Super School Student Chapter 231-232

Chapter 231

However, since the “Heavenly Clan” had already made their move today, Ye Lu did not act too impulsively, after all, there were three “Grandmaster” level super experts on the other side.

He needed to make some preparations.

Similarly, the Ye family and the Dragon family were also making preparations.

“We need to prepare for both sides this time.”

Ye Nantian said as he looked at the people of the Ye Family.

“First, be prepared to fight, I have some suspicions that the ‘Sky Covering Gang’ might be bluffing, otherwise, they shouldn’t make so many tricks, however, at the same time, be prepared to submit, once the other party is not bluffing, we should not fight them to the death either, understand? ”

He was cunning, he didn’t delay at either end, a typical wallflower.

However, following a son of the family then asked with his mobile phone.

“Uncle, just now that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ sent a message, saying that he wants to join us to destroy the ‘Sky Covering Gang’ at night, what do you think we should do?”

This message was indeed sent by Ye Lu, to deal with three sect masters, he also had no confidence in his heart, after all, his sixth strand of aura had not yet coalesced, and the power of the “spell” was not yet clear to himself.

Ye Nantian thought about it and said.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s just a loser. I’ve seen him fight that day, he must have taken a trick, so let’s just wait and see what happens.”

The Long Family on the other hand was completely different from the Ye Family, the Long Family had gathered everyone in the family, including the sons and daughters of the side line like Long Fei Xue, of course this was also related to the fact that Long Fei Xue was now an Innate cultivation level.

The head of the Long Family was the bearded Long Ao.

Not only was Long Ao a very rugged-looking man, he was also known for his iron-fisted and unreasonable actions, and was a hard bone to gnaw, so he would never surrender.

“Listen to me, every disciple of the family should put the interests of the family first, and give up the small self to protect the big self, understand?”

“All personal actions that do not put the family first are something I will not tolerate, do you understand?”

As Long Ao spoke, Long Fei and the others looked at Long Fei Xue, however, Long Fei Xue did not say anything because Long Fei Xue was not willing to involve Ye Lu in their family’s affairs.

Long Ao, on the other hand, continued to say.

“This time, what’s the ‘Sky Covering Gang’ trying to make us submit, they are dreaming, we will not submit to them even if our entire clan dies, let them come if they dare.”

“From today onwards, all family members are not allowed to leave the clan, bring their weapons and be prepared to fight and bleed at any time.”

“As for the matter just mentioned about going to attack the Chakra Gang with the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’, don’t go, go to the other side’s headquarters to fight, our family only has two ‘clan master level’, this is like hitting a stone with an egg. ”

With that, the Dragon Family was ready for a death-defying battle for all of them.

In the Lin family, the entire Lin family was already full of ninjas from the Japanese “Yakuza no Kai”, and the terrifying “Sake Swallow Boy” was also sitting in the Lin family hall, and at this moment, its level had become even more powerful than the last time Ye Lu saw it, obviously. Obviously, the two “evil spirits” released by that boy Lin Qing had been absorbed by this “child swallowing wine”, which was why he had become so strong.

At this moment, Lin Qing was sitting in the lobby, and he had already gained a very important position in the family, but of course, this position was given to him by the Japanese man, or to be precise, by the Japanese man next to him, Abe Hoey.

“You all have a point, this matter is indeed unusual.”

Abe Hoeye looked at the Lin family and thought about it and said.

“These few so-called ancient martial arts families of yours really don’t look like fat meat, they should have other purposes, certain ones unknown to us, ulterior motives.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll handle this matter for you, it’s easier for us in the underground world to deal with such matters.”

With Abe Hiroyuki’s keen sense of smell, he was also very interested in this matter, the four ancient martial arts families that had been around for quite a long time, it was said that these four families had certain connections to ancient myths, so Abe Yasuhiko felt that this matter might not be a trivial one.

“Go and report this matter to the minister, he should have a way to find out what’s going on, and if necessary, we might be able to intervene in this matter and see what’s hidden in it.”

Unlike a few other families, Ye Lu did not extend an invitation to the Lin family, as he felt that the Lin family’s waters were too deep.

And at the moment, the Jin Family was the most laid back, which was in line with the character of the Jin Family’s head.

