Through Time Chapter 1019 (Finale)

In the courtyard, Zhao Lang was carefully telling his eldest son about the distribution of the entire world.

“Hao’er ah, you’re seven years old now, look, this is the current world, this is the Great Qin of China, the rest of the world is overrun by bandits.”

Zhao Hao listened extremely attentively, he still admired his old dad, the other party always said some extremely amazing things to impress him.

For example, Pops had said that just further north of Great Qin, there was a place there where the sun never set in the summer.

Whereas in a place further south of Great Qin, the sun never comes out in the winter time.

And what’s more, people can fly into the sky and dive into the bottom of the sea.

All of these, were beyond his imagination, but extremely novel.

Now Pops had begun to introduce him to the whole world, only to listen and ask, somewhat puzzled.

“Father all those places are so far away from us, and the people there are not our subjects, why should we go to help them. ”

He now already had some preliminary concepts about the world and its people, after all, his own old man was the emperor of Great Qin, and his own mother was the Holy Daughter of the Nong family.

But there was something he didn’t quite understand, why he had to spend his troops and money to help those people.

Hearing this, Zhao Lang immediately looked solemn and said.

“Hao’er you have to remember, the nature of the people in these places is the same as bandits, they plunder and steal without the slightest bit of morality to speak of. ”

“They can kill all the local people for a piece of land, they can abuse other races to fulfill their desires. ”

“If such people take control of the world, then it will be a plague on the whole world. ”

“And we, Great Qin, have this responsibility to rescue the people of the entire world!”

“Your father, I’ll give you a good foundation, and it’s up to you next.”

“Do you remember?”

Hearing this, Zhao Hao couldn’t even help but frown at that.

“There’s actually such a person in the world, no, it’s such a beast? ”

Most of the ones around him were people with extremely good character and behavior, it was inconceivable that there would be such a herd under the novels

Zhao Lang couldn’t help but sigh as well, if he didn’t have the insight from his previous life, he wouldn’t be able to believe it either.

You have to realize that that world in his last life was actually not peaceful.

There were wars everywhere, and people died in wars every moment, as well as a series of disasters caused by wars.

It’s just that he lived in a peaceful country.

So the more it was, the more alert he was.

Ready to tell the other side all those things he had seen and heard in his past life, slowly.

This would be an extremely valuable asset to the other party.

At the very least, his child’s vision would be far beyond that of the entire world.

Of course, it is only proper for him to train Zhao Hao out earlier and then abdicate himself to live his life in style …… Of course, it is only proper for him to train Zhao Hao out earlier and then abdicate himself to live his life in style ……

Zhao Hao nodded his head with a firm expression at this time.

Inside his young mind, he had already been planted an unchangeable seed by his own old father.

The world is in turmoil, the people are in flames, of course, Great Qin has the responsibility to unify the world!

His royal grandfather unified the current Qin, his father stabilized the whole situation, and also expanded the borders of Qin to the western regions and grasslands.

Then he must also expand the borders for Great Qin.

Soon the two fathers and sons agreed on the matter of Huaxia, the unification of the world.

Seeing this scene, in mid-air Qin Shi Huang couldn’t help but reveal a smile that

He knew that Great Qin’s road to unification would continue.

So that he was relieved that

He also finally no longer had any lingering feelings of

Soon after, he flew into the air.

A gorgeous cloud suddenly appeared in the sky, the

Right at this moment, Zhao Hao, who was still a bit lively and active, suddenly pointed at the clouds in the sky and said.

“Father, look at that cloud, does it look like Imperial Grandpa?”

Zhao Hao raised his head, and he saw a cloud that resembled his old dad…

Maybe it was really old dad coming back to see him, looking at the map of the world that was in pieces in front of him.

I’m sure he doesn’t like this world.

Couldn’t help but murmur.

“Father, don’t worry, this world, there is and only one Huaxia!”

Huaxia will definitely unify the world!

Hearing these words, Emperor Qin Shi Huang revealed a satisfied smile and without further hesitation, flew towards the clouds in the air.

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