Super School Student Chapter 391-392

Chapter 391

Everyone was astonished to see how quickly Ye Lu had finished making the pills.

“So fast, fake it.”

“Yeah, what is he refining, it’s so easy.”

“Did he really refine it or not, he can’t be cheating.”


The crowd all started to talk about it.

Even the person in charge of the Ge family was a bit confused, because they had done something to the recipe, and even if they hadn’t, something like the Five Elements Pill wasn’t that easy to make, and even the questioner, who was an expert of the Seventh Turn of the Golden Elixir, didn’t dare to say that he could make it in such a short time.

After all, he had never made one before, and if he wanted to balance the five elements, he would have to learn the laws of the five elements.

Seeing his expression, the guy beside him who had just patted him on the back then laughed and said.

“I think he probably failed in refining, so he raised his hand, after all, there are only enough materials for one quantity, and if you fail in any step, you don’t have a chance.”

Hearing him say that, the questioner then felt a little better.

Lin Ruyue, who was also refining pills, also looked at Ye Luo with some confusion, however, she was not a bit surprised that Ye Luo was so fast, but because she felt that the stuff Ye Luo was refining seemed to be different from all of them.

This time, Lin Ruyue didn’t think that she could stand out to get the famous word or anything, so she was actually more focused on observing Ye Lu.

“It can’t be that the people from the ‘Ge family’ have really given Master Shifu small shoes, right?”

She muttered with some worry.

At this time, the person in charge of the inspection had already walked over towards Ye Luo.

After all, Ye Lu was the first to finish, so he instantly became the focus of the entire venue.

The guy in charge of the inspection certainly knew that Ye Lu’s dan recipe was special, so when he walked up to him, he also looked at Ye Lu with some doubts and said.

“You’ve really refined it?”

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Well, not to mention, this dan recipe is really quite interesting.”

It was also the first time Ye Lu had refined a pill with five attributes at the same time, so he felt that the refinement was still rewarding.

The person in charge of the inspection, on the other hand, secretly skimmed his lips and said to himself.

“There’s a gross point, you have to be able to refine it as well.”

With those words, he reached out and opened the dan furnace.

The dense Five Elements Qi greeted him, and without looking, he knew that Ye Lu’s refinement was successful, and the neatly arranged pills inside that emitted a crystal luster also proved it.


This time it was the turn of the man from the “Ge family” who was inspecting it to be surprised, his eyes widened as he looked at the potion furnace and then at Ye Lu with a look of disbelief on his face, before asking after a long time.

“Have you ever made this kind of potion before?”

Seeing this guy’s expression, Ye Lu probably understood what was going on, moreover, this guy looked like he would die if he hadn’t refined it before, so Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Refining, ah, often refining, familiar with it.”

Only after hearing Ye Luo’s words did this guy let out a sigh of relief, then nodded and said.

“In that case, not bad, not bad, you’ve pa*sed.”

Hearing that he had pa*sed, Ye Lu smiled, then turned around and left on his own.

The reason why he said that he had practiced the “Five Elements Pill” before was that he suddenly thought that if he overacted, these grandsons of the “Ge Family” would still use some methods to make things difficult for themselves.

However, Ye Luo had not even stepped out of the venue when the guy in charge of the inspection dropped the pills in his hand with a “pop!” It fell to the ground with a loud bang.

The onlookers did not hear Ye Luo’s words of qualification due to the distance, however, everyone saw the disorderly performance of the guy in charge of the inspection.

“What is this? Could it be that the elixir was too poorly refined?”

“I think it’s very likely that it’s like that, to be able to refine farts so quickly!”

“I told you, he’s just here to mess up.”


The questioner was also a bit surprised by, this “Ge family” person’s disorder, and he couldn’t help but cough to remind that guy.

Only then did the checker come back to his senses and say.

“No. 9528, Ye Lu, ‘Five Elements Dan’ is complete, pa*s!”

