Super School Student Chapter 241-242

Chapter 241

“Kick back?”

Dokgo Qianshak looked at Ye Lu with wide eyes, she had some doubts that she had heard wrong.

These guys from the south were all from sects, and they were not small sects, such as the Southern School Mo Family Fist, and the Dali Duan Family, which had more than one “Patriarch”.

However, Dokgo Ao thought for a moment and said.

“Fine, let’s kick them. Since no one from the Northern School has come forward, let’s kick the hell out of them.”

Dokgo Ao was originally of a brash nature, and seeing Ye Lu say this, his bravado was also drawn out, and he felt that the bravado from years ago had returned once again.

For his part, Ye Lu looked at him and smiled, saying.

“Master, you should wait for a while longer, I can’t get the pills that will allow you to raise a small realm right now, but you don’t have to wait for too long, I guess after a while, after my level has improved a bit, I will be able to get the pills that will help you raise to the ‘Combined God Realm’, on the contrary, Qian Sha, I should I can soon get the pills that will help her cross over to the ‘Vein Raising Realm’, she’s about to be the same as you!”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, both Dokgo Ao and Dokgo Qian Sha opened their mouths wide in surprise.

“What you said is true?”

Dokku Ao still said with some disbelief.

Ye Luo smiled and nodded, then said.

“Don’t worry, Master, it’s true, by the way, Master, I’m hiding from my debts these days, so, I won’t be going back to school for the time being either, I’ll be training inside the martial school today, tomorrow I’ll go to the kick-off school, I’ll leave a few sets of ‘Heavenly Rank Martial Skills’ that you guys are most suitable for training for you guys first, by the way, if there are magic weapons, I also can help you guys find someone to upgrade them, a small rank I can still manage.”

Doku Ao said with a glare.

“Not only do you know how to refine pills, do you also know how to refine pills?”

Ye Lu nodded with a smile and said.

“Make do with refining.”

Dokgo Ao then continued to pursue the question.

“Ye Lu, are you already a core disciple of the ‘Weapon Sect’ at a young age?”

He certainly did not think that what Ye Lu had just said was something Ye Lu could do on his own, but if he was a core disciple of the sect, he could indeed ask for a favor like that.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“No la, however, I have some friendship with the elders of these two sects.”

Dokgo Ao then stroked his beard and thought.

How deep was this Ye Lu’s background? The Pill Alliance and the Weaponry Sect have to give him face like this, so it looks like I’ve got a treasure!

So, Ye Lu stayed at the Iron Blood Martial School and started to learn martial arts, he was going to rely entirely on martial arts and “spells” to deal with this incident.

Through the battle just now, Ye Lu felt that as his cultivation level increased, he had become stronger and stronger.

“He had already mastered only the “Ghost Shadow Step”, but he hadn’t had time to learn any of the other Heavenly Rank Martial Skills.

“There was no doubt about the power of the “Saint Rank” martial skills, and Ye Lu had found out through the introduction that the “Saint Rank” martial skills could be comparable to the mortal rank spells if they were fully developed, which meant that they could almost exaggerate the rank and fight, but of course, these martial skills were extremely difficult to learn, and even with a body like Ye Lu’s, even if he was using a super high rank aura, he couldn’t learn them all at once this time.

“Alright, I’ll have to pick a ‘Heavenly Rank’ martial art first.”

Ye Lu thought about it, his footwork was already at the top level, next was defence and attack, defence only needed one, attack could instead be chosen a little more.

So, for defence, Ye Lu chose the advanced version of “Vajra Body”, “Hybrid Vajra Body”, which was also a martial skill of the “Heavenly Rank Upper Grade”.

After searching, Ye Lu found that the “Candle Dragon Finger” actually ranged from the “Saint Rank” to the “Mortal Rank”.

In the end, Ye Lu learnt another boxing style in the area of offense, the “Greatest Fist of Power”, which according to legend was inherited from the Bodhisattva of Great Power, a supreme venerable being from the Western World of Bliss.

This set of punches was extremely fierce and consumed a lot of energy, but the attacking power was also superb. If combined with the glove “Trace of Silence”, the power of this move would undoubtedly become stronger again.

