Super School Student Chapter 269-270

Chapter 269

At this moment, Lin Ruyue was looking anxiously at the direction of the Lin family, because when she saw the first ghost appear, she asked the “ghost bat” who had stayed with her to report the news.

She was waiting for Ye Luo to find a way to get everyone out of this disaster.

As soon as he received the news, Ye Lu rushed out of the Ghost Mound.

The place he chose was the exit near the main building of the villa, because he had to find out the exact situation first.

As soon as he emerged, the shinobi guarding the courtyard spotted him.

This time, the ninjas who were guarding the outside were newly deployed ninjas from the Hattori and Koga clans, all of whom were at the level of “Level 3 Sovereign”.

When they saw Ye Luo come out, they quickly drew their weapons and rushed towards him.

The matter was urgent, so Ye Lu did not bother to talk to them, and waved his hand, and countless “Ghost Bats” rushed out from the “Ghost Mound”, just like dark clouds covering the sky.

The other “Ghost Bats” were all at the peak of “Tier 2” level, and this huge wave of terrifying things was simply unstoppable.

When they saw these terrifying “ghost bats” appear, all the ninjas had horrified expressions on their faces, as no one had ever seen such a terrifying formation before.

Even in a battle between two ordinary ninja schools, the number of “Sovereign” level practitioners used was only a few dozen, or at most a few hundred, but this time there were more than 1,000 “second level Sovereign” level “ghost bats”.

However, they didn’t have to worry about this for long, because the “ghost bats” had already made their choice for them, and that was to wipe out all of them.

In an instant, the ninjas were gnawed to a bloody pulp, and this flesh and blood was a great tonic for the bats.


Abe Kosaku, who was in the lobby on the ground floor of the main building, was so stunned by the sudden scene that he couldn’t help but speak in Japanese, but he could already see a young man walking towards them from among the countless grim-faced “ghost bats”.

At the moment, there were not many people left in his group, as most of them had gone to help with the sudden appearance of the year-old ghosts.

“In fact, not only Tu Chen and his group, but also all the members of the Shadow of Death in the capital were mobilised.

At the same time, there were also people from the Pill Alliance, the Weaponry Sect and several other major organisations.

These “evil spirits” didn’t care who you told them to, they attacked indiscriminately, leaving no one alive, not even animals or pets, wherever they went.

“What the hell is this? It’s too scary.”

Tu Chen was stunned by the terrifying combat power and the number of “ghost bats”.

“This feels like a small wave of beasts in the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’!”

Tu Chen had once entered the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, and he still remembered the tide of beasts in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, where countless demonic beasts came in huge numbers, leaving you with a sense of despair and powerlessness.

“I’m afraid that every single one of them has the combat power of a ‘Patriarch’, what kind of person has such a terrifying army.”

The location of Ye Lu was in the courtyard, and there were countless “ghost bats” covering it, so Tu Chen could not see Ye Lu’s figure at all, and of course, he could not know who the leader of the “ghost bats” was.


Ye Lu broke through the window and walked in.

“Say, how do you stop those ghosts?”

There was no time to ask who the other party was, and Ye Lu didn’t care who he was, this guy looked like a leader anyway, and importantly, he was wearing the clothes of a Yin Yang master.

“I’m Abe Kosaku, you ……”

Abe Kosaku looked at Ye Lu and said, but before he could finish, Ye Lu had already waved his hand and countless “ghost bats” rushed in and started attacking like crazy.

Abe Kosaku was a Level 5 Grandmaster, and Ye Lu had at least recovered his combat power in the Ghost Graveyard and raised the level of his “Ghostly Inferno”, but there was no essential leap, so he could not beat Abe Kosaku, not to mention Abe Kosaku, and even those Level 3 Grandmasters just now, if Ye Lu did not use the “Heaven Stealing Pill” and sneak attack, he could not beat them either.

Therefore, Ye Lu had to let these “ghost bats” do the job for him.

“Don’t kill me, I know, I know something ……”

Seeing this scene, Lin Qing suddenly shouted with all his might.

He had completely understood that he and the Japanese had already lost their momentum, and if he didn’t do something, he would be the one to die next, and he would definitely be like those people in the courtyard, with no bones left, he saw with his own eyes a man being eaten in a flash and left with a pile of white bones.

“Oh! I didn’t expect you to be useful at times!”

Ye Lu turned his head to look at Lin Qing and said.

“Hurry up and tell me what to do to organise those things.”

Lin Qing said quickly.

“They use a kind of flute that doesn’t make a sound to control the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’, however, the one controlling the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ now is not this Abe Kosaku, but a person called ‘Hormao Nakano’, and it was also always ‘Hormao Nakano’ who was raising that ‘Sake Swallow Boy’.”

After hearing Lin Qing’s words, Ye Lu did not talk nonsense with Abe Kosaku, because a Yin-Yang master of this level should not be so easily threatened and then do something, after all, they were well-trained masters.