Hearing his words, the audience all erupted, because the difficulty of the “Five Elements Pill” was obvious to everyone.

The questioner also stood up in surprise.

He didn’t expect such a result either.

And Lin Ruyue also understood, indeed, she had not been wrong, Ye Lu had really refined something different from everyone.

“The people of the ‘Ge family’ are too bad.”

Lin Ru Yue muttered with some hatred in her heart.

However, when she heard that Ye Lv Dan had pa*sed the test, Lin Ru Yue’s heart was still happy, and then she began to intensify the refining of the pills in front of her, she could not even functionally pa*s the test, then “Master Mo Lian” would definitely beat herself up.

At this time, the guy who was in charge of the inspection had already brought the pills Ye Lu had made to Ge Yun of the “Ge Family”, the person who had asked the question, in front of him.

“Uncle Yun, please take a look at this.”

This guy took out the elixir and put it in front of Ge Yun.

Ge Yun’s eyes narrowed instantly.

This was because he also felt the unusual nature of the elixir, and following that, he picked it up.

“How is it possible that this is a ‘Heavenly Grade’ elixir, and it also contains a special aura.”

Ge Yun had never seen aura before, he just felt that this kind of elixir had the feeling of the legendary “spiritual elixir”, however, that kind of medicine was not something that could be made by the current great powers.

“He said he had made this kind of elixir before.”

Seeing Ge Yun’s doubts, the inspector whispered.

However, Ge Yun’s frown didn’t stretch too much, because even if he had refined it before, it wasn’t that simple to refine a “Five Elements Pill” to this extent.

“Pay more attention to this kid, better find a way to find out about him.”

After he finished speaking, the other flatterer nodded solemnly, but, to be honest, he didn’t take it to heart, as he felt that it was none of their business.

The rest of the participants were waiting outside for the test, while a group of those who had withdrawn of their own accord gathered together and chatted with each other, lamenting the perversity of this event.

Following this, everyone saw that Ye Lu had actually come out.

At this point, someone then laughed and said.

“Hey, the first one to be eliminated came out, not even the slightest bit of self-awareness, how dare he go to the test, now he’s come out in the dust.”

“That’s right, but the fight yesterday was really quite handsome.”

“There’s no use fighting.”


However, while everyone was talking, Ye Lu had already turned a corner to the temporary venue on the other side under the direction of the people from the “Ge family”, which was arranged for those who succeeded in the test.

“Huh! He’s done it.”

“No way, so fast, did he cheat.”

“Bribed someone from the ‘Ge family’ I think.”

“Bribery my a*s, didn’t he just beat up someone from the Ge family yesterday.”


It was no wonder that everyone was talking like this, Ye Lu was indeed too fast, and after he entered the temporary venue, the others were slow to come in.

After another while, finally another person finished refining.

The person in charge of the inspection walked over and looked at it, then announced in a loud voice.

“No. 2018, Huo Miao, ‘Beneficial Qi Pill’ is complete, pa*s!”

Hearing the man’s announcement, the onlookers were once again dumbfounded, as the ‘Beneficial Qi Pill’ was the most basic of the ‘Second Grade’ pills, and its function was to replenish the ‘Innate True Qi’, which was also the simplest one.

“The ‘Five Elements Pill’ and the ‘Beneficial Qi Pill’ are one above the other, what is this ‘Ge Family’ up to?”

The crowd all muttered in some confusion.

After all, the two kinds of pills were too far apart.

Soon, everyone had finished refining the pills one after another, and it was only then that the audience realised that Ye Lu was the only one refining the ‘Five Elements Pill’, while everyone else was making very simple pills.

“I told you, that kid is making a fool of himself, if he can win the championship, I’ll eat soap live!”

Seeing this situation a spectator looked at the venue and said with certainty.


Chapter 392

Of course, everyone understood that the people from the Ge family were targeting Ye Lu.