However, before practising, Ye Lu gave Jasmine a call.

“Jasmine, I want to throw a little more ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ with the ‘Hundred Flowers Sect’ in exchange, however, at the moment, I don’t have any pills, I can use ‘Earth-rank’ or ‘Heavenly Rank’ martial skills in exchange, or I can help you upgrade and repair ‘magic weapons’ below ‘Earth Rank’, as I’m in a bit of a hurry this time.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Jasmine promised to immediately go to the clan’s elders to discuss the matter, as the ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ were in the hands of the elders.

After that, Ye Lu studied martial arts while waiting for Jasmine’s news.


Long Family.

At this moment, Long Fei Xue was looking at the majestic family head Long Ao in the family’s council hall.

“Feixue, I heard that, you have met quite powerful ‘alchemists’ and ‘refiners’, is this news true?”

Long Ao asked as he looked into Long Feixue’s eyes.

Long Feixue then said indifferently.

“Yes, it’s a friend of mine.”

Long Ao’s eyebrows twitched before he said.

“Was it really him who used the pills to raise you to Innate cultivation? Was he also the one who helped you raise your ‘Ice and Fire Gloves’ to the ‘Xuan stage’?”

Long Feixue nodded again and said.

“Yes, it was all because of Mr. Luo’s help.”

The “Mr. Luo” that Ye Luo dressed up as had once caused a big disturbance in the “martial arts arena”, not only did he beat up a bunch of family members, but he also beat up Long Fei, many people knew about this matter, and everyone could see his gloves and the improvement of his cultivation, so there was no way to hide this, so i Long Fei Xue simply admitted it.

When he saw that Long Fei Xue had admitted it, Long Ao was a little surprised and relieved at the same time, at least it meant that Long Fei Xue did not want to hide this matter from the family.

So, he looked at Long Feixue and continued to ask.

“Fei Xue, are you able to ask this friend of yours to help our clan refine some pills, or help the clan’s sons and daughters upgrade their magic weapons as well, as you know, this so-called four great clans of ours is nothing but a vain name now, it’s the average clans that are more powerful than us.”

He felt that he had already been very low, however, Long Fei Xue said without thinking.

“I can’t.”

Following that, she then continued.

“I have already caused Mr. Luo a lot of trouble, and, as I am of low ability and have been unable to repay him, I must not cause him any more trouble, so I am sorry that I cannot do so.”

When Long Ao heard Long Feixue’s words, he immediately frowned.

“Fine, you’ve turned against me, right? A son of the side line actually dares to talk to me like this, this matter is settled, you have to agree or disagree, someone, take her into the confinement room.”

Immediately, two sons of the Long Family came over and set Long Feixue up.

“Feixue, you know the rules of our Long Family, I don’t want to use force on you, however, there is a limit to my patience, you’d better think clearly as soon as possible.”

After saying that, Long Ao waved his hand.

The sons and daughters of the family had long been used to Long Ao’s domineering ways, and no one dared to persuade him at all, as the two family sons quickly took Long Feixue away.

“Someone, go and find out what exactly is the origin of that so-called ‘Mr. Luo’, where he is now, and what exactly is his relationship with Fei Xue? Be quick!”

Immediately several of the family’s sons went into action.

And now Mr. Luo was hard at work cultivating, and had not stopped almost all night, meditating on his spiritual qi when he was sleepy, and practising his martial arts skills when he woke up, until the next morning.

Seeing that the east was already white, a refreshed Ye Luo stopped his cultivation. He washed up, then asked the beautician to reapply his make-up, and then followed the information pa*sed on by Dokgo Qianshak to find the first martial arts school, the “Southern School Mo Family Boxing School”.

“Huh! You’ve got people here so early? It looks like our gym is going to do a lot of business!”

The Mo Jia Quan disciple at the entrance, who was also in charge of the door guard, smiled happily when he saw Ye Lu come over.

They had all just opened these Southern School’s boxing gyms as well, and hadn’t been doing much business for the past two days, but they didn’t expect that they were going to have meat today.