He was currently sitting leisurely in the kitchen eating delicious delicacies and tasting expensive wine, with a beautiful beauty by his side.

“Master, is it really all right about that ‘Sky Covering Gang’?”

The beautiful woman sitting beside him enquired as she fed him.

Kim Jung-taek smiled and said.

“What can happen, whoever wants this old and broken clan just take it, as long as you continue to have wine to drink and a beautiful woman like you to keep you company, life is short, it’s better to have fun in time.”

However, the four families did not know that when the moon was rising, the “Stocking Masked Man” was already heading towards the headquarters of the “Heavenly Clan”.

The people included media reporters and some enthusiastic people, some of them had set up tents, some of them were lying in the gra*s, and some of them had set up bonfires and were drinking ……

But the only thing that was missing was anyone from any of the four families.

“Sh*t! These few clans are really in vain, well, if you guys don’t come, then I’ll go and F**k them over myself!”

Seeing that none of the Ye Family, Jin Family or Dragon Family had come, Ye Lu muttered secretly.

The people at the entrance all stood up when they saw the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” appear.

“Quick, the ‘Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ is here.”

“Really? It’s not another impostor, is it?”

“It doesn’t look like it, there aren’t that many smitten fools.”

“Come on, all up.”


Everyone “huzzah!” Everyone got up and started to gather around the two sides of the road leading to the entrance of the headquarters of the “Sky Covering Gang”.

After that, Ye Luo saw that the door of the headquarters of the “Heavenly Clan” opened and three people came out from inside, two members of the clan dragged a bloodied corpse, which was the woman named Yue E.

The two men then took out nails and pinned Yue E to the wall, while the leader of the group said in a loud voice.

“This is what will happen to all those who dare to do harm to the ‘Chak Ti Gang’.”

However, right after that, he saw Ye Lu who was walking towards the door.

“Quick, go and call someone …….”

After seeing Ye Luo, he said while taking out his mobile phone in some panic, looking like he was going to report back to the inside.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, quickly pulled off a branch from a tree on the side and then threw it violently.


The branch pa*sed through the guy’s throat like lightning, and the corpse fell to the ground with a “thud!” The body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The two gang members who were nailing the corpse to the wall and the gang members who were standing guard at the entrance were all numb and clawed. At that moment, Ye Lu saw two more people carrying a corpse from inside, and this female corpse was the first girl who was killed.

This was when Ye Luo had reached the door.

“Is there still a king’s law here?”

Ye Luo shouted, then struck out like lightning.

The two doormen took the brunt of the attack and turned into two corpses, followed by the two guys who nailed the corpses.

“I’m sorry!”

Ye Lu sighed as he looked at Yue E. He didn’t expect the “Heavenly Shelter Gang” to be this cruel, when he first investigated, a member of the gang said, “Everyone in the gang has several lives on their backs. Now it seemed that it was probably true.


When he saw the two gang members carrying the corpse turn and run, Ye Lu shouted, while kicking up two stones to break one leg each of them.

“Say, why did you kill this innocent woman?”

Ye Luo looked at the two men who had fallen to the ground and asked coldly.

One man immediately said.

“Yes, it’s because you are late in showing up, in fact, we caught ten girls on the first day, and the top said that in order to force you to show up, they are going to kill one girl a day starting today ……”

Ye Lu didn’t wait for him to finish, already kicked up a stone again and hit him in the throat.

Because Ye Lu was too lazy to talk to him, he had already decided that tonight he was going to bloodily cleanse the “Heavenly Clan” and send this group of desperadoes to their deaths.

“Warrior, forgive …… forgive ……”

The other guy was so scared that he begged for mercy.

Ye Lu sighed and said.

“You should have known why you had to do it in the first place.”

After that, he once again kicked up a stone and killed this guy on the spot as well.

Seeing that the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” had killed seven people with a snap of his fingers, everyone at the entrance was shocked, but after a moment of shock, they all shouted out “Yes!


“Yes! It’s about time someone took control of these guys who have no one to control them.”

“Yes, it’s too arrogant too.”

“Get rid of them.”


For, these gangs, due to their cultivation level, it is difficult for them to leave any decent clues when they commit crimes, so it is difficult to punish them even on the official level, after all, the official level is about the chain of evidence.

And, to be honest, for cultivators, many of them have already transcended mundane discipline, which is why these guys are so bold to do whatever they want.

