Super School Student Chapter 425-426

Chapter 425

After entering the cave, Ye Lu was shocked by nature’s magic work. The huge cave, various stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers formed a world of light and strange things, of course, mainly because the Medicine League had put many reflective stones in the cave, for lighting and decoration.

After walking for a while, the two of them walked into a “formation”.

Ye Luo could tell that this was a defensive formation, similar to the protective formation of the Shennong Valley. It looked like the Pill Alliance was really worthy of being the richest sect, this formation was not something that was already there, it was a later addition.

“The Weapon Sect still had two brushes, at least these formations that Ye Lu saw were quite good.

“I guess I’ve been fooled by the appearance of the Weapon Sect!”

Ye Lu hadn’t actually seen the Weaponry Sect’s experts refining weapons when he went to the Weaponry Sect before, but after he showed a few hands, the people of the Weaponry Sect treated him as their guest, so Ye Lu didn’t really know the true depth of the Weaponry Sect.

“Well, it seems that the Weapon Sect really has some skills.”

Ye Lu lamented for a moment, then followed the woman into the formation and entered the headquarters of the “Pill Alliance”.

After entering, Ye Lu realized that this place could be described as a different kind of heaven. The headquarters of the Pill Alliance was much bigger than Ye Lu had imagined, and roughly speaking, it looked like it was even bigger than the Capital City, and there were flying machines everywhere, which was very similar to what he had seen in the Weapon Sect before.

Ye Luo roughly estimated that there were millions of people in this headquarters, so it was like a small country.

This really shocked Ye Lu.

Seeing Ye Lu’s astonished expression, the woman nodded with a satisfied smile, in her opinion, Ye Lu really looked like he hadn’t seen much of the market, probably because it was the first time he had seen such a large secret realm.

So, she smiled and said.

“The secret realm at our ‘Pill Alliance’ headquarters isn’t really that big, I’ve been to the headquarters of the ‘Beast Alliance’ once, and it’s only called big there, but the bigger one is the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm ‘, it’s completely impossible to see how big it is, in short, it’s bigger than our entire earth, that secret realm, it’s really breathtaking.”

Hearing the woman’s words, “Big Wind”, who was beside Ye Lu, said with a smile.

“Have you ever been to the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’?”

As a result, the woman said with a sigh.

“I don’t have a chance, the relatively safe areas are all occupied by the ‘Beast Alliance’, the other areas are too dangerous to go into, I wouldn’t dare to go in with such a cultivation level.”

As they spoke, the three of them had already boarded a flying machine and flew towards the centre of the entire mysterious realm.

From the air, Ye Luo found that this secret realm was indeed much more beaten than the capital, however, unlike the capital, although this secret realm was large, there were no particularly high-rise buildings, most of them were the kind of houses with one or two floors, or at most three floors with courtyards, just like villas.

However, in this self-contained secret realm, since it was the “Pill Alliance”, it seemed that many people’s cultivation levels were very strong.

“The world in the Secret Realm is really quite different from the outside.”

Ye Luo felt that inside the secret realm was a different kind of civilization that was related to the outside, but very different.

It didn’t take long for Ye Luo and the others to reach the only high-rise building in the centre of the Secret Realm, which was also the landmark building of this Secret Realm, a rather tall building.

At the entrance of the building, Ye Luo saw a group of guys in strange costumes with exaggerated shapes, including Lin Ruyue, who had once again transformed into “I don’t know what fire dance”.

In the middle of this group of strange people was “Master Mo Lian”, dressed in black.

To be honest, although Master Mo Lian’s disciples were a bunch of oddballs, Master Mo Lian himself was a very serious-looking person, at least in terms of dress and other aspects.

When he saw “Master Mo Lian”, Ye Lu found that she really resembled that “Mo Tranquil”, except that “Master Mo Lian” was wrapped up tightly, so he could not see whether she had the “Candle Dragon” pattern on her body.

