Super School Student Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

The fact is that she is a loser and doesn’t know much about the school girls in the school, but Ren Xue Ying as a girl knows very well that Gushiqi is one of the real school girls, and the most difficult kind of school girls to chase.

The reason is that Gushiqi has the looks, the money, and the intelligence, so it can be said that she is perfect, and such a girl can only be pursued by charm and fate.

So, in the school, Gu Shiqi is also one of the few pretty girls with zero scandals.

However, such a school flower came to the entrance of their cla*s today to look for Ye Luo with a smile, and Ren Xue Ying felt that this scene was somewhat unreal.

“It must be to find trouble with Ye Luo, yes, it must be Ye Luo who has offended others, it must be like that.”

Ren Xue Ying immediately found a very reasonable explanation for herself, moreover, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that this explanation was right.

While the rest of the cla*s you were all talking about why Gu Shiqi had come to find Ye Luo, after all, it didn’t happen very often that a girl came to another cla*s to find a boy, let alone a beautiful school girl.

“Why isn’t this guy Ye Lu going out, doesn’t he know that it’s rude to make a beautiful girl wait?”

“That’s right, the big beauty Gu has been standing for almost a minute now.”

“Probably dazed by the sudden arrival of happiness.”


Just as the crowd was whispering, Ye Lu helplessly looked towards the door and said.

“Gu Shiqi, you go back first, I’m busy now.”

No sooner had his words left his mouth than he heard someone whisper.

“Holy Sh*t! Busy your sister!”

“That’s right, what a shameless way to give face!”

“This guy is hopeless, he can only jerk himself off for the rest of his life.”

However, Gu Shiqi, who was at the door, only frowned slightly before she said with a smile on her face once again.

“Good, then Master Ye, you go ahead and get busy, I’ll come back to you later, I’m determined to follow you today, you won’t be able to escape from my palm.”

After saying that, Gu Shiqi clenched her small fist and turned around to leave, leaving a bunch of students who were in a mess at the door.

Everyone was a bit dumbfounded, the school girl’s invitation, actually just so dryly refused, absolutely ……

In fact, Ye Lu also has his own difficulties, first, he really is not very clear that Gushiqi has such a great influence, his previous eyes have been limited to senior cla*s 8, because he is very clear about his own weight.

Secondly, he had already sent a text message before Gushiki approached him, so he knew that the purpose of Gushiki’s search for him was to worship him as a teacher, so that he could teach himself the knowledge of antique appreciation, antique appreciation Ye Lu did know, but he couldn’t teach him Sh*t, he didn’t have any knowledge in this area at all, so if he really went to be a teacher, he would definitely be exposed, and he couldn’t tell Gushiki the truth, that would probably be very troublesome, so he could only flatly refuse.

And Gushiki was also very depressed, she had felt that Ye Luo had something odd about this person since she first met him, but she didn’t mind, anyway, her purpose was only to learn the knowledge of antique appreciation, and to cooperate with Ye Luo to earn money, but now it seems in, this goods seems to not want to teach himself at all.

“Want to get rid of this girl, no way!”

Gu Shiqi clenched her fist undyingly.

And at this moment, sitting in her seat, Ren Xueying’s head had gone completely blank.

“How is that possible? How can it be, really looking for Ye Lu and not even angry when she was rejected, is Ye Lu so popular ……”

On the other side, Qin Siyu is also full of shock, to be honest, yesterday Ye Lu’s stunning performance, and generous attitude, let Qin Siyu some heart hit deer, plus the two people happily ate a spicy hot meal, she originally until this morning in her heart is still beautiful, but see just a scene, do not know why the mood fell, inexplicably some lost ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

A boy ran quickly to a tall student with a business card.

“Boss Zhang Yang, it’s not good, I just saw the beautiful Gu Shiqi running to senior cla*s 8, looking for a boy called Ye Lu.”

The boy named Zhang Yang was trimming his nails and was a bit surprised when he heard the news and put down his nail clipper.

“That’s true, that cla*s 8 is a lousy cla*s, a bunch of lousy people, who could be in her eyes?”

The boy who reported the news then continued.

“There’s something even more evil, that boy actually rejected Big Beauty Gu in one breath.”

This time even Zhang Yang was a bit unsettled.

He asked himself that he had no rivals in high school, and only Gushiqi was a hard bone that he could not eat. Therefore, he had already tried all kinds of ways to chase Gushiqi, but all of them were rejected by Gushiqi, and he did not expect that there would be someone else who would reject Gushiqi so simply.

However, it wasn’t over yet, the guy continued.

