Through Time Chapter 1018

He only felt that he had come to this strange place after closing his eyes on the Great Wall earlier.

It was pitch black here, not like the sky, as the Taoists had said before.

Instead, the line in front of his eyes kept shining with the words

He didn’t choose directly, at first

But after I don’t know how long he stayed, he always felt that it wasn’t a good idea to wear himself out like this and

And now that he didn’t have to care if it was a hallucination of his own.

That’s why he chose yes.

Before his words fell, the whole dark space brightened up, and a ball of light appeared in front of him that

In the middle of the space, a sound rang out that

“Crap, you finally made a choice! ”

Qin Shi Huang looked at the light mass in front of him and asked, slightly puzzled.

“What are you? ”

The light mass said with a bit of pride as it said.

“I was originally the rules of the universe, but the invasion of foreign enemies into this universe broke the rules and left behind this planet, and there was also a space-time displacement… never mind, you won’t understand even if I say it, you just need to know that that prodigal son of yours was able to achieve what he has today because of my help, so just think of me as a part of the Heavenly Dao is all. ”

“Now I’m telling you, you’ve gotten lucky, with my help, it won’t be a problem for you to go up to the heavens and down to the earth afterwards, now let’s just pick a good parallel universe and go enjoy life is all. ”

“Come on, choose to obey me and start a new life! ”

How could he not choose an obedient one this time, so that his life would be better.

Otherwise, like Zhao Lang before him who whored around every day, who could stand that?

While listening to the words of the light mass, Emperor Qin Shi Huang frowned slightly.

It was true that he couldn’t understand what the other party was saying, but there was one thing that he did make extremely clear.

that it was impossible for him to submit to anyone in his life.

Indifferently, he said.

“I am the First Emperor of Qin, I won’t submit to anyone.”

Hearing this, the light mass said with a bit of annoyance that

“If you don’t agree you’ll stay in this space forever! ”

Qin Shi Huang returned indifferently, the

“I no longer have any regrets, if this is where I belong, there is nothing wrong with that . ”

The light mass was directly silent for a good while this time, then continued to say.

“Aren’t you commanded by Heaven? I am the Way of Heaven, how can you disobey me? ”

Qin Shi Huang revealed a smile at this time and said, Qin Shi Huang revealed a smile at this time and said, Qin Shi Huang revealed a smile at this time and said.

“When I was a mortal, it was only natural for me to fear the heavens, but nowadays, my being commanded by the heavens will have to be changed,. ”

Qin Shi Huang raised his hand and gestured in the void at this time and

Soon eight handwriting slowly emerged in the void, the

“Authorized by Heaven! Life is eternal!”

There was only one word difference between the two, but the meaning was completely different.

Then it continues.

“I have already said when I was still in that body, if I can go up, the sky I am the emperor of the sky, if I can’t go up to the sky, this will create a piece of my own sky! ”

When the light mass heard this, this time it was directly dumbfounded, the

“Where did you get the guts, it’s simply ignorance! ”

“Do you know how big the real sky is? And how big the real universe is, even the planet you are on is just a drop in the ocean, you…”

Only this time Emperor Qin Shi Huang didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, he scolded him sternly, and

“Shut up! No matter what you are! You must also submit in front of me! ”

“Or else we’ll be stuck here for eternity! I’m sure you can’t get out without my permission, or else you would have left long ago! ”

“Submission! Or destroy together, decide quickly!”

The light mass was all confused, he never thought that originally he wanted to threaten the other party with the reason of being trapped for eternity.

that the other party, facing the unknown, would take the initiative and take control of the situation in an instant.

He was actually in a dilemma for a moment.

Choose to submit it, he is at least a part of the Heavenly Dao, even if it is only a small fragment, but the dignity of the Heavenly Dao he also has.

But can not submit, he has been in the Heavenly Dao do not know how many years, long ago can not stand this situation.

Somewhat annoyed and hesitant for a while, the light mass most supply still somewhat resignedly said.

“Alright, listen to you as you wish, open your mind and let me in. ”

He also did not know what sins he had created, how could he come across such two fathers and sons.

One was more ruthless than the other.

However, Qin Shi Huang still said blandly at this time.

“My mind must remain independent, if you want, to leave here with me, then become, what I want. ”

The light mass had already yielded at this time there was nothing more to it.

It flew directly into Qin Shi Huang’s hands, and with the other party’s mind turned into the appearance of the Jade Seal of Transmission.

Qin Shi Huang was satisfied with the jade seal in his hand, or this is used smoothly, and then commanded to.

“Take me away. ”

Soon Qin Shi Huang saw that all the surroundings were slowly clearing up, soon Qin Shi Huang saw that all the surroundings were slowly clearing up, the

This is still the location of the Great Wall, where he closed his eyes.

It’s just that the time seems to be a little different, and I don’t know how much time has passed,.

Soon he felt a light buoyancy, and it was as if his whole body was about to soar towards the sky, the

“How can I do this without a mount? ”

Qin Shi Huang at this time then grabbed his hand towards the Great Wall at his feet and

Instantly a dragon spirit representing the black color of Great Qin roared up to the sky and rose from above the Great Wall, the

It rose up from the Great Wall and carried Qin Shi Huang into the air.

Qin Shi Huang knew in his heart that he could now ride the dragon and leave.

But before he did, he wanted to take one last look at Qin Shi Huang.

So he rode the dragon north.

He saw that all the grassland people beyond the Great Qin Great Wall were no longer fighting each other, and everyone was working hard to graze their livestock, which they used to live a better life.

The area further north, however, was too desolate and cold, and might be useful afterward.

Then riding the dragon to the west, the

He saw several places at war, where the Huns were fighting the barbarians to the west, the

Out of the great Qin, Chu, Qi, and Han, were fighting a group of natives over a vast land.

But what surprised him most was that

There are actually two dragon qi rising up to the sky over here, one is from Xiang Yu, he is not surprised, he also feels that the other party does have the domineering aura of a king.

But the other one, was emitted by Liu Bang, which made him a bit surprised that this person who was about the same age as him, actually had the image of an emperor.

Of course none of this mattered, because what they were doing now was just laying the groundwork for his prodigal son.

Further to the west, there was also a huge country.

Further south, by dragon.

Here was a sea, and he saw the fleets of Great Qin busily surveying the nearby islands to include them within Great Qin as well.

Further south, there was another large piece of land that just seemed to have more desert.

Further east by dragon, the

He saw an, otherwise uninhabited island, also with a fleet of Qin troops hard at work moving resources.

A little further east, there was another extremely vast continent there, the

It seemed that there was also the presence of the Chinese bloodline.

Finally, Qin Shi Huang came to Xianyang.

He saw that Zhao Lang was leading Zhao Hao, who had grown a lot taller, in a courtyard, and in front of them was a new map of the world.