Ye Lu directly used the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses, he copied Abe Kosaku’s mobile phone and used it to dial Kamo Nakano’s phone.

He had just heard Abe Kosaku’s voice, and as long as it was a voice that he had heard, the “auxiliary ability” of the gla*ses could imitate it.

So, Ye Lu used Abe Kosaku’s voice to speak to Kamo Nakano.

“First, let ‘Saketon’ and the others pause, there are some urgent matters that need to be dealt with.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, of course, He Mao Nakano was dumbfounded, and he asked quickly.

“What is it that needs to stop the plan, if someone from the Chinese ‘clan community’ comes to intervene in this matter, we won’t be able to do it well.”

In fact, the initial plan of Yasuhiko Abe and the others was to raise the “Sake-tun boy” to the “Saint level”, then capture some “Saint level” “evil spirits”, and then slaughter Yanjing in one fell swoop, so that even if the experts from the “sect world” arrived, it would be too late.

Now that there was so much commotion, the “sect world” must have already known about it, and it would probably not take long for the “sect world” people to arrive, so they had to kill as many as they could before the “sect world” experts arrived.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, wait for my order.”

On the other side, when Abe Kosaku saw Ye Lu’s action, he also took out his mobile phone.

He was a “Level 5 Grandmaster”, even if he was surrounded by a group of “Ghost Bat Leaders”, he wouldn’t be able to die in a short period of time, but, to his dismay, he found that there was no signal on his mobile phone, which was of course the result of Ye Lu’s “auxiliary ability”, as he had blocked the signal around him.

Although He Mao Zhong Ye looked suspicious, he ordered the “Wine Swallow Boy” to stop attacking the ghosts he was leading for a while.

Liu Mei was retreating in her car towards the outside of the West City, her sports car was now packed with people, not only from her own dormitory, but also from the one next door.

However, not long after stepping out, they were stuck in traffic because, despite being directed, this was a matter of life and death, so the whole city’s traffic was now in chaos.

“How long is this going to be blocked, it doesn’t seem like the ghosts are much further away from us.”

Indeed, behind Liu Mei and the others, ghosts were crying and people were howling, and it was chaos, as if the world was ending.

Then, they saw a large group of people with weapons, stepping on the roofs of cars and running wildly.

However, as they pa*sed Willow’s car, Jessica stopped.

“You’re from the Bloods!”

She looked at Liu Mei and said in surprise.


Chapter 270

When he saw Jessica, Ye Lu found that she and Liu Mei had basically the same eyes and looked similar, so Jessica could also tell that Liu Mei and herself were of the same bloodline.

However, Ye Lu did not tell Liu Mei about this, because the Gothic Bloods are not good people, as one of the seven major organisations in the Underworld, they have done and are doing all kinds of evil things, and he did not want Liu Mei to get involved in this dispute.

But he had never expected to find Willow involved.

Willow eyebrows didn’t know what Jessica was talking about, but she did see Jessica’s eyes, which were almost identical to her own, and she looked at Jessica and said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about? Do you know me?”

Jessica was on the run with the Gothic Bloods, so she didn’t bother to say anything to Willow, she grabbed her and stopped her, running wildly into the distance.

“Put me down, put me down ……”

Liu Mei shouted anxiously.

And all the people in the car shouted back.

“Liu Mei, put down Liu Mei ……”

“Stop right there!”

“Robbing people!”


But Jessica and the others simply ignored them, and the group flew off in a mad dash towards the outskirts of the city, leaving behind only a carload of panicked girls.

While Lin Ruyue and the others who were helping to evacuate the crowd noticed that the attacks of those evil spirits had actually stopped, however, those evil spirits did not leave, they just stopped attacking but did not disband, they still gathered together and looked to have the stance of being ready to attack at any moment.

However, the fact that the demons had stopped attacking made the whole city breathe a sigh of relief.

The mayor finally sat down this time with his whole body relaxed for a moment, he felt like he was going limp.

“Report back again on the approximate casualties.”

He took a sip of water and then inquired.

One of the other city leaders said with a gloomy expression.

“The situation is bad, the rough death toll should have broken forty thousand so far, and I’m afraid the real number is quite a bit more than that.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that even “master” level evil spirits had to move step by step, I’m afraid the whole capital would have been slaughtered by them.

At the headquarters of the nearest clan, the Weaponry Sect, the elders of the Weaponry Sect were just now taking action, because when a cultivator at the Golden Dan stage like the elders wanted to take part in the secular world, it was necessary for all the clans to discuss before they could take action.

“Sh*t! There are so many people and they are so nosy, how much time is being lost.”

“The speed of these flying machines was very fast, and it was estimated that it would only take about twenty minutes to reach the capital, which was much faster than the speed of a car, and it would take at least two hours to drive from the headquarters of the Weaponry Sect to the centre of the capital, and that was only if there was not much traffic on the road.

