Super School Student Chapter 565-566

Chapter 565

As millions of people returned to the secular world, everyone was excited and Ye Lu became the superhero of the “secular world”.

This time, Ye Lu’s fame was not only limited to the “capital”, but the whole of China was proclaiming Ye Lu’s deeds.

To everyone, Ye Lu was the saviour.

Those who had been saved had taken the initiative to erect stone monuments and statues to commemorate his merits.

However, the situation in the cultivation world was the complete opposite.

Southern Chu, the Secret Realm.

A man with a Chinese crown looked at the crowd and said.

“This time, we actually lost the precious doppelganger of the ‘Great Master Tai’ and lost the ‘Eastern Emperor Bell’, one of the ‘Heavenly Spiritual Treasures’ left behind. This Ye Lu’s sin is unforgivable, and the ‘Great Master Tai Tai’ has given orders on that side that this fellow must be dealt with, or else he will become a major problem in his heart.”

Then, he said again.

“The situation on that side is very complicated, and the forces that don’t have the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ will gradually weaken, and may eventually attach themselves to those who have the ‘Immortal Palace Key’. So, we have to get a ‘Immortal Palace Key’ no matter what.”

“In addition, we don’t have many doppelgangers left, so the ‘Young Master’ and I will stay away for now, and leave the rest to you guys.”

“I hope you guys can make a difference here.”

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of other forces, similar things were happening.

The “Fuxi clan” clan land.

“He only sent an expert from the Fuxi clan, but this expert was also their beloved, especially with the loss of the “Taiji Diagram”, which was an “innate spiritual treasure” of the same level as the “Four Heavenly Spiritual Lamps”.

Because most of the “Heavenly Spiritual Treasures” were taken away, not many of them were left behind, which made the “Taiji Diagram” even more precious.

Of course, the most important thing is to get the “Immortal Mansion Key”, thinking that there are only nine “Immortal Mansion Keys” in the “Secular World”, while the forces in the “Secular World” are much more than that.

“Although Fuxi is the rightful god of the land, the bloodline of these ancient gods is thin and is gradually being replaced by other great powers, so the Fuxi clan is no longer as proud as before.

“It’s a pity that we couldn’t get the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ or related clues from Ye Lu this time, it looks like we still have a long way to go to get the ‘Immortal Palace Key’! ”

These forces that did not have the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ in their hands were extremely eager for the Immortal Palace Key.

Then, Fuxi continued.

“This time, we must get a ‘Immortal Palace Key’, if we have one, we can revive our ‘Fuxi Clan’, or at least become one of the nine great powers on that side. use any means, as long as we can get one.”

At the same time, everyone on the “Kunlun” side was also planning the same thing about Ye Lu.

“This kid is too evil, I suspect that he might have been behind the previous incident as well, putting us at odds with the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ side.”

One of them said in a somewhat depressed manner.

Because this time, Kunlun had also lost an Innate Spiritual Treasure, the Eight Scene Palace Lamp, one of the Four Great Spiritual Lamps of the Innate Heavens.

At this time, another person shook his head and said.

“After all, those guys from that ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ have always been against us, and this time they have already obtained an ‘Immortal Palace Key’, so they certainly don’t want us to get the full ‘Immortal Mansion Key’.”

“However, if it really turns out to be like this, I’m afraid it will be very detrimental to our ‘Kunlun’.”

Another person said when he finished.

“What are we afraid of, with the strength of our ‘Kunlun’, we will rob whoever has the ‘key’, as long as we ‘Kunlun’ people are united together .”

However, another man bristled and said.

“Want to be united, is it possible, for how many years have we all been a scattered mess, if we could really be united, would we still be in such a mess by the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’?”

“Why is the Heavenly Demon Palace strong? It’s not because they’re ironclad.”

This statement was shared by everyone.

After that, everyone became emotional, as they all thought of how terrifying the “Heavenly Demon Palace” was, as those guys were like a snowball getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, one person summed up by saying.

“Alright, alright, stop feeling so much, there’s time to go find that Ye Lu, anyway, we’re all in agreement on this matter, right or wrong, let’s f*ck him first.”

This time everyone was once again animated.

It was rare that the various factions of Kunlun could all have the same goal.

If Ye Lu was here, I don’t know if he should be crying or laughing, but he was going to be unlucky anyway, because these forces were not the only ones targeting him.

Not to mention the so-called righteous people, many evil forces, such as the “Heavenly Demon Palace”, had also started to make moves.

The death of the “Enchanted Angel”, one of the “Seven Fallen Angels”, had made them take a fresh look at Ye Lu, and they felt threatened by him.

