Super School Student Chapter 267-268

Chapter 267

“You really know ‘ghost magic’?”

Only then did he realize that what Ye Lu had said was true, that he really knew “ghost magic”, and then he saw a terrifying flame rising from Ye Lu’s palm, which was none other than the “Ghost Flame of the Underworld”.

As the flame rose, the female ghost clearly showed a frightened look, obviously fearful of the blue flame.

Of course, Lin Sihai was a knowledgeable person, but he had never seen anyone below the “Saint” level being able to release a flame before.

“Who the hell are you? What kind of cultivation level are you?”

Lin Sihai was already completely confused by Ye Lu.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It doesn’t matter, if my guess is right, your Lin family should have the bloodline of the ‘divine Beast Xuanwu’, if you have the opportunity to go out, I hope you can gather all the clan members together, the distant branches of the side lines are also fine, I want to help you find someone with a hidden bloodline in the family. ”

Through the introduction of the gla*ses, the “bloodline heritage” is often hidden, meaning that if it is not activated, it will never be discovered, but once activated, it is basically a pure bloodline.

However, although bloodlines are pure, not all bloodlines are of the same level, for example, an ordinary Xuanwu bloodline is not the same as an elite Xuanwu bloodline, or the Xuanwu bloodline of a royal family or even an imperial family.

Therefore, the level of bloodline activation is also different for different levels of bloodlines.

When he heard that Ye Lu actually had such an ability, Lin Sihai became even more surprised as he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“You really have such an ability?”

Ye Lu smiled and didn’t say anything, but thought about it and found a piece of iron, then took out the “burin gold pen” and began to write, after which he muttered carefully with the “ghost bat” in the lead, and then the ghost bat was released by Ye Lu.

Ye Lu had just written a recipe and asked the leader of the ghost bats, “Ah Jin”, to send a letter to Lin Ruyue, asking her to help him send all those medicines over.

Now he had to make pills like crazy and raise the cultivation level of this large group of “ghost bats” as much as possible, it was really a great waste to leave such a precious place like the “Ghost Mound” unused.

After doing all this, Ye Lu looked at Lin Sihai and said with a smile.

“How about it, now can you tell me about that suppressed martial art of yours?”


Outside a certain secret realm.

Every time they entered this kind of secret realm that had just been “opened up”, it gave people a feeling of nine deaths.

After all, no one knows what will appear in a new realm, and the terrifying nature of the realm is obvious to all.

For, perhaps, there is an opportunity to become immortal, but more often than not, those who enter disappear.

And as long as someone can come out, it means that such a mysterious realm can at least be explored.

In the world of cultivators, there were seven of the most famous secret realms that could not be explored, also known as the Seven Lands of Death, and exactly what was inside them, no one could know at all, because no one who had entered there had ever returned.

“Huh, there’s a message from ‘Blood Shadow Shura’, Sh*t, it was so long ago lah, I guess this guy has already hung up, what a stroke of luck.”

Tu Chen said as he looked at the message sent by Ye Luo.

It was last night when Ye Lu sent the message, and now the sun had come out, too much time had pa*sed, to know that winning or losing a battle was sometimes just a matter of moments, not to mention such a long time.

“Drip drip drip …… The number you have dialed is unanswered, please dial again later.”

He quickly began to dial Ye Lu’s mobile phone, only to have no one answer it anymore.

“Could it be dead already?”

He muttered in surprise and followed it up by turning towards Black Meditation.

“Let’s go, let’s go to that Lin family and take a look, but since it’s something that ‘Abe Hoeye’ personally supervised, I guess the water in this matter is very deep, call some more people and let’s be prepared for anything.”

After saying that, he then dialed the missed calls of a few other people he considered less important once again.

“What? You said Abe Ho-ye is dead!”

Tu Chen said with some surprise.

The other party said with certainty.

“Yes, we deciphered the message they pa*sed on, and it is indeed true, not only is ‘Abe Ho-ye’ dead, but that genius ninja from the Japanese ‘Miyamoto Clan’ who came before, ‘Miyamoto Nagai’ also died, the time was last night, and it is said that several good fighters also died at the same time.”

Hearing the other party’s words, Tu Chen was really a bit surprised.

Last night, that was the time when “Blood Shadow Shura” asked for help, and the one who trapped him was Abe Hoeye, but wasn’t he asking for help? How come Abe Ho Yeh is still dead?

Killing Abe Ho Yeh in China is definitely a big deal, and besides, that fox is not that easy to kill.

“Who the hell is this ‘Blood Shadow Shura’?”

When Ye Lu completed the amazing fight in the “Underground Boxing Tournament”, he still struggled to fight a few evil spirits at the peak of the “Harmonious God Realm”, but now he had actually killed a “Level 4 Grandmaster”, which made Tu Chen completely incomprehensible.

The other person, “Miyamoto Changhui”, was also no ordinary person, and when he entered the country’s border, he also attracted the attention of the “Shadow of Death” and the cultivation community of China, knowing that such a person would grow up very quickly.