But Ye Lu was not very clear about it yet, as he was chatting with the other qualified participants at another venue.

“Does everyone have to take this test?”

Ye Luo looked at this guy beside him and asked with some confusion.

“How come I don’t see anyone from the ‘Yan Clan’ and the ‘Suiren Clan’ taking the test.”

The guy looked at Ye Lu, he was a little surprised at Ye Lu’s ignorance, however, he didn’t dare to say it, he was cautiously organizing his words because he was worried that he would be beaten by Ye Lu if he didn’t say it properly, then he said this.

“Mr. Ye, this matter is like this, in fact, those who need to take the test are those who are not in the cla*s, or those who are participating in the ‘Pill Refiner’ conference for the first time, those who are already recognized, such as many of the ‘Pill Alliance’ star pill masters, they are don’t need to take the test, the people from the ‘Yan Clan’ you mentioned and the ‘Sui Ren Clan’, they are all pill refining masters who can refine ‘clan master level pills’, so naturally they don’t need to participate in the test.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Luo understood why he didn’t see any other masters, it turned out that this test was meant for those of them who didn’t seem to be very reliable by the organizers.

Seeing that Ye Luo had no intention to get mad, this guy was relieved, yesterday Ye Luo’s savage performance had made this guy feel that Ye Luo was just a brutal and unreasonable guy who would strike at the drop of a hat.

Now it seemed that Ye Lu was still quite an amiable person, so he asked boldly.

“Excuse me, Mr. Ye, how did you refine it so quickly and successfully, I’ve never been able to understand it.”

Hearing his question, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“This is very simple, because ‘Five Elements Pill’ I often refine it, so I am very familiar with it, I can refine it even with my eyes closed, it’s kind of like a blind cat running into a dead rat.”

Only when he heard Ye Luo’s words did this guy breathe a sigh of relief, otherwise Ye Luo’s level had really scared him.

While at this time, that questioner, Ge Yun, was discussing with another old man about Ye Luo.

“Uncle, what do you think should be done about this matter?”

Ge Yun asked the white-haired old man.

This old man’s name was “Ge Fei Long”, but of course he also had a more resounding name called “King of Dan”, and was also the strongest ancestor of the “Ge Family” in alchemy, and the “Ge Family” had a great deal to do with him being able to undertake this “Pill Alchemist Conference”.

The old man thought for a moment and said.

“Are there any results from Feng’s investigation?”

Feng’er, also known as Ge Feng, was the one who had just flattered Ge Yun.

Ge Yun nodded and said.

“Checked it out, so far nothing is seen, the identity is correct, from the Mo Lian lineage of the ‘Pill Alliance’, can’t find out what background there is.”

Hearing Ge Yun finish, Ge Feilong said after thinking about it.

“This matter, do it thoroughly, be decisive if you want to get him out, there is no need to keep your hand, of course you can’t let people say anything, as for the measure, you just grasp it yourself, you can’t let people feel that we are targeting this guy and fail to finish him off instead, understand?”

Hearing Ge Feilong’s words, Ge Yun then smiled and nodded.

“Just find a way to play him to death.”

Ge Feilong muttered in his mind.

“This should be fine.”

At this moment, in the meeting room where Ye Lu was, a man from the Ge family was giving a boring speech to the people who had pa*sed the test.

The main theme of the speech was to congratulate everyone who had pa*sed the test, and then to tell them to keep working hard tomorrow and other bullsh*t.

Ye Luo couldn’t stand meetings, so he stopped for a while and then left in the middle.

After he came out, Ye Lu walked into the depths of the Makuushi Mountain and began to try to purify his own bloodline. He had left all his back-ups behind this time, and only had the War God Caraxis with him, as well as the Tongtian Vine, which had almost finished eating.

If there were no higher grade herbs for it to eat, it would not be able to break through again anytime soon.

