Super School Student Chapter 163-164

Chapter 163

No one expected this result, if everyone knew that even Long Fei would be disliked, everyone would have stopped fighting with Ye Lu long ago, why bother?

Long Fei sat on the ground in a mood that was not calm for a long time either.

Because he found out that Ye Lu’s body really had no true qi, and that Ye Lu really fought by just disliking him hard, and what was even more bizarre was that he actually disliked and lost.


He stood up with a shake of his body and pulled out two extremely short weapons called “Finger Tigers”.

“They consisted of four rings that were fused together and a handle that could be gripped. When used, the four fingers pa*sed through the rings and gripped the handle underneath, while the outside of the rings could be used to place spikes or even blades to hurt the enemy.

This kind of magic weapon, which is attached to the fingers, is a favourite of secular practitioners.


However, Long Fei’s pair of finger tigers was not a “Xuan-rank” magic weapon, because this most practical magic weapon was already very rare, and if it was “Xuan-rank”, it would be too precious and hard to find, and it would not be something that he could have at the early stage of the “Pulse Raising Realm”.

“Not bad, you’ve really opened my eyes.”

Long Fei said with a somewhat grave expression as he looked at Ye Lu.

Although he did not feel the presence of true qi from his opponent’s body, he did feel an aura from Ye Lu’s body, which made him understand that Ye Lu was definitely not a person who could be easily dealt with.

However, now that the face of the Long Family was at stake, this battle he had to fight.

When Ye Lu saw that the light on the spikes of his finger tiger was half a foot long and looked just like the long knife sticking out of Wolverine’s hand in the movie, he understood that this guy should be using all his strength.

He had only one move at the moment, and that was the simple version of the Candle Dragon Finger that he had learnt from the “Dharma Society”.

“It’s true, too few martial arts skills are a disadvantage!”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, and at the same time, he began to run his spiritual energy to prepare to use the “Candle Dragon Finger”.


Long Fei jumped up, then swung his fist and attacked.

His fighting style was indeed a fist technique that worked with the “Finger Tiger”, fierce and fierce, with the sound of a tiger’s wind, but this was what Ye Lu was waiting for.

If it was a small step, he would not be able to take it, but this kind of fierce duel was his favourite.

He had already gathered his aura and when his fist came over, he fiercely pointed out his finger, just in time to hit Long Fei’s fist.

The “Candle Dragon Finger” was not just a simple poke, it was a finger that contained a dark energy attack, and the force of the finger penetrated directly into Long Fei’s body through his true Qi defence.

“One Yang Finger!”

As expected, Long Fei also saw this finger as the most famous “One Yang Finger”.

Ye Lu had already kicked him out again when he was surprised.


This time Long Fei did not come up again after he fell, he stood up and looked at Ye Luo and said.

“I wonder what your name is, Long Fei is convinced of his defeat.”

Ye Luo then said indifferently.

“I just want to say that as people from the same family, we are all connected by blood, and we are born from the same root, so why do we have to fry each other, if I had brothers and sisters, I would never do this.”

As he spoke, Ye Lu suddenly became a little sad, he had been an orphan since he was a child, and had not yet experienced this kind of feeling between brothers and sisters.

However, following that, Long Fei then said with a straight face.

“Although I admire your Excellency, this matter concerns the honour of the Dragon Family, and our Dragon Family will never rest in peace.”

After saying that he then glanced at Long Fei Xue, Ye Lu was brought by Long Fei Xue, so Long Fei Xue couldn’t get away with it either.

After all, Ye Lu had made too much of a fuss this time, not only had he beaten up a large group of the Long family’s children, but he had also beaten up Long Fei, who was in charge of the “martial arts stage”.

However, she was more worried that it would be troublesome if the higher-ups came later, so she looked at Long Fei and Ye Luo and said.

“Mr. Luo, let’s go.”

Ye Luo smiled, then jumped onto the fighting platform and picked up his clothes, following which he walked out of this martial arts arena together with Long Fei Xue.

“Long Feixue, do you think I’ve caused no small amount of trouble?”

On the way Ye Luo looked at Long Feixue and asked with a smile.

Long Fei Xue then shook her head and said.

“Why not, you also stood up for me, I can’t thank you enough.”

This was her sincere words, she just had a bit of a headache on how to end it next.