“Excuse me, are you here to pay your respects to the master?”

He looked at Ye Luo and said politely.

As a result, Ye Luo said coldly.

“Worshipping a hairy master, I’m here to smash the venue.”


Chapter 242

Hearing that Ye Lu had come to smash the venue in the morning, the man from the gate guard was also shocked.

However, he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Which sect are you from, do you know what this place is? Just dare to come and smash the venue, I see that you are svelte, I am afraid that you can’t even beat me, so you smash the venue.”

The sons of these families were also practitioners, and he saw that Ye Lu did not look like a practitioner from his aura, from his figure and from his clothing, so he thought that Ye Lu was here to be funny.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, looked at him and smiled and said.

“As a doorman you have to do your job as a doorman, I’ll give you three seconds, you’d better go in and report that someone has come to kick the field according to the rules.”

Ye Lu said then held up a finger and said.


This guy, however, rolled up his sleeves and said to Ye Luo.

“What a P***y, you think I’m scared!”



After Ye Lu said “three”, he kicked him and sent him flying into the martial arts school, and then said loudly at the entrance.

“Listen up, people from the Southern School Mo Jia Quan, I’m coming to kick the gym, is there anyone who can fight?”

Qin Biao of Mo Jia Quan was eating his breakfast with his plaster on, he had already told his master about yesterday’s incident, early in the morning, his master had gone to a meeting with the top bra*s of other sects to discuss how to deal with the “Iron Blood Martial School”.

He never expected that while they were discussing how to deal with others, the other side would come to his door first.

“This is troublesome.”

Qin Biao instantly put down his rice bowl, now that Master was not here, they could not handle Ye Lu.

He quickly dialed the number of the Mo Family Boxing Hall Master.

“Master, it’s not good, that what’s-his-name Mr. Luo is here to kick the school.”

At this moment, the Southern School Mo Jia Quan’s Pavilion Master, Mo Man Ren, was in a meeting with the other various Pavilion Masters and others, when he heard the news, he stood up violently.

“What, it’s really coming to kick the school?”

He didn’t expect the other party to come so quickly.

The previous “martial arts schools” were basically for “Ming Jin” practitioners and ordinary people, but this time, led by the “transmission elders” of the “Wudang School”, they wanted to open a different kind of “martial arts school” in Yanjing, that is, a martial arts school for practitioners, a martial arts school that anyone below the level of Zongshi could join.

However, in order to open up in the short term, they had to do some publicity, and the way they came up with was to stomp on all the martial arts schools that already existed, so that everyone would know how good they were.

In short, this incident had nothing to do with the Iron Blood Martial Arts School, they were just an insignificant martial arts school that was innocently involved.

The Southern School martial artists did not expect to kick a steel plate at the Iron Blood Martial School, which was why they had an emergency meeting to study the matter, but no one expected the other side to act so quickly.

“Find a way to hold him off first, I’ll be right back.”

Mo Mantian said to the crowd after he finished speaking.

“Everyone, I have to go first, there’s trouble on our side of the martial arts school.”

Following that, he explained briefly and then flew off towards the outside, the others didn’t stop too much, firstly because this was Mo’s own family’s matter, it was about dignity, it was not good for others to interfere, and secondly because everyone wanted to see how far the so-called Mr. Luo could actually go.

It is important to know that these masters are not simply “first cla*s masters”, there are “grand masters” here.

In the secular world, a “Grand Master” was a formidable existence.

This, of course, Ye Luo had also thought of, “The ninth level of Foundation Establishment” had nine levels of Sovereign Masters, and Ye Luo was targeting the “first level of Sovereign Masters”.

Therefore, after entering the martial arts school, Ye Lu said as he walked.

“Is there anyone in the Mo family martial arts school who can say what they want? Come out one.”

At the same time, a large group of people poured in from the entrance.

After these people came in, they began to talk in a chaotic manner.

“You are Mr. Luo, right? Can you tell us why you came here to kick off the school?”

“Mr. Luo, are you trying to make a name for yourself with this?”

“Mr. Luo, is this performance art?”


