Super School Student Chapter 387-388

Chapter 387

“The Suiren Clan was the first legendary powerhouse to be able to control and use fire, not in the same way as demonic beasts, but to control the flames of nature, and it was for this reason that he was called the “Fire Ancestor”.

However, like the Shennong Clan, the Suiren Clan also chose to stay away from the world and became a secluded family, but their reasons for being secluded were different from those of the Shennong Clan.

For cultivators, the demand for elixirs is never-ending, and while civilized cultivators may choose to buy them, some may take them by trickery, or even kill them, and the Suiren Clan inevitably offended some people as a result.

As time went on, they became tired of the worldly life and chose to live in seclusion.

This time, they were attracted by the generous reward, but looking at their flame-filled bodies and their rejection of others, it was clear that they did not want to have any dealings with anyone.

The family was really scary.

Of course, like the Pill Alliance, other sects also sent their alchemists, because the only two sects that were restricted were the Pill Alliance and the Dan Pagoda, and the alchemists of other sects were not restricted.

This is because the presence of these people will affect the balance of the competition, and this is also a rule that has been pa*sed down from one secular “Alchemist Conference” to another.

Of course, apart from this one, there was nothing that could attract the Jindan realm masters to the Pill Refiner’s Conference.

The major powers that arrived at the conference were generally gathered together according to their own power, such as the Pill Alliance, the Dan Tower, the Suiren Clan, the Ge Family, and so on.

However, Lin Ruyue did not want to be with the Pill Alliance, so she chose a place far away from the crowd and prepared to set up camp.

“Master, leave the rest of the chores to us this time, you will be responsible for killing them all, come on, Uncle Fengling, set up the tent.”

With those words, Lin Ruyue took out the tent from her spatial bracelet and prepared to set it up.

This spatial bracelet was not hers, but she had specially asked for it from her master “Master Mo Lian” for this conference, because it was not only a matter of convenience, but also a symbol of strength, as pill refiners could not live without all kinds of medicines, so most of the higher ranked pill refiners would carry a “spatial magic weapon” with them to store all kinds of medicines and things, just like carrying a medical package with them.

When she saw Lin Ru Yue take out her tent, a disciple of the “Pill Alliance” not far away said with a smile.

“I didn’t expect that your Mo Lian Clan would still be so poor, still using this kind of simple tent, is it because there isn’t enough space in the ‘storage magic weapon’, afraid that you can’t put so many things in it.”

To be honest, she was really right, Li Ruyue’s storage space was very small, only about one meter square, and it was already full with three tents and a little bit of other things.

This is still the simple kind of compressed tent, otherwise it would not be able to fit even more.

So, Lin Ruyue could not retort, so she had to cross her little waist and say.

“You should be in charge of our affairs, having resources is great, if you weren’t sidelining ‘Master Mo Lian’, our lineage wouldn’t have become like this, if we had resources, I could turn you into crumbs in seconds, believe it or not.”

As a result, the other party said disdainfully.

“Someone who doesn’t even have a better storage magic weapon, what’s the point of bragging.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Lin Ru Yue was once again ready to fume, but then Ye Lu waved his hand and said.

“Who said we don’t have a good storage magic weapon, it’s just that we don’t want to scare the P*ss out of you.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, this guy looked Ye Luo up and down and said.

“How old are you again, what kind of big garlic are you pretending to have, if you have one, then take it out and take a look, so that I will be convinced of you, otherwise don’t bullsh*t with me about these useless things.”

Ye Lu then laughed and said.

“Fine, but what if I can prove that we have a bigger storage magic weapon, what will you do?”

As a result, the woman crossed her arms and said.

“I’ll run around naked for you, but if you don’t have one, let this shameless one run around naked for me, so as not to lose face of our ‘Pill Alliance’.”

She was of course talking about Lin Ruyue, as Lin Ruyue’s look had long since become the focus of the entire area.

When she heard that she was going to run around naked, Lin Ru Yue’s face immediately changed, she only liked cosplaying, she was not an exhibitionist, she would not do such a thing, and if she did, she would lose the face of the Mo Lian Clan.

So, she immediately backed off.

However, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Okay, I promise you.”

With those words, she gestured for Lin Ru Yue and Miao Feng Ling’s to hide a little further away, and then he raised his hand.

A five-storey bamboo building appeared in front of the crowd, this bamboo building was more than fifteen or sixteen metres high, and the sides were almost ten metres long, it looked beautiful with carved beams.

“How about it, is it big enough?”

Ye Luo looked at this guy and asked.

The “Sumeru Ring” Ye Luo was wearing had a space of a hundred meters on the side, and Ye Luo didn’t know what to put in it, so he finally chose to put this bamboo building, which he had thought of because he heard that the venue was in the mountains.

The woman was dumbfounded when she saw that Ye Lu had casually created a building, which was totally unexpected.

So, as soon as the house appeared, the woman was dumbfounded.

