Super School Student Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

Leaffall was speechless at this feisty old sister.

“Let’s just hope there’s no mess.”

He shook his head before walking to the kitchen, the mess left behind from the fire he had just lit to refine the pills had yet to be dealt with, and he still had to clean it up.

At the moment, Ye Yan was already in her room with her phone’s game open.

She had a few friends in the game, all of them female, and we basically talked about everything. A few days ago, one of her good sisters had said she was worried about her small breasts.

Ye Yan and these sisters had been playing the game for a long time, so Ye Yan didn’t think of selling the goodies for money first after she got them, but thought of her sisters instead.

“Xiao Ting, is it there? Sister got something good oh, you’ll absolutely love it.”

Ye Yan said happily in the game.

The girl known as Xiao Ting was currently sitting in the cla*sroom of Senior 8, she played the game late or when she had time every day, however, the cla*s teacher of Senior 8 was also gone for the past two days, the cla*s was in turmoil because of Ye Lu’s matter, plus there were not many days left before the college entrance exams, so she did not bother to go to the evening study.

“Sister Yan’er, what’s the good stuff, you’re so excited?”

Xiao Ting said with some disbelief.

Because she thought that most of it was because Ye Yan had gotten good equipment in the game, that’s why she was so happy, however, following Ye Yan sent an emoticon and said.

“Sis used this thing to get a cup bigger oh!”

In fact, Ye Yan’s statement was a bit exaggerated, she was originally a C+, that elixir just helped her get that little bit bigger just to D again.

“What’s one cup bigger?”

Xiao Ting muttered darkly as she sat in her seat, for a moment she didn’t understand what Ye Yan was talking about, she had been preconceived to think that Ye Yan was talking about the game.

Following that, she realised what Ye Yan was talking about.

She quickly typed in the game.

“Sister Yan’er, you can’t be kidding, is there really such a thing? How is it possible?”

To be honest, Xiao Ting still didn’t really believe that this matter could be true.

Ye Yan knew that such a thing was indeed a little hard to accept, it was her, if she hadn’t watched Ye Lu’s alchemy process with her own eyes and then tried the medicine herself, she wouldn’t have believed that there was such a thing.

So, she quickly entered.

“Xiao Ting, if you have nothing to do, let’s meet, don’t worry, Sister won’t fool you, why don’t we meet at the ‘Lang Yuan Coffee House’, I won’t see you there.”

The two of them had actually video chatted before, so they were very familiar with each other, but they had never met in person.

So, Xiao Ting thought about it and said.

“Sure, we haven’t really met for so long, you weren’t in our city before, this time it’s important to come, I’ll treat you, I’m the landlord.”

Anyway, the temporary hold on the Buddha’s feet these days can not improve much grade, so, Hu Ting thought simply go out and relax, anyway, her family is big and does not expect herself to take the exams of the school how awesome.

So, she left school immediately.

At Ye Luo’s house, Ye Yan also immediately dressed up, then said to Ye Luo and left the room at a trot.

“Be careful, do you want ……”

Before Ye Lu’s words were finished, Ye Yan had already “Boom!” The door of the room closed with a bang and ran out, Ye Lu had to shake his head helplessly.

In the taxi, Ye Yan began to calculate the next plan.

“Where can I go to find a woman with money and small breasts? This thing is good!”

She took out the “Breast Enhancement Pill” again and fiddled with it for a while, then subconsciously touched her breasts through her clothes.

Then, she thought of someone, someone she hated.

Ye Qiu Die, the daughter of her second uncle, the woman who had cheated her out of 700,000 dollars in debt.

“Not bad, this thing can really knock that B*tch hard.”

Ye Yan muttered to herself.

She knew Ye Qiu Die very well, although that woman looked very strong and proud on the surface, in fact those were just the surface, in fact she was very inferior, the main reason was her breasts.

Although she was called “A”, she was actually similar to an airport, which was close to “micro breasts” according to the popular saying, and this was the most painful part of her life since she was a child.

