Super School Student Chapter 253-254

Chapter 253


Long Ao was not wearing gloves, and his skin immediately burned with a sound after this blow, while the pain that burnt his heart made him frown.

“What kind of fire is this?”

Long Ao was startled by this kind of flame, because he had never seen a flame of this particular colour before, whether it was released by True Qi, Innate True Qi or Astral Qi, the flames were all white and slightly yellowish, this kind of blue flame he had never seen before.

“Could it be a ‘Golden Dan’ stage practitioner?”

He had once heard that the experts in the Pill Alliance were able to collect “beast flames” and use them to make pills, but “beast flames” were flames used by demonic beasts, so their colours and power varied greatly.

However, he knew very well that Ye Luo was definitely not a “Golden Dan Stage” practitioner, and a practitioner of that level would not have to go through so much trouble to kill him as if he were an ant.

“This Mr. Luo is so evil.”

After he was burned, Long Ao didn’t dare to be arrogant anymore, he quickly pulled out a pair of gloves and put them on his hands.

It was a pair of green gloves called “Green Dragon’s Claw”, which was also one of the Dragon Family’s inherited magic weapons, and was also of the “Upper Earth Grade”.

Within a few blows, he felt his hands getting cold, as if they were frozen, and even his arms were losing feeling.

“What a cold flame!”

Only then did he understand that the initial sound his skin made was not a sound made only by being burned, but a sound made because of the extremely cold chill; it was not a hot flame, but an extremely cold one.

“It’s so evil!”

This discovery surprised him, he had never heard of anything so evil.

“We must lose if we continue like this.”

Long Ao bit through his tongue at this thought and used his strongest divine ability.

Ye Luo felt that his opponent’s combat power had suddenly soared, far surpa*sing that of an ordinary “Second Level Grandmaster”, while he himself was knocked over several times by this blow, and crashed through two walls before he was able to stop.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Luo looked at Long Ao in confusion, but saw a huge and powerful green shadow appear in the air behind Long Ao, a hideous green dragon.

The green beard and hair were all spread out, with a mouth full of sharp teeth, and four terrifyingly sharp claws, looking extremely powerful and fierce.

Only, this shadow was quite illusory, not even translucent.

However, even if it was only a faint shadow, it still made Ye Lu feel a supreme aura, not a real battle power, but a kind of aura, just like the kind of aura that everyone saw from paintings, from movies, although it did not have any attacking power, but that kind of grandeur made people look at it with fear.

This Dragon’s Void is just like that, allowing people to feel a sense of might from afar.

“Name: Green Dragon Void, Source: bloodline connection to the divine beast Green Dragon, Effect: when manifested, it can drastically increase the combat power of the descendants of the Green Dragon, and can use a portion of the ‘Power of the Green Dragon’ ……”

Ye Luo was looking at the information about this virtual shadow quickly.

“Looking up, this dragon family should be inherited from the divine beast Qinglong.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

According to the legend, in the ancient “Battle of Extinction”, there was the divine beast Qing Long, and like the candle dragon, Qing Long was also a terrifying existence that was extremely powerful.

However, Ye Lu was still unclear about how to open the bloodline, at least there was no introduction about “bloodline awakening” in the “medical ability”.

For example, the “Martial Ability” only showed “Martial Skill” and “Spell”, and the “Weapon Making” ability only showed the method of making “Spell”, but obviously, the weapons used by cultivators were not only “Spell”.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that the time had not yet come to open up the knowledge about “bloodline”.

However, at this moment, the prompt from the gla*ses suddenly came.

“Hint: I have encountered something that activates the hidden ability ‘bloodline ability’, but the bloodline concentration is too poor and I have not obtained its blood, so I cannot activate the corresponding ability.”

Seeing this prompt, Ye Luo was once again ecstatic, every time a new ability opened before, it helped him a lot, he didn’t know what this “bloodline ability” was all about, I guess it should be very helpful to him after opening it.