After finishing off the two gang members, Ye Lu stood at the entrance to the headquarters of the Shade Sky Gang and said in a loud voice.

“Everyone don’t go in to avoid accidental injuries, today I want the ‘Sky Covering Gang’ to be removed from this world!”

After saying that, Ye Luo strode in towards the interior of the headquarters of the “Heavenly Clan”.


Chapter 232

While Ye Luo was heading inside the headquarters of the Heavenly Clan, the news had of course reached the inside of the Heavenly Clan as well.

“Is that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ really here?”

Mu Zhaotian asked, looking at a guy who ran in in panic.

“Yes …… yes …… yes, and killed seven people right at the door, I ran back as soon as I saw it from afar.”

The guy said with his heart in his mouth.

“Quick, come with me to find the patriarch.”

When he heard that the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” had actually come to his door, Mu Zhaotian was also a bit scared.

Therefore, he did not dare to fight the Masked Man in Silk Stockings on his own.

Soon, they arrived at the villa where the three “Grandmaster” clan masters were, and these three guys were each having a good time with a woman in their arms at the moment.

“Master Xuan Zhen, you’ve already taken me four times, I can’t stand it anymore.”

The beautiful woman lying in Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s arms touched Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s chest and said somewhat poutingly.

In turn, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen stroked her delicate flesh and said.

“We’re not allowed to go so crazy in the clan, so I don’t feel like doing it enough no matter how many times.”

As he said that, he buried his face in the woman’s peak again, and the large, firm peak immediately gave him a feeling of “not knowing where the clouds were”.

However, at that moment, the doorbell rang, and he heard Mu Zhaotian’s anxious shout.

“Masters, it’s not good, the ‘Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ is here.”

Hearing that the ‘Stocking Masked Man’ had arrived, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen quickly sat up.

“I didn’t think it would really come.”

He muttered as he got out of bed and began to get dressed.

The naked woman on the bed also turned over and prepared to get up, but then Daoist Master Xuan Zhen patted her on the buttocks and said.

“Baby, lie down, it’s a small matter, I’ll be right there, wait for me.”

With that he got dressed and walked out.

Once outside, he saw his two junior brothers had also arrived in the hall.

“What is the situation?”

Daoist Master Xuan Zhen asked as he looked at Mu Zhaotian.

Mu Zhaotian said with a dumbfounded expression.

“Right now I don’t know what the situation is, he’s the only one who came to report to me, saying that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ just killed seven people at the entrance and is breaking in ……”

At this time, Mu Zhaotian’s mobile phone rang.

“What, they’re all dead, what’s going on, how many people are coming?”

Hearing the report from his men on the phone, Mu Zhaotian’s face instantly changed, following which, he hung up the phone and said with a somewhat gloomy expression as he looked at the three great clan masters.

“One of the deputy clan masters just said that people have died in multiple places at the headquarters, and that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ has brought helpers over if he doesn’t have a doppelganger, and there are quite a few of them.”

Hearing this news, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen was also a little confused.

He exchanged glances with his two senior brothers.

Because the current situation was somewhat unexpected, everyone thought that the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” should be an unorganised lone wolf, even in the battle at the top of the Purple Gold, he was alone, how could he suddenly appear with many helpers?

So, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen quickly asked.

“Ask him what level his helpers are?”

Mu Zhaotian hurriedly inquired, and as a result, he said with a frown.

“The deputy gang leader said that everyone didn’t see clearly, ah, only that the dead people had strange wounds, and quite a few others were directly turned into a white bone.”

This time Daoist Master Xuan Zhen was completely confused.

He was a little confused about the other party’s reality, turning people directly into white bones, he had never seen such a martial art before, and a possibility came to him after that.

“Could it be that the friend he hired was a compulsion master from Miaojiang! It is said that the evil cultivators on that side of Miaojiang are most skilled in all kinds of evil arts and poisons, very strange and unpredictable.”

At this time, someone ran over and shouted loudly while running.

“Gang master, it’s not good, that ‘silk stocking masked warrior’ has rescued the hostages and is now heading to the door.”

Hearing the guy’s words, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen drew his long sword and said.

“Let’s go, let’s stop him at the door, I’d like to see what kind of remarkable person this ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ is.”

His two senior disciples also followed quickly.