“The one called Ye Lu is very troublesome, more troublesome than the average ‘Nuwa clan’ person. ”

One of the Heavenly Demon clan guys said as he looked at the other clan members.

“Well, this time he seems to be targeted not only by us, but also by those from the righteous path, so why don’t we muddy the waters and get everyone involved together, how about that, as long as we can get him killed anyway.”

This plan was unanimously approved by the Heavenly Demons.

However, what no one knew was that the truly terrifying man in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts” had already begun his plan to devour the entire world.

“Thousand Faces, isn’t it, no one in the ‘Small World’ has ever been able to enter that place.”

The “thousand-faced demonic beast” said quickly.

“Yes, this is the iron rule of heaven and earth, things that grow out of the secret ‘small world’ naturally cannot break through the ‘small world’ on their own this is unchanging, only you can break this iron rule. ”

Another head then said.

“Not only our boss, but all of us will have to break this iron rule, we are about to become history and a true legend.”

Followed by another head saying.

“Boss, do you think that if we really need to get the ‘Immortal Palace Key’, wouldn’t we just become immortals ourselves? Besides, weren’t you also a true immortal initially?”

As a result, the young man shook his head and said.

“Firstly, I’ve told you many times to let one head speak at a time, now that’s too messy, and secondly, it’s true that we can also become immortals independently, but that would take too long, and it’s not that easy to get through the ‘nine tribulations’.”

After saying that, this handsome man sighed and said.

“Ai, becoming an immortal is not that easy, we are now in the secret realm, so the ‘heavenly tribulation’ has not come, once we leave here, the ‘heavenly tribulation’ will come, and then we will really face a challenge. ”

“However, all we are doing is going against the heavens, so since we have chosen such a path, we can only go forward.”

“In heaven and on earth, I am the only one!”

As he said these words, two thunderbolts flashed from his eyes.

Following that, this handsome man then said towards the outside.

“Tell the people of the ‘Beast Alliance’ to try to get a ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, by whatever means necessary, before we enter the ‘Mundane World’. If necessary, we can summon one of our experts to go out.”

The news soon reached the Beast Alliance, and everyone began to discuss.

“As far as we know, one of the ‘Immortal Mansion Keys’ is in the hands of Kunlun, but we haven’t found the corresponding ‘Star Destined One’ yet, and One is said to be in the hands of the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, both of which are not easy to grab.”

“The military division of the Beast Alliance looked at the crowd and said.

“The Xuan Tian Clan definitely has one, but the current ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ is even worse to mess with, so our target can only be locked on one person, he is Ye Lu.”

And at this moment, Ye Luo did not know that he had become the target of all.


Chapter 566

When he arrived at the location he had agreed to meet Jasmine, his heart dropped when he found out that Jasmine was not there, as this probably meant that Jasmine had been taken.

He then asked Gla*ses to help him search for any valuable information.

Soon, the gla*ses found a large amount of information.

Ye Luo also immediately found out that many of the people who had entered King Solomon’s secret realm with him had died and their bodies had been brought back, and the blame had been put on Ye Luo’s head.

“Sh*t! How cruel!”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

“Looks like these forces are fighting each other fiercely! To strike so hard.”

“The reason why King Solomon and the gods of Ancient Egypt had killed so many people was obviously to take advantage of the opportunity to strike the forces of China, as they were in competition with each other.

“It looks like most of Jasmine has already been taken.”

Ye Lu helplessly looked at the various surveillance videos collected by the “gla*ses”.

The surveillance videos showed that Jasmine had indeed come here as Ye Lu had agreed, but there was no video of her leaving the place afterwards, which meant that either Jasmine was still here, or someone had taken her away unnoticed.

Ye Lu felt that it must be the latter, because he had just released the Chimera Ants to search for them, and these things were quite good at searching.

“This girl is mostly overwhelmed with love.”

Finding out that Jasmine had been caught, Ye Luo was also very headstrong.

Everything was good about this woman Jasmine, but she was too kind-hearted and also too innocent, so she could easily be led into the ditch by the other party.

“However, with ‘Void’ around, most can get people out.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

If it was before, he would not dare to say such a thing because, with his cultivation level, it would be a fool’s errand to enter King Solomon’s secret realm to save someone.

However, it was different now, with the Void, it was easy to enter any place. Due to the problem of cultivation level, it was very difficult to use the Void to a*sa*sinate experts, but it was much easier to do some spying and rescue things.

As long as Ye Lu could find the place where Jasmine was, then find a way to blend in with Jasmine, then use the “Heavenly Spiritual Treasure” that could hold a person to hold Jasmine, and then collect her body and sneak away quietly.