For his part, Ye Lu continued.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already thought of a way, you tell that Long Fei, just say that I can help him raise that pair of ‘Finger Tigers’ to the ‘Lower Xuan Rank’, as for what to do afterwards, he will have it in his own mind. ”

In fact, this matter was big in terms of big, but small in terms of small, big in terms of big, it was him provoking the Long family, small in terms of small, it was just a conflict where his own people didn’t beat others.

Seeing Ye Lu actually think so much of himself, Long Feixue’s heart sweetened for no reason, then smiled and said.

“It’s a pity that it’s cheaper for him.”

Following that, she stopped the car and talked to Long Fei, and sure enough, Long Fei immediately agreed without hesitation.

When Long Fei had just seen Long Fei Xue’s pair of “Xuan-rank” gloves, he was already envious, and now when he heard that his beloved “Finger Tiger” could also become “Xuan-rank”, his heart had already burst with joy.

After hanging up the phone, Long Fei’s face was still beaming.

“Brother Fei, did some experts from the family promise to teach Long Fei Xue and that Mr. Luo a lesson?”

Seeing the expression on Long Fei’s face, those guys who had just been knocked down immediately came over.

As a result, Long Fei glared and said.

“Teach a lesson, my a*s, all of you listen to me, regardless of your age and generation, when you see Long Fei Xue in the future, you must address her as ‘Big Sister’, and never speak ill of her or target her again, do you hear me?”

The crowd was dumbfounded, what was this all about? Just now they said that the family couldn’t spare her, but now they wanted to flatter her in a 180 degree turn.

On the other side of the car, Ye Lu looked at Long Feixue and said.

“That, Long Feixue, can you help me find a master?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s request, Long Feixue froze for a moment, then asked in some confusion.

“What kind of master are you looking for, cultivators in the capital are basically family-based, unless they are from a certain family, they shouldn’t teach martial skills to people with foreign surnames, even couples basically can’t.”

Ye Luo hurriedly explained.

“A master who doesn’t need to teach martial skills, just one who teaches martial arts is fine, but not the kind of fancy fists and legs, but the kind that teaches how to fight practically.”

Through the battle just now, Ye Lu once again found that he was a little too short in this area.

Long Fei Xue thought for a moment and said.

“Right, there really is such a person who is also an innate expert, but since he couldn’t improve his cultivation by an inch, he left his family and opened a martial arts school that teaches people free combat on his own, but since he teaches real fighting and killing things, so instead fewer people learn it, after all, many people learn this nowadays to strengthen their bodies, I’ll check it out for you later and see if it’s closed down No.”

Following, Long Fei Xue said again.

“However, this person seems to have an eccentric temper, it is likely that you will be rejected if you go to him, you wait for me to find someone with a hard relationship after all to help introduce you.”

Once Ye Lu heard that that was just right, so he left the matter to Long Fei Xue.

However, before Ye Lu and Long Fei Xue could go back, that Long Fei had already called impatiently, saying that he wanted to give the “Finger Tiger” to Long Fei Xue right now.

Long Fei Xue had no choice but to go back to get the Finger Tiger, while Ye Luo went back to school alone.

However, instead of going back to his dormitory, he went to the mountain next to the school to look for a place where he could make pills, he couldn’t do it in his dormitory.

As a result, after searching all afternoon, he was able to find a more suitable secluded place.

It was in the evening that Ye Lu hurried back to his dormitory, and just as he walked into the doorway of his dormitory, Nie Yibiao shouted.

“Ye Lu, you’re back, come on, we’ve already discussed it, we’ll go to the ‘International College’ on the East Campus tonight first, to see the beautiful girls in the English department, and to see the foreign girls in the ‘International College’ by the way. ”

Ye Lu saw that Mu Zi Ze and An Le were also nodding their heads continuously, so they nodded their heads as well and said.

“That’s good! Let’s go together, where’s Jin Kun?”

Only then did Ye Lu remember that Jin Kun seemed to have come back late last night as well.

“He, hell knows where he’s been, he hasn’t said more than ten words since school started, no girl will like him even if he goes to the East Campus, leave him alone.”

Nie Yibiao said as he dragged Ye Lu outside.

Soon the four of them arrived at the “International College”, which was known as the “first cla*s of beautiful women”.