However, Long Ao didn’t know that in the blink of an eye, Ye Lu had learned so much and so many things had happened.

Thinking that Ye Lu had been seriously injured by his blow, he took a big step in Ye Lu’s direction, while his mouth said in a loud voice.

“You are indeed very powerful, but the fact that you dare to provoke our Dragon Family is the biggest mistake of all.”

With those words, he then flew and jumped into the house that had been smashed by Ye Luo looking at Ye Luo and said.

“Mr. Luo right, don’t worry, I won’t kill you, who would want to kill someone as powerful as you, become a member of our Dragon Family, don’t worry, as long as you help our Dragon Family with alchemy and refining, our Dragon Family will definitely not treat you badly, we can satisfy you with everything you want, money, wine.”

In Long Ao’s view, Ye Luo was a treasure in human form, as long as Ye Luo stayed in his family, it was the same as the family had a special “alchemist” and “refiner”, and this Mr. Luo was so demonic, the Long family could definitely prosper.

So, he said afterwards.

“I know you like our family’s Long Fei Xue, don’t worry, as long as you can do your best for the Long Family, I can give you Long Fei Xue.”

When he finished, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“You have a lot of nonsense, do you think that Long Feixue is an insignificant doll of your family, you are wrong, Long Feixue she is the most valuable resource of your family, also, bleep half the day talking as if you are winning, in fact, even if you use the bloodline power of the ‘divine Beast Green Dragon’, you are still are no match for me.”

With those words, Ye Lu stood up and patted the dust on his body and said.

“You’re just a guy who has just crossed the threshold of ‘Second Level Patriarch’ not long ago, defeating you, wait for the idle matter.”

However, this was only what Ye Lu said, in fact, this Long Ao’s combat power was really strong, especially after using the “Green Dragon Void”, it was estimated that he was already at the late level of “Second Level Grandmaster”.

In fact, Ye Lu dared to challenge the “Second Level Grandmasters” not because he could really beat them, but because he had the “Heaven Stealing Pill” in his hand. His plan was to use the “Heaven Stealing Pill” to beat those “Second Level Grandmasters” to death if he really couldn’t. If one didn’t work, he could take two, if not, he could take three.

Moreover, after the battle in the “Underground Boxing Tournament”, Ye Lu also understood one thing, that is, after using the “Heaven Stealing Pill”, the absorption effect of the “Medium Grade Spirit Stones” would be better.

However, this time when dealing with Long Ao, Ye Lu was not going to use the “Heaven Stealing Pill”, he had other methods.

Seeing that Ye Lu, who had been sent flying, actually patted his buttocks and stood up as if nothing had happened, Long Ao’s brow furrowed.

“Good, since you really want to seek death so badly, then don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Hearing Long Ao’s words, Ye Lu felt a little surprised.

It seemed like Long Ao hadn’t done his best with that blow just now.

Then, the “Green Dragon Shadow” behind Long Ao suddenly “brushed!” Then, his right hand lit up with a green light, and a green dragon claw shadow appeared on his palm, which was the only divine ability he could use, the “Green Dragon Scrying Claw”.


After saying that, Long Ao’s right hand slapped towards Ye Lu with a terrifying aura.

To his utter bewilderment, Ye Lu did not dodge, but stretched out a finger, on which a purple flame was stirring.


Chapter 254

Long Ao felt an extremely terrifying aura emanating from the flames of Ye Lu’s finger, but since things had come to this point, he had no choice but to fight to the death.

The “Green Dragon Tan Claw” was used to its fullest extent, and the green light soared, while Ye Lu’s finger was also pointed out at the same time.


A finger and a claw clashed together, and the green light dragon claw on Long Ao’s hand shattered.

A group of children from the Long Family had just seen the scene of Ye Lu being blown away and then crashing through the wall and landing into the room, followed by Long Ao rushing in, so everyone felt that Ye Lu was dead this time.