However, she was immediately ready to renege on her debt, and she laughed coldly with some weakness and said.

“Humph, even if you can make a building, so what, it doesn’t prove that your storage spell is big, ours is even bigger, it’s just that the things inside us are not suitable for display.”

As she said that, she turned around and prepared to leave.

Of course Ye Luo wouldn’t let him leave just like that, as she was about to leave, Ye Luo quickly raised his hand and a stern ghost appeared at Ye Luo’s side, following which he rushed over to block the woman’s way.

“Keep your promise, or I will let it help you and then eat you.”

Ye Luo said very coldly.

This woman had come to pick a fight for no reason, and he felt that he should make her remember this lesson and save herself from having to suffer a big loss in the future.

At this time, another large group of people from the Pill Alliance came over.

“What’s going on? Is the ‘Mo Lian Clan’ causing trouble again? What a mess.”

“Yes, they look like cheapskates, they don’t know the rules every time they don’t get a knock.”

“Ai, it’s just a pity that ah, their sect has an empty deceitful heart, but no deceitful ability.”


It seemed that the position of the “Mo Lian Clan” in the “Pill Alliance” was indeed strange enough, and Ye Lu admired the “Master Mo Lian”‘s ability to pull hatred, which was simply a powerful skill of “pulling monsters”.

However, Ye Luo did not put these people in his eyes, with Ye Luo’s current combat power, these people were not even a stinky fish or shrimp.

He looked at these guys and said.

“All shut up, willing to bet, I hate people who don’t keep their word in my life, brat, let’s begin.”

As Ye Luo’s words fell, the “evil ghost” immediately took action, “Hiss!” “Hiss!” The woman’s clothes were immediately turned into pieces.

“Save me! Help! ……”

The woman immediately shouted, but she only shouted twice before she stopped abruptly, because she suddenly realized that her shouting would attract the others to her.

The other guys were not so calm, they rolled up their arms and sleeves and rushed towards Ye Lu.

Miao Fengling, Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong were all terrified, as they were all amateurs in fighting, and the trouble-making “Mina” also hid behind Ye Lu.


Ye Lu said with some impatience, and then he struck out, one by one, sealing their entire body’s meridians, and then using a branch to pierce through their clothes and nail them to the tree trunk and hang them up.

In a matter of moments, a dozen of them were hanging.


Chapter 388

However, Ye Lu suddenly took out the five-storey small building, making too much noise and immediately attracted more people from the “Pill Alliance”, these people did not put the “Mo Lian Lineage” of the “Pill Alliance” in their eyes, and when they saw their own people being beaten, they immediately rushed up regardless.

Ye Luo, of course, would not be polite with them, one by one, and soon hundreds of people were killed around the bamboo building, and only then were the people surrounding Ye Luo shocked.

All of them started to retreat, and Ye Lu did not chase after them, raising his hand to release an eight immortal table, followed by several chairs, as well as various dishes and wine, and said with a smile to Lin Ruyue and several of them.

“This afternoon doesn’t look like it will be lonely, come and eat and drink, my treat.”

Seeing this scene, Miao Renlong stuck out his thumb and said.

“At first I didn’t believe Lin Ruyue when she said you were her master, but now I really believe it.”

Hearing Miao Renlong’s words, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Because I’m very capable of fighting, right?”

Miao Renlong said as he shook his head decisively.

“NO! NO! It’s because you’re a troublemaker like her.”


Hearing Miao Renlong’s words, Ye Lu didn’t know how to take it, Ye Lu had heard about the “Pill Alliance” people targeting “Mo Lian’s lineage”, Mo Lian was his own disciple no matter what, and Ye Lu could feel that although Mo Lian was a bit unreliable, she was really nice and treated herself well.

Therefore, Ye Lu decided to help “Master Mo Lian”, his only disciple, out.

Lin Ruyue was not afraid of anything, so she was the first one to sit down and start eating, and Miao Fengling, who was a young girl at heart, thought it was fun, so she also sat down.

Hundreds of people from the Pill Alliance were hung up like dried fish, and Ye Lu and his group immediately became the focus of the entire camp.

Even the “Suiren Clan”, who did not like to deal with others, had several members of their clan come over to watch the commotion.

They found a handsome man, a big-breasted beauty in a revealing dress and a quirky-looking little girl eating and drinking while the two older men looked on helplessly.

And the Pill League people were already hanging out in a landscape of staggered, seemingly undulating people.

However, a large group of people from the Pill Alliance surrounded the small building but did not dare to go forward.

At this time, a middle-aged man with a somewhat serious expression walked out from the crowd of the Pill Alliance and walked up to Ye Lu, who was eating and drinking, and said.

“Is this the new disciple of the Mo Lian lineage? I’m an ‘outer deacon’ of the ‘Trapped Mountain’ where the ‘Mo Lian’ is located, so I’m also ‘Mo Lian’s ”s superior, so please also give me face and let all these fellow disciples go.”