The only thing that would be risky with Void’s ability would be the period of time when he would show up and pretend to be a human being, but as long as he survived this period of time, his escape would be as easy as pie.

Of course, even if he was discovered, Ye Lu wouldn’t worry about it. It wasn’t that easy to kill the Void, or at least Ye Lu couldn’t think of any way to kill it yet.

This thing is the same as “nothing”, its body is nothing, how can you kill it?

Therefore, Ye Luo actually believed in what “Void” had said before, saying that it was from the other side, representing the ultimate other side and the end of all things.

“If it said that it came from the other side, Ye Luo believed it a little.

“Void, I’m counting on you to find the next person.”

Ye Luo said to the Void.

Since Ye Lu and Void had lived together for a long time, a deep bond had been established between them, and since Void was Ye Lu’s “original spirit animal”, the two of them were connected in spirit.

“Void” smiled in the air and said.

“No problem, let’s see what I do.”

After saying that, Void headed towards the place where King Solomon’s secret realm was located.

However, things went a little differently from what Ye Lu thought.

It took a lot of time to find out that Jasmine had been taken away by King Solomon, but where she had gone, everyone had no idea, because King Solomon was the only one who acted.

“Sh*t! This is a bit dumb.”

Ye Lu muttered helplessly.

If King Solomon acted alone, there was only one way to get to him, but since he acted on his own, he would not tell the secret to himself, so it would be too difficult to find out Jasmine’s situation and save her.

What Ye Luo was more worried about was that if King Solomon had Jasmine with him, then it would be a big problem, and Ye Luo would not be able to get rid of the person in the “Spiritual Treasure”, even with the help of “Void”.

“It looks like we’re going to have to think long and hard about this.”

Ye Lu stayed in West Asia and let Void wander around the secret realm of King Solomon for two days, but there was nothing new to discover, so Ye Lu let Void withdraw from the secret realm.

Then, after thinking about it, Ye Lu let Void take on his own form, while he disguised himself in a different form, which he felt would be safer.

However, at this moment, Ye Luo did not know that within the country of China, the major powers had already laid down a net of heaven and earth, waiting for Ye Luo to go there.

Not only that, but other forces in the world have also included Ye Luo as their main target, including the Mayan gods and the gods of ancient India.

These two forces are also very strong and famous.

The Mayan gods in particular are said to have a unique advantage in the field of divination and prophecy.

However, the Mayan Gods did not come out this time solely because of Ye Lu, but also because they had prophesied something else, that is, they had prophesied that the Ark of the Other Side was about to come into existence.

“The Mayan gods had prophesied that a great catastrophe would come, and that the saviour of this catastrophe would be in the mysterious land of the East, a “son of the future” according to the prophecy, at whose feet even eternal life worships.

According to the instructions of the “serpentine gods”, only by going to the East and finding this “son of the future” will the descendants of the Maya be able to escape from this crisis.

According to the research of the Mayan Gods, they felt that Ye Luo, Mr. Luo, and the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, a man with multiple identities, were the most likely to be the ones they were looking for.

However, the Mayan gods were not yet aware of the fact that China’s interior was in turmoil.

As for the gods of ancient India, the great god Indra has predicted the beginning of the Great Controversy, and it would be too late for them not to get involved.

Of course, this is just a cover-up.

The real reason was that Indra’s body in that place was already in the middle of a war between various powers, and the focus of the war was of course the “Immortal Palace Key”.

As a result, everyone could only stare in disbelief but could do nothing.

The only viable plan now is to use the doppelgangers left behind in the Secular World to stir up the storm, and Indra feels that this is the perfect opportunity for these medium-sized forces to rise to power.

At the same time, there were also some masters from the scattered cultivators.

These guys are all extremely tough guys, they don’t obey anyone, they don’t attach to any power, they do what they want, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to become immortal, so when they have the chance, they naturally want to go for it, in fact, the “Lu Zu Daoist” of the “Yun Lu Palace Master” lineage is such a person.

“The reason why the Yunluo Palace Master had such a special status in Kunlun was because of the Daoist Master Lu, no one dared to mess with him, and that was why the Yunluo Palace Master was so supreme.

After finding it difficult to save Jasmine, Ye decided to put the matter on hold, but instead of going back to China, he went to Northern Europe to look for his old friend Odin, the king of the Norse gods.

As a result, he found that Odin had now changed his ways.

He had not only unified the Norse gods, but also ruled over the Frost Giants and the Fire Giants, while Loki had been mercilessly suppressed by him, and all kinds of horrible beasts, such as Cerberus and the nine-headed sea serpent Hydra, had been subdued by him.

“And that’s not all!”

“Odin said with a smile over his gla*s.