“The family head’s strike is truly extraordinary!”

“That’s right, it’s too powerful, was that just now the power of our ‘Green Dragon’ bloodline?”

“Yes, that dragon is really handsome!”

“It’s a pity, our bloodline power is too thin.”


Just as the crowd was lamenting and talking, “Boom!” There was a loud bang and another wall was smashed through, followed by a man flying out.

“Huh! Why is it the family head!”

“What’s going on? Didn’t we just have the upper hand?”

“Yes, what’s happening?”

“Quickly go and see how the family head is doing.”


The crowd all ran towards the direction where Long Ao had fallen, as everyone saw that Long Ao’s body was emitting purple flames and it didn’t look good.

To be honest, Ye Lu also didn’t expect a strike from the fused flames to be so strong, even though it was a one-time attack, the power was indeed a little too terrifying.

Of course this also had to do with Ye Lu’s increased cultivation level.

With the formation of the sixth strand of aura, both the Red Lotus Flame and the Underworld Ghost Flame were much stronger than the previous fight in the underground boxing match.

“This thing is too strong, I hope that bearded man didn’t die.”

Ye Lu also looked at his finger with some horror.

He could have had no plans to kill Long Ao, for one thing, this guy was a patriarch of one of the four ancient martial arts families anyways, killing him would be a lot of trouble, secondly, although he had beaten Long Feixue, he was not guilty enough to die, not enough to the point of killing someone in a fit of rage, that was why he did not damage Long Ao’s meridians and organs with the finger just now, he just used the flame to burn his skin and clothes.

Thinking of this, Ye Lu also ran out quickly.

As a result, he saw Long Ao lying on the ground, the fire on his body had been extinguished, his beard and hair were burnt out, and his face was black and looked wretched.

“Is he dead yet?”

Ye Lu looked at the few guys who were guarding Long Ao’s side and asked in a loud voice.

These sons of the Long family were already scared by Ye Luo’s beating, and they quickly replied when they heard Ye Luo’s shout.

“No…… not dead……”

Ye Luo also breathed a sigh of relief, not dead is good, it looks like this guy is really quite resistant to fight, so he then continued to ask in a loud voice to these guys.

“Tell me which room Long Feixue is locked up in, and I can not make things difficult for you.”

As things had come to this point, Ye Lu felt that it was about time, and presumably, they knew how powerful they were and didn’t dare to do anything more to Long Feixue.

One of the family’s sons immediately told Ye Luo where Long Fei Xue was, in their opinion, sending Ye Luo, the plague god, away early was the most correct way to deal with the situation.

Ye Luo stopped paying attention to these people and ran towards the main building in the centre.

The large main building was already empty, in fact, when Ye Luo had demolished a building, everyone had pretty much run away, and when they saw that Long Ao was dead or alive, everyone had slipped away.

“This secret room is really quite tightly made.”

Ye Lu didn’t have the key to the secret room either, so he had to turn the Red Lotus Flame into the shape of a knife and cut open the door to go inside.

In the room, Long Fei Xue had already been fed with drugs and was now lying weakly on the bed.

“Who is it?”

She enquired, somewhat puzzled when she sensed that the door had not been opened properly.

“It’s me, I’ve made you suffer.”

Ye Lu sighed as he saw that Long Fei Xue’s buttocks were covered in blood, and even the sheets next to her were covered in blood.

Without the ‘Regeneration Pill’, these wounds would not heal that easily.

“Take the ‘Antidote Pill’ first, I’ll help you apply the medicine.”

Ye Lu stuffed a pill into Long Fei Xue’s mouth, then untied her belt and removed her trousers.

“No, don’t!”

Long Feixue immediately shrieked in embarra*sment.

Ye Lu then patted her back and said.