This guy looked hung up so many people, so he spoke quite politely.

Ye Lu then said indifferently.

“You can give face, you can make all of them kowtow and apologize to Master Mo Lian, and then all the men will strip naked and run around the venue naked, then this matter will be finished.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, this “Outer Sect Deacon”‘s eyes immediately glared round as he looked at Ye Lu and said angrily.

“You are really shameless, it seems that I can only teach you a lesson.”

With these words, this guy rushed towards Ye Lu.

“Although the “Pill Alliance” was strong, the “outer deacon” couldn’t be too unbelievable, so Ye Lu didn’t take him seriously, but then he saw an “orange-red” flame released from this guy’s hand.

“Beast fire? I have to feel it.”

Seeing that this “outer sect deacon” had released “beast fire”, Ye Lu changed his plan and gave up his counterattack, instead letting the other guy’s fist hit his own body.

A blow with flames struck Ye Lu’s body.

A smile appeared on the face of the “outside deacon”.

From his point of view, this unknown kid was simply unbeatable, he couldn’t even dodge such a simple attack, he really couldn’t understand how those people just hung on.

However, he immediately understood this matter, because Ye Lu casually patted the flames on his body to break the flames, and then quickly shot out his hand to clasp this guy’s pulse, and then locked his body meridians.

This was actually a “Saint Grade Martial Skill”, as it did not involve the “external release of astral energy”, but was actually more powerful than many “spells”, the reason being that it required close contact to perform, and was somewhat weak in the face of the various external “spells”, but was very difficult to break once you were hit.

What’s more, Ye Lu was not using “innate astral energy”, but more powerful spiritual energy, so this one could not move immediately.

Ye Lu picked up a wooden stick beside him, pa*sed it through his clothes, and then threw the man around, and he hung on the trunk of the tree.

Ye Luo casually took off his clothes, revealing a strong muscular body and said.

“Who else?”

At first, people thought that Ye Lu was just defeating some small fishes, but this “Outer Sect Deacon” was in charge of outreach, so many people had seen him and knew that this guy was not a master to be messed with.

At this time, suddenly, a man from the “Ge family” came over with his men.

This guy walked up to Ye Lu’s side and said with a frown.

“This friend, this ‘conference’ is hosted by our ‘Ge Family’, you are making it very difficult for our ‘Ge Family’ to do this, do you think you should let them go.”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“I don’t mean to make things difficult for your ‘Ge Family’, I don’t have any grudges with your ‘Ge Family’ either, this is an internal matter of our ‘Pill Alliance’, I think If they don’t agree to my terms later, I will hang them all naked for the night, regardless of their gender.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the man from the “Ge family” frowned and said.

“Then there is no other way, we have to be offended.”

At these words, this guy waved his hand, and two people from the Ge family rushed towards Ye Lu, these two people were of a very good level, they were both at the cultivation level of “Second Turn of Golden Dan”, however, to Ye Lu now, such cultivation level was nothing.

As the two men struck, Ye Lu also struck at the same time.

The two guys’ “Innate Astral Qi” was blocked by the sudden appearance of a flame shield.

Now that Ye Lu had three types of Origin Fire in his body, his ability to manipulate flames had been unprecedentedly improved, and he was able to use all kinds of flame “spells” at his fingertips.

As a result, these two guys were unlucky enough to be hung up on wooden sticks, just like Ye Lu.

Now everyone exploded, this is too fierce, even the organizer’s people dare to screw, this is the rhythm of going out of the way?

“Isn’t he afraid that the organisers will give him small shoes?”

“He’s not afraid, look at him, he’s just here to cause trouble, I guess he doesn’t know how to make pills.”

“You’re so right, he doesn’t look like he’s from our side of the fence.”

“Wait for the good show, this guy is definitely not going to have a good time even if he participates in the competition.”


Hearing the words of the crowd, even Lin Ruyue felt a bit bad.

Because what these guys said was right, there were actually many unfair operations at every convention, and the organizers had this right to operate in the dark, and it was definitely not fun for Ye Lu to offend them as well.

Ye Lu took a sip of his wine and looked at the man from the “Ge family” and said with a smile.

“You see, I have already given face to your ‘Ge family’, you know, according to my previous habit, for such a guy who comes up to fight, I always beat him up first before talking.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, someone from the crowd of onlookers immediately whispered disdainfully.

“Sh*t, really can pretend, I’ve never seen such a goods that can hit the p*ssy ……”

“Yeah, I can’t stand watching it ……”

As a result, before these two guys could finish, two flames appeared out of nowhere and burned both of their clothes with precision.

Ye Lu then took a sip of wine and looked at the two of them and said.

“Get lost if you don’t want to see, whoever dares to bullsh*t again I will beat one of them on sight.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Zhu Qi Huang’s mouthful of water “snorted!” He spat out.

He thought to himself.

“Okay, now everyone is offended.”