However, Ye Lu felt that she should not have one, after all, compared to the supreme genius “Mo Tranquility”, “Mo Lian” was a little more mediocre.

“My disciple pays respects to my master!”

The moment he saw Ye Luo, Mo Lian led the disciples to give a deep bow to Ye Luo.

She had originally thought that Ye Lu should be Mo Lian’s disciple, because Mo Lian was known for her eccentric temper, and although she was a genius, she was not willing to worship anyone from the Pill Alliance as her teacher.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Mo Lian, you’re too polite, no need to bow, right, I’ve brought you some small gifts, I don’t know if you have any, anyway, one for each of you, if you have one, give it to someone else.”

With those words, Ye Lu began to take things out.

At this time, a woman with a bizarre outfit painted like smoky makeup looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Master, are you still satisfied with this beautiful woman that the headquarters has arranged for you? I talked to the headquarters, but this woman can warm the bed and is first-cla*s in bed.”

When the smoky makeup finished, Ye Lu almost didn’t spurt blood, and the pretty woman next to him immediately turned red, but she didn’t retort, because she was indeed first-cla*s in that aspect.

However, before Ye Lu could say anything, a group of people from the “Pill Alliance” who were watching a monkey show nearby looked at Ye Lu and talked.

“Is this guy the one from the legend?”

“He sounds like a big pervert!”

“It looks like it too, no one from ‘Mo Lian’ is normal anyway.”


Ye Lu ignored them and instead took out an a*sortment of “storage magic tools”, all of which he had improvised on the road.

“Storage gadgets, each with a small space of more than three meters square inside, consider it a gift of a bag for each of you.”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

He found that although these disciples of Mo Lian were all weirdly shaped, either from the “second dimension” or “third dimension” or even from some unknown dimension, they all had one common characteristic, that they were all beautiful and all had big breasts.

The crowd of course couldn’t be happier, and all of a sudden they surrounded Ye Lu, and all kinds of big breasts rubbed up against them.

At this time, there was a person at the side who said sourly.

“What kind of big onion are you pretending to be, is it great to have resources? If you have the ability to compete with Laozi, Laozi beat you, this little white face, to find teeth all over the ground ……”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

“The most important thing is that I can’t beat him. If I could beat him, I would have smacked this guy with two big ears.”

When Mo Lian finished speaking, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Hey hey, it just so happens that I can beat him, I’ll help you realize your dream well, just as a meet and greet.”

Saying this Ye Luo struck out.



It was indeed two big slaps, these two counted slaps directly sent the B*****d flying and fainted on the ground.

Ye Lu then clapped his hands and said with a smile.

“Any other similar jobs, I can be of service.”

This scene stunned Mo Lian, her eyes widened and her mouth opened wide as she looked at Ye Lu with an incredulous expression, then said.

“Sh*t! When did you become so powerful?”

She remembered that a few months ago, when she first met Ye Lu, Ye Lu had a hard time beating up a strong person who was a Jindan, but now, beating up a person who was a Jindan was just like beating up a dog.

Ye Lu said with a smile.

“It’s no big deal, not to mention him, even if his father comes here.”

However, as soon as his words left his mouth, a voice said loudly.

“I am his father, you kid is too arrogant, is my son that big, see how I will teach you a lesson.”

Then, this guy didn’t give Ye Lu the chance to explain his words, he directly rushed towards Ye Lu, while rushing over, the “beast fire” on his hands also lit up.

“Sh*t! F*ck off!”

As a result, what he didn’t expect was for Ye Lu to send him flying with a single punch, to go and be with his son.

“Noisy, let’s go, let’s go in and do our business.”

With these words, Ye Luo led the Mo Lian Clan into the building.

Just after entering, Ye Luo saw a bearded old man standing there with an unpleasant expression on his face.

The woman beside him immediately introduced him.

“Ye Lu, this is ‘Elder Pill Xin’, who is also responsible for receiving you.”

