it’s difficult for me to help since my troops are only five thousand now.”

Hearing this, Xiang Liang’s face showed a hint of complacency, he now had 100,000 soldiers!

Not to mention the fact that he was still recruiting troops from the rear.

His own strength had far surpassed Zhao Lang’s!

Of course he couldn’t look at Zhao Lang’s 5,000 soldiers.

But right now, his aim was to send Zhao Lang into battle, and that was all that mattered!

Xiang Liang said at this time that

“Actually, this General, too, is for the good of King Zhao.”

“Now that the destruction of the Tyrannical Qin is imminent, the future will definitely be ours and the six kingdoms’ world.”

“The lands of each country will of course return to their original owners, but the lands of the Tyrannical Qin will have to be rewarded on merit.”

“King of Zhao, don’t you want to expand your land?”

Listening to Xiang Liang’s words, Zhao Lang’s mind was turning frantically at this moment.

The other party’s intention was obvious, they wanted him to go to battle, and as for what was for his own good, believing in himself would not be far from death.

The opponent’s intention was to kill himself!

But why would he not want to kill them?

Narrowing his eyes, Zhao Lang revealed a smile and said

“General Xiang has a point, but I wonder, what is General Xiang’s plan for this attack on the Qin? ”

“Otherwise, the King’s 5,000 men will not be of any use.”

Xiang Liang quickly said, when he saw Zhao Lang relent.

“This General will use a night attack with the intention of splitting his troops into two and attacking the Qin army at night!”

“The first way will be led by King Zhao, please rest assured, King Zhao, your team will only feint and attract the attention of the Qin army.”

“The other way, led by this General, will go straight to the Qin army’s home front!”

“In the night, the Qin army will not be able to distinguish between the main and secondary forces, when the time comes, we will definitely break the Qin army!”

Hearing the other side’s words, Zhao Lang’s eyes lit up slightly, the Qin army couldn’t tell the difference, but he could!

So the smile on his face grew even bigger and he said that

“General Xiang’s plan is excellent, my king is willing to hear more about it!”