“The ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ is a real troublemaker, offending both the ‘Yin Yang Ryu’ and ‘Miyamoto Ryu’ ninja forces in Japan at one go. ”

Tu Chen suddenly felt that this incident was a big deal, but he felt more and more that most of the “Blood Shadow Shura” was already dead.

Although there are rumors that “Shura” has the privilege to let the “Lord of the Underground” to save his life, but even if the rumors are true, it does not necessarily save his life, many times, there are cards may not be able to use in time, after all, the “Lord of the Underground” will not be at the side of the “Shura of Blood Shadow” every day waiting to help.

Soon after, Tu Chen brought a large group of Death Shadow’s men to the vicinity of the Lin family.

At this moment, sitting in the Lin family was another Yin-Yang master of the Abe family, who was a small level higher than Abe Ho-ye, a “fifth level master”.

He was still in a state of shock, because what the others had reported to him was really incredible.

All of this sounded so fantastic and unbelievable that Abe Kosaku would not have believed such an outrageous thing if the bodies of all three men had not been there and so many people had seen them.

“Is it true that the ‘Ghost Mound’ cannot be opened?”

Abe Kosaku asked, looking at his subordinate.

“Yes, at least we can’t think of a way at the moment, so we’ll just have to wait for someone to come out of it.”

However, before Abe Kosaku could continue his questioning, a ninja suddenly walked in and said.

“Your Honour, Lord Kosaku, I think there is a possibility that our plan has been foiled, or that some of the information has leaked out, because I saw Tu Chen of the ‘Shadow of Death’, and a large group of powerful people appearing around here, and I don’t know what the intentions are.”

At this moment, Abe Kosaku also had a bit of a headache, because this plan was previously operated by the two elites of the family, Abe Hoeye and Abe Yasuhiko, and although he had asked for advice from above, he had not received an accurate answer, so he was a bit unsure of what decision he should make.

“Okay, I get it, keep watching and let me know if there is any news.”

He said after thinking about it.

In this way, until the evening of the day, when it was already dark, the people of the Shadow of Death did not leave, but more experts began to gather.

This made Abe Kosaku very worried.

He looked to another black-skinned Yin-Yang master and asked.

“Master Nakano, what is the situation of the ‘Drinking Tuna Boy’ now?”

The other Yin-Yang master, also known as Kamo Nakano of the Kamo family, one of the two great families of Yin-Yang masters in Japan, was also directly in charge of the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’.

He looked at Abe Kosaku and said.

“After devouring all the resources of the Lin family, the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ is now a ‘Level 5 Master’, and the ‘evil spirits’ that the organisation has sourced from all over the world are ready for action. have been prepared and are ready for action.”

When he heard Kamo Nakano’s words, Abe Kosaku then gritted his teeth and said.

“Good, then we will act ahead of time, and let’s have a ten thousand ghosts haunt Yanjing and turn the world upside down.”


Chapter 268

Following this, Abe Kosaku then looked at Kamo Nakano and continued.

“Master Nakano, go and make the arrangements, starting at midnight twelve o’clock, let the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ move in, kill anyone you see alive, and leave no one alive.”

“At midnight today, we will cleanse the capital in blood.”

Hearing Abe Kosaku’s words, He Mo Nakano then nodded and said.

“Good, I’ll go and make arrangements.”

After saying that, He Mao Zhong Ye quickly left the Lin family’s villa.

In fact, Tu Chen and the others did not know about the matter of the “Wine Swallow Boy”, the reason why they had been guarding the entrance and increased the number of good men was because they had gotten the news that the heads of the Ye, Jin and Long families, among the four ancient martial arts families, had mysteriously disappeared.

The Lin family had gathered so many people from the “Extreme Dao Society” that one had to suspect that the two events were related.

Although the “Four Ancient Martial Arts Families” were now very weak, they were once glorious families, and although they were not very powerful now, their reputation and heritage were very high and deep.

Moreover, Tu Chen also heard news that the Lin family had been moving around a lot in recent times and seemed to be really hiding something.

“These Japanese are foolish all day long, I don’t know to what they are up to.”

Tu Chen muttered in some confusion as he looked at the Lin family.

Of course, there was no answer to this question, everyone was just a little vaguely uneasy.

Ye Lu had been doing two things in the “Ghost Mound” this day, one was refining pills, large batches of crazy pills, this kind of pills was “Yin Yuan Dan” which used “Yin Yuan Stone” as the main material.

These “Yin Yuan Pills” were of no use to him, nor could the “Ghost Inferno” swallow them, but they were a great tonic to the “Ghost Bats”, especially the leaders of the Ghost Bats, who were already very close to the brink of breaking through and had already broken through by now.

After all, this place was a feng shui treasure for these “ghost bats”, there were ghosts everywhere, and under Lin Sihai’s control, these ghosts were basically unable to resist, and of course, even if they did, they were no match.

These “ghost bats” were the best at fighting in groups, like locusts, and everywhere they went, all the ghosts were eaten up, which made Lin Sihai’s liver tremble.

The other thing Ye Lu did was to let the “Ghostly Inferno” devour the ghosts here, and at the same time capture some of the powerful ghosts here into the “Soul Calming Tower”.