Ye Lu saw that this ‘Elder Pill Xin’ was looking at himself with an angry face, so he asked in confusion.

“Master Yuxin, I don’t think I have offended you, you are so angry, you are not the grandfather of that guy just now, are you?”

As a result, “Elder Pill Shen” said coldly.

“Yes, I am his grandfather!”


Chapter 426

At this time, Ye Lu found that many people had gathered in the hall on the ground floor, probably because he had just beaten up the precious grandson of “Elder Pill Xin”, and then beat up his son, which made everyone feel that things were funny.

“These people from the Mo Lian lineage are really troublemakers!”

“Yeah, none of them are troublemakers.”

“I’m confused as to why this oddball Mo Lian wasn’t ousted.”

“This time ‘Elder Yuxin’ is probably going to be furious.”


Ye Lu also saw that this old man’s face was blue, as if he was a gas stove that was about to explode, so he hurriedly said with a smile.

“That ‘Elder Pill Xin’, this is actually all a misunderstanding, just now your grandson said he wanted to have a match with me and also beat me up or something, I decided to give him a chance after a fierce heart struggle, but I really didn’t expect him to be so unbeatable. ”

“As for your son, I suspect he might have read too much ‘Water Margin’ and met up to fight ……”

However, the more Ye Lu explained, the more ugly this elder’s face became, as all those big-breasted girls from every dimension led by Mo Lian were unable to help but sneer.

However, in the end, “Elder Yuxin” did not get angry, he took a deep breath and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Originally, I came here on behalf of the ‘Pill Alliance’ to grant you the qualifications of ‘Pill Refining Master’ and ‘Pill Alliance Elder’, but now I am questioning both of your qualifications. Both qualifications are beginning to be questioned.”

For his part, Ye Lu muttered helplessly in his heart.

“Question your sister! It’s not because I beat up your son and grandson.”

However, Ye Lu was confused as to who was in charge of these systems and so on in the Pill Alliance, so he looked at Elder Yuxin and asked.

“Tell me straight, what do you want to do after you question it?”

“He looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Let’s follow the rules and come to the testing hall, you can also come along and be a witness.”

Hearing that there was such a fun and lively event to watch, everyone started to get up in arms, and then everyone headed towards the so-called “testing hall”.

Of course, this was also related to the fact that it was the first time that the Mo Lian Clan had come to the headquarters. At first, all that people knew about the Mo Lian Clan was just rumours, but this time they had actually seen the real person, and everyone felt that the name was true.

Soon the “testing hall” arrived and in accordance with the rules, Elder Pillarsin brought in two other elders, as three elders had to be present for the “Pill Master” test.

After the three elders were seated, the hall was filled with people.

Only then did “Elder Pill Xin” look at Ye Lu and say.

“Alright, according to the rules, a ‘pill refining master’ has to pa*s three tests before he can do so, of course the last test is to refine a ‘holy’ pill by himself, while the previous two tests, one is the art of fire control, and the other is designated for alchemy.”

“The purpose is also very simple, to avoid someone who will only refine one kind of elixir for the rest of their life in order to get this qualification, and also elixirs that might not be useful, well, that’s it for the instructions, next, we will start the first test of the art of fire control.”

After saying that, Elder Pill Xin gestured for Ye Lu to sit in front of him.

Ye Lu did not know what to do, so he sat down in front of him.

The people below began to talk.

“This guy is going to be unlucky now.”

“Yes, it’s not good to offend anyone but Elder Yuxin, who is known to be protective of his shortcomings.”

“I guess he’ll be burnt to a crisp.”

“Hey! It’s a pity about a handsome man’s face.”


Hearing the crowd’s words, Ye Lu vaguely felt as if things were not too good, however, Mo Lian’s pitiful disciples were singing and dancing like a cheerleader below, shouting.

“Master! Go for it!”

“Master! Go for it!”

“Yeah yeah yeah!”


