Super School Student Chapter 567-568

Chapter 567

“With the help of Nidhogg, I have subdued the gods of Olympus, so you don’t have to worry about these guys coming after you.”

Then Odin said again.

“However, I heard that people all over the world are now looking for you, and the reward for information about you in the ‘Underworld App’ has already reached the highest amount, and according to the legend, the ‘Mayan Gods’ are also prepared to use the ‘Great Prophecy’, which has not been used for hundreds of years, on you. The ‘Great Prophecy’ which has not been used for centuries, it is possible that you will be in danger, do you want to stay here with me.”

“I have ‘Nidhogg’ sitting here, no one should come for trouble easily.”

However, before Ye Lu could speak, an angular, black-clad man with a moustache suddenly walked in from the side, the moment this guy appeared, it seemed like even the air froze, and many people couldn’t help but shiver.

“Demon Dragon, can you leave this secret realm now?”

Ye Lu looked at this black-clothed man and said with a smile.

This guy was what the “Hell Devil Dragon” looked like after it had transformed into its form, not to mention, it had the style of a “Devil Dragon”, looking cool and manly at the same time.

As a result, the magic dragon “Nidhogg” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, this is just a mission for my doppelganger, my body is still your friend.”

After saying that, “Nidhogg” winked at Ye Lu.

Seeing this scene, “Odin” dropped the wine cup in his hand with a clang.

He knew that “Nidhogg” and Ye Lu had a connection, but he didn’t think there was any “gay” relationship here, which made him, a straight man, shudder.

In his mind, he thought Nidhogg was a cold character, his expression was cold, his knife was cold, his heart was cold, his blood was cold ……

Who would have thought that this guy is actually a comedian?

After that, “Nidhogg” then looked at Ye Lu and Odin and said.

“The main reason why I was at a disadvantage on that side was because I didn’t have my own power, so I’ve changed my mind this time.”

“Of course, my real partner is still you.”

When he heard Nidhogg’s words, Odin smiled bitterly and said.

“After all, I’m just a supporting actor, aren’t I?”

“Nidhogg turned his head to look at Odin and said.

“You can choose whether you want to play a corpse or a supporting actor.”

“Odin smiled helplessly and said.

“Well, it’s not up to you anyway, but no matter what, I have to thank you, come on, Nidhogg, let’s have a drink.”

Ye Luo could see that this “Nidhogg” actually liked the strong man “Odin”.

Ye Lu did not have many friends, and he had always considered “Odin” as his friend. This time, Ye Lu was relieved to see that “Odin” was living a good life and had changed his guns.

“Ye Lu, don’t worry, no matter what happens, I ‘Odin’ will support you, if you want to touch me, you have to step over my dead body.”

As Ye Lu left, “Odin” looked at Ye Lu and patted his chest.

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Then I’m leaving, if you encounter anything on this side remember to find me as I said, I will definitely go through fire and water.”

Then, Ye Lu left Europe, but next, he let “Void” take his place.

“I’d like to see how things turn out.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, and then, he let “Void” take on his own form, and then, on a demonic beast, he quietly flew back to China.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, disguised himself as a different person and ran wildly from the ground towards the country of China.

At the level of Ye Lu’s cultivation, using the “divine skill” of the “holy rank”, his speed was definitely as fast as lightning, although it was a bit inferior to that of a flying demonic beast, but his real speed was no less than that of an ordinary plane.

Of course, the “Void” had turned into a leaf drop and was even faster.

It didn’t take long for the Void to rush into the “formation” outside of China, and the Pan Gu Clan, who controlled the “Nine Tripods Formation”, was the first to know about it.

Therefore, the Pangu Clan was the first to act.

“Not long after the Void flew into the territory of China, people from the Pan Gu Clan arrived.

They were three of the Twelve Ancestral Witches, who were not always resident in the Pan Gu Secret Realm, so it was clear how much importance they attached to Ye Lu.

“Oh, are you guys welcoming me back?”

“Void” asked with a smile as he looked at the people who suddenly appeared from the sky.

The “Witch King” of the “Thick Earth” clan, who was in the lead, looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“Yes, you are invited to be a guest of our ‘ancient clan’, please!”

With these words, this guy waved his hand, followed by the other two “Ancestral Witches” who dashed towards Ye Lu.

Ye Lu looked at the two guys who rushed over and smiled, saying.

“I’m very busy, bye!”

At this moment, “Void” was riding a “Spirit Beast”, a flying expert that Ye Lu had caught from the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”, and of course, the strongest thing was the clothes on its body, which was a divine weapon that Ye Lu had purposely made to increase its speed.

Therefore, although its cultivation level was not at the top level, its speed was definitely just right.