“The cultivation of the “Ghostly Inferno” was not something that could be done overnight, as it was like a seed that needed to grow continuously, so Ye Lu was not in a hurry.

“The whole tower was divided into ten levels, the first of which was filled with ghosts, followed by “evil ghosts” of levels one to nine.

However, with Ye Lu’s current level, he could only barely catch some level three “evil spirits”, but Ye Lu was already content with that.

He asked Lin Sihai for some more blood. Although the purity of his Xuanwu bloodline was very low, it was already the purest in the Lin family, and as the saying goes, “quality is only as good as quantity”, since Lin Sihai’s bloodline was only one-seventh or one-eighth as pure, it would be better to use seven or eight times the amount of blood.

Unfortunately, Lin Sihai was not very cooperative, and, to be honest, the feeling of drinking blood was really quite unpleasant, and Ye Lu couldn’t drink that much, so in the end, he took a mineral water bottle or so of Lin Sihai’s blood.


After Ye Lu finished refining the Yin Yuan Pill, he violently released the “Ghostly Underworld Inferno”, which was like a burning bonfire in Ye Lu’s hand, and looked very beautiful.

“The ‘Ghostly Inferno’ is already quite strong, the next step is to enhance the ‘Red Lotus Karma Flame’, otherwise it would be difficult to maximize the ‘Burning Heavenly Fury’. power.”

Ye Lu was also eager to know how strong the “Burning Heavenly Wrath” could become after the “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” had become stronger.

However, at this time, Lin Sihai thought for a moment and said.

“Ye Lu, there is something here that was left behind by the ancestors, this thing is extremely powerful, however, the place where it is located is where you and I can’t go because there is a large group of evil spirits at the level of ‘Level 5 Master’ in that place, however, I think those ‘ Ghost Bats’ might be able to take care of this matter.”

“These ‘ghost bats’ are numerous and move quickly to lure some of the ghosts away, and then take the opportunity to steal that ‘Nine Ghosts Divine Thunder’, which is a disposable item, but is said to be so powerful that it is simply appalling It’s a pity that our descendants don’t have the chance to get it.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu nodded his head, it seems that this so-called “ghost mound” is really a big treasure house!

So, Ye Lu called all those “ghost bats” back, then discussed with the chiefs and made a plan of action.

Ye Lu found that as their cultivation level increased, the intelligence of these demonic beasts “Ghost Bats” also increased, and they had automatically formed into several large groups, which were then divided into several smaller groups, acting together quite tacitly.

“These things are awesome!”

Lin Sihai once again lamented as he looked at the countless ghost bats.

There were already hundreds of Ghost Bats in the group that had crossed into the ranks of “Level 3 Demonic Beasts”, and each of these Demonic Beasts was at the level of a “Level 2 Master”, and hundreds of “Level 2 Masters” were leading countless “Level 2 Peak Demonic Beasts” that were almost comparable to “Level 1 Masters”.

Outside the Ghost Mound, the ninjas and shinobi of the Yakuza were ready, while the residents of the city were in the dark, most of them deep in dreamland, except for those near the university, where they had slept late.

Liu Mei was plagued by insomnia at the moment because she found out that Ye Lu had not visited her for a long time, she asked Nie Yibiao and the others and they said that Ye Lu had not returned to school for several days, although sending WeChat Ye Lu would still return voice messages, which let Liu Mei know that Ye Lu was safe, but she always felt that Ye Lu might be hiding some kind of crisis by not answering his phone nor meeting him like this.

“Don’t let anything go wrong.”

Liu Mei mumbled to herself with some worry.

Ever since she knew that Ye Lu was the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, she had been unsure of herself.

“It’s not good, something’s happened, it seems the whole city is haunted, many people have posted videos, it seems there are some near us too, you guys should take a look.”

She said and then shared several messages with everyone.

Sure enough, Liu Mei saw in your video, as if filming a horror blockbuster, all kinds of ghosts suddenly appeared in various parts of the city, and these guys were rampaging around killing people.

At the same time, the radio, which was always silent in the school, actually rang out.

“Students, there is an inexplicable crisis situation in the city, the school has decided to close the school gates, please do not act rashly, please do not act rashly ……”

Not only “Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine” but also other institutions have issued similar bans, and the management of the capital is now completely frazzled, as far as they are concerned, this should be considered a large-scale psychic incident, and they are trying to do everything they can to control the situation.

“There are a total of nine places in the area where the problem is occurring, in different parts of the city, and some relevant professionals have already provided information in the first place. The ghosts that have appeared are not ordinary ‘lonely ghosts’, and have extremely terrifying combat power, many of which are said to be on par with human ‘Patriarch’ level.”

Hearing this news, most of the people had an incredulous look on their faces, as they all understood what a ‘Grandmaster-level’ powerhouse meant to ordinary people.

“What about the casualties?”

The mayor frowned and looked at the crowd.

“If no one can stop these things, at the current rate of evacuation, I am afraid that at least tens, if not millions, of people will be killed in the capital.”