Therefore, Ye Lu had to think about what kind of back-up moves he could use in case he encountered an unusual situation. For Ye Lu now, the strongest move to cross the level of challenge was still the “Summoning Technique”, especially the “Blood Summoning” which used his own blood as the main ingredient, but if he wanted to control the summoned object, he would need a stronger bloodline to support it.

Of course, after this alchemy, Ye Lu also found out that the organisers would probably come up with a lot of underhanded tricks afterwards, so he had to guard against them, and of course, he also had to make some preparations for the grand finale of the Alchemist Conference.

In this way, it was soon evening, and Ye Lu and the group had a sumptuous dinner before going to the distant valley in the dense forest alone to continue their training.

She wanted to go with Ye Lu, but Ye Lu refused because he didn’t know if there would be any accidents, and in this camp, there were people from the “Ge family” to protect her, so she didn’t have to worry about safety.

This time, Ye Lu wanted to cultivate three kinds of flames, among the three flames, it was the “Nine Heavens Xuan Huo” that was the strongest, because with the mature “Nine Heavens Xuan Huo”, the “fire seed” had grown to the limit of Ye Lu’s body at the fastest speed.

Ye Lu estimated that when the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame was released, even an expert of the Fifth Turn of the Golden Elixir would be defeated.

However, this made the “Red Lotus Karma Flame” and the “Ghostly Flame of the Underworld” weaker, and Ye Lu was ready to find a way to enhance these two flames.

However, while Ye Lu was cultivating in the dense forest, a beautiful woman from the Pill Alliance was looking for a place to take a P*ss on the edge of the cliff to the side of his location.

In fact, her thoughts were similar to Ye Lu’s, she wanted to take advantage of the last moment to improve her chances of success, as this place was far away from the camp, not only was it clean, but the woods were also dense and secluded, however, people have three emergencies, so she found a place to squat when she felt that there was no one around.

However, what she did not know was that Ye Lu had actually seen her, but this state made Ye Lu also did not know what to do, so she had to stand quietly behind the tree, some thieves peeped up.

At this moment, Ye Lu’s head recalled the scene when he first met Jasmine, also on this moonlit night and at a similar time, but that time, he was very close to Jasmine and the angle was good, so he could see clearly, this time was different, from this angle, he could only see the woman’s pretty face and movements.

While Ye Lu was feeling a little regretful, he suddenly saw that from the woman’s side, a few human men suddenly burrowed out.

“Holy f*ck!”

Ye Lu dashed out and then blocked the woman’s front.


Seeing Ye Luo’s sudden appearance, the woman screamed in fear and hurriedly and quickly lifted her trousers.

Ye Luo then looked at the few people who came over and said coldly.

“How old are you and are you still so curious?”

These guys didn’t look old, but their real ages were all several dozen years old, which was why Ye Luo said that.

However, the guy at the head of the group said with a smile.

“Hehehe! You’re right, I’ve seen a lot of women’s stuff, but the ‘Pill Alliance’s’ ‘Pride of Heaven’ is something I can’t afford to miss.”

Without waiting for Ye Luo to speak, the pretty woman behind Ye Luo spoke first.

“Hmph, Xie Tinglin, your ‘Dan Tower’ is getting worse and worse.”

It seemed that this woman and the other party knew each other, and, to Ye Lu’s surprise, these two parties were actually from the giants of alchemy, the ‘Dan Tower’ and the ‘Pill Alliance’ respectively.

Hearing the woman’s words, Xie Tinglin of the “Dan Tower” smiled and said.

“It can’t be helped, who made our Dan Tower only have men? Besides, we have proposed a marriage, this time, we will cook the rice and then I will go to the ‘Pill Alliance’ to propose a marriage, so I guess it will be successful.”

After he finished speaking, Ye Luo then looked at him and said coldly.

“Just you, don’t even take a P*ss and look at yourself, you don’t stand a chance even if the raw rice is cooked into popcorn, hurry up and get lost!”