Looking at these media reporters and the elites sent out by the various live broadcast platforms, Ye Luo also had a bit of a headache as he waved his hand towards the crowd and said.

“Everyone be quiet, all be quiet, since everyone is here, then let’s observe the order, okay?”

Seeing that the crowd had quieted down, Ye Lu said.

“First of all, I was told that the ‘Martial House Alliance’ is the most fair place, they welcome anyone who is good at martial arts to come and spar, I also came with the aim of the ‘Martial House Alliance’ to spar fairly and impartially, I want to state one thing, I am not As for whether the people of the ‘Martial School Alliance’ dare to take on the fight, that depends on whether they have the backbone to do so.”

“I am a person who never takes advantage of others, I only challenge opponents with higher cultivation levels than me, of course, I am not an ‘egomaniac’ either, let me state upfront that I am an ‘Innate Cultivator’, therefore, I only challenge ‘First Grade Sovereign’, I think that this condition should be very favourable to the ‘Martial School Alliance’, if this still dares not meet the challenge, I won’t say anything.”

“However, I have to state in advance that if they lose after the face-off, then the martial school should not be opened, of course, I have no right to close their martial school, as long as their skin is thick enough, there is nothing I can do to them.”

After saying that, Ye Lu then turned to the crowd and said again.

“Then, what I want to clarify is that, regarding this challenge rule today, I have already posted on the ‘Martial School Alliance’ website’s, and they have also responded and agreed to this condition that I have offered, I have asked everyone to come here today, so that we can all bear witness together. ”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Biao said with some confusion.

“Is this really true?”

For his part, a fellow disciple next to him immediately tinkered with his phone and then said.

“Yes, there is indeed such a ‘challenge letter’ and the person in charge did agree to it.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Qin Biao immediately cursed in depression.

“Who agreed to this?”

Likewise, the “pavilion owners” in the meeting were asking the same question.

“Yes …… I agreed.”

Then, a man sitting not far from the Wudang School’s “Transmission Elder” raised his hand with some embarra*sment.

Without waiting for anyone to ask, he quickly explained.

“I felt that if we didn’t dare to agree to such a condition, we would definitely be spewed to death by the water army on the internet, and they would definitely talk about it, so I agreed to it.”

After he finished speaking, everyone was silent for a while.

It was true that since a martial arts school was opened, it was normal for people to “kick” the school. If a high level martial arts school came to kick the school, it was indeed possible not to accept the challenge, after all, it would be suspicious of leaning on the strong and bullying the weak, and public opinion would not be unfavourable.

Only after a long time did the “Transmission Elder” say.

“What is the cultivation level of that ‘Mr. Luo’?”

No one answered, and then one person thought for a moment and said.

“No one knows what his cultivation level is, because in yesterday’s battle, he didn’t even do something like exuding his true qi, so if we look at the surface, he can’t be more than a ‘Dark Energy Powerhouse’.”

Hearing this man’s words, everyone was dumbfounded.

“You mean that a suspected ‘dark jin powerhouse’ beat up a dozen of their disciples from the ‘Harmonious God Realm’, is that what you mean?”

The man thought for a moment then scratched his hair and said with a nod.

“Yes, probably probably that’s basically what it means.”

At this point, a man suddenly said.

“The master of the Southern School Mo Jia Quan is a ‘First Cla*s Grandmaster’, right, could it be that the other party is prepared?”

He was right, Ye Lu was indeed prepared, the “Martial Arts Alliance” website had detailed information about each martial arts school, and using the powerful “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses, Ye Lu could easily find out the basic information of these martial arts schools.

At this moment, he was sitting in the “Southern School Mo’s Boxing Gym”, looking at Qin Biao and the others in a relaxed manner.

Qin Biao and the others were sitting on pins and needles waiting for their master to arrive.

The way Ye Lu fought yesterday made it clear to Qin Biao that this man was not to be messed with, and that once he was P*ssed off, all the people in his martial arts school combined would not be enough to beat Ye Lu alone.

At this time, various media, as well as live streaming platforms had already started to spread the kicking out on the internet in a big way.