So, Ye Yan knew very well that if she knew the efficacy of the medicine, she would definitely do whatever she could.

“It’s settled, let’s make a big profit from her first.”

After making up her mind, Ye Yan smiled happily.

Soon, the Lang Yuan Café arrived, and she saw a quiet little girl already sitting in a seat on the street inside, smiling and waving when she saw Ye Yan Hu Ting.

“Sister Yan’er, you’re so pretty!”

Hu Ting said while looking back and forth at Ye Yan’s 36D breasts with an envious look on her face.

In fact, Hu Ting’s looks, height, leg length and so on were all very good, the beauty was that her breasts were a bit smaller, which had always made her dissatisfied with herself, and seeing that Ye Yan was pretty and had a good figure, she was obviously a bit lost.

“Hey hey, little sister Ting, don’t worry, it won’t take much longer, you’ll have a pair of big breasts just like mine.”

Ye Yan said as she smiled and sat down across from Hu Ting.

The two were friends from the game, so of course, after sitting down they first had a divine chat around the game, and the more they talked the happier the two felt, and both had the feeling that they hated each other.

“Well, well, it’s going to be dawn if we keep talking like this, let’s get down to business.”

Ye Yan looked at Hu Ting and said with a smile.

“About how big do you want to be just perfect?”

When asked by Ye Yan, Hu Ting suddenly became a little embarra*sed, she said with a red face and lowered her head.

“C, just C will do.”

Ye Yan smiled, this nee-san was easily satisfied, so she asked about Hu Ting’s current condition again, then took out four pills and said.

“I feel that four should be enough, take the water with you to the bathroom and eat it, I can guarantee that even if you eat it here you will still run towards the bathroom to see.”

Hu Ting took the elixir and the water with some skepticism.

However, with the friendship the two had built in the game, and the impression she had of Ye Yan through the meeting she had just had, she felt that Ye Yan would not lie to her, so she nodded and then took the items into the bathroom.

“It does smell quite fragrant, it shouldn’t be made of messy stuff.”

Hu Ting picked up the pills and smelled them, then muttered to herself, but she didn’t dare to take all four “breast enlargement pills” at once, she picked up one and put it into her mouth, then took a sip of mineral water and ate it.

Then she waited quietly.

Soon, she felt two warm hot streams start to pour into her breasts, followed by a slow swirl, and she could clearly feel her breasts expanding outward as if they were opening up.

“It really …… really …… really does work ……”

She was amazed beyond words, and following that, she darted open a cubicle door and got in, then quickly unbuttoned her dress and pushed her bra up as well in three quick movements, and she was amazed to find that they had really gotten bigger.

“Heh heh heh heh! Hahahahahaha!”

Hu Ting couldn’t help but laugh happily.

Sure enough, Sister Yan’er really hadn’t lied to herself.

After that, she took the remaining three “breast enlargement pills” together and stared at her breasts quietly waiting for the miracle to happen.

Without any surprise, the two small buns gradually grew into two large, plump, snow-white buns.

Hu Ting touched them with her trembling hands, big, firm and smooth, without any discomfort at all, just as if they had originally grown like this themselves.

“Sister Yan’er, I love you to death.”

Hu Ting made a kissing gesture into the air, then ripped off her previous bra and threw it into the bin, followed by a half-body vacuum and bounced out.

And in her seat, Ye Yan had just made a phone call to another sister, whom she asked for help to hook Ye Qiu Die’s heart with an elixir first, after which things would be fine.

“Sister Yan’er ……”

Hu Ting rushed over, hugged Ye Yan and then kissed her on the cheek, followed by tears of joy.

Ye Yan had felt the enormity of the other party’s chest, so she wiped her tears while smiling and said.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s a good thing, what’s the point of crying!”

Half a day later, Hu Ting broke into tears and said.

“Yes, what about, my treat, let’s go out for a big meal.”

Seeing Hu Ting’s happy look, Ye Yan stroked her head and agreed with a smile.

The next morning, Hu Ting arrived at school early, as she was anxious to show everyone a new Hu Ting, a perfect Hu Ting.