Chapter 164

Since he was going to the East Campus, Ye Luo definitely had to contact Gushiqi and Liu Mei, both of whom he had not seen for a long time, and Ye Luo missed them a little.

So, Ye Lu contacted them halfway.

As it turned out, Gushiki was not at school, she had gone to the antique night market in the city.

“Ye Luo, you must come with me to shop around some day, there are really so many things here!”

Gu Shiqi said with some excitement on the other side of the phone.

Ye Luo certainly wouldn’t spoil her fun, so he promised that when the military training wasn’t busy, he would go to the antique market with her when he was free, he had some things he wanted to exchange himself anyway.

When he called Liu Mei, it showed that her phone was switched off.

“Nothing is going to happen, right?”

Ye Lu was a bit worried, Liu Mei’s phone was rarely switched off.

In the “International College”, there were indeed students from all countries everywhere, and Ye Lu had never seen more foreigners in his entire life than he had seen in this small meeting.

However, to be honest, in Ye Luo’s opinion, the quality of these girls was really not as good as it was said to be, many of the foreign women had good bodies, but their looks were a little less than Ye Luo’s aesthetics, but there were several mixed-race people who looked quite good.

“Not as pretty as the beautiful women.”

Nie Yibiao said with some disappointment.

However, Mu Zi Ze held a different view as he smiled and said.

“It depends on who you’re comparing yourself to, in all conscience, are there a lot more beautiful women than in our department, plus you have to focus on the good looking ones, we’re not a film and television school, how can everyone be a big beauty, right?”

“Think about the top ten school beauties in our school, aren’t most of them from the ‘International College’ and the ‘Nursing Major’?”

Hearing Mu Zi Ze say this, Nie Yibiao and An Le both nodded their heads.

Nie Yibiao then continued to ask.

“Then how can we pull off a relationship with the beautiful girl from the English department?”

Mu Zi Ze said with a smile.

“This will require a bit of tact, the simplest is, when you see a beautiful woman later, you will go up and molest her, I will rush out and heroically save her, then whether or not we can successfully pick up each other, at least we can hook up with each other, right, then we can contact her roommate, bestie, cla*smate, aunt, old mother ……”

However, before he could finish his words, Nie Yibiao interrupted him and said.

“Why am I the one to molest?”

Mu Zi Ze said seriously.

“Because you have the image and temperament of a lewd rich second generation, of course you go, should I let An Le go, he’s more likely to be molested.”

Hearing Mu Zi Ze’s words, An Le scratched his head and laughed heatedly.

Nie Yibiao, of course, was not convinced as he continued.

“Then why don’t you two go.”

Mu Zi Ze said.

“I’m too svelte and Ye Lu is too handsome, don’t you see a lot of women coming and going pointing to look at him?”

This was indeed true, Ye Luo really attracted women when he stood there.

Thus, everyone bickered while going around the circle, and they all ended up hungry, so they were ready to jerk off to the roadside and then continue watching later, maybe they could even see a spring scene from the dormitory window.

However, outside on the street, Ye Lu suddenly saw Liu Mei in a shop where he bought a mobile phone.

“You guys wait for me here, I see an acquaintance.”

Ye Luo said and walked towards the mobile phone shop.

In the somewhat puzzled eyes of the three guys, Ye Luo had already reached the entrance of the mobile phone shop, and before he could enter, Ye Luo heard the boy who was beside Liu Mei say very attentively.

“Liu Mei, you just buy this latest one, don’t worry, I’ll pay for it.”

As a result, Liu Mei said very politely.

“Thank you, no need, I can afford to buy my own phone.”

The boy then continued.

“It’s not a question of whether you can afford it or not, it’s a small token of my appreciation.”

Liu Mei then said indifferently.

“Sorry, I don’t need it.”

At this time, Ye Luo walked in and looked at Liu Mei and said with a smile.

“Liu Mei, it’s been a long time!”

In fact, the two of them hadn’t seen each other for just a few days after school started.

Hearing Ye Luo’s voice, Liu Mei turned around with a surprised face and looked at Ye Luo and said.

“My phone just broke, I was worried that I would be worried if you couldn’t find it, so I rushed over to buy one, unfortunately I don’t know the configuration of these things, come and help me pick one.”