Seeing this scene, everyone present felt a bit tearful.

While “Elder Yuxin” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“The fire control test we are going to have today is called the ‘Battle of the Fire Beasts’, where you and I will each create a fire beast to fight against each other, and the shape, strength and so on of the fire beast will determine whether or not you can pa*s the test. ”

Hearing him out, Ye Lu nodded, but it was true that he had never done such a thing before.

So, he thought for a moment and said.

“I haven’t tried the operation you mentioned, is it okay if I try it first?”

Hearing that Ye Lu hadn’t done anything like this at all, everyone was in an uproar, because in the eyes of the “Pill Alliance”, this should be one of the basic skills, the most introductory fire control training for every pill refiner was this.

“Is this guy really a pill refiner?”

“Yes, they say that the ‘Mo Lian lineage’ is full of strange people, this is too strange.”

“Just this has to take the ‘Pill Refining Master’ qualification, word ah kidding.”


The first thing that happened was that a “fire butterfly” appeared on Ye Lu’s finger, and with the appearance of this “fire butterfly” Ye Lu said with a smile.

“Elder Yuxin, isn’t it too boring for us to play so simply, why don’t we hang a little bit of a prize, what do you think?”

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, before “Elder Yuxin” could say anything, the people around him started to raise their voices first.

“Yes, let’s hang a colour, hang a colour!”

“Yes, that’s what makes it interesting.”

“Yes, it’s fun! Hang the colours! ……”

“Hang the lottery!”

“Hang the lottery!”


The whole room was filled with shouts of “hang the lottery”.

Seeing this scene, “Elder Yuxin” waved his hand at everyone and said.

“Quiet, since you all want us to hang a few prizes, let’s hang some, you are a junior, so tell me what you want to hang, I will give you something higher than you in exchange.”

“But, are you trying to say than what.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course it’s a comparison of being able to pa*s or not, I don’t have anything particularly good here either, but there is an egg of a ‘divine beast’ that hasn’t hatched yet, you just need to take out a beast egg of equal value.”

As he spoke, Ye Lu took out the nameless beast egg that he had been keeping in his “Spirit Beast Bracelet”.

It had been in Ye Lu’s hand for a long time, but up to now, Ye Lu had not been able to figure out what kind of egg it was, and certainly had no idea how to hatch it.

However, in terms of value, this was indeed valuable enough.

After taking out the egg of the “divine beast”, Ye Lu pushed it towards Elder Yuxin and said.

“You can check to see if the purity of the bloodline is 100%, and if the level is enough for a ‘divine Beast’.”

“Elder Pill Xin” did not expect Ye Lu to produce such a thing.

In fact, not only him, but also the others, including Mo Lian and the others, did not expect Ye Lu to come up with something like this.

The reason was that apart from the Beast Alliance, the chances of everyone getting a “Beast Egg” were very slim, so basically, most of the “Spirit Beasts” that everyone used came from the Beast Alliance’s sales.

The “divine Beast” level, or 100% bloodline purity, such a treasure “Beast Alliance” will not sell, so the value of this beast egg can be imagined.

In fact, what Ye Lu did not know was that the Japanese side was already regretting giving Ye Lu these three items, they never thought that Ye Lu could really defeat their “Sword Saint” and take these three items in the hands of so many experts.

When he saw such a beast egg, Elder Pillarsin’s face began to sink, because he had just bragged too much, he said that whatever Ye Lu took out, he could take out something better.

Ye Lu looked at him with a smile on his face.

A few moments later, the people of the Mo Lian Clan began to clamour again.

“Huh! So this elder was just pretending! It turned out that he didn’t!”

“That’s right, don’t you know that pretending is punishable by lightning?”

“Net talk, hey, the headquarters is a disappointment, it’s not as cla*sy as the people in our branch.”

“Rubbish, absolute rubbish!”


Hearing these guys’ taunts, “Elder Yuxin” really couldn’t stand it anymore.