Chapter 58

Ye Luo had come quite early today, because Ye Yan had left in a blaze of glory early in the morning, not knowing if it was because of excitement or something else, he had clinked his cup, causing him to not fall asleep either.

In fact, studying was no longer meaningful to Ye Lu now, he came to school mainly because these were the only days left of his high school life and he came to reminisce a little, while his mind was still still on alchemy.

Yesterday’s alchemy had made him realise that alchemy actually helped him a lot in controlling his aura, and after that alchemy last night, he felt that the movement of his aura had shifted more smoothly.

“What would be a good thing to prepare something for the ‘puja’?”

He looked out at the playground with his head on his arm and pondered silently.

There was indeed an elixir that could increase longevity, but not to mention the fact that the ingredients were extremely rare, such as thousand-year-old ginseng, and according to the above, it was extremely difficult to make, and one could not make it without relying on one’s body to release fire.

The pills that can be made by burning fire are of a lower grade or lesser grade, and these pills are difficult to exchange for magic weapons.

Of course, there were too many dan recipes, and Ye Lu hadn’t consulted them all yet.

At this time, he heard a voice of alarm from someone in front of him.

“Hu Ting, you’re …… so special today …… today …… it feels big ……”

“No, why has your figure changed!”

“Woah Sh*t! It’s really true, Hu Ting you went to Korea.”


As soon as Hu Ting appeared at the door, someone immediately noticed her change, after all, from a flat chest to a C cup all of a sudden, such a change was still very huge, it was hard to not see it.

What’s more, for senior students, some of them hadn’t fully developed yet, so there weren’t many people with “C” cups.

“Yuck! You’re the one who went to Korea, it’s natural, okay?”

Hu Ting said with a red face, but her heart was bursting with joy.

Now it was different, her heart was full of confidence and pride.

“Hu Ting, just blow it off, I don’t believe it, you’ve gotten bigger in one night, you think that thing is a balloon!”

Her best friend immediately then teased, following which she reached out and grabbed it, and then, instead of speaking, she simply opened her mouth wide and froze with wide eyes.

“Really …… really …… really got bigger, Sh*t!”

Even though she was a girl, she couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth.

A few other girls who were teasing couldn’t help but come over when they saw this scene, and as a result, they found that what Hu Ting said was true, she had really gotten bigger.

“No way, so god, what the hell is going on here?”

“So envious, this this is so awesome.”

“So amazing!”


Looking at the crowd’s chatter, Ye Lu suddenly understood where his elixir had gone.

“Older sister actually sold the elixir to Hu Ting, I don’t know how much she sold it for, but it looks like this effect is really awesome.”

Ye Lu nodded as he looked at Hu Ting’s breasts and said.

And at this moment in the luxury hotel in the city centre, Ye Qiu Die was making preparations for her departure, she had already bought her ticket and would be accompanying the old man to leave here and return to the capital today with everyone else.

As for punishing Ye Luo, since the old man was saved by Ye Luo, she also gave up on that plan and told that boyfriend of hers to stay put for now.

In her opinion, Ye Lu and Ye Yan were just things on the far side, although they looked a bit disgusting, they wouldn’t cause any substantial harm, if she really took them out, once the old man knew the truth she would be finished, so it wasn’t a cost effective deal.

“There are still a few hours left, finally we can leave this hellhole.”

Ye Qiu Die said with some annoyance as she looked at the city.

“A trip for nothing, I didn’t get the money and I gave away the bill, I’m P*ssed off.”

She lit up a lady’s cigarette in depression.

At that moment, a knock sounded at the door.

“Sister Qiu Die, are you there, I’m Mei Zi, I’ve come to see you.”

Hearing this voice, Ye Qiu Die then smiled and walked over to open the door, Mei Zi could be said to be the only person in this city who could still make Ye Qiu Die feel entertained, firstly because Mei Zi herself was very interesting, and secondly because Mei Zi was well versed in a lot of breast enlargement knowledge, such as ma*saging acupuncture points and so on.