“But, Big Beauty Gu has already put out a harsh word that she will definitely chase the other party down.”

Hearing this boy’s words, Zhang Yang froze for a moment, but then shook his head, because Zhang Yang however did not feel that what this boy said was true, after all, he knew how difficult it was to chase after Gushiqi, moreover, everyone knew that he was chasing after Gushiqi, he did not think that anyone had such a big guts to actually dare to move the earth on his head, unless they were impatient with living.

However, it didn’t take long for him to notice that Gushiki did look a bit unusual, actually taking the initiative to go round that side of the runway at the end of cla*s, and kept stroking her little chin as if she had something on her mind.

“It can’t be true, right?”

Zhang Yang began to believe somewhat in the previous news.


At Ye Lu’s house, Ye Yan stretched out under the blanket, this sleep was really comfortable, however, when she stretched out this time, the blanket fell on the floor, following which, she found that she was actually lying on the bed wearing only a pair of underwear, the upper half of her body was naked with nothing on.

“Ye Lu, that little brat, dare to take advantage of old mother.”

Ye Yan said as she reached down and touched her bottom.

“Luckily, it seems that chastity is still there, wait until you come back and see how I will fix you, daring to take off old mother’s clothes.”

In fact, this time she did wrong Ye Lu, her bra was dropped by her own bad sleep.

At noon, he hid in the gents for half a day to make sure that Gushiki didn’t see him, then he quietly ran to the canteen, ordered food and found a corner to sit down.

He already knew from everyone’s chatter that students of Gushiki’s status would not eat in the canteen, and even if they did, they would go upstairs to the small kitchen.

“Should we learn a bit about antiques in an impromptu blitz?”

Ye Luo muttered secretly as he gently tapped on the table looking at the brief about the table.

Ever since he had discovered the rule that the more he read, the more details the gla*ses showed in the introduction, Ye Lu had developed the habit of looking at the introduction of whatever he came across.

However, soon, Ye Lu gave up this idea, because Gu Shiqi’s family was an antique family, in other words, they were connoisseurs, so they could not be fooled by themselves in just three days or two nights, or they might even get it wrong.

At this time, a silver bell-like laugh suddenly rang out.

“Master Ye, you can’t get away this time, can you?”

Following that, Ye Luo saw Gu Shiqi standing in front of him with a plate smiling, however, Gu Shiqi was not wearing the clothes of the morning, but a wide school uniform, and her hair was also not the hairstyle of the morning, it looked like a wig.

Sure enough, after putting down her plate Gushiki grabbed the wig off her head and placed it on the table in one go.

“Wearing this thing in the middle of summer, it’s heating me up, do you think it’s easy for me, lol.”

Following that, she sat down on her butt opposite to Ye Lu and said.

“Just with this sincerity of mine, Master Ye, do you think you will accept me as your disciple instead?”

Looking at the fine beads of sweat on Gushiki’s forehead, Ye Lu suddenly became a little soft-hearted as he looked at Gushiki and said.

“I’m really not qualified to be your master, look at it this way, once there is something you can’t understand, I can help you see the authenticity and then tell you the general condition of the item, is that okay?”

As a result, Gu Shiqi slapped the table and said.

“If you can come with me to the market and tell me the age, origin and authenticity of each item, and then I can compare it with the theoretical knowledge I’ve learnt, I’ll definitely get twice the result with half the effort!”

However, this slap on the table by Gushiki also drew the attention of those around her.

“Uh, low profile, low profile!”

Ye Lu looked at Gu Shiqi and said somewhat helplessly, to be honest, although he wasn’t afraid of trouble, he hated it.

Still, trouble had come, in another corner, a boy had already started to whisper to Zhang Yang.

“Brother Yang, I saw Gu Shiqi and that one called Ye Lu right in the canteen, the two are talking and laughing and eating together, hurry up and come over.”

Hearing this news, Zhang Yang, who was eating outside, stood up with a “Huo”.

“Let’s go, you guys follow me back, I want to see what kind of loser has the guts to even touch my woman, are you tired of living?”

At this time, one of the boys beside him said.

“Brother Yang, should I call up Brother Tiger for that one?”

As a result, Zhang Yang waved his hand and said.

“No, a bar loser, I’ll just do it myself, your brother Yang I’m not an ordinary rich kid.”

This was true, Zhang Yang’s head was close to one meter eight, and under the oppression of his family, he had learned sparring and also underwent systematic physical training, ordinary students were really no match for him.

And at the moment, Ye Lu was completely unaware of the approaching danger, he was eating his lunch with Gu Shiqi under the fiery gaze of a large group of students.