The spirit beast carried Ye Lu like a fly and flew wildly to the side. The people of the “ancient clan” certainly wouldn’t let Ye Lu go and they flew after him.

However, this run and chase immediately alerted the others.





Immediately, people from other forces also appeared. The second group of people who appeared were “Yun Zhong Jun” and “Dong Jun”, both of whom were experts from the Chu Di God Clan, that is, people under “Dong Huang Tai Yi”.

After they appeared, they did not say anything and attacked directly.

“He waved his hands, and countless clouds of various colours blocked Ye Lu’s path.

“Void” possessed a stronger intelligence than Ye Lu, and it felt that these clouds were definitely not that simple, so it decided that it was better to mess with them less.


He gave the “spirit beast” under his feet a prompt, and the “spirit beast” raised its voice to the sky and then rose up.

However, at this moment, the “Eastern Monarch”, who was also the “Sun God” of Chu, stood on the “Flying Dragon Sun Chariot” and opened his bow and arrow, and shot an arrow at Ye Lu’s mount, that is, the spirit beast.

The “Sun God” was the best at shooting arrows, so he was very confident in this shot, but immediately afterwards, he was surprised because he found that his arrow suddenly could not do much damage to the other side.

His arrow could not penetrate the armour on the spirit beast, which took advantage of the power of the blow to accelerate again and fled as swiftly as lightning.

But more people appeared, this time from Kunlun, and they were all riding beautiful demonic beasts, led by three men, one on a crane, one on a deer and one on a black tiger.

One of them quickly raised his hand and a yellow light flew towards Ye Lu.

It was the immortal’s treasure, the “rope of binding immortals”, and this “rope” quickly wrapped around “Void”, but then the guy on the immortal crane threw the rope and froze.

He saw that the “Immortal Binding Rope” did not wrap around Ye Luo, as if Ye Luo’s body was transparent, the “Immortal Binding Rope” directly penetrated Ye Luo’s body.

The “Void” then flew wildly in the other direction again.

However, in the distance, another group of people flew up, this time wearing shining armour that reminded Ye Lu of the “Saint Fighter” in the cartoon, and these people were no other than the people from the Xuan Tian Clan.


Seeing this scene, “Void” could not help but burst out a foul mouth.


Chapter 568

In fact, Ye Luo also wanted to “Sh*t!” , the current situation was indeed out of Ye Lu’s expectation.

He thought that his revenge this time should invite some kind of after-effects, but he did not expect such serious after-effects at all.

“These guys obviously don’t simply want revenge, these goods should have other purposes, it looks like I’ve become the meat and potatoes that everyone is fighting over, so let’s fight.”

“Void” looked at the crowd that was chasing him and he laughed.

“Everyone wants to take me, right? Let’s do it.”

After saying that, “Void” now rushed over to the side again, and this time the people he met were the “Yun Zhong Jun” and “Dong Jun” of the Chu Gods who were chasing him.

When he saw Ye Luo rushing towards him, “Yun Zhong Jun” quickly released a large amount of mist to trap Ye Luo, but “Void” of course let him get what he wanted.

The “Void” rushed into the white mist.

When the others saw this scene, they were not calm, and they rushed towards the “Cloudy King”, for they did not want the benefits to be taken by the gods of Chu.


The first to attack were those from the Xuantian Clan, who all took out their glowing bows and arrows in unison, and then opened their bows and arrows and shot towards the “Cloud Central Monarch” and the “Eastern Monarch”.

What was even more frightening was that the killing power of these people’s bows and arrows was extremely frightening, but of course, the most unlucky one was “Yun Zhongjun”.

At this moment, Ye Lu was still struggling for his life in the clouds.


He wanted to grab Ye Luo very much, but, he also understood that this would affect his ability to dodge, and the other party’s attack power was definitely not to be underestimated.

As a result, this hesitation cost him his life.





The long arrows of gold and silver fell on the body of the “Cloudy King” and he was soon blown away by the arrows, and the “Eastern King” who was good at using arrows did not escape death either, and was quickly shot dead by the army-like men of the “Xuantian Clan”.

Seeing this scene, everyone was astonished, the combat power of the “Xuantian Clan” was already unbelievable.

The leader of the Xuan Tian Clan, who was wearing golden armour like a “golden saint”, then said in a loud voice to everyone.

“Listen up, the Xuan Tian Clan is taking over this matter, so if you don’t want to die, get lost!”

However, just as he finished his words, a voice said coldly.

“What the hell is the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’, is it so awesome, I don’t know which one of you is the onion.”

Following this, a group of people in black appeared.