“Don’t shout, what you’ve been hit by is not a normal toxin, it’s something that makes the muscles relax, I’m afraid it will be several hours before your limbs want to move normally, you don’t want to be in this much pain all the time.”

As he said that, he crushed the “regeneration pills” and applied them to Long Fei Xue’s round buttocks without a second thought.


When Ye Lu’s hand made contact with her buttocks, Long Feixue let out a moan, firstly because the touch really hurt too much, and secondly because she had never been seen, let alone touched, by any man.

The reason why he did this was because the “Regeneration Pill” had the effect of killing the poison and reducing the pain.

As soon as Long Fei Xue felt that the pain on her buttocks had been relieved, Ye Lu began to treat the whip wound on Long Fei Xue’s buttocks again with great care.

Once the pain was gone, Long Feixue felt embarra*sed, her face was so hot that she could almost spread an egg.

So, she said somewhat without words.

“Ye Luo, how did you get in here?”

However, Ye Luo did not answer her words, because Ye Luo was looking at the ability he had just opened.

This new ability called “Bloodline Ability” was not a major ability alongside “Weaponry Ability” or something like that, but a branch of “Medical Ability”.

After a cursory glance, Ye Lu’s main content of this “Bloodline Ability” was about how to obtain a bloodline, improve the purity of the bloodline, open the hidden bloodline, and obtain the bloodline divine ability.

Among them, Ye Lu was most interested in two points, the first of which was the hint from the gla*ses.

“Hint: Although you have currently shed your mortal body, you have not fused any bloodline, it is recommended to fuse a powerful bloodline, you will benefit from it for the rest of your life, note that although the fusion of bloodlines is not once in a lifetime, a body can only have one, if you want to change your bloodline then you need to cultivate everything from scratch, remember, remember.”

Ye Lu felt that since the gla*ses would give such an important hint, it meant that fusing a strong bloodline was a very important thing for himself.

Therefore, Ye Lu took this point very seriously as well.

After that was the second point, the introduction said that by using the “Bloodline Secret Technique”, one could use the bloodline divine ability of the blood owner by drinking blood, but of course the power exerted was related to one’s own cultivation level and the level of divine ability contained in the blood.

The “Green Dragon Void” divine ability that the bearded Dragon Ao had just used, as well as the “Green Dragon Scrying Claw” divine ability, Ye Lu had felt it first hand, and it was absolutely terrifying.

“It’s really a good ability!”

Ye Luo could not help but lament.

Long Fei Xue found that Ye Lu did not answer her words, but touched her buttocks and did not move, blushing and shy, because Ye Lu’s hand was placed in the wrong place, just placed at the deep buttock slit ……

So, she raised her voice again and said.

“Ye Lu, how did you get in here?”

Only then did Ye Luo realize that he had lost his concentration, he hurriedly continued applying the medicine while smiling and said.

“How else could I get in, I just fought my way in.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Long Feixue was completely confused, she asked with some disbelief.

“Beaten …… in? What about the people from the Long family? And what about Long Ao, didn’t they stop you?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“How could they not stop it, but most of them are lying in the courtyard, as for Long Ao, he has been burnt into kebabs by me.”

Long Fei Xue was completely stunned by what Ye Luo said, and it was only after half a day that she asked.

“You defeated even the family head Long Ao, you’re too much of a bully.”

Ye Luo then said.

“It’s actually a fluke, there’s only one ‘Patriarch’ level powerhouse here, because although my move ‘Burning Sky One Fury’ is powerful, it can only be used once in a short period of time.”

“Burning Heaven One Fury” was the name Ye Lu gave to this fusion flame attack, and since it could only be used once, he thought it was just the right name.

“Let’s go.”

After giving Long Fei Xue her medicine, Ye Lu threw aside her bloodstained trousers, tore open half of the bed sheet and wrapped Long Fei Xue up, then held her in his arms.

“But before I leave, I’m going to tear down this bird building first!”

Ye Luo said as he carried Long Fei Xue.