Chapter 10

To be honest, this was the most stressful meal that Ye Lu had ever eaten, because he could feel that from the moment Gushiki “snapped!” After Gushiki slapped the table, the two of them became the focus of everyone’s discussion.

However, Gu Shiqi was indifferent and glared back at all the random glances she received.

She had long been accustomed to this kind of attention.

Just as Ye Luo began to speed up his meal and prepare to leave this place of right and wrong, Zhang Yang had walked in leading the people, and the man who had given him the news earlier quickly ran over and pointed to the corner where Ye Luo and the others were.

Seeing that Gushiki was really eating face to face with Ye Luo, Zhang Yang was furious and he led his men to walk aggressively towards where Ye Luo was.

As they moved, all eyes were focused on them, as most people’s favourite thing to do was to watch the action.

It had been a long time since the school had seen such a good buzz, so everyone began to wipe their eyes and gla*ses intently,, just short of knocking on the table and hitting the bowl.

There was only one person who didn’t react, and that was Ye Lu, who was busy eating at the moment.

Gushiki, who was sitting opposite her, of course saw it, she reached out and patted Ye Lu’s shoulder, wanting to remind him to go, however, she immediately realised that this should be the undeserved disaster she had invited to Ye Lu, so she withdrew her hand again and turned her head to look at Zhang Yang viciously.

Zhang Yang automatically ignored Gu Shiqi’s gaze, as his target was Ye Luo.

It was only then that Ye Luo realised that there was a large group of people coming towards him, however, he did not show a hint of panic as something like a fight was not new to Ye Luo.

He was not afraid of fighting, even though he was usually the one who got beaten up.

In Ye Luo’s opinion, some fights should be fought, even if he knew he couldn’t beat them and knew he would be beaten up, only then was it called a fight, and fighting and bullying were completely different things.

So, when he saw this group of people approaching, Ye Lu slowed down his eating speed instead, he had been beaten and bled, but he had never given in, just a few students, what the hell was he afraid of.

“Your name is Ye Lu?”

Zhang Yang said as he looked at Ye Lu from afar.

Ye Lu didn’t even look at him, he was still eating his bowl of noodles slowly and deliberately.

However, Gu Shiqi couldn’t sit still, she stood up with a slap on the table, then quickly stood next to Ye Lu and said with her waist in her mouth.

“Zhang Yang, what do you want? If you dare to touch my master, I will fight with you.”

Hearing Gu Shiqi’s words, Ye Lu almost choked, he didn’t remember when he had taken her as his disciple.

Seeing that Gushiki was actually protecting Ye Lu, Zhang Yang’s anger grew even more, he clenched his fists tightly, and the veins on his face were showing.

However, it was not Ye Lu’s style to let a woman help him block things in front of him, so he quickly finished the last noodle and said.

“Gu Shiqi, go hide to the side ……”

However, before Ye Lu’s words could be said I, a guy beside Zhang Yang, in order to steal the credit, rushed over and kicked at Ye Lu, cursing at the same time.

“What the hell are you pretending to be, just you ……”

However, he could not finish his words before they came to an abrupt end, because Ye Lu dodged sideways, then picked up the bowl and slapped the guy’s head so hard that blood immediately flowed down.


“It’s a fight!”

“Someone’s dead!”


The surrounding students immediately shouted.

Zhang Yang also froze on the spot, he did not expect Ye Lu to be so fierce, opening his mouth at the drop of a hat.

At the same time, the management of the canteen shouted loudly.

“What’s going on?”

“Who’s causing trouble?”

Seeing that the security guards had all run over, Zhang Yang did not continue, but looked at Ye Luo and said viciously.

“Ye Lu, if you have the guts to get out of school we’ll go up to the rooftop.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at Zhang Yang.

“Single combat?”

Zhang Yang said as he clenched his fist confidently.

“Yes, single combat.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Okay, see you on that day.”

Seeing that Ye Lu agreed, Zhang Yang led the men to leave quickly, and the security guards did not come over again when they saw the situation, so it was better to do more than one thing anyway.

After Zhang Yang left, Gu Shiqi looked at Ye Lu with some worry and asked.

“Master Ye, are you sure? Zhang Yang’s family seems to have hired a private instructor for him, and I know he has learned sparring.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s alright, I’ve learnt it too.”

Gu Shiqi asked with some curiosity when she heard Ye Lu’s words.

“Did you learn sparring too? I really didn’t see that you were still a versatile fighter.”

As a result, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“No, I mean, I’ve learnt to take a beating.”

Gu Shiqi was instantly left with a black line.