The people from the Heavenly Demon Palace had always been domineering, so of course they wouldn’t listen to the orders of the Xuan Tian Clan.

The others watched the scene with some glee.

Because the others felt that this was the time for the “snipe and the clam to fight and the fisherman to gain”.

However, the newcomers from the Heavenly Demon Palace didn’t seem to care about their petty thoughts at all, as they rushed straight towards the cloud.

This took the others by surprise, as they thought that the current situation would lead to hesitation or some kind of strategy on the part of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” people, but what they didn’t expect was that these people would be so direct, which was a clear slap in the face to everyone.

This kind of attitude of completely ignoring everyone made everyone a bit annoyed, especially the people from the Xuan Tian Clan, and to these people, this was a facepalm that was not even disguised.


“The leader of the Xuan Tian Clan raised his hand again, and everyone started to attack with their bows and arrows once again.





Numerous long arrows were fired at the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace, but the other side had obviously prepared for this, and the leader of the Heavenly Demon Palace, who had horns and wings, raised his hand and waved.

A black mist quickly spread out and actually blocked the long arrows.

The rest of them were already rushing towards the cloud where Ye Lu was.

Of course, the others could not sit idly by, as the experts from Kunlun, the experts from the Pan Gu Clan, and the experts from other powers and clans all began to attack.

However, the Heavenly Demon Clan was really strong, and several of them quickly released their huge black wings, which opened up and blocked all kinds of attacks, while a black mist had already wrapped around the white cloud released by the “Cloud Lord”.


Then, the Heavenly Demon Clan was ready to leave after they had won.

But of course, the crowd wouldn’t let them go like that, this was too dashing, ignoring the others? They were all experts here.

However, after the fight, everyone immediately understood that these people could not really keep the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace, because these people from the Heavenly Demon Palace seemed to have a similar cultivation level as them, but their real combat power was far superior to theirs.

So, soon the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace opened up a gap and flew away into the distance.

However, at this moment, another force appeared, and it was very strong when it appeared. These guys were all riding flying demonic beasts, extremely fast, and each of them had extremely rugged and distinctive features, and they were none other than the experts of the Beast Alliance.


The roar of the beasts was so loud that it was frightening to watch, and these people were obviously coming for the Heavenly Demon Palace, and they quickly blocked the way of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

“Heavenly Demon Palace, if you have the sense to leave your men behind, otherwise you will not be able to return.”

“The guy at the head of the Beast Alliance said in a loud voice.

However, the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace were not moved, and they looked at the people of the Beast Alliance and said coldly.

“We have never had anything to do with the Beast Alliance, so I advise you not to get involved in this mess.”

However, the people from the Beast Alliance were obviously prepared, and they lined up to look at the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace and said.

“Heavenly Demon Palace, don’t eat your wine, since you are so uncouth, then don’t blame us for being impolite, let’s start.”

Then, under the leadership of the leader of the Beast Alliance, the crowd began to summon.

“The Beast Alliance’s original specialty was taming beasts and summoning demonic beasts, so the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace did not feel any surprise at the Beast Alliance’s actions.

However, when the first demonic beast appeared, they became a little worried.

Although the “Great Sun Golden Flame” was not the “Sun True Flame” which had fused the four Chaos Spirits, it was one of the four Chaos Spirits, so its terror was not to be underestimated.

What worried them even more was that there was not just one “Three-legged Golden Crow”, but one for each of them.


The nine “Three-Legged Golden Crows” appeared in the air like nine small suns, raising the temperature around them by an unknown number of degrees.


Following this, the nine Three Legged Golden Crows launched their attack.

The golden “Great Sun Golden Flame” rolled around endlessly, and the demonic Qi immediately emitted a “hiss!” when it encountered the “Great Sun Golden Flame”. They were burnt into nothingness.

Seeing this scene, the crowd drew in a breath of cold air.

Everyone was reminded of the legendary scene of Hou Yi shooting the sun, where ten suns appeared in the sky at the same time, giving the impression of ten days coming out in unison.


Just when everyone thought that these “Heavenly Demon Palace” people might end up here, suddenly one of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” people’s body exploded, and then a real “Heavenly Demon Race” person with three horns and huge black wings broke out of his body.

This “Heavenly Demon” was completely different from the previous “Heavenly Demon Palace” person.

As soon as he appeared, he emitted an aura of unparalleled terror, and with a wave of his wings, the nine “Three-legged Golden Crows” all retreated.

Then, this guy shot up into the sky and shot off into the distance.

However, at this moment, a woman flew over from the air and blocked the way of this Heavenly Demon.

At this moment, Ye Luo was standing not far from the woman and the “Heavenly Demon Clan”.