Not having breasts had always been Ye Qiu Die’s deepest pain, so as long as there was a little hope, she would love to change it, but she didn’t want to go for breast augmentation because she had seen examples of failed breast augmentation, and after seeing it once, she made up her mind not to do such a thing for the rest of her life.

“Mei Zi, you’re here, I’m leaving today, why don’t you come with me to the capital, I’ll help you open a beauty salon, how about that?”

Ye Qiu Die looked at Mei Zi and said with a smile.

Mei Zi smiled and shook her head and said.

“You’re joking again, you know my family, everything I have is here, how can I leave here and go with you, but I can’t let you go either.”

Following that, Plum then hugged Ye Qiu Die a little mysteriously and said.

“Before you go, I have another good thing to give you, it may have a strange effect!”

Hearing Plum speaking so mysteriously, Ye Qiu Die also became curious, she said with a smile.

“Sister Mei Zi, what good thing is so mysterious, hurry up and show me.”

Plumzi didn’t talk nonsense, she quickly took out a pill and said.

“I got a pill, it is said that it was stripped from an immortal elixir and then re-synthesized, it can make you bigger there after eating it, do you want to try it?”

Ye Qiu Die said as she took the elixir and looked at it.

“Speaking of immortal pills, did that Zhang family guy really get an immortal pill? Is it that godly?”

Mei Zi nodded and said.

“Of course, this is really true, even people who are not cultivators know about it, you should also hurry up and try it, maybe it really has a miraculous effect, don’t worry, how could I possibly harm you.”

Ye Qiu Die thought about it, even if she was harming people, she wouldn’t use such a method, so she poured a gla*s of water and ate the potion.

“Sister Plum, how long does it take for this to have an effect! It won’t ……”

However, before she could finish her words, the effect of the medicine had already started.

Surprised, she stopped talking but lowered her head and began to look at her chest, the change was very obvious both visually and in terms of feeling.

“No …… it’s not …… really that godly ……”

But then things stopped just as she felt incredible, and although the warmth was still there, her chest stopped getting bigger and it was all over.

“No …… no …… it can’t be like that, it’s not like that, Sister Plum, quick, is there any more elixir? Quickly is there any more elixir?”

She said as she excitedly grabbed Plum.

As a result, Plumzi shook her head and said.

“No more, I only have this one too, I didn’t expect it to be like this, is it working?”

Plum also looked at Ye Qiudie with some surprise and asked.

Ye Qiu Die nodded her head vigorously and said.

“Yes, tell me quickly, good sister, where did you get this kind of elixir, is there more? There must be more than this one, right?”

Plum said quickly.

“The chief ma*seuse below me gave it to me, I’ll ask her about it, I think she told me about it, I don’t think it’s her own either.”

With that, she dialed the ma*seuse’s mobile phone.

“This medicine, it’s not mine, it’s a sister of mine who got it somewhere, wait for me to ask her.”

The ma*seur finished speaking and dialed Ye Yan’s number.

“Ye Yan, it’s done, that side has taken the bait.”

And in Senior 8’s cla*s, the girls in the cla*s had gone into a frenzy as everyone felt that Hu Ting was talking nonsense, but the fact that she had changed was indisputable.

“Fake, I think Hu Ting said it was definitely fake, how could there be such a medicine.”

“I think so too, but Huting has really gotten bigger! There aren’t any wounds either, it’s just the original yet.”

“It can’t be that Huting is a fake too, twin.”


Everyone’s brain was getting bigger and bigger, and Ye Lu shook his head with a helpless smile and whispered.

“Hey! How uninformed, of course such a potion is available.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Zhao Yang’s at the same table C*cked his head and asked.

“What, you have such a medicine?”

At this time, Ye Lu suddenly heard a girl say in a loud voice.

“I don’t believe it, it’s impossible, I’ll marry anyone who has such a medicine.”

Hearing these words, Ye Lu suddenly laughed up, he turned his head to look at Zhao Yang and took out a glittering white pill and said with a smile.

“Zhao Yang, your peach blossom luck is here.”