However, despite saying that, in fact, Ye Luo had a half chance of winning this battle in his heart, as he had been dependent on his grandmother, he was used to living at the bottom, and although he was not proficient in fighting, he was also good at it, only, before, he could not play due to his strength and speed, in fact, Ye Luo knew how to fight.

“By the way, in the future, don’t call me Master Ye if you want to learn something from me, just call me by my name.”

Ye Luo looked at Gu Shiqi and said.

After saying that, Ye Luo went straight back to his cla*s, and once he reached his cla*s, he started to continue studying his gla*ses, as the matter of how to unlock them had still been bothering him.

It was obvious that the gla*ses had more functions, and they should be better, but they were stuck on the unlocking part, which gave Ye Lu a feeling of seeing a mountain of treasures but not being able to take one.

However, after half a day’s research, nothing could be found.

After the first lesson, Qin Shiyu walked in and looked at him and said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, Liu Mei wants you to go to the English office for a while.”

Liu Mei was the one who helped Ye Lu tutor English and was one of the few people in school who made Ye Lu feel warm and fuzzy, however, she wasn’t a teacher at the school or an intern or anything, she was a university student, the adopted sister of Ye Lu’s English teacher, Teacher Liu Xin.

She graduated from university this year, but had already succeeded in her exams in January. She had stayed with her sister since she was young, so she stayed with her sister, and once Liu Mei was bitten by a snake, and it just so happened that Ye Lu saw and took her to the hospital. Since then, Liu Mei had set her eyes on Ye Lu, and had been supervising his studies, and had even taken the initiative to give him extra English lessons.

Ye Lu still remembers the sensation Liu Mei caused when she first came to school, not only because she was too beautiful, but also because she was a mixed-race child, with delicate features, blue eyes, especially the figure, completely inherited the white kind of exaggerated and proud body, according to the visual estimation of experienced students, the breast should be above E, anyway, giving people the feeling that at any time may burst out of the clothes kind.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Ye Lu, are you very hot? Why is your face so red, are you suffering from heatstroke?”

Seeing how Ye Luo was behaving, Liu Mei became a little worried.

“I happen to have medicine for heatstroke here, I’ll help you find it.”

With those words, she stood up, turned around, bent down with her back to Ye Lu and started looking for it.

This is a big problem, of course, Liu Mei does not know that Ye Luo is on “primitive mode”, this bent over, peach heart like buttocks just facing Ye Luo, what should be seen and not seen by Ye Luo are seen ……

“Ye Lu …… Ye Lu, are you okay, how did your nose bleed, let me take you to the infirmary.”

Liu Mei who turned around with the medicine saw Ye Lu standing there mute, with a red face and a long flowing nose bleed was really frightened.

“No …… no, I just want to be quiet, don’t ask me who Jing Jing is ……”

Ye Lu quickly grabbed a tissue from the tissue box on the table and wiped it up, while turning off the “primitive mode”, Liu Mei’s killing power was too great, he was a little worried that he would bleed to death.

However, Liu Mei still looked at him with a worried expression.

“Ye Lu, are you really alright? The third mock exam is next, and then the college entrance exam is coming up, so don’t let anything happen to your body.”

After stopping the nosebleed, Ye Luo hurriedly nodded and said.

“Teacher Liu, don’t worry, my body is fine.”

Seeing that Ye Lu seemed to be really fine, Liu Mei then let out a long breath and said.

“Ye Lu, I heard that you teased Teacher Li with a trap yesterday and even got into a fight with someone today, is that right?”

Ye Lu knew that Liu Mei’s nagging habit was coming back, but of course, he also understood that Liu Mei was also doing it for his own good, so he nodded and said.

“Teacher Liu, don’t worry, I won’t mess around, in fact, I didn’t use a trap yesterday, I really did the questions, and they were the ones who provoked me first in the fight today.”

However, just as Ye Lu finished his words, Liu Mei said with a stern face.

“Now is not the time to argue about right and wrong, what is important is the college entrance examination, you know? It’s a matter of your future, it can’t be taken lightly, you said to rea*sure me, if you can pa*s the pa*sing line in this mock exam, I can feel relieved, also, the remedial English lessons should still be adhered to ……”

Just as Liu Mei was chattering, a shady voice suddenly rang out.

“Big beauty Liu, you are just wasting your time, giving him tutorials, talking to him about this is an absolute waste of time, and pa*sing line, if he can have half of the pa*sing line, you should burn incense, I see that this trash’s purpose is to take advantage of you.”

Following that, Ye Luo saw a guy dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers appear at the door.