After saying that, she hugged Ye Lu’s arm and walked to the side of the counter, the boy who had just been there instantly turned blue, he could tell that Liu Mei was obviously doing it on purpose, trying to make himself aware of the situation.

For his part, Ye Lu looked at the counter forceful phone and said with a smile.

“Sure, do you like the big screen or the small screen one?”

Liu Mei said.

“The small screen one, it’s easy to hold.”

At this moment, not far outside the window, Nie Yibiao and his three brothers were not calm, Mu Zize, who liked to study beautiful women the most, pointed at Liu Mei in the mobile phone shop and said.

“If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that one of the ten most beautiful school girls?”

Nie Yibiao said as he looked at it.

“I think so, but I forget what her name is.”

“Liu Mei, I remember.”

An Le said as he looked at the gla*s window.

And Mu Zi Ze continued.

“Do you see if she’s hugging Ye Lu’s arm, so intimate, what’s going on here? Isn’t Ye Lu a single dog?”

Nie Yibiao then shook his head and said.

“Don’t you ask me, I don’t know Ye Luo as well as you do.”

In the shop, the male student was not calm, he turned to look at Ye Lu and said as he banged on the counter.

“You poor loser, who are you to pick up my goddess, who is your father? What does he do?”

Ye Luo said indifferently.

“I don’t have a father.”

The male student froze for a moment then asked again.

“Then what does your family do?”

Ye Luo said calmly.

“A pancake vendor.”

This time the guy really blew up, he glared and pointed at Ye Luo and said.

“How are you qualified to pick up my goddess when you’re a pancake vendor.”

When she heard this guy’s words, Liu Mei’s hand gripping Ye Lu’s arm tightened violently, she didn’t know that Ye Lu was actually very rich, she still thought that Ye Lu was the poor boy from before, she was afraid that Ye Lu’s pride wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, gently patted Liu Mei’s hand and then said with a smile.

“Because she likes me.”

As a result, the guy once again said indignantly.

“Why does she like you, do you have a house in the capital?”

Ye Lu said.


“Then do you have a car?”


“You don’t even have a hair, so why should you be able to pick up my goddess?”

Ye Luo smiled again and said.

“Because she likes me.”

This time the B*****d was furious, he “snapped!” slapped the counter and said.

“Liu Mei, what’s so great about this two-pencil poor loser, why are you following him?”

Liu Mei hugged Ye Lu’s arm tightly and said with a smile.

“Because I like him.”

When Liu Mei finished speaking, Ye Luo stretched his hand towards the guy, then turned his head to look at the waiter and said.

“Alright, just the golden Apple 8.”

Hearing that Ye Lu was going to take the Apple 8, Liu Mei immediately tried to stop it again because she felt it was too expensive and she was worried that Ye Lu had taken out all his living expenses for the semester and it wasn’t worth it for this.

However, Ye Lu waved his hand at her, then took out a card and said with a smile.

“It’s alright, I still have your favourite gift to give you later.”

When she heard that she had a favourite gift, Liu Mei was a bit confused for a moment, because she couldn’t remember what her favourite gift was either, could it be that she had inadvertently remembered what she had said to Ye Lu before? She couldn’t figure it out.

And the boy standing on the side looked at Ye Luo and said disdainfully.

“Look at your outfit, you should stop pretending to be fat, I guess you have bought this phone with your year’s living expenses, why bother? What you said about your favorite gift, it’s not going to be getting a bouquet of flowers, shabby or not, what can’t I give away, see, that BMW X5 at the door is mine, as long as it’s with me, it’s Liu Mei’s, you poor B*****d, can you afford to give away something so expensive? You’ll never be able to drive a car like that in your life.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Liu Mei saw that the waiter had already swiped the card, so she pulled Ye Lu’s arm and prepared to leave, she was a bit worried that Ye Lu would be unable to get off the stage.

As a result, Ye Lu smiled and patted Liu Mei’s hand, saying.

“Honey, there’s no rush to go.”

Then he turned his head to look at the boy and said.

“Brother, to tell you the truth, there have been many people who have acted like a P***y in front of me, and now they all have no face to see me again, and by the way, there is another one who has already pa*sed away with the world, so I advise you better not to act like a P***y in front of me.”