Ye Lu had long ago found out the layout of this villa and where the women were kept through the aid system of his gla*ses, and this was his primary target.

At this moment, he was leading the nine unkempt girls in the direction of the entrance.

Everywhere they went no one dared to stop them at all, as all those who had tried to intercept them had died, and dozens of the gang could only watch Ye Lu and the nine girls from afar with their weapons as they walked towards the door.

“Great …… warrior, thank you so much ……”

A girl looked at Ye Lu and said.

Ye Luo said with some shame after sighing.

“No, I am the one who is sorry for involving you guys in this matter.”

As a result, the girl said.

“No, it’s not, in fact, before they issued the statement, we sisters had already been arrested, you come or not, we are already doomed to not be able to return, they said that they want us people to stay here and serve the new club executives who have been brought in, because we people are still all young and good looking.”

Hearing the girls’ words, Leaffall cursed with clenched fists.

“These B*****ds!”

Ye Luo also didn’t expect these guys to go so far, now it seemed that what he would put in if he came was all bullSh*t, these B*****ds never wanted to let these girls go from the beginning to the end.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely take revenge for you guys tonight by bloodshed the ‘Shading Heaven Gang’.”

As they spoke, the ten men had already reached a place not far from the entrance of the ‘Heavenly Clan’.

At the entrance, a large number of people from the Heavenly Clan were guarding there, while outside the entrance, more people were watching the situation with various photo and filming devices.

Ye Luo saw from his gla*ses that the three men at the head of the group were all “First Cla*s Zong Shi”, which is the “Foundation Establishment Level One” level of the cultivation hierarchy.

It was only through the viewing function of the gla*ses that Ye Lu understood this. Above the “Innate Realm” was the “Foundation Establishment Realm”, and there were nine levels of Foundation Establishment, but in secular society, the “Foundation Establishment Realm” was called the “Patriarchal Level”, because those who could reach this level were at least not unknown in the secular world, although they were not necessarily Patriarchs, but at least they were people with a certain name.

This is why everyone felt a little strange about the Heavenly Clan’s Grandmaster He Xuan, as there were very few Grandmasters who suddenly appeared like him.

Following this, the ten men walked to the door.

“You are the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’?”

Daoist Master Xuan Zhen said as he looked Ye Lu up and down.

In turn, Ye Luo said blandly.

“I am.”

In turn, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen continued.

“Where are your helpers? Let them come out.”

Daoist Master Xuan Zhen did not feel Ye Lu’s cultivation level, however, he had seen the previous video and heard from the one-eyed dragon who was present at that time, so, in his opinion, Ye Lu must have taken a trick at that time, he felt that Ye Lu should have hidden some kind of “Heavenly” or even higher defensive magic weapon in the clothes he was wearing, and similarly Ye Lu’s finger should also have hidden a mystery.

In short, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen did not think that Ye Lu was really capable of killing a “master”, but the fact that Ye Lu had such a heavenly magic weapon made him feel that Ye Lu might have a deep background, so he was worried that Ye Lu might bring in a terrible helper.

As a result, Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“Why would I need helpers to clean up after you guys!”

This statement was so domineering that those in the crowd outside the door all shouted out in approval.

“What a bull, so domineering!”

“That’s a 666.”

“It’s too manly, I like it!”


The first time I heard the shouts of the crowd, Daoist Xuanzhen frowned, to be honest, on this journey, they did hear screams everywhere, the other side should be quite a lot, however, as a patriarch level he certainly refused to show weakness.

He looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“Young man, since you want to die so badly, I’ll make it up to you, and I’ll say one last thing to you, there is a price to pay for acting recklessly in front of me.”

With those words, he then drew his longsword in a very pretentious manner, and a brilliant light lit up.

The Innate True Qi in the body of a “Patriarch” had already been condensed into a pure liquid in the dantian, and at this moment, the Innate True Qi had already been transformed into “Gang Qi”, and a practitioner at this realm could already invoke part of the power of heaven and earth.

Therefore, as soon as Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s long sword came out, Ye Lu felt a breeze blowing around him and the leaves on the ground began to swirl.

The clothes on Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s body were also windless and rattling, looking like an immortal, with a rather high level of realism.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, stretched out a finger and said blandly.

“To destroy you, one finger is enough!”