Of course, since the Jindan Realm does not yet have the ability to fly overland, these people from the Weaponry Sect are the fastest to reach the scene, but if nothing happens, there will be enough time for hundreds of thousands more people to die.

“Inside the Hundred Flowers Sect, one of the ten elders of the Hundred Flowers Sect, Narcissus, was currently on the phone to Jasmine.

“How is the situation in the city?”

Narcissus said with some urgency.

“This side of the clan sent out the elders from the ‘Weaponry Sect’, they are the fastest, are you alright, and that one called Ye Lu, is he alright too?”

Jasmine said as she looked around at the chaotic crowd.

“Many people died just now, we are all fine, but now those ghosts’ attacks have stopped, and I don’t know what happened.”

Those who were also asking about this matter were also from the Xuantian Sect and the Wuji Sect, but of course, they were also concerned about another matter, that is, the matter of the four ancient martial clans.

“How is the situation on the side of the Ancient Martial Clans?”

An elder of the Xuantian Sect asked a core disciple who was in the secular world at the moment.

“On the surface it doesn’t seem to be a big problem, the Dragon Family was destroyed by a mysterious person earlier, however, it seems that no one died, so it doesn’t have a big impact, the trouble is still the Lin Family, they are too close to the Japanese and don’t know what they are up to, however, I feel that our matter should not be revealed.”

This elder nodded and said.

“That’s good, don’t let a few of you die, and don’t let any of the four great clans lose anything, as for the others, just let them die.”

In this elder’s opinion, the death or survival of the secular world was irrelevant.

“The people of the Wuji Clan were similar, and they didn’t put the death of those in the mundane world in their eyes either.

Ye Lu knew that although he had given the order to the guy called He Mao Zhong Ye, the news of what had happened to the Lin family would soon be discovered by He Mao Zhong Ye, because there was a lot of commotion here, and Ye Lu’s thunderous strike had killed all the ninjas and shinobi present.

With so many dead, the Yakuza would not be unaware of it.

“Where is the flute that controls the ‘Drunken Boy’?”

Ye Lu looked at Lin Qing and asked.

Although Abe Kosaku had been resisting, it was only a matter of time before he was killed, and Ye Lu didn’t have time to wait to see Abe Kosaku die.

Lin Qing pointed at Abe Kosaku and said.

“It’s on him.”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Good, bring that thing over to me first.”

At this moment, Abe Kosaku had already been torn apart by the many “ghost bats”, but the “Level 5 Grandmaster” was still very tough, and had actually lasted for so long without being fatally wounded.

However, in front of so many “ghost bats”, he was already powerless to fight back.

Soon, the “Ghost Repelling Flute” was taken away from him by a ghost bat and sent to Ye Lu, a whistle with a few holes.

“You don’t know how to use it even if you have it, so just give up your heart, in less than three minutes, Nakano’s side will definitely launch another attack.”

Abe Kosaku said with a sneer.

At this moment, he was also at the end of his rope.

Ye Lu ignored him and ran towards the place where He Mao Nakano was with his “Exorcist Flute”. With the mobile phone positioning system of his gla*ses, it was too convenient for Ye Lu to find someone’s location.

On the other hand, the “ghost bats” were following closely after eating Abe Kosaku. On the way, Ye Lu got two silk stockings in a shop and put them on his head.

“Who was the man who just ran out?”

When Ye Luo ran out, Tu Chen asked his men about it. However, Ye Luo was too fast and was followed by the “Ghost Bat”, so no one could see it clearly.

Fortunately, it was not very far from the location of the “Wine Swallow Boy”, otherwise, with the traffic in the city paralyzed, Ye Luo would not have been able to reach the “Wine Swallow Boy” too quickly.

“Ghost Shadow Step, faster, faster ……”

Ye Luo ran wildly while muttering under his breath, wishing he could grow a pair of wings under his ribs.

However, it was obvious that such a thing would not happen.

After running wildly for another three minutes or so, sure enough, the city changed once again and the ghost’s attack resumed.

“Sh*t! I can only use the ‘Ghost Repelling Flute’ to try.”

Abe Kosaku thought that Ye could not use the flute, but he was wrong, because with his gla*ses, Ye could easily see how to use the flute.

Each note corresponded to a gesture, similar to a real flute, and it was also through the sound of the flute that commands were given.

So, Ye Luo quickly began to run and play at the same time.

In order to make the “Drinking Boy” a better tool, they had basically removed its ability to think independently, so when he heard Ye Lu’s flute, he stopped moving, and also made all the other ghosts stop moving.

“Holy Sh*t! What’s going on?”

In this operation, there were very few people who knew how to use this “flute to drive away ghosts”, only a handful of five people, two of them, Yasuhiko Abe and Hiroye Abe, were already dead.

“Does Master Abe Kosaku really want to stop this?”

He Mao Nakano also became somewhat suspicious and puzzled.